Ruth’s Lust

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my time as been taken help with so many projects that i just don’t have the time to write, so this story is probale my last, i hope the readers enjoy it. i’ll post the chapters that i have finished as soon as possible. thanks for all the feedback, both good and bad, the readers are great.


Ruth love cock, she love the taste of cum, she love kinky forbidden sex, that need had caused her marriage to fail. Ruth had decide a long time ago that she wanted to have sex with her son, the ideal of have his cock in her was her favorite fantasy, and had giving her countless orgasms as she played with herself. But a mother doesn’t go in her son’s room and say “Let’s fuck.” so Ruth figured that her fantasy would remain a fantasy. But lately since Richard had been spending more time with Johnny and Julie, his cousins. Ruth could tell that her son was looking at her different, less as a mother and more as a woman.

Ruth stretched out her tanned body on the huge towel to protect herself from the hot sand beneath her. She laid on her stomach resting her face on her crossed arms, her eyes hidden behind dark glasses, enjoying light breeze coming off the ocean.

Sitting as her side, her son Richard was pouring tanning oil onto her back, rubbing it into her back. At first he complained the he should be İstanbul Escort off having fun with Johnny and Julie, but the more skin that Ruth relieved the less Richard complained. His hands felt good on her skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to her skimpy bikini bottom. she had untied her halter, not wanting to have a tell-tale bikini lines. It was bad enough she had to wear the bottom, as it was.

Ruth would have preferred to have been nude, completely naked to the rays of the sun, but she certainly couldn’t strip off on the public beach. She didn’t like the public beach much, but it was all she had.

She murmured softly as Richard’s hands kept up their movements, massaging her flesh gently, almost too lightly. To look at her, one would have thought she was dozing as her son rubbed the oil into her back, but Ruth was wide awake, her eyes open behind the dark sunglasses. she was watching the people, her eyes taking in the variety of bodies, the shapes and forms.

“Your skin is so soft, Mom.” she heard Richard say softly.

“Mmmm,” she replied lazily.

“I love the feel of your skin,” he said as he worked his hands up and down her back.

She purred with excitement, gazing at the other young men near by, her eyes fixed upon the enticing Escort Bayan bulge of his swimsuit. She wondered how big the guy’s cock was, how big his balls were, if they were full, loaded. Ruth liked full balls, she especially liked what they contained.

Sex for her had really begun when she was eighteen, even though she had lost her virginity almost two year earlier to her boyfriend. She had been truly introduced to her love of cock by her older brother whom she had caught jacking off in his room one afternoon as he watched a porno. Fascinated, she had watched him, but felt no embarrassment when he found her watching him. Her brother had continued to jack his prick, sliding his fist up and down, knowing she was watching. When he came, it took Ruth’s breath away. It had excited her very much, watching his cum spurt high into the air, spattering back onto his chest and stomach.

The very next day, her brother invited into his room and jacked off as she stood watching. Again, she felt a hot tingle between her thighs when he came. After that, she watched her brother, Michael jack off all the time, even exposing herself to him, at his request as he jerk-off.

As the weeks went by, Ruth and her big brother continue to fondle themselves, watching each other and watching pornos together, Eskort and it was during one of these times when she experienced her first orgasm. She had been sitting on the edge of his bed with him as he pumping his cock, watching her as she played with herself sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy. When her brother came, his hot cum splashed onto her thighs, and the feel of his cum on her skin had make her juicy cunt convulse with orgasm for the first time.

They soon began to make each other come, with her brother playing with her hot pussy while she ran her hand up and down his hard, throbbing cock. When her brother came, his cum would run over her hand and wrist, and her hot pussy would grab and spasm around her brother fingers buried deep in her body. Ruth never knew where Michael got the pornos but she love watching this women getting hot cum shot on their bodies and on their faces and in their mouths. that how she learn she loved the taste of cum .

There were times that when he was close to cumming she’d leaned over and take his cock in her mouth. Other times she would sit on the floor, leaning back with her face tilted, mouth open, and let her big brother jack off into her mouth. Sometimes his aim wasn’t very good, and her face would be drenched with his milky cum, but she never minded at all. The hot, sweet taste of his cum sent her into ecstasy.

Her brother jacked off into her mouth but he draw the line at actual fuck her, up to the very day he got married. But she had never forgotten the pleasure her brother had given her.

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