Road Side Assistance

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This is the story of an unfortunate chain of events that changed my life, without warning. My mother had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for several years and I had been making the 90-minute trek to see her at least once per week for a few years now. Honestly as her condition worsened, I had been letting it slip to once per month.

This was my first trip with a new car, and I had been oblivious to my gas being low. Suddenly the low fuel alarm ding called it to my attention. Of course, it happened in the worst possible spot as it was, several miles to the next exit and I was not sure there would even be a gas station there. With all my trips, I do not recall ever stopping for gas there.

As I approached the next exit, it became apparent there was no gas at the exit. I had no choice be to try the next one. I recall a gas station sign at the next exit but could not recall ever using it either. The needle was getting below “E” by the time I made it to the exit.

I sighed a great sigh of relief when I saw the blue highway sign and the only thing on the services sign was BP. Relief became dismay as I pulled off the highway and saw BP 2.5 miles. Dismay became bewilderment as I pulled in and realized it was closed. Sunday at a nowhere exit…not surprising. I pulled through the pumps and beside the building, to turn around and head back to the highway. Unfortunately that is where she died.

I looked around and there was not much of anything around, so I called AAA on my cell phone. The signal was bad, but after 2 disconnects and a stroll around the parking lot to find the ideal signal, I managed to get through and convey my location. They told me the only AAA tow truck in the area was on a call with another waiting, so it would be at least an hour.

I called my wife and let her know what was happening. I told her, I would be late if I made it home at all. We talked until I realized, my phone battery was dying, and I left the fucking charger at home. Two hours and three more phone calls to AAA later, it died.

I had dozed off and was startled awake by a bang on the window. I jumped awake, heart racing, to the sight of a fairly large black man with a bit of razor stubble on his face. He was about 30-35 about 6ft. tall and looked like he lifted weights. He hand signaled me to roll down the window.

As I did, he mumbled, “My lucky day.” He looked at his clip board and said, “Mr. Davis, I am Robert from P&S towing. What sort of problem are you having this evening?”

“Apparently, not my lucky day,” I said looking up at him smiling.

He stared uninterestedly back at me as I continued, “This a new car for me and I did not see the fuel light in time and ran out of gas. If you could just dump in a gallon or so, that I can get to the next exit with gas, that would be great. I was on my way to visit my mother and I have already lost more than 2 hours waiting on you.”

“Let’s see if the information they gave me is correct,” he said handing me a printout with my name, phone number, address and AAA number. Then he tossed his clip board on the top of my car and began to write while shoving his thighs against my door, and pelvis pushing in the open window. It looked like his cock wanted out of those pants.

I was hoping I did not come across rudely and piss him off, as he cut in, “Can I see your AAA card?”

He took a half step back, looked it over and read aloud, “Martin Davis…Well that is unfortunate! This card expired last month.”

He handed my card back and went back to writing on the roof. Once again, his pelvis pushing in the window. I swore it was growing. I was getting angrier by the minute. He was purposely trying to fuck with me, and I had had enough. As I was trying to think about my next words, He cut in.

“I already used all the fuel in my can for another stranded driver. Unfortunately, my truck runs on diesel. I can tow you to the next gas station, it closes in 45 minutes and it’s about 25 minutes away. Without AAA, it’s gonna be $200 for the tow and I will need payment up front.”

“No fucking way!” I yelled. “My AAA is current. I must have left the new card on the desk at home. The account is the same. You can use that for your paperwork!”

I was really getting tired of talking to his fucking dick. What the fuck could he be writing up there.

“That is not how it works sir,” he said, losing interest. “You must have a valid card. If you do not want my service, that is fine. I have been working 12 hours since 6 this morning and I would love to go home.”

“I don’t even have $200,” I said, rummaging through my wallet and hiding the $300 I just got from the ATM. Not that I needed to, he was looking at the roof of my car, shoving his dick in the window.

“I can take a debit card, if the reader can connect out here,” he said arrogantly.

“That’s why you said it’s ‘your lucky day’, cause you have some poor soul to rip off,” I growled.

“If you want the truth, I said that, cause you are a middle aged white man with a wedding ring. That means you are a cocksucker. None of you can say no to sucking my juicy black cock. You talk about it, you deny it, then you surrender to it. Every fucking time,” he said pushing his pelvis forward.

Oh fuck, he is some kind of faggot rapist. In the middle of fucking nowhere and he had me by 15 to 20 years, and easily 50 lbs. Trying to mask the fear I spoke with firmness in my voice.

“You are out of your fucking mind! I will make other arrangements… Fuck, my cell phone is dead. Can you please let me use you cell phone to call back AAA?” I asked trying not to beg.

