Rose Tattoo Ch. 03

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Evan showed up ten minutes early. The front read:

Andrews and Associates Real Estate
Linda Andrews, proprietor

On the back, Linda had scrawled the address.

The house was quite nice; a large Victorian, well kept with a beautifully manicured front lawn. Evan pulled his car into the circular driveway arcing in front of the home. Lights were on throughout the house, but curtains hid the view of anything inside.

Evan sat in the front seat of his beat up, twelve-year-old Camry with his sketch book in his lap, making a few last minute touches on a couple of designs. She hadn’t mentioned if she had a specific rose in mind so he thought it best to work up a few in advance. Plus, it hadn’t escaped his thoughts that if he had a more elaborate one to suggest, he might be able to get her to go for a larger (and, therefore, more expensive) choice.

A curtain covering one of the glass panels on either side of main entrance pulled apart briefly. Linda saw Evan still in his car, so she opened the front door and waved to him, beckoning him in. Evan hopped out with his sketch book.

“Thank you for coming. Please, have a seat,” Linda said, gesturing to her sofa. He sat and placed his sketch book on the coffee table. “Would you like a drink?” Linda offered.

“Just water, Ma’am, I don’t drink,” he explained. Linda went and returned with two glasses of water. Ice cubes clinked against the glass as she set them down.

“So, did you have a specific design in mind already?” he asked. To his slight dismay, she pulled out her phone and began scrolling, searching for a photo. Turning the phone to him, he saw a very basic drawing with a stem and a couple of leaves. It was very small. All said and done, it would be less than an hour. Oh well.

“Sure, I can handle that,” he said pleasantly, hiding his disappointment. “On your shoulder, you said?”

“Yes, low enough that it won’t be seen while wearing a dress like this one. I need to maintain a professional image,” she explained.

“Ok, let me grab my gear and we’ll get started then.”

Evan went out to his car and returned with a duffle bag. Opening it on the floor, we withdrew his tattoo gun, housed in a plastic carrying case, as well as a smaller bag containing various bottles with ink. He also removed a bottle of alcohol, a baggie of cotton balls, a clean towel, and some latex gloves.

The items made their way to the coffee table; his bag emptied, Evan sat himself down on the couch. Linda sat herself down right on the side of him so that their legs were touching.

Evan flipped open his Tekirdağ Escort sketch book as Linda rested her hand on his thigh and Evan glanced down at it. Linda was looking at the sketch book and the drawing on the first page; she gave no indication that she saw him looking at her hand (though she had.)

She moved her hand further up his thigh, then back down. Evan cleared his throat; again, she gave no sign that she noticed. She was making him quite uncomfortable but he didn’t want to embarrass her by saying anything. The erection stirring in his pants was making things even worse. Evan reached over and took the glass of water from the end table.

As he took a sip, Linda made a show of leaning further forward to look at the sketchbook and, in doing so, her hand went up and rubbed against Evan’s crotch causing him to choke on the water.

He put a hand out to catch the spittle coming from his mouth to stop it from hitting the sketchbook. Linda took the opportunity to turn to him out of “concern” and, in doing so, placed her palm directly on his cock.

“Oh goodness, are you ok?” Her hand pushed hard against the firm mound below it as her other hand took the cup from him. Evan wiped his mouth on the back of his hand as he coughed again.

“Yes, Ma’am,, I’m,fine. Just swallowed the wrong way I guess.”

Linda finally removed her hand from his genitals as she turned away to put the cup on the end table on her side.

After recovering his breath, Evan returned to his sketch book. He went to reach for it before realizing his hand was wet, so he wiped it off on his pant leg to dry it. He flipped to the back and pulled out a sheet of stencil paper from the rear. He laid it out on the table and began sketching the drawing.

Linda took the sketchbook and started flipping through it while he drew. She was silent as she did so but stopped and studied each page intently.

“Do you mind if I take a couple photos of your drawings?” she inquired.

Evan was surprised by the request but merely shrugged. “Sure, feel free.”

Linda took her phone out and turned back to several pages that must have caught her fancy. She snapped pictures of them and closed the book. She then turned her attention to Evan and placed her hand on his leg again. Evan thought quickly for a way to distract her.

“I’m going to be sketching for a little bit longer. I don’t know if you want to change into something else to give me better access to your shoulder while I prepare this,” he said without looking up. Linda stood up and didn’t reply. A moment later, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan Evan heard fabric rustling. Glancing up, Linda had pulled the dress up over her head and was sliding it off.

