Roommate Relations Ch. 07

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This story deals with betrayal, cheating, and infidelity. If that’s not what you like, then you’ll probably want to read a different story.

This is also the last chapter in the story of Ian and Jess and poor Kyle. It’s also by far the longest—the story as a whole is around 70000 words, and this chapter accounts for almost a third of that. It took a while—real life gets in the way of hobbies like this sometimes—but it was nonetheless a blast to write. As always, I want to thank the woman who pitched the idea to me and whose input played a major role in its writing.

I might want to return to these characters in the future, as a sequel or perhaps to detail one of the interludes in Ian and Jess’s relationship that hasn’t yet been explored. But for now, this is it. I hope you enjoy.


Two Weeks to Go: Kyle

With one exception, everything was perfect.

Kyle had made the dinner reservations and double-checked them. He’d bought some new clothes and a gift for Jess—a gold locket, with a small sapphire set in it, and a picture of the two of them inside. The picture was from their first date, when they’d stopped at a photo booth, and it depicted the two of them laughing with each other.

Kyle was finally getting some regular sleep now that Ian had all but moved out of the room next door. He hadn’t left entirely; Kyle could still hear him during the day and some nights. He made a point, these days, to avoid Ian whenever he could, the memory of his humiliating attempt to fight the bigger, stronger man still fresh even two months after the event in question. But word had it that Ian had gotten a place off campus, with a woman—much to everyone’s surprise, since Ian was just about the least monogamous man on campus.

At the end of the day, Kyle didn’t care much where Ian was, as long as it was somewhere else. Now that he was sleeping well, he’d managed to start pulling his grades up, and even losing a bit of weight—he had to admit he’d let himself go during the time Ian had lived next door. Finally, he thought, things were getting better.

The only disappointment was his relationship with Jess. Kyle’s abortive fight with Ian led to a long, screaming fight with Jess, and while she’d warmed back up to him somewhat since then she still seemed distant. He’d call, only to get a flat, neutral text message back half an hour later. When they went out she made excuses to end the evening early. Their only physical contact was the occasional quick kiss or chaste hug—although she’d let him go down on her once, and while he did his best she didn’t seem satisfied by his performance and she never suggested an encore.

But all that was going to change. Their third anniversary was only two weeks away, and he wanted things to go off without a hitch. He’d apologize for his past mistakes and he’d show her that he could change, and that would be what reignited the fading spark of their relationship. He was sure of it. Kyle knew he’d let himself go, but now that Ian was out of their life things couldn’t hope but improve.

Two Weeks to Go: Jess

With one exception, everything was perfect.

When Ian had suggested that she leave Kyle for him, her heart had started to race and she broke out in a cold sweat. There was no doubt that Ian was a better match for her. Physically, of course, they fit together perfectly, and the sex was beyond phenomenal. But while their relationship had started out as purely sexual it had grown into something more. She enjoyed spending time with Ian, laughing with him, talking to him. When she curled up next to him after a night of vigorous fucking, she felt safe and secure, something that had always been missing with Kyle.

Still, abandoning Kyle wasn’t an easy decision. He’d always been there for her, never been anything less than supportive. He was clueless in bed—and, frankly, in general, since he hadn’t managed to figure out that Jess was cheating on him—but the fact that he was a terrible lover didn’t invalidate the time they’d spent together or make it any less special.

Of course, while she was debating what to do, she kept fucking Ian. He’d gotten an apartment off campus, and most nights she found herself there, even when she told herself she was going to stay in or spend time with Kyle to give him a fair chance. He still had his dorm room, but he’d moved all his stuff out of the room and now it just had the school-issued furniture left behind. Ian told her he got the new place for them, and it seemed like he meant it; she had space in the closets and dressers and bathroom, all waiting for her to move in. He didn’t press her for a decision; Ian just let her know that he’d made room for her and would wait for her decision.

Two weeks before her anniversary with Kyle, she was out jogging and found herself running past Ian’s apartment. While it wasn’t her plan, she stopped and went up. As he always did, Ian greeted her happily and before five minutes had passed she’d stripped out of her running shorts and bakire porno sports bra and dragged Ian to the floor, where she rode him until they both climaxed. It was when they’d finished, while she straddled him, rocking her hips gently and enjoying the afterglow, that she made up her mind.