“No, but I will call back and let them know you must have gotten gas and left before I got here,” he said as he put his paperwork back on the roof and began to write.

Again, he pushed his pelvis through the window, his semi hard cock definitely trying to escape. Glancing back, I saw the huge wrecker almost touching the rear bumper of my car. I was completely hemmed in by the wrecker behind and a dumpster in front. It didn’t matter anyway I had no gas to make an escape.

“Okay, okay, you got me. $200 it is, just please get me to the gas station and let me get on my way” I said sternly.

Keeping his body against the car and pelvis in the window, he spoke from above the car, “Tell you what, I gotta way for you to get a free, tow…”

“Please stop this silliness, I said trying not to look at the bulging pants in my window. I am not gay and not going to do anything for a “free” tow. Please take this money and get me to a gas station,” I said trying to hand him $200.

He did not move, so I tried to reach my hand out the window, but his hips and torso blocked most of the opening. I accidentally, brushed his hip with my arm and he swayed a little and made a humming noise. I was waving the money out the Zeytinburnu Escort corner of the window and he did not take it. I couldn’t even tell if he could see the money.

I did not want to try to peak out the window for fear of touching his bulge. Then he would really hum! I was thinking about what to say next, to deescalate the situation and get out of there.

He began to speak, “You don’t get it. All you have to do is not suck my cock and the tow is free. Prove to me I’m wrong. You just look at my naked cock for 3 minutes, if you are not a cocksucker the tow is free. If you are a…”

I interrupted waving the money again, “Just take the damn money and give me a tow, please. I am not interested in your silly games. I just want to visit my mother!”

“So you are a cocksucker then, I knew it. You don’t trust yourself… Why don’t you just indulge yourself. No one can see. I can keep watch from here while…”

Yanking the money back in the window, I said angrily, “You need to leave, I will take care of myself. I no longer require your services. I promise I will report you to your company.”

He did not move and after hesitating a moment, he began to speak again, “You already can’t take your eyes off it and it’s not even out yet. I think you are the biggest cocksucker yet. You can’t even convince, yourself, you don’t want to taste that hot meat.”

He couldn’t even see me, how did he know I was staring. It was impossible not to, with it protruding through the window. I had leaned on the center console to get out of its range, but looking back at it, growing, and moving in his pants was mesmerizing.

“Please leave, I need to figure out where I can get gas and get the fuck out of here.” I said with as much authority as I could muster.

“Listen to my proposal and if you still feel the same, I will leave,” he said calmly, as he stepped back and looked at me, man to man. “If you look at it for 3 minutes without sucking it, the tow is free, and I will pay for your tank of gas. If you suck it, the tow is $200. (I cringed as he said it). If you swallow my load, it’s $250 (I shook my head in disgust). If you jack off while sucking my cock, it’s $300. (My jaw dropped in disbelief!)”

“That’s an easy bet, but you are younger and stronger. You can just force the issue and overpower me. I am going to have to pass,” I said, hoping he would let me go; he was making his dick pulsate in his pants.

“Ok, but I don’t know anywhere close for you to get help. I’m right here and you could be on your way in just over 3 minutes if you prove me wrong. If you would rather waste hours of your life, than admit I am right and you are a cocksucker, so be it.

Martin Davis, I admire a man that knows his weakness and works this hard to keep it hidden. Good Luck to you,” He said turning to walk toward he truck.

He turned back to look at me with a new idea, “If I have your word to honor the bet Mr. Davis, I have a way to give you the safety net you need.”

My patience gone, I said, Okay, okay, what is it.?

“Great,” he said putting his cell phone in his front pocket and pulling his wallet from his back pocket.

“I will snap a photo of my driver’s license with my phone. You call your wife from my phone and tell her the tow truck arrived. Tell her Robert Reeves is the driver and was so nice, you will be sending his information to her, to send a thank you. We text your wife with the photo and you, and your wife have a record of my information for the police, if anything goes wrong. Come to think about it, if you win the bet, you have all the info you need to call my company and report me.”

It sounded like reasonable insurance, but there had to be a catch. Once again, he pushed his pants tent back in the open window, while taking the photo on the roof of the car. He handed me the phone, I talked to my wife, and she was happy for me. I sent her the text, and she replied.

“His driver’s license! You should tell the young man to be more careful with his information (with a smiley face imogi).”

“Okay she got it” I said frustrated. “Let’s get this over with”.

He replied eagerly, “OK, I am watching out, the coast is clear, I will time it with my watch.”

After an awkward pause, staring at the tent in his pants, I said, “Ok, let’s see it”

“Take it out” he echoed from above the car.

