Rip Tide

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Author Notes: A quick wham bam thank you ma’am kind of story. If you want a quickie, you’re in the right place, if you want an actual story with background and character development, this isn’t for you. It’s also a fantasy so don’t read it expecting a strictly realistic scenario.

With that said, bon appetitó 😉


On the eve of new years day is when this story takes place. Outside was dark, the clear night sky crisp and clear with a bone shattering temperature of minus forty degrees Celsius. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the comfort of Darcy and Clair’s snugly warmed home that sat at a cushty twenty two degrees even. The two siblings were but a year apart and shared the place to attend the same university. Darcy at the time was twenty one and Clair was nineteen. Darcy had waited for Clair to start her own university course before starting his so they could attend university together, just like in high school. This was the first time that they had to spend their Christmas without their parents thanks in no small way to the five feet of snow that had piled up in their state. Even the big snow ploughs couldn’t keep up with such a down pour of white, cold to the touch water in visually fluffy form. Their parents were two states over to the east and had no hope of arriving before the start of their next semester in less than one weeks time.

Clair put her hand on the glass window that overlooked the entry way into their humble home. It had two well sized bedrooms plus the bare minimum to satisfy other in home needs, situated on two floors, with the bedrooms and a single bathroom occupying all of the upstairs.

Clair said to Darcy, with a hand still up on the window “The house is so nice and toasty, but this pane of glass is so cold my hand might just catch frostbite through it.”

“Aye, it’s a modern miracle we have heaters now. People regularly died at these temperature’s in the comfort of their own homes and wrapped up in their beds. I’m glad we don’t have to go through that.” Darcy responded.

“You’re right, though I’m still a little sad that mother and father won’t be coming over to spend Christmas with us.”

“Well, there’s not a lot we can do about that now. BUT, there is a bright side to this.”

“What bright side could that be, and if you tell me the night sky or the stars I’m gunna punch you and enjoy it” Clair replied with a threatening tone.

“Well, since mother and father aren’t here, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Name something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because of mother and father.”

“Oh, you’re right Darcy. You’re not my big brother for nothing I see. Hmm… welll, there IS one thing.” Clair bit her lip at the thought of being so rebellious and defiant behind their parents backs.

“What is it you want to do?”

“It’ll sound so silly and childish..” Clair stated, hesitantly.

“Oh, my specialty, go for it.”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to hang around at home in nothing but an over sized T-shirt.”

“Oh, is that all? Well… now’s your chance.”

“You won’t mind?”

“It’s not like you’ll be naked. You’ll be covered, barely, and you’ll feel naughty and sexy Kıbrıs Escort for it.”

Clair smiled and pranced towards her room before momentarily stopping, turning towards her now curious brother and saying “Darcy. It’ll feel weird if I’m the only one prancing around in barely anything. Could you… do it with me?”

“I don’t really have any big shirts like that though.” Darcy noticed the disappointment on his sisters face and spoke up once more, “I suppose I could wear just my boxers for a little while.” Clair’s face lit up again and she rushed to her room. Meanwhile Darcy just stripped and put on a clean pair on boxers while he knew his sister was occupied. His package was out lined a little more than he’d like right now but he promised, so he was gunna follow through no matter what.

Darcy was now deciding on what to watch as Clair entered within sight range. She snuck up on him and gave a loving hug from behind. These two tended to like their Christmas movies and so chose to watch a movie called ‘A Grandpa for Christmas’. Darcy let himself sink in to her arms.

“Hmmm… Your warmth on me feels nice.” He commented to her.

“We’re gunna need a blanket.”

“Seems a little counter productive to deliberately prance around in almost nothing for the sake of teenage rebellion only to cover ourselves with a blanket, Clair.”

“Well I still want to feel warm while I’m rebelling.” Clair responded and stuck out her tongue. She picked up a long, navy blue blanket as thick as a human hand and pulled it over to the three seat wide couch and snuggled up to Darcy underneath it.

Darcy embraced Clair tightly, their bodies pressed in to each other once they were done fully covering themselves up to their necks with the blanket.

As they watched the movie Darcy fell into a rhythmic circling of a finger over Clair’s right side hip. This relaxed her, but it also made her feel the tiniest bit naughty for allowing Darcy to continue this seemingly benign action. She leaned in to her older brother more fully and said to Darcy “It really does feel nice to snuggle like this.”

Darcy leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, their natural hormones already starting to think and feel for them. “Yeah it does. I get to appreciate how nice you smell.”

“Does my B.O always smell good to you?”

“Usually we’re not this close and usually I smell you fresh out from school.”

Clair said back “well that’s a fair assessment. Your toned six pack muscles, the hair on your legs, the pecks on your chest and your soft breaths on my neck feel quite nice as well. Not something I usually get to appreciate straight after school.” As she said it, Clair placed a hand on Darcy’s clean shaven cheek and Darcy in kind, while led by instinct and hormones placed small kisses on Clair’s neck. While neither noticed the less than subtle change in their relationship, both of their breathing patterns had increased in tempo and depth as the right side of Clair’s over sized shirt had ridden up to just past her hips where Darcy’s fingers were in danger of discovering bare skin.

A small, bliss filled moan escaped Clair’s lips as she felt Darcy’s fingers finally make exquisite contact with the bare skin on her hip. The finger tips became a flat palm while the little of Darcy’s subconscious Lefkoşa Escort sanity that remained kept his hand from the simple act of sliding the few inches forward on her body.

