Rt 66 – A New Road Adventure Pt. 06

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With Liza and Dory leaving it hit Vicki hard, she went in the room and laid down. Even in this state she was naked. I sat in the lounge chair and started to right in my journal. It’s been a few days since I have written about anything. I spent a few hours catching up and during this time Vicki still laid sleeping.

She is such a beautiful woman and I hated seeing her like this, so I undressed and laid down next to her, She pulled my arm over her and place my hand on her breast.

We woke up knowing we needed to leave soon. Vicki rolled on top of me and started to pull me into her. I couldn’t say no. We made love fast, then showered. packed the car and headed off to Lake Lou Yaeger.

It was a long ride and Vicki once again laid down and went to sleep. She once again removed her panties and laid so I could see her pussy and butt. This time I ignored her for a while, too much going on. When I finally looked over, she had turned and was spread wide on her back. The view was so painful I found a turn off.

I bent down and I started to lick her lips, she was secreting already, maybe she was dreaming. As I made more circles around her vagina, she started to moan and her hands took my head and pulled closer. She was awake now and she wanted to cum. I was deep inside and sucking her inner lips, then started to suck on her clit. She was there and covered herself as she came. She smiled and turned around and went back to sleep. I watched her juices roll down her leg, so I scooped up what I could and enjoyed her taste.

It was a long ride and I was tired already and hungry, so the next place I saw I stopped. I woke up Vicki before pulling in so she could fix herself up. She smiled as she pulled up her panties real slow. Then just as she got to her pussy, she pulled them up fast stopping me from seeing her.

“I’m hungry for a big burger and a beer. Maybe some Apple Pie.”

“That sounds familiar.” I pull in and get out, walk to her door, and helped her out, she was being a tease by keeping her legs shut.

We walk in and she looked at me with fear, it was a bikers bar. I guess I was tired.

No one bothered us and a lady came over and showed us a table.

“Don’t let them worry you dear, with the size of your man here they will think twice.”

We ordered beer and burgers. Sat enjoying the beer when this guy walks over.

“I would like to dance with your daughter.”

“When we have one, I’ll remember that.”

“You’re married to this tiny babe.”

“Wow and they say big brutes like you are dumb.”

“Did you just call me dumb?”

“I have to say I’m sorry, obviously you know what I’m talking about so you’re not dumb.”

I reach into my pocket; I pull out my badge. “I am required by law to show you I am a cop. It is up to you how it goes from here.”

“I guess I should walk away shaking in my boots.”

“Or just walk away, We just want to enjoy this nice cold beer and this delicious burger in peace, now please go.”

Next thing we hear is him hitting the floor. The waitress knocked him cold and the place was in an uproar of laughter.

Couple guys came over and told the waitress our meal was on them and anything else needed.

Waitress, “Marshall, I don’t think our friend here realizes this is a police bikers group here today.”

I laughed as the guy woke up in cuffs. He was escorted out by patrol officers in a car. Then I hear a voice I haven’t heard in ages.

“Good thing the waitress took care of him, this small coward couldn’t handle an arm-wrestling match with a city cop.”

I jumped up and looked. “You’re one old useless biker cop. And I remember you never could catch anyone because your big feet always got stuck.” The cops laughed. “You do know the old Chief, don’t you?”

“Hey Smitty think you get your fat ass over here and arm wrestle a true cop.”

Smitty stood up and Vicki hid behind me. I turned “don’t worry he is my old partner.”

He stood six foot nine inches, walked toward me looked down.

“You’re a scum bag.” Then he bear hugs me.

Vicki reaches between us and nuts him, bringing us both to the ground.

“What the hell was that for?”

“I didn’t do it.” I was laughing so hard as I helped him up.

Vicki was so afraid.

“That small delicious looking women just decked me? I hear anyone talk about this I’ll crush you.”

“Little lady, you want to join our group we could use some real courage in this useless mob.” He reached out his hand to Vicki. She came out from behind me.

“My lord I feel a lot better, this isn’t a church mouse that decked me.”

The cops all whistled when they saw Vicki, she did a bow and the calls went louder.

George, “OK, knock it off, her head is big enough.”

“That’s not all Marshall.” Laughter. Smitty sat down with us,

“How have you been partner, and how on earth did you end up with a women this gorgeous?”

Vicki reached up and kissed his cheek, “First I’m sorry I kicked you, second thank you for the nice words.”

