Roller Derby Girls Ch. 02

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Preface: This is a sequel to Roller Derby Girls which I wrote three years ago. I don’t usually do sequels as I like to leave something to the reader’s imagination at the end of stories. In this case, I had a ton of feedback asking what happens next, especially with Emily. It made me wonder myself and thought it would be worth exploring the next logical phase.

If you haven’t read Roller Derby Girls (the original) please do so before reading part 2. It gives the characters backgrounds more detail and explains how they all got into this situation. Part 2 picks up right where part 1 ended.

As for all you die hard fans of the sport of Roller Derby, I have heard all your complaints about how I depicted the sport in the original story. I appreciate all that feedback but I want to reiterate that this is an erotica story about a love triangle not a how to guide on the fundamentals of Roller Derby. The derby is just background for the characters and I made it campy and whimsical. The same goes in part 2. No apologies.

Lastly, this story pushes more boundaries. It contains some BDSM, anal sex, and mother-daughter incest. If these things are not to your liking, you might want to rethink reading it. Otherwise enjoy. MMC

The Roller Derby Girls 2

There I was, Alice Watson, a forty year old, respected mother of two, professional insurance adjuster, bare ass naked in my own bedroom, bent over the footboard of my bed with my ankles cuffed to the posts and my wrists cuffed together, pulled up over my head, dangling from a rope. I wasn’t alone. In front of me, laying on the bed was the Amazon roller derby queen, Loganne. She went by Death Demona on the track. She was laid out in front of me, all five foot eleven of her, endlessly long legs, muscled and tone. Her body was sculpted and tan from the long, hot summer. Her barbed wire “Bad Ass” tattoo looked intimidating. Her long black hair was pulled back tight from her face in a high ponytail. Her face was riveting, hypnotic if you stared long enough. Loganne had high cheek bones, bold, light brown eyes that seemed to stare laser beams through you and a wide mouth with plump lips that almost never smiled except for the occasional one sided devil’s grin.

I was glad to have Loganne back in my bed after the month long break since she set me right about my feelings. She never spoke much but she knew me better than I knew myself. She had a gift for that and she easily exploited her advantage. Now she was holding the end of the rope that held up my wrists. It was looped over the ceiling fixture that I had recently installed at her request. It was part of an elaborate S&M harness swing. Besides being a roller derby queen, twenty-five year old Loganne was also a waitress and a dominatrix.

I had been under her spell since the first roller derby bout that I attended a couple months before. I had just separated from my cheating ex-husband Bill and was on a rampage, sowing my wild oats, doing all the things that I couldn’t do during the twenty repressive years of marriage to him. I was knocking things off my bucket list, including going to the roller derby. It was actually Loganne’s younger sister Taylor that seduced me first. Taylor was practically the opposite of Loganne. With an almost identical body to her sister, Taylor was blonde, bubbly, sweet and loveable. I thought I might have been in love with her but it was Loganne who made me see myself as a woman on the rebound and just starting to explore a new chapter in her sex life. She also showed me that Taylor’s love was misguided. She was searching for a loving mother figure which she lacked at home.

I had to break up with Taylor, which I did. She was upset with me at first but Loganne assured me later that she made Taylor see it as I did.

Things had changed in the last two weeks and now I was in bondage, my five foot four body contorted uncomfortably with my big, C cup boobs dangling in front of me lewdly. Loganne snickered as she pinched my nipples with her toes. I could just make out her devilish smile through my strawberry blonde curls that hung in front of my face and masked my green eyes. I winced a little in pain as her black painted toe nails squeezed my nipples harder. Loganne had showed me that I was a submissive at heart and that I enjoyed the pain and torture of being dominated. As much as I really liked Taylor, Loganne was much more suited to me sexually. She laid back, lounging comfortably on my king size bed, taunting me. Loganne released one of my nipples and raised her toes to my face. I knew instinctively what she wanted me to do. I began licking between her toes before taking the big one into my mouth to suck on. She had taught me a lot of kinks and I was glad to be enjoying them again after the agonizing break. My pussy was like a damp sponge. The situation I was in turned me on so much. I couldn’t do anything to get off and was at Loganne’s mercy. She liked it that way and so did I.

