Room Service

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It was a mild day in early spring and Charlotte was on the morning shift. She had been a maid at the Fourways hotel for two weeks. It was just a stop gap while she looked for something better. In the economic climate any job was better than no job at all and it paid for her nights out and a few treats. What she really wanted was a new pair of shoes. She already had 29 pairs, so another pair would make it a nice round number. She had had her eyes on some nice Ugg boots. Her friends all had them, and she didn’t want to be the odd one out.

She had to be at work for 10, to do the rooms. She had been late once that week and didn’t want to be late again. She had got up in good time and showered and just had a coffee and a muffin. She had got her clothes out the night before to save time. She thought her outfit was a bit silly, but she had noticed the guys at the hotel were always checking her out, so it must be OK, she had concluded. It was hotel policy for the maids to wear the traditional gear. She had ironed her little black skirt and white shirt, so there were crisp creases in the sleeves and the vent at the back of her skirt was razor sharp. She normally wore hold-ups, which she knew really got the guys attention. It was that little bit of flesh, which showed at the top between her stockings and skirt. However, on this particular day, she fancied a change. She got out a brand new pair of tights from her bedroom cupboard. She looked through the little cellophane window on the box and chose a pair of sheer black. They were 10 denier, which she thought were quite sexy and felt good. She opened the flap on the box and pulled them out. She liked the feel of them. The stretchy nylon was all clingy and warm on her hands. She took them down stairs, so she could dress as she listened to the radio. She put one foot on the edge of the sofa and slipped one hose of the tights over her toes and pulled them up as far as the crease of her bum and then she gathered up the other one and stepped into the tights and pulled them up. They were a lovely snug fit. She often preferred to wear them without panties and opted to go commando on this particular day too. She pulled her tights up to her belly and twanged the elasticated waistband, with a satisfying ‘snap.’

Four miles across town Paul had finished breakfast and was idling in his room, watching daytime TV. He had had a wasted journey. The meeting with the consultants had been cancelled after the main man had pulled out with flu. However, Paul had already made the trip by the time they had called it off, but with a one hundred and sixty mile journey his boss Sakarya Escort had called to say that he might as well enjoy an expenses paid night and come back the day after. He would maybe go for a walk and then take the scenic route home. He was, truth be known quite miffed at having made a pointless journey but took it phlegmatically and thought he might as well make the most of what had effectively become a day off. He quite liked out of town hotels. They were always welcoming and gave him a feeling of novelty, without actually being on holiday. The little luxuries – simple things made him happy. The TV; the little tablets of soap and shower gel; the cinnamon biscuits in their shiny red packet. This room even had a little refrigerator. He didn’t use it, but it was sort of comforting, to know it was there. He was just thinking about going out when there was a knock on his door.


Charlotte turned the handle and stepped into Paul’s room.

‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in, cos there’s no “not to disturb” sign.’ Paul did a double take at the sight of the girl in her neat little uniform. His pulse quickened a pace.

‘It’s OK, I was just off out anyway. What time do I have to be out of here?’

‘Eleven o’clock actually, I can come back if it’s not convenient!’

‘No, carry on, I’ll just get a few things together, then I can have a quick getaway.’

Charlotte smiled and nodded and set about cleaning the room.

Paul sat at the foot of one of the twin beds and pretended to fiddle with his shoe laces, while secretly watching Charlotte as she dusted the TV screen. She moved to the glass table and squirted a little shot of gunk out of a bottle, before polishing it off to a smooth sheen. She didn’t quite know how, but she knew he was watching her. She had a sixth sense for that sort of thing. She turned round and Paul averted his gaze quickly and coughed nonchalantly. He stood up. At the same instant Charlotte dropped her duster down the back of the table. This necessitated her bending right over to reach for it. In her pelmet-like skirt this was going to give Paul a front seat view of her arse. Paul didn’t miss the opportunity and gazed at her bottom lecherously, as she stooped to pick up the duster. He almost gasped as he saw her cute butt in her black tights. He could see instantly that she wore no pants and almost as instantly began to develop a hard on. He looked at her slim thighs and that cuter than cute ass under the skirt. Charlotte retrieved her duster and looked round at Paul, who had become a little flushed. The maid was only too aware Sakarya Escort Bayan that she had given him a treat and that made her feel horny. She had never had any of the male guests make a pass at her before. She would have quite liked it, but she didn’t expect it today, since Paul appeared to be quite a gentleman. Charlotte looked at him and smiled nervously and went about her chores. Charlotte was quite a cute, innocent-looking girl, which Paul liked, but the uniform did something for her. The combination of the white blouse and black skirt. It said “Come and get it” and “Keep off!” All at the same time. Charlotte was about done and as usual asked her guest if there was anything else she could attend to.