“Oh no, the bet was to look at it for 3 minutes. There was nothing said about touching it!” I said disgusted. I was leaning away back twisted against the center console.

“Listen, no more excuses. If you’re not a cocksucker, then you would not be afraid of touching it. If you do not start unbuckling my belt in 20 seconds, I am out!” he said angrily.

I just needed this to end. I stretched out my arms, still leaning on the center console and unclasped his belt. He swayed his hips slightly as I unbuttoned his pants. He pressed his dick against my hand as I pulled down his zipper.

“Spread that zipper and pull my cock out Marty. I will let you know when I start the clock. I can’t wait for you to see it,” he said breathing heavier and bouncing up and down like a school kid.

I spread the zipper and his cock was straining to get free of his boxer briefs. I pulled the flaps of his pants down and apart. I seemed to be sweating as I took my right hand to his waist band, pulling it toward me. With my left, I slid inside his waist band, between his cock and belly, grabbed his dick with my thumb and forefinger, just below the head. It was hot and sweaty to the touch.

“Oh yes Mr. Davis, free the beast. Don’t you feel good knowing you are making the monster grow,” he said pumping my hand.

I let go of his cock and released his waist band, “No fucking way! I knew you would do this!”

He cut me off, “Sorry, you’re right. That’s not the bet. Go ahead, I will not do that again. It’s just thinking of your hot mouth on my rod gets me excited. You have quite an effect on me Marty.”

“Not gonna happen, now honor the bet!” I said disgusted.

Again I grabbed the waistband with my right hand and slid my left hand behind his cock. The back of my hand brushed his belly as I gently gripped his cock right below his elongated head. His head was much longer and more pointed than mine. He moaned as I gripped it gently. It did give me a feeling of power, making him moan.

Holding his cock against his body, I pulled his waist band out around the head and down exposing his length. It had to be 10 inches. It was hot to the touch, and I had to squeeze, it down to get my fingers all the way around it when I gripped it. He moaned and I relaxed my grip. Why did I squeeze? I did not need to grip all the way around it, but I was in awe of the size compared to my 6 inches.

“You’re liking that Marty, aren’t ya?” he said Escort Bayan laughing.

I tried to get the waist band under his balls, but his pants would not permit it. So I wiggled them down on both sides as far as I could. Then, I pulled his dick head down toward me so his cock could hang free.

The weight of it was amazing in my hand, now that it was free enough to let it hang. It pointed right at me as I studied how smooth his hood looked. The tip had a droplet of pre-cum covering the hole.

The head was darker colored than the shaft. His pubes were well trimmed. His shaft was smoother than I would have imagined. I did not really see visible veins on the surface. He did have something to be proud of.

“How much time? I asked, realizing I had been looking at it for a while.

“I haven’t started it yet, I was waiting for you to let go” he sighed.

His voice seemed so distant coming from outside the car, and made it seem like it wasn’t real. I became vaguely aware my hand still cradled his cock from when I had admired the weight of it. He was gently rubbing his cock in my palm. As I snapped back to reality, I took a startled breath through my nose.

The scent was overwhelmingly pungent. It’s affect was paralyzing! I was overwhelmed by a sudden sensation of blood flowing into my testicles. I squirmed from an intensity l never felt in my balls before. My cock was hardening rapidly. I wanted all the clothing off my body! I had no idea where I was.

“Hello, still there, cocksucker?” He said.

I swirled back to reality. His cock rubbing my hand brought my eyes back into focus. Only it wasn’t his cock rubbing my hand, it was my hand rubbing his cock. I pulled it away and his cock continued to point at my face on its own. A 10-inch log hanging in the air. Inches from my face, how did it get that close?

I backed up regaining control when he laughed again, “Like you said cock sucker the bet was to look at it for 3 minutes, not to touch it. Are you ready to start the clock or do you just want it in your mouth now?”

“Start the clock dick head”, I said defiantly.

There was now a good 2 to 3 feet between my head and is dick. I still couldn’t remember moving that close in the first place. He began to make his cock rise up on its own and settle back to pointing at me. The drop of pre-cum had become a small dollop. It seemed to grow each time he raised that massive cock.

“It’s calling to you Marty,” he said in a cartoon ghost like voice. “You made it like this. Think how good it will taste. Think how it will fill your mouth.”

I was out of range of his scent. I wanted to try it again to see if that was real. I moved in closer, sniffed and may have gotten a tiny whiff, but I needed to get in closer to test the affect. I took a deep breath and felt that wave in my cock again. The manly musky smell set all my senses on edge. I closed my eyes and exhaled through my mouth.