“Don’t be shy escort bayan back there Emily, hit her. Smack your mother’s ass,” Loganne demanded. Emily, my twenty year old daughter was in the room with us too. “SMACK!” came the sound of the leather strap as it slashed across my derriere that was sticking out. She was wearing dominatrix gear including, leather knee high boots, fishnet stockings, a leather corset with garter straps and a pair of kit leather gloves. The outfit left her boobs and her clean shaven peach exposed. My daughter whipped me again a few seconds later. The belt cracked on my round ass cheek causing an echo in the room.

“Owww!” I screamed in a muffled attempt with Loganne’s foot in my mouth. That made the black haired goddess laugh and I could hear my daughter Emily giggling too. I wiggled and squirmed as best that I could and as I did, I could feel the butt plug that was in my ass. It was a good size one too. All the sensations were overwhelming me.


It was odd how we got that point. My previous adventures with Taylor and Loganne happened a month before when I was alone at home. I had just kicked out Bill a couple weeks before. My seventeen year old son Jeffery was at a summer camp and Emily had been doing university summer classes out of town. When my love triangle with Taylor and Loganne fell apart, I didn’t see either of them for two weeks. Jeffery had come home but I didn’t say anything to him about my new love life. It was when I showed up at the train station to pick up Emily that they entered my life again. Loganne was skating around the train station in her skimpy derby uniform, handing out flyers for the next show. It was hardly a coincidence that she met Emily face to face and handed her a flyer, being sure to stare deeply into my daughter’s light blue eyes. Loganne had seen pictures of her in my house so she knew what she looked like. I also remembered telling her when my kids were coming home from their respective trips. I did it to ensure we had privacy for our sex-capades.

I had not thought ahead about telling my kids of my dating women, let alone women almost half my age. I was embarrassed. I had always been their conservative mom for the sake of Bill. Our divorce had been finalised so I was free to date who I wanted but breaking it all to my kids wasn’t going to be easy. Loganne seen to it that I would have to face it. In the car, coming home from the station, Emily showed me the flyer.

“Remember how you used to love that TV show about the roller derby girls? Well, when I got off the train, there was this girl skating around handing out these flyers. Apparently, we have a roller derby team right here in town. Who knew, right? Well, I was thinking. Why don’t we go out this weekend and watch them, just us girls on a mother-daughter night? Come on mom, you could use a night out,” Emily told me.

“This girl, the one handing out the flyers, what did she look like?” I asked my daughter.

A bit confused, she still answered, “She was very tall, black hair, really fit and strong looking, and she had the most piercing brown eyes. She had a tattoo that said ‘Bad Ass’ wrapped in barbed wire on her arm. She wore this black and red outfit that was really sexy. I’m not really into other girls but I gotta say, I’d totally do her.”

I knew what Loganne was doing. I swallowed and let out a deep breath. I said, “Emily honey, there is something I have to tell you.” I tried, nervously, to explain what had happened to me as best I could while leaving out the dirty details. My hands were shaking. I couldn’t look Emily in her face.

“It’s okay Mom. You have no reason to be embarrassed. You were with dad since you were nineteen. You wanted to give ladies a try. That’s cool. I’ve messed around a little with girls at school last semester but they didn’t look like that chick. Come on Mom, really? Her?” Emily asked sympathetically but with disbelief.

I felt a bit insulted. Even at forty, I was very fit from daily exercise and eating right. My five foot four, one hundred and twenty-eight pound body was tone and I had natural C cup breasts. My hair was still its natural strawberry colour. I looked great in a bikini. Two hot twenty something year olds couldn’t get enough of me. I looked over at my twenty year old baby girl. She was youthfully fit too, although she didn’t have to work so hard at it. Her bust was still a B cup which was what I had at her age before two kids. Emily had her father’s eyes, sky blue which made her very pretty. Her hair was curly and long like mine but she was darker by a few shades, more of an auburn. I huffed at my daughter, “Yes, her! Her name is Loganne, she’s twenty-five. Her derby name is Death Demona. We had a little fling but I am pretty sure it’s over now.”

My daughter giggled. I don’t think she believed me. I sighed. “You can even ask her yourself on Saturday at the derby,” I defiantly stated.

Emily’s altıparmak escort bayan face lit up. “So we’re going?” she asked like a kid hearing they were going to Disney World for the first time.

I smiled. “Ya, I guess we are,” I answered. Emily applauded with glee.