Leaning forward, she kissed Ian lightly on the lips and said, quietly, “I want to move in with you.” That made Ian break into a wide grin, and he rolled over, trapping her underneath him, returning the kiss with substantially more ardor, his hips pumping again as he got going on round two. Something about her announcement got Ian especially excited, and he pounded her hard, there on the floor, mere minutes after their first encounter of the day.

This decision left Jess with no choice but to break things off with Kyle, once and for all. Some part of her took a dark and vicious pleasure in abusing him, and in witnessing Ian doing the same. She felt guilty, sometimes, for the way she’d violated Kyle’s trust—but mostly what she felt was resentment, toward Kyle, for letting her waste her time with someone who was nowhere near her equal. Ian, for all his bad-boy swagger, cared for her, and he managed to show it without needing the grand displays that Kyle thought were so romantic.

That thought inspired Jess to concoct an especially evil plan. Jess knew that the way Ian had casually, almost effortlessly, dominated Kyle made her wet. Once she broke up with Kyle that might go away—so she wanted to make the breakup hurt. And what better way to do that than to reveal all, on their next special day, their anniversary?

She could imagine watching Kyle’s face fall when she told him the truth, perhaps during dessert, and the image gave her a thrill. Jess knew that it was wrong, but she didn’t care, and what’s more she knew Ian would love the idea. The sex that would follow would undoubtedly be epic, earth-shattering, and that would make it worthwhile.

Two Weeks to Go: Ian

Everything was perfect.

Jess had shown up at his new apartment, unexpectedly, looking sexy in a bright blue sports bra and matching running shorts. She was just a bit sweaty from her run, but it gave her a glow and an energy that Ian couldn’t resist. Not that she was giving him a choice—almost as soon as he’d opened the door, she lunged at him, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down for an intense kiss.

She didn’t stop there. When the kiss ended, she said, in a tone that brooked no dissent, “I want you. Now.” Then she yanked him down further and turned, catching him off-guard and off-balance and sending him to the floor. Before he had a chance to say anything, or even react, she was on top of him, straddling his waist, and stripping off her top to let her breasts bounce free. Jess wasn’t usually the aggressor in their encounters, but when she was it was always amazing and Ian was completely on board.

Jess leaned forward, dangling her full breasts in Ian’s face. Ian craned his neck up but found those tantalizing treasures just out of reach. He reached up to cup them and push them together, but she slapped his wrist. “No touching,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Her hips rocked, grinding against his washboard abs, as she continued to tease Ian, making him watch up close as her tits swayed and bounced as she moved. She shook her shoulders from side to side, making one nipple sweep across his lips for just a moment.

Ian left his hands by his sides, wanting to touch but heeding Jess’s order not to. But he couldn’t help himself completely, and when he felt the quick pass of Jess’s nipple over his lips he followed, turning his head, trying to get a taste of her. He failed, though; Jess taunted him, squeezing her own chest and letting her flesh bulge out between her fingers, holding herself a fraction of an inch away from his hungry mouth. Before long, though, her own lust made her give in. She wrapped her arms around Ian’s neck and pulled him to her, as if she wanted to smother him with her full orbs. For his part, Ian didn’t seem to mind—indeed, his positively reveled in her embrace.

Her hips rocked gently, until Jess’s need grew unbearable. She stood, just long enough to doff her running shorts and her panties, letting them fall down by her feet. Now nude save for her shoes and socks, she dropped back down on top of Ian, resting just above his knees. Deftly, she undid his fly and reached inside, where she was not surprised to find that Ian was ready for action. Extracting his cock was the work of but a moment, and when it was free Jess gripped it at the base, letting it stand straight up, protruding from Ian like a monolith. She spit on it once, twice, aiming for the head and giving it a few quick strokes to spread her saliva across his length.

“Fuck, baby,” Ian said. “What’s gotten into you?”

“This big piece of meat, in just a few seconds,” was Jess’s reply. She let go of Ian’s cock and slithered up his body, then reached behind herself and brazzers took hold of him once again. When he was properly positioned she backed up, swiftly engulfing him in her sopping pussy.

