Rite of Passage – Joel’s Story Pt. 01

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This is another Coming of Age story. My first was “Rite of Passage.” Both explore a young man’s introduction to sex with mature women. Although that and this story are fiction, like all fiction there is a kernel of truth.


In the queen sized bed, the two lovers lay entwined on top of the cream colored duvet. The early afternoon sun filtered through ivory colored chintz curtains softening the glare. A mid-summer breeze blew gently, causing them to flutter.

Joel Allen lay in the crook of her arm gently stroking her belly. Helen Crane, her back supported by soft down filled pillows, stroked Joel Allen’s moist hair. The afterglow of their lovemaking suffused her body. Her milk filled tits had a satisfying soreness from her young lover sucking them. Equally satisfying was the squishiness of his cum in her pussy. He had filled her to overflowing with his youthful seed. She was not sure what she loved the most; the intensity and stamina of her young lover or the Niagara of sperm that he pumped into her.

It was wrong. She knew that. He was 18 and the son of her best friend. In addition, she was married, the mother of his best friend and soon to be college roommate. She could not count the times in the past six months she made the decision to break it off.

Though she intellectualized about the propriety of her sexual relationship with Joel, her pussy ruled. It loved the full feeling of his cock. She knew she should have made him use condoms. However, she lusted for the sensation of skin on skin. She craved the primal feel of sperm flooding her hole and splashing against her cervix.

Now she was carrying his…their…baby. Her other hand came up and caressed the life growing in her. From the first, she used no birth control. She accepted the risk. Looking back, she knew she actually embraced it. When her gynecologist confirmed what the over the counter pregnancy test said, there was no horror. There was a secret satisfaction that the intensity of their coupling produced the inevitable. The need to have his child, even his children, was so visceral she could not understand it. She just knew she had to do it.

Joel was little more than a child himself. Albeit, a child with an enormous cock and the stamina to drive her body to unimaginable orgasms. She accepted her pregnancy as a late life gift. Even her husband, ignorant of being a cuckold to the boy who mowed the grass, warmed to the idea

Her husband Claude, despite their early sexual explorations into wife swapping, tended to be conservative when she was pregnant. While enthused with the idea of having a baby, her pregnancy-swollen body put her husband Claude off. As she got larger, the sex became less frequent. It was the same when she carried their son years ago. He never said it. However, it had been weeks since he touched her. While his ardor cooled, her need grew.

It did not matter this time. This time she had Joel. He thought she was beautiful. He loved to lay his head on her belly, hear, and feel the movements of the baby. He reveled in suckling her tits. Sometimes he would suck her breasts until his mouth filled with her milk. Then he would kiss her and share her breast milk. In some ways that sharing was more erotic than the sharing his cum with him after he came in her mouth.

Joel loved her and loved the fact that she was carrying their baby. Her lust for him, she was not sure if it was love, caused her to risk the security that marriage gave her. She clung to her youthful lover, risking all.

Lately, the passion of their lovemaking increased. Her son, Johnny, was 19 but she could recall her insatiable need for sex late in that pregnancy. This time she had all the cock she needed. They were fucking 2-3 times a week.

“Maybe I should delay going to school until you have our baby.”

“We’ve had this discussion, darling. You have to get your education. Besides, this is not my first baby.”

“I know! I know!” There was an edge of exasperation in his voice. “But I feel like I’m abandoning you when you need me most.”

“Joel,” Helen said sternly, “I am 38 years old and you are 18. I should have been more careful.”

Joel raised his head from the cradle of her arms. He looked into her eyes with that puppy dog look only young love engenders. “Are you sorry about…?” His hand indicated her belly.

With some difficulty, she turned on her side and took his face in her hands. “No, baby! Not at all!” She knew it was true as she said it. There was nothing she would not do for him.

He leaned over and kissed her, letting his tongue explore the curve of her lips. With a barely concealed devilish smile, he moved down, kissing first her chin, then the little pulse in her throat.

Helen grasped his head, trying to stop him. “No! Baby don’t! You know my husband will be home shortly.”

Ignoring her pleas and her hands ineffectually pulling his head, Joel planted kisses on her belly, starting with the curve just below her milk filled breasts, across the rise of her baby bump and İstanbul Escort down the other side. He ended by French kissing her cum filled pussy.