“Little lady I would have much Beşevler Rus Escort more enjoyed hugging you than this old fart.”

Vicki told him to stand up. “Partner you got a snake in your corner.” I stood up and looked down, I could see her breast as she leaned in and hugged me. Dam cock was right at her chest and I know she felt it.

“Thanks for the hug, Smitty.”

“My pleasure little lady.”

“Smitty, why are you blushing?”

“Shut up partner or I will knock you out.

I put my arm up for him to wrestle, He put his up. The place was on fire with laughter, his hand was a length above mine.

Vicki, “I see that’s not the only thing big on you.”

I laugh as Smitty looked at her.

“Smitty meet Vicki, she has never been one to step back from saying what is on her mind, you must have impressed her.”

“He impressed me alright.”

Smitty just sat there, no idea what to say.

Smitty, “Where are you two heading?

Vicki, ” Lake Lou Yaeger”

Smitty, “That’s a nice place, we are heading that way we will escort you.”

George, “Not a good idea, we always get into trouble when we’re together.”

He laughed and we said cheers to the good old days.

They paid the bill and Smitty had someone ride his bike, he wanted to catch up with me. Vicki was happy she wanted his cock.

We rode with fifty some motorcycles in front of us. We laughed at old stories and Vicki jumped up front giving Smitty a view he would never forget, she once again removed her panties.

“Hope you don’t mind me sitting between you brutes.”

Smitty, “Little lady you can sit wherever you want.”

Vicki looked at me, and I smiled. She climb up on his lap with her head over his shoulder.

“Yes, this is comfy.”

Smitty looked at me. “Smitty, Vicki is not my wife, we met several weeks ago and I’m dropping her off with her brother.”

Vicki was rubbing his cock as we talked and kissing him behind the ears.

“My lord little lady you’re about to feel an explosion you keep riding me like that.”

“May I then?” She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, it was stiff as a board and she started to suck on it.”

He was in heaven, “George you ok with this?”

“Smitty, I don’t stop her from what she wants to do, she seems to like you.”

Vicki lifted her dress and released her breast. Then she was able to bend back enough for Smitty to enter her. It was awkward but she was driving home on him and he exploded. He filled her so much she was shaking as she came. Fortunately, it was a small one. She readjusted and cleaned up his cum, then sat on the floor with his cock in her mouth.

“I have never in my years’ experience anything like that, young lady you are not just beautiful you’re wild.”

Vicki, “Can you stay and have dinner with us?”

Smitty laughed and held her hand, “Sweet Vicki, I would be happy to, the group is easy to catch up to.”

George, “You know she doesn’t mean just dinner.”

Smitty, “I must be getting old, you trying to ride this old man to the grave?”

Vicki, “If you are planning on going there, I’ll jump off before you make it.”

We all laughed as Smitty held her in his arm and Vicki held my hand.

We caught up to Smitty’s bike, he waved him to the side. We pulled up next to him.

“Tell the guys I’ll catch up; the Marshall and I have years of catching to do.”

“You want me to take the young lady with us for the night?” He smiled and took off.

“That sounded like fun.”

Smitty laughed and looked at Vicki. “Young lady you may be wild but those guys would all want a piece of you, and there are fifty men and who knows how many woman.”

Vicki looked at George, he laughed. “You have to think that out yourself.”

Smitty, “You aren’t serious?”

Vicki, “I’ve done it before.”

Smitty looked at George. “They may be old cops but they would eat this hot babe for dinner.”


George looked at Smitty. “I think that sounds like a dare, don’t you Smitty.”

Smitty looked at Vicki, then at George. “I would love to have sex with you, but I fear what the guys would do to you.”

“Then it’s settled, you two go party and I’ll take a ride on fifty cops.”

“If that, is your wish I would love another blow job before we let you go.” Vicki got back in front of him and started sucking on him. He reached down and held her breast.

“My lord Vicki, you only been sucking on me a few minutes and I am going to blow already.”

Smitty came and this time Vicki was ready and took in all his cum. He was breathing hard picked her up and held her tight. “Thank you, Vicki, I promise you will not be hurt, they would regret it right away. If you want to enjoy the bike ride, wear a thong, the wire will drive you nuts.”

“George, are you sure you are ok with this, please be honest?”

“I have always been honest with you, Smitty made a promise, and I trusted him with my life for years. I know you will enjoy Cebeci Rus Escort yourself and they have no idea of your sexual desires or abilities. So, enjoy.”


