Rub , Tug Ch. 02

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“How was work?” Dad said when I came in the door after midnight.

I had told him I had got a job at a coffee shop, not mentioning the steam bath.

“It was great, I liked it!” I answered him.

I was actually feeling a bit ill having swallowed so much cum. I went straight upstairs and soaked in a warm bath, masturbating thinking about the big black cock that had just been in my mouth. I slept like a baby that night.

Friday night Butch had two girls working. The other girl was Beverley, a late twenties blonde skank with 34A tits, no real competition for me.

The place was booming, there were already half a dozen guys in the steam room. I quickly stripped down to my thong and put on a robe.

“Any one need anything?” I brazenly asked entering the steam room.

The place was wall-to-wall cocks, all sizes and ages.

“I wouldn’t mind a fuck!” a dark hair guys said.

Well at least he wasn’t beating around the bush. The others waited for my response.

“Cost you a hundred?” I offered.

He quickly accepted my offer and I started to lead him to a massage room.

“No, right here!” he said.

He wanted to fuck me in front of everybody? I hesitated.

“A hundred and fifty?” he offered.

I untied my robe and slipped it off. Stepping out of my thong I lay on my back on one of the wooden benches with a guy just a few feet away. Dark hair guy came over to where I lay with his Trabzon Escort cock in his hand stroking it.

Callously he mounted me, driving his hard on deep into my young pussy.

Strangely his cock felt good, my hips rose up to meet him.

“So you like it bitch!” he snarled as my legs wrapped around him.

“Fuck me bastard, cum in my hole for my boyfriend!” I taunted him.

I was naive, I was letting him fuck me bare cock and I wasn’t even on the pill. The others watched fascinated as I squirmed under the stranger, my young body bucking as his cock pounded me.

“I’m going to blow my load into you bitch!” he moaned as I felt him stiffen.

“Give it to me.” I dared.

I closed my eyes and came as I felt his warm sperm flooding my womb.

“Anybody else?” I asked as he pulled his dripping cock out of me.

“I’ll give you fifty?” a young guy wearing a wedding band offered.

“C’mon then” I answered.

The second guy slid into me easily. My pussy was soaked with the first guy’s cum and my juices. I wrapped my legs around him and drew him into my swamp.

It was a bit embarrassing, his cock made sucking noises as it went in and out of my fuck hole. The audience watched as I uninhibitedly fucked the second guy.

Two guys had fucked me and I hadn’t come yet.

“Anybody else?” I asked as the young guy got off me.

“I want you in a private room.” A geeky Trabzon Escort Bayan looking guy said.

Not bothering to put on my robe I led him naked to the massage room.

When we were in the room I closed the door and asked him what I could do for him?

“I want to eat you!” he answered.

Two guys had just cum in me and their cum was running down my legs. “Let me clean up first.” I said.

“No, I want you the way you are!” he said.

What the fuck, he wanted to eat me with a pussy full of other guys’ cum?

“O.K.” I said climbing onto the table.

I opened my legs wide and he went down on me.

It was great; his tongue was in me licking every drop of juice he could find. For about five minutes his tongue ravished my cunt swirling around and teasing my clit.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” I cried.

The orgasm snuck up on me, pouncing on me as the tongue tantalized my engorged clitoris.

“Oh yes, yes!” I whimpered as my orgasm fed more juices to the geek’s hungry mouth.

I did not have the heart to charge the young pussy eater for using my cunt. Instead I just kissed him and thanked him for his services. I could taste sperm on his lips.

I was cooking; two more blow jobs and another hundred in my pocket. I guess Beverley was giving a few hand jobs and BJs but I was getting constantly filled with man juice. One guy even gives me a hundred to fuck me Escort Trabzon in the ass. It was the first time I ever had it anally but by bum soon loosened up and I took him like a trooper.

I was having a terrific night before Barry Lillicrop came in.

Lillicrop was a guy who worked with my father. He was my father’s age and had a daughter about the same age as me. Lillicrop had helped my father building his garage and knew me.

I walked into the steam room and there he was sitting bare ass naked.

“Hey Michelle!” he said seeing me.

I could feel my face turning red, “Hi Mr. Lillicrop.” I sheepishly answered.

“Are you working here now?” he foolishly asked as if I just hung out in men’s steam rooms.

“Yes.” I was regaining my composure.

Of course he booked me for a “massage”.

Once in the massage room I removed my robe, as was the custom.

“Nice tits!” he said grabbing the left one.

I wondered how he’d feel about some old guy grabbing his daughter’s tit?

Lillicrop climbed on the table and lay on his back, his erection pointing at the ceiling.

“I want you to ride me!” he said.

“How much will you pay me?” I asked hoping at least to make a few more bucks.

“Nothing! It is going to be a freebee so I don’t tell your father you’re a whore.” He told me.

Great! I was going to have to fuck this old bastard to keep him quiet.

It wasn’t hard to make Lillicrop come. I just bounced on him like a cowgirl riding a bronco; it was probably the most action he had seen in years.

After taking Lillicrop’s load into my cum-vault I returned to the steam room. It was only eleven o’clock and there were still several guys waiting.

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