She writhed under his touch. Despite her protest, she loved how he took charge of her. There were probably things she would deny him. She just did not know what they were. Physically and emotionally, she had surrendered to him. Like a woman half her age, she came again, her body quivering in passion.

“Oh Joel please, don’t! You know how…! Oh my god!”

Helen’s body thrashed under his show of affection. She shuddered as waves of orgasmic ecstasy washed over her body. She loved the kinkiness of him licking his cum from her pussy. She and her husband rarely had oral sex at all.

“You always taste so good after we make love.”

Playfully, Helen reached down, pulling his head away from her still spasming hole. He lay with his chin on her pubic thatch, smiling up at her.

“Up Mister! You are not going to entice me into more lovemaking.”

Joel laughed and rolled to his back next to her. Helen struggled to her knees. She crawled the length of his body and straddled him, her belly resting against his hairless chest.

“I’m corrupting you,” she laughed wagging a finger in his face, “six months ago you were an inexperienced virgin. Now you know all the debauched things that satisfy this old broad.”

“You’re not old. You are the same age as my mother.”

Helen sat up, placed her hands on her hips, and smiled down at her youthful lover. She WAS old enough to be his mother. She and his mother were the same age. Although she and June were pregnant at the same time, Johnny was premature and was 2 months older than Joel was.

When he was a baby, she changed his diapers, fed him and babysat him. She even breastfed him a few times. Now she was having sex with him. She smiled broadened. And I’m back to breastfeeding him.

Because of the way the school enrolment year went, Johnny started school before Joel. He was in his freshman year at State. Joel would join him in September.

With some difficulty, she swung her leg over his body and sat on the edge of the bed. She was 22 weeks pregnant. The doctor said the pregnancy was proceeding normally. However, she was 38 years old and that presented challenges.

Her doctor had additional testing done to insure the viability of the fetus. Part of that testing was DNA. She sighed as she looked at her young lover. She needed to talk to his mother. Things were going to get very complicated.

“Come on sweetie. You need to go.”

Joel swung his legs around and bounded out of bed, his large semi hard cock swinging freely. Oh, to be that young and agile again, she thought as she extended her hand for him to help her up.

Joel pulled her to her feet. As she stood, he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Hmm,” he said teasing, “I’m going to need longer arms.”

She smacked him on his ass and, laughing, pointed imperiously at her bedroom door. “Out you!”

She watched wistfully as he slipped on his jockeys then his mid-thigh track shorts. She wished they had time to shower together as they usually did. As much as she was addicted to his cock, she also enjoyed their extended play after sex. The hugging, kissing and long hot soapy showers were new for her. As he slipped his t-shirt over his head, she saw his flat abdomen with a hint of a six-pack.

Helen, she thought, this is insanity.

Briefly, she flashed back to how this all began, to the box of pictures he found of his parents and she and Claude. They were explicit. In their younger days, they experimented with wife swapping. Foolishly, they took many pictures. Even more foolishly, she kept them

“Okay, Helen.” He smiled as she cocked her head to the side. “Sorry! AUNT Helen!”

Helen took a step toward him and placed both hands on his shoulders. “Sweetie we need to be careful.”

“I know H…Aunt Helen. I know.”

“And remember, you must tell no one! No one! If you start bragging about this old broad you’re banging and someone figures out it’s me, it would be disastrous.”

“I know, Aunt Helen! I know!” He scanned the yard. “I need to put away the lawnmower. I’ll see you tomorrow at the 4th of July barbecue. Now I want to play a little b-ball with my friends.”

Helen grabbed her robe, put it on and followed him down the stairs. In the kitchen, he embraced her and kissed her deeply.

“Go!” She said patting him on the butt. She watched as put the lawnmower into the shed. Then he jumped on his bike and pedaled away.

Laboriously, Helen made her way back up the stairs. She felt the baby move. She suppressed the wild impulse to catch Joel and let him feel it again. Ruefully, she shook her head. She loved her husband. However, Joel touched something deep in her.

As she climbed the stairs, she felt his cum running out of her. It ran down the inside of her thighs. She smiled. It made her feel so wicked. The damn kid comes in quarts. I Anadolu Yakası Escort can almost hear it sloshing around in me. I need a shower and a nap, she thought. Joel came in her twice and she swallowed one load. As always, her orgasms were countless and unbelievably intense. He was an amazing lover.