Vicki and I laughed. “I’ll show them fast.”

We caught up with Smitty’s bike again, the guy laughed and pulled over. He stepped off as Smitty stepped out.

“She is wild and I promise if she is hurt or forced into anything she says no to., I will blow up every bike.”

“Smitty she will be treated as she wishes and only as she wishes, we were cops she can trust us. George got out and showed his badge. The guy looked, “You have my word, and you trust me with your bike!”

“Good point,” Vicki got out, kissed George. He told her call I’ll be right there.

She jumped on the bike and smiled They drove away and Vicki held on to the driver by his nuts. She was in heaven.

I looked at Smitty and we laughed, let’s get some chow and then if I remember correctly, you owe me a game of bowling.”

“I haven’t bowled in years; a blind man could beat me.”

“We’re even then, you think they make a ball these fingers will fit in?”

I laughed thinking of a time a hooker was dared to try to put his finger up her pussy. She walked over looked at his hands and walked away fast.

“Let’s go over to the lanes, I bet they have burgers.”

“You’re on, If I win you pay for the rooms tonight.”

I called a hotel and they had two rooms; I book them under Smitty’s name. We found balls and I couldn’t stop laughing, not one ball in the place fit him.

“I’m not worried, I’ll use this one here and it fits in my hand, I’ll beat you any way.”

We got shoes and paid for the bowling, the guy at the register said he could cut him a ball for a few bucks. “Son, when I’m done here, I’ll never be allowed here again.”

The man had no idea what to say, Smitty hands are good old farmers hands. He became a cop when the local sheriff begged him to go part time.

We flipped a coin and Smitty won, so he went first. The ball was almost halfway down the land when it landed, every pin fell before the ball reached them.

“I say do over; you never touched the pins.”

“I never will either, you are going to lose.”

The game ended 285 to 297. I tripped Smitty on the last ball.

After two games we were tide. People were everywhere around us, buying us drinks and food. Smitty was eyeing a young woman in her thirty’s I would guess.

She came over and gave him a kiss for good luck.

He looked at her. “Hun you sit right there if you wish, you are better luck than a kiss.” She stood maybe 5 ‘5. Not bad for Smitty. She came to me and told me her sister would like to sit with me.

“If she wishes to, tell her I’d be happy to have some luck near me.”

Middle of the third game Smitty was 5 pins ahead. We made another bet and handed the money to the girls. They looked at us as if we were crazy. They had two thousand in their little hands.

Ninth frame, 270 me and 270 Smitty. “He asked the girl her name.

“I’m Rebecca, I looked at the other, I’m Betsy.”

I looked at her and smiled. “Betsey how about a kiss right here for this last frame.” She stood up and put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips. “Is that better?”

“That’s three strikes for sure.” She smiled and sat down. I took a moment to look them over while they talked, both brunets, long hair. Both had brown eyes. Probably A or B cup, nice asses, beautiful smiles, and twins.

Smitty returned and he reaches down and kisses Rebecca.

“Yup this game is over for you.”

Bowls two strikes with his eyes closed.

Everyone laughed, Smitty took a bow.” He lined up and as he went to throw the ball but he dropped it. The place burst into an uproar, he turned and looked at me. What did you do to my ball?

“You through mine you drunk ass.”

Smitty turn around fast, my ball was heading straight to the center, and sure enough he hit the head pin leaving the 5/7 split, but the five fell just in time. He walked away like a proud peacock.

I could hear bets going down on my balls. Betsy asked if she could bet for me.

“I don’t see why not, how much five hundred enough?

She looked at me and said, “I was thinking ten dollars.” Which was all she had in her hand. I handed her and the other girl five hundred, they both looked at me wide eyed, then made their bets.

Betsy came over to me, whispered thank you and kissed my cheek, Rebecca the same.

I walked up to Smitty, “ready to lose old man.”

“Just don’t gutter Marshall, I know you are just as drunk.”

I laughed I had one beer; the girls drank all mine for me.

First ball perfect in the pocket. Second ball perfect in the pocket.

I lined up for the third, turned and told Smitty to get away. He laughed and sat down, Rebecca asked if she could sit on his lap.

“Young lady that may not be a wise idea,”

She looked down and smiled. She sat on my lap.

“I think it was Kolej Rus Escort a wonderful idea.” As she adjusted her ass around my cock. She turned kissed my cheek. I smiled as I put my hands around her, and she put hers on mine.