Then Clair leaned back into him even more, to meet his kisses and touches. The both of them felt his dick, that had, by now been freed of his boxers through the little pee hole slide smoothly between her legs but not quite inside of her. She felt like silk to the tip of his penis. Her legs had been well lubricated to greet him.

Neither were thinking, the two siblings were merely feeling and letting instinct consume them while hormones played pirate over every part and aspect of their bodies. Darcy had let out a groan when he felt his dick so smoothly slip itself between his younger sisters legs.

The hand he had on her hip now travelled upwards on her torso as their hips rocked back and forth together, in perfect synchronization.

“Mmmmph” Cried out Clair as her brothers hand cupped the first tit it could get a hold of. He squeezed, intentfully and pulled her in even tighter. The tip of his willy was now knocking on the end of her clitoris and so teasingly close to her entrance.

She leaned her stomach outward ever so slightly, and the next time Clair and Darcy’s rocking hips met his perfectly strait dick’s tip parted her lips and pushed all seven inches into her. They both let out a gutteral groan. There wasn’t a cherry to pop between the pair of them as they both, finally become one.

“Clair” Said Darcy without constraint. As he said her name he proceeded to nibble on her earlobe. The gentle, sensual rocking became urgent thrusts for the pair of them. Each thrust became vocally sounded out throughout the semi-attached home they were in. Mph’s, ah’s, groans and oh’s were the chorus to this little melody.

Darcy rolled on to her with his next thrust and made sensual, lusty love to his younger sister, still from behind and now from above. His hand had moved back to his sisters sweet little hip while the other kept just some of his one hundred and seventy pounds off of the poor woman. Every single time he’d pull his dick almost all of the way out until only the very tip of his dicks tip held the door open then shafted her. He pushed her deeply into the couch with every thrust. His grunts and groans continued> Clairs hands now, had found a home behind her and on his ass, clawing at his cheeks every time he held his dick in her at the end of each thrust.

Clair could feel Darcy’s heat pounding against her while his chest remained pressed into her and the mobile bump in the covers where Darcy’s arse was, was the only thing to remain visibly moving.

Clair then pushed her ass up against Darcy. He took the hint and moved into a kneeling position. They managed to do this without breaking the connection. The lighting in the room was bright and with the covers no longer keeping them hidden he could plainly see her smooth, rounded rump. The beauty spot on the very top of her left cheek, the only thing to break her pure smoothness.

She had her hands on the arm of the couch, leaning fully on them. Darcy on the other hand had both of his hands on her gorgeously crafted love handles. The needful thrusting resumed, only this time Clair could resume with him as he pistoned Girne Escort in to her.

Their feelings and hormones peeked to the point that both of them could feel their chests bursting with love, lust and raw need for the other. Even if they wanted to stop they couldn’t as ripples reverberated through out Clair’s butt. If it wasn’t for Darcy’s boxers the slap of their skin would have rang out loudly into the heated home.

Their lustful moans only got louder and turned from regular speaking volume in to raised voices. Enough that anyone inside the home would definitely hear them, closed door be damned.

Then Darcy slithered his hands upward on her body and grasped at her breasts. He pulled her in and played with her nipples.

“Oh, Darcy.” She practically ripped her long shirt over her head and tossed it to who cared where. She was dripping, a visible damp patch was on the couch where they’d been drilling their crotches into each other. Her inner thighs glistened with the lighting in the room. It ran down her legs in droplet’s to her knees where her love juices formed yet more damp patches. Slight discolourations in skin pigmentation were visible where her brothers hands have been tightly holding onto her love handles.

“Darcy, I need to see you.”

Without a word in reply, Darcy pulled out, let her lay on her back in record speed and literally ripped off his boxers as he hungrily stared down at her beautiful naked body. She was three inches shorter than he at five ten and her perfect complexion and lightly tanned skin tone only enticed his eyes more.

Her body had the tiniest layer of evenly distributed fat imaginable. Just enough for perfect curvature and easily gripable love handles. The kind a stick thin woman or an obese dragon could never even dream of having. Her large side of C-cup breasts stood upwards, proudly. It was clear that she took great pains to be the womanly image she is now and those needy, lusty, glazed blue eyes that seemed to sink into his very soul corralled him in to her once more.

He had to line himself up this time before shoving his whole package back in to her. Then he sank himself inside and leaned on her until his entire naked body could be felt on top of hers.

The pure bliss and depth of connection he felt as the base of his nob crushed up against her lips was intense. He assaulted her with his tongue going as deep in to her mouth as physics would allow while his animalistic thrusting bore into her relentlessly.

Clair’s legs wrapped around him, trapping him. Trapping a very willing kidnap victim. He moved his mouth down on the side of her face, across her cheek and sucked on her earlobe. Her short ginger hair gave him very easy access.

Her moans suddenly got guttural again, her fingers dug into his back right up until the point that blood was drawn. She felt all of the nerves in her body focus in the area around her crotch. Darcy could feel the beginning of convulsions on the walls of his sisters pussy. The same pussy he’d buried himself balls deep into. Both of them noticed his dick swell and for a split second they made, pure, uninterrupted eye contact as they loudly said each others names. They resumed French kissing, almost violently trying to devour each other while their love juices exploded out from their nether regions.

There wasn’t even any time for talk as they instantly drifted off in each others arms fully sated, in love and extremely worn out. They didn’t part nor wake again for another nine hours, their piping still connected as the home fell deafeningly silent once more.

The end

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