The burr of her cell phone pulled Helen from a sound sleep. Outside the shadows were lengthening. Damn she thought, as she reached for her phone, I forgot to take something out for dinner.

“Helen? Did I wake you? Sorry! I know you need your rest.”

“Hi June. It’s ok. I need to get up and start dinner anyway. Claude will be home from work soon.”

“That’s what I was calling about. Tom told Joel to put some steaks on the grill. You know how Joel loves to show off his grilling skills! Why don’t you and Claude come by here?”

“June, you are a lifesaver! I intended to take a short nap. However, I was more tired than I thought. Your son fucked the shit out of me and wore me out.

“Okay! Make it 5ish. Did Joel do everything he was supposed to do?”

My lord, yes he did. “Yes, he moved the Goodwill stuff to the garage and mowed the lawn.”

“Good! You make sure he helps you.”

“I will June, I will.”

“Here he comes now! I’ll get him started on the grill so dinner will be ready when Tom gets home. See you later.”

June Allen hung up the phone. She looked into the kitchen where Joel had taken the pitcher of ice water from the fridge. She watched as he glanced around furtively and began to raise the pitcher to his mouth.

“Joel Thomas Allen! Don’t you dare drink from that pitcher!”

“Awww mom!”

“Aww mom my butt! Your father and I drink that water also.”

As she spoke, June struggled to her feet and walked through the door leading from the living room to the kitchen. She surveyed the slim body of her first and only born. He was as tall as his father at 6′ 1″ but weighed only 180 pounds to Tom’s 210. Except for his sandy hair and dark eyes, he looked like Tom the day they were married.

His sweaty shorts and t-shirt clung wetly to his body. The scent of his sweaty body always had an embarrassing effect on her. She eyed the prominence of his manly bulge.

“And you smell! Go take a shower and hurry back. Your father wants you to get the grill going. The Cranes are coming by later.”

“Okay mom! I’m going. Would you mind getting the steaks out while I’m showering? I like them to come to room temperature before I grill them.”

June spread both arms and bowed deeply. Her loose fitting top gaped open revealing her milk filled breasts. “Yes, Oh Master Chef,” she said mockingly, “To hear is to obey.”

Laughing, Joel stripped off his shirt and started past his mother heading for the upstairs shower. As he did, he reached under her blouse and tweaked her nipple.

“OUCH! You devil! That hurt!”

June tried to grab her son. However, she was 22 weeks pregnant and not as agile as she once was. He slipped past her and ran part way up the stairs. “Come join me in the shower, mom.”

Joel’s cock was at June’s eye level as he stood on the stairs. She could see the bulge in his shorts. Hungrily, she licked her lips. She felt a moistness between her legs. She had not worn panties with her mid thigh jean skirt hoping they would have time for a quickie. However, she dare not now. Tom was due home within the hour.

Besides, she thought, he gave me a good pounding this morning before he went to help Helen. This pregnancy has my hormones out of control. The more I fuck my son, the more I want to fuck him. It’s a sickness. But lord knows I don’t want to be cured.

“No time, dear! The Cranes are coming over later. I need to fix a salad and make up some margaritas.” That’s how it started, she thought. One too many margaritas and too much ogling a tight 18 year old body.

She caught her breath then smiled as Joel took off his shorts and jockeys on the stairs. He stood there naked smiling at her, his cock at half mast.

“You sure mom?”

June felt a gooey wetness between her legs as her son stood naked on the stairs stroking his cock. Her breathing rate increased. She watched as his hand began to glisten as he leaked copious quantities of pre cum. Maybe a quickie, she thought. Just a quick pounding to ease this itch.

She shook her head, clearing her mind of the lustful thoughts. “Shower, young man,” June said pointing up the stairs. Her pussy twitched as he turned and bounded up the stairs. She touched her belly. She felt the popcorn popping sensation as the baby moved. Growing inside of her was the precious gift her son gave her.

Joel stood in the shower, the hot water streaming over his body. He vigorously soaped up, lingering over his cock. Six months ago, he was a virgin, awkward around the girls in his class with little chance of losing his virginity.