On the weekends, my son Jeffery usually went to stay with his dad. I didn’t fight that. A boy needs to keep a connection with his dad no matter how much I disliked the man. Emily had no desire to see him in person. One meeting over coffee was all the face time she had with Bill. So Saturday came and me and my baby girl went to the derby. I dressed in my cut off shorts and my home made “Missfits” tee shirt. The team was called the Missfits because they all wore non matching costumes. The extra “S” made it a cute play on words. Emily was a bit shocked to see me dressed like would be trailer trash. Outside of my business suits for work, my casual clothes usually consisted of designer label workout wear. Emily was wearing skin tight black yoga pants and a zip up pink hoodie. It really showed off her tight, perky butt which had just enough curve to it. She got her ass from me. I wondered if I was staring at it too long.

“You look cute sweetheart,” I complimented as I turned my gaze away.

“And you look…very not like my mom,” she answered back. I looked back at her with admonishment. She giggled and then tried to justify it by saying, “I don’t mean that in a bad way. You look like a sexy cougar out on the prowl for fresh meat. Or I guess it’s for pussy now. Sorry, I keep forgetting,” she teased as she burst out laughing.

I paid for our tickets, popcorn and draft beers then found us some good seats up close to the rail. I had attracted a lot of stares from the men in my previous trips to the derby alone but with my sexy daughter with me, all eyes were on us as we made our way to the seats. It was a full house at the arena. The Missfits were in first place in the league. The announcer got the crowd riled up and cheering as the ladies skated onto the track for their warm ups. We were on our feet, clapping for the girls. Right away, Loganne spotted me in the crowd and just gave me the side eye and a half grin. Taylor noticed me on the second lap and smiled. On her next lap she waved at me with a grin. Some of the other girls who knew me waved at me too. Many had been to the big pool party I hosted for them in July.

The bout lasted a couple of hours and had most of the usual drama. A few minor scraps broke out, Loganne went the penalty box twice, Taylor, or Angel Cakes as she was called was the hero and scored the winning points at the end. The crowd went wild. My daughter got right into it. She was fascinated with it all and screamed with joy at the winning jams, gasped when there was a solid hit, yelled at the refs for close calls and became a real derby fan. I told her at the end that the girls stuck around to sign autographs and such if she wanted to meet them. “Fuck ya! Let’s go,” she said enthusiastically. Emily grabbed my wrist and pulled me along with her.

We waited near the end of the queue as the girls skated along and signed autographs and high fived the fans. As the girls got to me, most greeted me by name. “Hi Alice, long time no see,” greeted Sarah, the tattoo covered, pigtailed skinny, lead jammer who went by Cheap Trixie.

“Hey Sarah, looking good out there tonight, great bout,” I complimented.

“Thanks Alice, good to see you back here again. I think you brought us good luck,” she said while she signed my daughter’s game program. She skated away as the girls came down the line. Many others greeted me by name, dispelling the doubts that my daughter had about my involvement with the athletes.

Taylor and Loganne, being the stars of the team, were always the last two to go through the line. Loganne was first and stopped skating within an inch of my face, eyes burrowing through my skull. She towered over me, six foot two with the skates on. She was so intimidating and was still in character. Her musky aroma triggered my pussy causing me to twitch as I felt my loins heat up. I was tense and nervous. I had no idea what to say. Loganne broke the ice.

She glanced over at Emily who also seemed intimidated by the Amazon. Loganne looked back at me and calmly said, “Alice, this must be your daughter, Emily. Well, what are waiting for? Introduce me.”

I shook. “Yes mistress. Emily, I would like you to meet Loganne. Loganne, this is Emily,” I muttered only then realizing that I called her mistress. Loganne was already smirking and Emily was trying to hold in a giggle. I turned red with embarrassment. Loganne was entertained by my discomfort but soon turned to my daughter.

“So, did your mom tell you about us?” she asked dryly.

“Uhm, yes. She told me that she had been seeing you,” Emily replied.

Loganne half grinned. She stared down Emily for a second. nilüfer eskort I knew that look. She could read anyone. She always knew what everyone was thinking. “You didn’t believe her, did you?” Loganne stated.

Emily looked back at me then back at Loganne, shrugged her shoulders and drew a breath. “No, I honestly didn’t,” she said.

“Why not? Look at your mother. She’s a total smoke show,” Loganne complimented. It kind of threw Emily off and she could only stammer. I was so horny that I was speechless.