I looked at Betsy, she reminded me of Vicki in some ways, she was nervous. I walk to her. “Don’t worry about the money, just have fun.”

She smiled, “I’m not worried about the money. I just don’t want you to lose.” I laughed and she kissed me.

I lined up for my throw, it was so quite. I aimed, and I tossed it, it looked great.

Part 2 Back to Vicki.


She asked the guy driving his name, “Names Steve.”

“Nice to meet you Steve, may I ask you to find a place I could use the bathroom and get something to eat?”

“Easy, hold on sharp turn.” He did a U-turn and to have fun he hit the rumble strips.

Vicki laughed, “I would not do that if I were you. Or you may wish you never heard of me.”

Steve looked in the mirror and laughed, as he continued.

Vicki, “You asked for it, she pulled up her dress. And she felt each strip on her clit, it felt so wonderful to her, she knew she would blow out a massive squirt. She laughed again. “Are you ready Steve?”

“Ready for what.” As he smiled thinking he had her.

She giggled and started to shack he pulled over thinking something was wrong, jumped off and held her, he noticed she was leaning backward and her dress was pulled up. He had no idea she had no panties on and he loved what he was seeing until she let lose. She sprayed out so hard it covered the front of his bike. He was so excited, he looked at her and kissed her.

“I have always wondered what it would be like to make love to a squirter, but never one so beautiful. How about we forget the guys and you and I have some fun.”

“I have to poop and eat first. Then I would love to have that think steak in me.”

As soon as I was ok, he whipped down Smitty’s bike. “He would kill me if he saw this on his bike.”

We both laughed as he parked at the diner, he lifted me off and told me he would order drinks, I would like a beer please. She ran in and straight to the ladies room.

He ordered two draft beers and enjoyed his until Vicki came out 20 minutes later.

“I am so sorry for that, but I had to go and those stripes made it worse, or better. She laughed as she did a long curve of her leg so I could see her pussy.

We tapped glasses.” Here’s to a different adventure.”

I listened to Steve and his adventures as a policeman and as a biker, they go where they can help people the most. Especially cops.

“Is it proper to call you guys and gals cops?

“It sure is, very proud of it.”

“How long were you a cop. You’re still young?”

“I was active five years; my partner and I were attacked while serving papers. It was a set up. I was shot five times, my partner once in the head.”

Vicki started to cry, “I’m sorry to hear that. Since I met George, I have such a larger respect for police.” Our food arrived and the waitress handed me a few extra napkins because she saw me crying. She asked if I was ok.

“Oh, I’m okay, thank you. Steve was just telling me a sad story.”

“Ok can I see the bullet holes?”

“Yes, when dinner is over.” He smiled and told him I couldn’t wait.

“I have a very personal question and you don’t have to answer if you wish not to.”

“I’m easy to ask questions, go for it.”

“Sitting here with you now I feel I’m just sitting with a above normal women who is very beautiful and sexy. But you seem to have a nympho side to you? Have you always been that way?”

I had just bit into my burger when he asked, I smiled and chewed.

Steve, “I’m sorry inappropriate question.”

I finished chewing took a sip of beer, asked for another.

“Steve no one has asked me that question since I started this trip with George, thank you.”

My beer arrived so I waited.

“When George found me, he took me in with the promise I would be safe with him, after two hours of talking I was feeling very safe. The first night I asked the maid to let me in his room, I was naked. She smiled and let me in. I asked him if I could sleep with him with no sex. He never touched me. I left early packed and been with him since, then we met the two girls and they were nymphos, they taught me so much I fell for George and we had sex day and night. I couldn’t get enough of him. He is such an honest loving man. He let me come out of my shell and I found I enjoy sex with nice men. You look like a nice man. If not, I know George will beat you to death.”

I smiled as he looked at me. “You know that was a joke, right?”

“First you have nothing to worry about, I am very gentle and I love making the woman I’m with just as happy or happier than me.” The only time I’ve hit a woman was on duty, and she made me do it after I asked her four times to stop kicking me. The fourth time she kicked my balls, so I knocked her out. Female cops took over from there as I was taken to the hospital. And don’t laugh, she had pointed shoes and she put a deep whole in my groin, I had 10 stiches put in. And I enjoyed the nurse that evening.”

“How could you enjoy anyone, oh never mind.”

“Are you going to go show me your bullet wounds?”

“We have a room already and I would love for you to see them.”

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