Then in the space of two weeks, he fucked first his mother then Aunt Helen. At his tender age, Kartal Escort he was unfamiliar with the phrase ‘an embarrassment of riches.’ All he knew was he was fucking two mature women and was the probable father of their babies.


His mother was his first. It was back in January. A winter blizzard dropped a foot of snow and the near gale force winds caused it to drift. Public transportation ground to a halt. It forced the cancelation of all commuter trains, stranding his father and Mr. Crane were stranded in the city.

Despite the cold, by the time he cleared their side drive and the sidewalk around their corner lot he was drenched in sweat. He glanced over at Aunt Helen’s snowed in driveway. It would have to wait until he warmed up.

His mother was sitting by the roaring fireplace dressed in a thick white terry cloth robe and, as he was to find out later, nothing else. Things had been tense around the house. His parents were in a running argument about their poor financial condition and her desire to have another child. The arguments devolved to the point of his father sleeping on the sofa.

“Mom, I’m going to get out of these wet clothes and shower.” Joel noticed the sweating half empty pitcher of margaritas sitting on the end table. His mother sat wide legged in the wing backed chair her back to him facing the roaring fire in the fireplace, sipping her drink.

“Okay, sweetie. Helen called. She wondered if you could stop by tomorrow and help her dig out. Claude is stranded in town also.” Her voice was heavily slurred.

“Ah…sure mom! Are you okay?” Concern tinged his voice. He was aware of the tension between his parents.

June turned from the fire. She leaned over the arm of the chair and looked back at her son. The top of her terry cloth robe fell open, exposing one small coral tipped breast.

“I’m fine, just fine,” she slurred. Her eyes wandered over her son’s body as he removed his coat, scarf and boots. As he stood in the doorway, back lit by the fluorescent kitchen lights, she could see the significant bulge in his wet sweat pants. Despite herself, her inhibitions lowered by the alcohol, she stared at his bulge until he became uncomfortable.

“Ah…going upstairs, mom! Be right back!”

June turned back to the fire. Her mind was a confused muddle. Fucking Tom and his fucking pissant job! The heat thrown off by the flickering flames was intense. She undid the tie and opened her robe, exposing her front to the heat. It was no less intense then the heat she felt between her legs. Tom had slept on the coach for the past two weeks. She went from sex 2-3 times a week to a starvation diet. Damn him! Damn him for being so obstinate!

June lay back in the large chair. Her free hand wandered over her body as she sipped her drink. Her body ached with her need. It was a sexual need fueled by her strong breeding instinct.

At 38, her biological clock ticked so loud it drowned out everything. She wanted…no, she needed… another baby before it was too late.

She took her pebble sized nipple between her thumb and fore finger. She pulled hard, relishing the sensation of pain and pleasure. So good, so good!

Unsteadily, June reached out to sit her now empty glass on the table. She set it partway on the table and had to catch it before it fell. Giggling, she carefully picked up the pitcher and decanted its remaining contents into her glass. She reached out and slowly set the pitcher down on the table and picked up her overly full glass. Some of the contents spilled onto her thigh.

She ran a finger along her thigh, smearing the drink. She had a devilish thought. It was something she and Helen did years ago. She slid the finger, sticky with the margarita through her swollen pussy lips. She took that finger in her mouth and sucked it clean of the musky sweet mixture.

She tipped the glass, intentionally spilling more of the drink on her pussy. She shivered as the ice cold drink ran down her belly and across her clit. Again, she wet her finger, inserted it in her pussy and sucked it clean. Her hips involuntarily began a slow thrusting as she recalled Helen licking spilled margarita from her pussy years ago.

She moaned at her touch and left the hand resting on her nether region. Slowly she inserted her index finger in her pussy. She groaned as it again slipped into her wetness. She slowly pulled her hand up and down dragging her finger from her pussy and across her clit. She shivered as sensations rocketed through her body.

June held up her finger wet with margarita and her juices and watched the flickering light of the fire shine over it. Slowly, she brought the finger to her mouth and stuck it in to the second knuckle. She sucked her finger, imagining it was her husband’s cock, any cock. She withdrew her finger and again looked at it as though seeing it for the first time. “Not bad,” she mumbled, “not bad at all.”

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