Both of them made pleased sounds in unison, Ian’s deep moan not quite drowning out Jess’s breathy sigh. “Fuck,” Jess said as she settled onto Ian’s cock, “this is what I need.” That brought a wry smile to Ian’s face. She pushed herself up, so she was once again straddling him, except this time she was impaled on his shaft. She saw his smile and gave him a triumphant grin of her own as she started to roll her hips, a steady rhythmic motion that brought out more moans from Ian and sighs from her.

Her pace was sedate, and Ian thought that she was settling in for a long, slow ride, the kind that brought them both steadily mounting pleasure, a slow-building crescendo culminating in ecstatic paroxysms. But he was mistaken; Jess was simply starting slow. After a few minutes of rocking slowly, Jess closed her eyes and arched her back, thrusting her chest out for Ian’s enjoyment. She put her palms on his chest, lightly, and curled her fingers, digging her nails ever so slightly into Ian’s chest. She enjoyed the dense, hard muscle he had there, firm and unyielding. Without opening her eyes she dug in harder, leaning forward to put some of her weight onto it. Her hips started to rise and fall faster as Ian let out a small hiss of pain.

There was no need for them to speak. Both of them knew each other’s bodies, knew how best to please their partner and themselves. Jess rocked on top of him, her hips pumping and rolling so that Ian’s thick cock made contact with all her most sensitive spots. Her fingernails made a multitude of crescent-shaped marks on his chest and shoulders. Ian didn’t mind the pain—in fact, it provided a pleasing contrast with the sensations coming from his groin, the feeling of having Jess wrapped tightly around him, her cunt squeezing and gripping him.

Jess let her head fall forward, her hair falling past her shoulders and lightly brushing against Ian’s chest. Her eyes, though, were mostly unobstructed, and she watched Ian as she kept riding him. She added a little wiggle to each stroke, shaking her hips from side to side. Ian’s hips started to rise and fall as well, meeting her as she dropped her weight down. He’d left his hands at his sides since Jess had slapped them away, but now he made another attempt, sliding up her legs to her hips. Jess made no move to stop him, but her lips curled in a knowing smile.

The regular slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the hall as they coupled, there on the hardwood floor of the entryway Ian’s apartment. Every time she felt Ian bottom out in her, she let out a small gasp, as if his cock had driven the air right out of her. Ian, for his part, grunted as his thrusts forced Jess forward, making her nails dig into him more and more. “Fuck, baby,” Jess breathed. “I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum so hard on your fat dick.”

“Do it, little lady. Cum for me.” Ian whispered back. That did it; Jess felt herself shaking, her insides quivering, as Ian’s cock touched her, opening her up for him. With a clipped cry of pleasure she fell forward, caught by Ian, who wrapped her in his arms and held her tight as she shuddered through her climax. She felt Ian erupt as well, a surge of wet heat deep inside her as his cock bucked and flexed.

She fell forward, collapsing onto Ian’s broad chest. He was still inside her, slowly softening. Ian could feel her heart beat through her chest, and he wrapped her up in his arms. They lay together, not speaking, for some time before Jess levered herself up on her arms. She rocked gently, still straddling him, his half-hard cock still deep in her. “Mmmmm,” she said. “I needed that.”

Ian smiled. “Glad to be of service, little lady.”

She leaned in close and kissed him, their lips touching only lightly. “I want to move in with you,” she murmured.

Ian beamed at her. He pulled her down and kissed her again, then rolled over, taking her with him and pinning her to the floor. She yelped, caught unawares, but her cry was cut off when he kissed her once more, deeply and passionately. Jess melted into the kiss, her yelp becoming a moan as Ian’s hips started to rise and fall. He hadn’t realized how much he’d wanted her with him until this very moment. Ian wanted to celebrate, and given their position it seemed only natural to celebrate this way.

Their second encounter of the day was every bit as vigorous as the first, if not more so. Jess wrapped her legs around Ian’s waist as he drove into her. Their lips were never far apart; Ian snatched a kiss from her every time he could. Soon they were both panting from passion and exertion, gazing into each other’s eyes as Ian’s hips rose and fell in a regular and rapid rhythm.

Once again they came together, Ian filling Jess’s pussy with another load while she screamed her pleasure for all to hear. And they kissed again as dede porno their climaxes waned, both of them grinning like loons whenever their eyes met. Ian rolled again, off to the side, and then pushed himself up to his feet. Laying on the hard floor of the hallway had left him sore, and after he helped Jess to her feet they both stretched. Ian moved behind Jess and rubbed her shoulders, his strong fingers working out some of the kinks that had formed when he was trying to fuck her into the floor.