“I feel your breath cocksucker!” he said waving it side to side. “Come and get it!”

He made it rise up slowly, pointing it at the ceiling and this time it settled back higher. It was pointing over my head instead of at my face. It was a little bit longer and a little bit fatter. In its hardened state the skin on his shaft was glistening.

The gob of pre-cum was oozing and beginning to slowly drip. Soon, the blob dangled several inches off the hood of his cock. His musky scent stronger now as my extended tongue stretched out to catch, the escaping drop. The warm sweetness spread out over my taste buds.

I told myself, I still hadn’t lost the bet. I moved my nose closer, almost touching his shaft. I breathed slowly through my nose. My cock was like a rock. It felt like a balloon about to burst.

“You made it 30 seconds cocksucker,” he said, while his cock continued its methodic motion. There was something about the fact he could not see any of this, that made his cock even more mesmerizing. I imagined what it would be like to get your cock sucked without seeing the person doing it.

Another dollop of pre-cum had formed, my tongue needed more. It pulled my toward the golden nectar. I exhaled as I approached, and he felt my breath again. He held it perfectly still in anticipation. I pointed my tongue trying to make the tip as small as possible so I could swipe his juice without touching his cock. I gather the nectar and my tongue just touched between the globes of his cockhead.

“There you are cocksucker,” he said thrusting his pole forward, but failing to make contact.

I did not get it all with my tongue. His head oozing and glistening. I needed that pre-cum and told myself kissing is not sucking. I moved in and lined my lips with his hole pressing my lips to his throbbing cock tip. I slid my tongue into his slit and scooped the sweet juice out.

“Oh yes kiss it cock sucker. This boner’s for you!” he moaned and pressed his mushroom head against my lips.

I surrendered; opened my lips and pushed onto his hot throbbing flesh. As it contacted my taste buds, I could taste the salty sweaty taste from his 12-hour day.

“There’s that hot wet mouth I needed. Feels so fucking good!” he said slowly swaying his hips as the head popped into my waiting mouth.

Remembering the instructions, I gave my wife when she sucked me for the first time, I wrapped my lips over my teeth as I drove that beautiful cock further into my mouth. With this much cock it would be easy to make a mistake.

His increased moaning made me feel so in control, knowing it was me pleasuring this glorious cock. He stood still, letting me set the pace as I tried to determine how much, I could take into my mouth. I could not get beyond about 5 inches. It was just so fucking big.

“You are such a natural,” he said with his chest pushed against the car, hands banging on the top of the car. You like that in your mouth, don’t you?”

He got my answer through his cock as I nodded my agreement with his monster dick in my mouth.

“Are you my cock sucker?” he asked through clenched teeth as I swirled my tongue on the underside of his cockhead.

I nodded and took it as far as I could and pulled it back out of my mouth, I gripped his meaty rod in my hand, stuck out my tongue pressed it against the bottom of his head. With my tongue fully extended I licked circles around the head faster and faster and then plunged it into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, work my dick, cocksucker!” he howled.

I was working it in and out, loving the feeling of him filling my mouth. My cock was alive, feeing his raging hardness and knowing I was responsible.

He pulled out of my mouth stepped back and looked down at me through the open window. He smiled, “You didn’t even last a minute Marty, what does that make you?”

Confused by the sudden emptiness, I could istanbul Escort feel my saliva on my face and chin. I starred at his boner knowing I had to have back in my mouth.

Looking up at him I said, “I am a cocksucker! Please let me suck your cock. You were right, I was wrong. Please, I will do whatever you want…”

“You owe me $200 for the tow cocksucker,” he said holding out his hand. I pulled the money from the center console and handed it to him.

“Do you want to continue sucking my cock or do you want to get on the road?” he asked taunting me.

“I want to worship that beautiful cock.” I said starring at it. “Please let me make you cum!

“I gotta say Mr. Davis, I admire your enthusiasm. Do you want to swallow my load?” he said shaking his cock back and forth.

“Yes, I want to suck you dry. Can I please have it now?” I begged.

“That’s part of the $250 tow package,” he said reaching into the car. I gotta warn you, I haven’t cum in a month, it’s gonna be a load. I will understand if you don’t want to.

I pulled my wallet out and handed him $50 more.

He put his hands on top the car and shoved his dick back in the window. I put my tongue out and pressed his sensitive tip against it working back and forth pressing it hard on my tongue. I got quickly back in rhythm keeping my tongue in constant motion.