She was wearing a plain white cotton bra that held in a pair of smallish but firm looking breasts. She had a pair of matching white panties and Evan could see her dark bush behind the fabric.

She laid the dress over the back of the sofa and then reached behind her to untie the bra.

“That won’t be nec-” was all he got out before she unclipped the undergarment and slipped it off, exposing her boobs to the twenty-something on her sofa. She showed no signs of shyness whatsoever as she tossed the bra on top of her dress.

Evan was briefly taken aback as he eyed the surprisingly pert boobs of the nearly fifty-year-old woman in front of him.

He cleared his throat uncomfortably and returned to work as she sat down on the sofa on the side of him.

Linda leaned over and opened the sketch book again. She started idly flipping through it and Evan could see the side of one breast out of the corner of his eye. She’d already looked at the whole thing, but she knew that leaning over would make it harder for him to ignore.

Evan tried to be professional and not focus on the half naked client. He slipped a disclaimer form out from the back of the sketchbook.

“Um, before we began, I need to ask if you take aspirin or are using any blood thinners that could make bleeding wor-“

Before he could finish, Linda turned to him and her stiff nipple brushed against his arm.

“No, nothing like that,” she answered calmly.

“Good!” he said, a bit too excitedly. “Good,” he repeated more calmly. He checked off a box on the form with his sketch pencil.

“Um, do you have dia-diabetes, hemophilia, or any other, uh, medical condition that may interfere with, uh” – her nipple hit his arm again – “uh, the healing of the tattoo?”

“Nope, I’m as fit as a fiddle. Healthy enough for any and all strenuous activities,” she said. She was smirking but Evan couldn’t see it as he was trying hard not to look in her direction. He checked off two more boxes.

“Ok, good. There we go, all finished. Let’s get this on you.” Evan’s speech was very rushed and his nervousness was obvious. It wasn’t like he was a stranger to nudity, but he was a stranger to someone several decades older apparently coming on to him. Was she coming on to him? Or was it just his imagination?

Linda got up and crossed the room. The kitchen area adjoined the living Escort Tekirdağ room and she dragged over two kitchen chairs. She turned one around and sat on it backward, pressing her naked bosom against the back of the chair and laying her arms over the top.

Evan, meanwhile, donned his disposable gloves and put a cotton ball to the bottle of alcohol. With the ball, he swabbed an area of Linda’s back that he was confident would remain inconspicuous. He then went and retrieved some water from the kitchen to apply the stencil.

Evan pulled the second chair up behind Linda and sat down behind her.

His eyes naturally drifted downwards and checked out her tight ass cheeks, peeking out through the edges of the panties. He chastised himself a moment later for ogling a woman the same age as his mother. Damn, she did have a nice ass, though.

“I assume you haven’t had a tattoo before,” he said a bit rhetorically. There wasn’t much skin left hidden where she could have had one. “You’ll feel a little prick, but it shouldn’t be too bad.”

“Don’t worry,” Linda said, “I have no problem handling little pricks.”

Evan blushed a deep crimson but didn’t respond. He couldn’t see Linda’s smirk from his vantage point at her back.

He setup the bottle of black ink and fired up the gun which made a whirring noise behind Linda’s head. Despite her confidence, Linda wasn’t sure what to expect and gasped a little as the gun pierced her skin. It wasn’t as bad as she had expected. A “little prick” was probably a bit of an understatement, but not terrible.

After a few minutes in, Evan spoke. “How are you holding up?”

“No problem. It stings a bit but nothing like childbirth. I’ll be fine,” she said.

Evan placed his free hand on Linda’s bare side and placed his chest against her back to get in close. The feel of the latex on her smooth skin caused goosebumps.

She could feel his warm breath on her neck as he worked. The feel of that plus the feel of his body pressed against hers helped to distract her from the continuous stinging in her shoulder blade.

Twenty minutes of silence later (save for the humming of the gun), and the rose was outlined.

“Ok, take a short break while I change inks,” Evan said.

Linda stood up and turned her half-naked body back towards Evan as she stretched her legs. Evan was again faced with her perfectly round boobs which were now directly in his line of sight. He marveled at how beautiful they were before he realized again that this woman was twice his age.

He didn’t know it, but Linda was being quite deliberate in showing off her breasts to the boy in front of her. She’d paid good money for them, after all. Well, her cheating husband had, at any rate.

The tattoo had provided the perfect excuse to get herself naked in front of him. Evan had no idea of what he was in for.

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