Paul paused at her question. His mind was doing over time. He felt flustered and incredibly turned on. He held his jacket in front of his trousers to hide his erection.

‘Erm, what…what did you have in mind?’

‘I mean can I get you anything or help you with anything?’ He felt his mouth go dry and he could feel his heart beating in his chest as he dwelled on the possibilities.



Paul made his move, Instinctively. Raw sexual emotion was fuelling his thoughts now. If he stopped to consider it, the chance would be lost.

‘If you don’t mind me saying, you look hot in your uniform.’

‘Oh thank you.’

Now it was Charlotte’s turn to blush. She was enjoying the attention and could feel the tension building between herself and the guest.

‘You don’t think this skirt is a bit too short then?’ She said coyly.

‘Too short! No it’s fabulous! I love it.’

Charlotte was playing with the hem, so that she was just now and then revealing the dark band at the top of her tights. Paul noticed and it was driving him crazy. He needed to do something.

‘Actually, you can help me, with something. Erm…’

Paul’s voice was quavering with his nerves.’

‘Yes!’ Said Charlotte brightly.

‘What can you do about this?!’ Paul dropped his coat revealing the tent peg-like bulge in his trousers.

‘Oh shit!’ Charlotte’s bright green eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise at the sudden development.

‘What would you like me to do?’

‘Do you know what I really want?’

Charlotte just shook her head.

‘I want to take your tights off and bend you over the bed and fuck you.’

‘Oh wow! OK yes, I want you to do it! Do it now before I change my mind!’

Paul began to pull down the zip on his trousers to release the pressure on his penis.

‘Do you want me like this or shall Escort Sakarya I turn round?’

‘Turn round.’

Paul knelt down and unzipped her skirt, which just slipped to her ankles. He stared at her gorgeous ass, clad in the sheer black tights. He licked his lips as he put his hand between her legs and felt her puffy lips, through the hosiery. He pressed his nose into the fabric and rubbed it against her labia, sniffing hungrily at the musky scent from her sex. He gripped the top of her tights and pulled them down slowly. He got them down to mid thigh and stopped to plant a kiss on each of her ass cheeks and felt for her little quim, which was now wet and so, so hot. He rolled her tights all the way down to her ankles and Charlotte bent over the bed as Paul unbuckled his belt and quickly dropped his trouser and boxers. He placed his right hand on her back as he aimed his throbbing cock at her pussy. It went in, in one go. Charlotte let out a little squeal of delight.

‘Is that OK?’

‘Yes, fuck me, just fuck me!!!’

Paul could feel his dick instantly harden at her words. He gripped her hips and began to thrust his tool into her. Just a little bit at first, just half way. But he built up the rhythm and speed and then went deeper and deeper and faster and faster. He began to pant as Charlotte let out a series of high pitched moans.

Paul was now ball deep as he rammed his dick into her box, which was getting wetter and wetter with every spasm of her groin. He was breathing heavily through his nose, making lustful, animal noises as he gave her everything. He savoured the amazing feelings in his glans, giving vent to his feelings noisily. Charlotte responded, her moans almost becoming screams as her love box tightened around him; like her pussy was devouring his cock. He let out his own feelings of ecstasy and pulled out a second before he shot his load over her bottom in three huge squirts. Some splashed on to her white shirt and he wanked what was left onto her black tights, which were gathered at her feet, covering them with several droplets of his spunk. His cock was still throbbing with his orgasm as Charlotte turned round and beamed with a huge grin.

‘Thanks, that was fucking great!’

‘Yes, you were awesome!’

Paul went to the bathroom and cleaned her up with some tissues as best as he could and watched her dress and even after his orgasm, relished the sight of her pulling those tights on and over her delicious ass.

‘I better get going, my supervisor’s going to kill me!’

‘OK, well thanks…erm…what’s your…?



Charlotte offered her hand.

‘OK Paul. I’ll be off then.’

Paul smiled and pulled her arm towards him and gave her hug and a peck on the cheek.

‘Thanks for making my day!’

Charlotte smiled and disappeared through his door and off to clean the next room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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