He moaned louder as my pace increased. I hoped I would be rewarded with his hot cum. I hoped I could handle it. Suddenly he reached his hands in grabbing my head and rapid fire fucking my mouth, holding my head steady, while his hips did the work. It was amazing how fast he could go.

After several minutes he stopped, grabbed my head, and started bobbing my head. I understood what he needed and bobbed my head on his cock as fast as I could. I tried my best to contain his cock but moving at that pace it popped out of my mouth. There was an incredible slurping sound as the suction was broken. I shoved it back in loving the feel of his hard dick disappearing into my hungry mouth. His stamina was amazing, I would have cum long ago and been spent by now.

He moaned low and deep, trying not to make noise in case a car passed, but I loved the sound of it. I couldn’t recall being this hard before and it was all about pleasing his powerful dick.

He began to build to a tremendous orgasm. I positioned myself to try to contain it, as a huge stream filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but, when the second shot erupted, some leaked out and down my chin. I held on as he pumped his full load.

I had never tasted cum other than kissing my wife after a blowjob, but I loved the creamy bittersweet taste. I kept slowly sucking his cock as it softened a bit. I sucked harder hoping to extract any remaining spunk.

After a few moments, he pulled out and stepped back leaving his dick out, as he looked down at me.

“That was great cocksucker. Do you want to stroke my cock while we talk a minute?” he asked.

“Yes please, I love the feel of your cock,” I said gripping it with both hands.

“Did you like my cum cocksucker? You did a great job taking it all!” he said sounding surprised.

“Yes, I loved it. I can still taste it in my mouth,” I said, thinking I was pretty pathetic.

“Good, you have been a great cocksucker, almost too easy, but your skills are amazing,” he said closing his eyes and moaning softly.

I could feel him starting to harden again as I stroked him gently.

“I am going to need you to take another load. It has been a month and you have a great mouth. Are you ready?” He said assuming the position.

With both hands on his cock, I milked it from the base toward the tip, squeezing out a last bit of cum. I worked his tip with my tongue and plunged him in my mouth. Sliding off I took him in my hand and licked the length of his shaft pressing my tongue firmly against him as I went up and down.

“Damn cocksucker, you sure you haven’t done this before? You were born for this!” he gasped as my pace quickened.

I nodded in agreement, as I continued to mix my tonguing and deep throating. I was impressed how he was getting close again. Such a powerful cock and I loved how it felt in my mouth. My whole body was tingling with electricity.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” he said, pumping his hips. Keep going cocksucker, I’m gonna shoot for you soon. Jack yourself off while you suck me, cock sucker!”

My cock was aching, so I was happy for some relief. I could not believe what I was about to do. But the thought taking his load while I got to show him how much I loved it, made me that much more excited.

I put my feet on the floor of the car so I could unzip my pants and get my cock out, while working his cock with my left hand and mouth. He was pumping my mouth, while I worked my pants out of the way as much as I could. I pulled my shirt up to try not to get cum it.

Now, he got my full focus, working my tongue on his sweet spot while he pumped my mouth. My neck and mouth were sore from working his monster dick out the car window while trying to work my own cock for some much-needed relief.

He began to pant and grunts as I sucked him faster. I could not believe the feeling of gripping my own cock and getting to masturbate, while serving his big black dick. As his climax built, I could no longer contain myself. I was thankful his powerful cock muffled my screams of joy.

I clung to his pulsating cock with my lips, as a muffled whimper escaped my cock filled mouth. I bounced in the car seat as I stroked my own cock. As his first pulse of sweet cum entered my mouth, my muffled screams got louder. I shot a huge spray of cum up my body as far as my face. As his jizz pumped into my mouth, I worked my cock like a jack hammer, spraying droplets of my cum all over my clothes and car.

I collapsed on the car seat and continued to work his cock clean until he pulled out and shoved it back into his pants. I lay there panting as he zipped up and began to speak.

“Amazing cocksucker! It really was my lucky day! You might want to clean up while I get you some gas,” he said happily.

He walked back to the truck while I looked for napkins or wet naps to clean the shower of cum that covered me. I found some napkins and started dabbing it up when I heard the clang of metal as he inserted a gas can and began to poor it in my tank. He finished and came back to the window, looked at me, covered in my own cum and shook his head.

“I have never seen a more committed cock sucker; you clearly love your work. Which reminds me, jacking yourself off while sucking my dick is part of the $300 tow package,” he said holding out his hand.

I reached into my wallet and handed him my last $50. He shoved it in his pocket and walked away and climbed into the truck.

He yelled to me before starting the truck, “I will text you the next time I need roadside assistance cocksucker!”

He fired up his truck and drove off, leaving me, covered in my own cum and wanting more.

To be continued…

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