Emily looked back at me and gave a once over. I wondered if it was the first time she had undressed me with her eyes. I was her mom after all. “No. I mean you’re right. I have a hot mom. I just couldn’t picture her with someone like you, I guess,” Emily managed to answer.

Loganne saw her sister skating up the line slowly. Taylor was very popular and took time with all the fans. Loganne pointed her head toward the smiling blonde angel and back to Emily. “What about her? Your mom was with her too but I bet she told you that already,” Loganne asked.

Emily replied, “You’re right, she did tell me. I didn’t really believe that either to be honest.”

Just then Taylor skated up to the three of us, all smiles. Her tall, sexy figure wrapped in tiny pink hot pants , cropped white hoodie and white leg warmers and her pretty face framed in flowing blonde hair did look angelic. She glowed. “Alice! Oh my god, I missed you,” she burst, almost in tears. I still felt bad about breaking up with her. Taylor glanced over at her older sister. She seemed to be asking permission with her eyes. Loganne, with her arms crossed, nodded. Taylor smiled and while bent down, wrapped her arms around me with a big hug. Her breasts pressed into mine. My face was in her hair. It took all my strength not to kiss her. I hugged back and took in the scent of her sweaty hair. I loved it.

“It’s good to see you sweetie. I missed you too,” I whispered to her as I stood on tip toes. I sighed as we broke our hug.

Taylor turned to Emily. “This must be your daughter. Holy shit! You are even prettier in person than in your pictures,” she fawned over my daughter. Without warning Taylor hugged her too, squishing her big boobs into my little girl’s chin.

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Emily,” she greeted the affectionate skater.

“You look so much like your mom Emily. I love this red hair,” Taylor complimented as she stroked Emily’s curls. She checked out my girl’s frame and added, “You’re super fit and you have the same sweet ass as your mom too.” That made all of us blush, except for Loganne who was also checking out Emily like a cut of meat.

Taylor let her go and stepped back, collecting her emotions. “You can call me Taylor. So, how did like tonight’s bout?” the angel asked.

Emily was fired up about it. “Oh my god. It was so much fun! You guys were awesome. I’m so jealous. I totally wished that I could be out there with you,” my daughter fan girled.

“Do you have skates?” Loganne jumped in.

Emily hesitated and shook her head. “No, not any more. I used to when I was younger but I out grew them. I just rent whenever I go to the roller rink now.”

“Are you serious about wanting to join the team?” Loganne added already knowing the answer.

Emily was a bit surprised by the question but replied, “Ya. I think I would.”

“Our spare skates would be too big on you. You’re a size seven,” Loganne stated. She didn’t ask. She just knew. Loganne looked back to the dressing room door and saw Shelby, aka Vicky Von Doom. Loganne whistled loudly. “Shelby, come here,” she demanded.

Shelby, with blonde hair and blue eyes, a regular size girl about our height skated over to us. “What is it Loganne?” she asked the captain.

“Do you still have your old pair of skates?” Loganne asked. I noticed that Shelby’s skates looked brand new. Shelby nodded. Loganne nodded and said, “Good, go get them and give them to Emily here. She’s a size seven too. Don’t worry. Alice will pay you for them.” Loganne turned to me and I nodded my approval. I didn’t even ask how much she wanted for them. I knew the girls were all tight for money working mostly waitress jobs. Loganne also knew that I was pretty loaded.

Shelby went to get the spare skates. Loganne addressed Emily saying, “Practice at home. Get a feel for the skates. Work on your cross overs, forward and back. Make sure you can change direction, front to back and back to front at high speed. Skate crouched over in a low stance,” Loganne told her as she demonstrated.

“I’m sure you will be awesome,” Taylor glowed enthusiastically. Shelby gave Emily the skates and I opened my little purse.

“Fifty is good. Right Shelby?” Loganne demanded. Shelby nodded. I handed her the cash. With that, Loganne gave Shelby and her sister a look that said leave. They skated away. “You might want to Fabreeze those really good and put in a fresh pair of boot liners. Shelby is cute as fuck but her feet stink like an old fisherman’s,” Loganne added.

Taylor skated backwards and said, “Bye guys. Nice to meet you Emily. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Bye Alice.” She blew me a little kiss and turned around. As she skated into the back, I noticed Emily staring at her too.

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