Round one_(1)

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“Your pretty fucked, there is no way your fit enough to fight . All that work for nothing , looks like you’ll be watching the boys from ring side.”

Fuck that I thought, if I weren’t fighting there’s no way I’d be travelling all that way to watch someone else deal out a hammering. Months of training down the drain all because of a fucked knee. My own fault really ,too much to drink as usual.
Now I’d be missing out on going up to Scotland and competing .

On the Monday morning all the lads got picked up outside the gym by Big Al , I managed to get up early that day to see the boys off and wish them luck.

“Good luck lads, smash em up.” I shouted as the mini bus pulled off down the road and out of sight.

Week in the gym on my own Great! I thought. No one to help me train or help me on the road to recovery.

“ Hi Tony, shame about your leg.”
“ Steve what you doing here , why haven’t you gone with the boys?”

Steve was Big Al’s son and one of the trainers at our gym.

“Dad told me to stay and make sure your not taking it easy and slacking off.”

“Cheeky bastard!”

Steve laughed and opened the doors to the gym.

“Get your gear on and lets get started gay boy.” joked Steve.

I was always getting a ribbing from the lads for being gay , they didn’t take me serious at first but that soon changed when I knocked a few of them out.
I walked into the changing rooms and got my things from my locker.

“Hurry up I haven’t got all day!”

I put on my shorts and shirt and walked into the gym strapping my hands as I climbed into the ring.

“ Just a few rounds , we’ll take it easy for today don’t want to over do it.” Steve instructed.

I gaziantep travesti pulled on my gloves with my teeth and walked to the centre of the ring where Steve was waiting with the pads.


I threw the combos Steve was shouting out .

“Move to the left , keep throwing the jab!”

I moved left throwing the jab , I then got up on my toes and stared dancing around throwing combinations.

“Good, good, uppercut!”

As I threw the uppercut my knee give way and I fell backwards on to the ropes and down on to my stool. “Fuck! That hurt bad!”

Steve walked over removing his mitts and getting down on one knee.
“Told you to take it easy you fairy.”

Steve put his hand on to my fucked knee and started rubbing it with both hands.

“ how’s that?”

“Not the best .” I said

His hand moved right up my leg , up my shorts and onto my cock.

“Better now?” he said with a grin on his face.

“ what you doing?”

His hand rubbed up and down my cock and it instantly got hard. He could tell that I liked it and continued . I didn’t say anything I was a bit in shock to tell you the truth because Steve never struck me as the gay type. He pulled my shorts to the side and my cock popped out. Steves eyes opened wide as he looked at my raging hard cock for the 1st time. He wrapped his hand around my shaft and slowly moved his hand up and down.

“ You like?” he said,
“ Fuck yeah, faster!”

He started wanking me off real fast then he stopped lowered his head and gave my balls a lick before sucking them into his warm mouth. He looked up at me as he sucked my balls and jerked my off, Damn this felt so good I wanted to cum then and there.

“Fuck , fuck fuck.” I managed to squeal out.

Steve removed his head from my balls and licked up my shaft. He licked up each side of my throbbing cock the circled my helmet. Pre cum was oozing out of me and he had no trouble licking it up. After a few licks he opened his mouth and I slid my dick inside. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed it down on to my hard cock. He made a slight gagging noise but continued bobbing his head up and down.

“ Yeah, that’s so good , suck it, suck my cock you dirty fuck!”

He picked up the pace and sucked on my cock like a mental patient. Damn he was good , Still gagging his spit dribbled out of the sides of his mouth and all over my hard cock and balls. He pulled away for a second and left a string of spit form his mouth to my cock, he wiped it away and leaned under the bottom rope. He reached to his bag and pulled out the vasaline.

“ I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!” he demanded.

He popped the lid of the jar and smothered my dick with a big lump of gel. He worked it all over my hard cock the lay on his back.

“Come fuck me!”

I got off my stool and got in front of Steve. I grabbed my cock and put it at his asshole. I pressed my head against his hole and slowly pushed in , inch by inch. He let out a sigh as I entered him and I didn’t want to hurt him so I let his ass adjust to my dick. I slowly moved my dick in and out but only slightly.

“Oyeah it feels so it harder”
I slowly picked up the pace but before long I was slamming in and out of his virgin ass. His cock was rock hard so while lifting one of his legs I grabbed his cock with my other hand and jerked it off as I fucked him to the point of splitting him in half.

“I’M GONNA CUM , I’M CUMING.” he panted.

I wanked him as hard as I could and he exploded all up his chest this got me ready to cum to and with two deep thrusts I pulled out and erupted on to his already cum covered body.
We both lay motionless for a while not saying a word , I got up and went to leave the ring, I bent over to exit through the middle rope but Steve grabbed me by the hips and slammed his cock right up inside me with no warning. My legs give way but the ropes supported my weight as Steve really went to work on my ass , He slammed as hard as he could while calling me all the names under the sun.

“You fucking like that you slut?, You dirty fucking bastard , you like getting fucked don’t you? , don’t you?”

I couldn’t get any words out as I tried to regain my footing but to no avail.

“You dirty fuck ! You made me do this to your cute ass, You little tease, tell me you want it!”

This was the hardest I had ever been fucked and I loved it! I loved the dirty talk and the violence in the way he fucked my tight ass.

“Yeah fuck me big boy!, cum inside me .make me cum .”

Hearing my voice sent him into a rage and he fucked me even harder, my ass pounded off his body and the sound of our bodies slapping together echoed through the gym. I grabbed my hard cock and wanked myself silly as this so called straight boy ravaged my ass.

“I’m CUMMING I’m cumming” and with this Steve shot wave after wave of hot cum up inside my ass.

He fell backwards onto the canvas bearly able to breathe , panting like a greyhound , I stood over him and finished myself off on to his face with his mouth open he swallowed the streams of cum that landed on his tongue.

“That was great! Hey where you going?”

“I’m going to cool off in the showers if your up for round two!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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