She purred like a cat and reached back, taking hold of Ian’s cock and squeezing and stroking it gently. It started to swell in her hands once again. Ian kissed her hair and murmured, “If you don’t stop you’ll never get out of here. I’ll have to fuck you again. And after cumming twice… well, I think you’d be in for the long haul.”

Jess smiled and pushed her ass back at Ian. “Maybe that’s what I want.” Ian gave a low, rumbling growl that seemed to come from deep in his chest. “Oooh, sounds like I’m bringing out the beast in you,” she said, lightly—and then she danced away from him, sliding out of his grasp and turning to face him. He took a step toward her, and just for a moment it seemed like he was going to lunge for her, throw her down, and take her again.

But Ian got control of himself before that happened. “Tease,” he said, smiling.

“Sometimes.” She moved back toward him. Keeping her face upturned, she watched Ian as she bent at the waist and planted a deep, wet kiss on the head of his cock. “But I like to think I know how to please, too.”

“You certainly do. So… did you mean it about moving in with me?” Ian felt a surge of nervousness run through him as he asked her, as if her earlier assent had been a joke or a dream.

“Of course. When do you want me?”

“All the time.”

Jess blushed a bit at that. “You know what I meant.”

“You can move in whenever you want.”

“I guess I should break up with Kyle before I do,” Jess said. Ian shrugged in response. “I will miss fucking around behind his back.”

“Me too.”

Jess grinned at him evilly. “I guess we could make the breakup memorable.”

Ian raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I could let him down easy… or I could tell him all about what we’ve been doing. Hell, we could even show him.”

“You’re evil.” Ian smiled as he said it, and her answering smile made his heart beat a bit faster.

“I guess I am. But you don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell no. In fact, I love”—you—”it.” Where had that impulse come from, Ian thought. He’d accepted that Jess was special to him, and that he wanted her in his life. Hell, he wouldn’t have asked her to leave Kyle and move in with him. But did he truly love her? This was unfamiliar territory for Ian. He’d never spent so much time with one woman, and he’d never been so emotionally engaged and invested in a relationship.

Jess noticed the slight pause and the way he blushed, just a bit, something she’d never really seen him do before. “Everything okay, stud?” she asked.

“Of course. I was just thinking about how to make things really painful for Kyle.”

“Any ideas?”

“Isn’t he planning something for your anniversary?”

“Dinner, and he’s planning on buying me something.” She paused, lost in thought. “Ooh, it would really hurt him if I broke up with him then.” Jess grinned. “Let’s do it then. You should be there too—god, I bet he’ll start to cry.”

Ian couldn’t deny the appeal. He’d loved tormenting Kyle, but something told him it had to end. Like Jess, though, he saw no reason it shouldn’t end with one last chance to make the other man hurt. And it would give him a chance to really rub it in. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he said.

“Now who’s evil?” Jess teased.

“I guess we were made for each other. Two evil peas in a pod.” That made Jess titter. Ian, seized by a sudden compulsion, pulled her to him and kissed her.

Jess was surprised but not upset, and when the kiss ended she looked up at him and asked, “Does that mean you want to go again?”

Ian smiled. “Well, I wouldn’t say no… but I’ve got a class to get to soon. And besides, weren’t you running? Or do I give you enough of a workout?”

“Oh, definitely,” she replied, her hands wandering down his body, to his groin, where her small soft hands encircled Ian’s cock and squeezed gently. “Riding this thing is great exercise. I might want to do more tonight, if you’re free?” There was a hopeful note in her voice, and even if Ian had other plans he’d have canceled them. But as it happens he had no plans, and an evening with Jess was exactly what he wanted.

“Come by any time,” he said.

“Will do, stud. But now I’m going to get dressed and finish my run. I hope all that cum you left in me doesn’t run out and ruin my running shorts.” The way Jess just dropped that little bit of filthy talk into the conversation sent a surge of desire through Ian, but he mastered it.

“All right. I’ll be waiting for you. The door will be open, so let yourself in.”

After a bit more chat Jess finally got dressed and left. Ian made his way to the kitchen and plopped down in a chair. He was finally getting what he wanted. Jess would be his—and some part of him acknowledged that he would be hers.

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