Sadie and Shannon: The Twins

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Everything that happens in this story did actually happen, mostly exactly how it happened in real life. The names in this story have of course been changed to protect their privacy but other than that everything is legitimate. Happy reading and don’t forget to rate and comment.

Shannon and Sadie are a set of twins that are in my class. These girls are some of the sluttiest girls in the entire state. I bet they have given as many blowjobs as there are men in my class. Shannon and Sadie were nearly identical in every way, except for the birthmark on Shannon’s cheek that was the basic landmark for telling the two apart. Other than that you had a 50-50 shot at guessing correctly. They were fairly short with B cup boobs that weren’t very big but they sure did know how to accentuate them. They had the prettiest faces in the school with dirty blonde hair.

I had known Shannon and Sadie since kindergarten. We had both attended Catholic school our entire lives and had been in the same school every year too. All throughout grade school they actually were sweet, innocent girls that actually were made fun of sometime for being “prude.” I guess there was a lot of pressure on girls to throw themselves at boys but they were fairly conservative. My only guess is that over summer break between 8th grade and freshman year they made the conscious decision to change their way of life. I was always friends with them and we frequently hung out but I didn’t even notice a change until later but I’m jumping ahead of myself in the story.

A few weeks to maybe a month into freshman year I started dating Sadie. Nothing out of the ordinary, just normal movie dates, dinners, and make out sessions when we could find some privacy. We actually could easily get away from our parents because I had an older brother that could drive so he could take us somewhere private and pick us up later. This was useful once our relationship got more serious but again I’m jumping ahead. Pretty quickly into the relationship the topic of sex came up in conversation. We both told each other we were virgins and that we wanted each other. Apparently she and her sister were on the pill because their mom was afraid of teen pregnancies and all that shit. I asked her if she was ready and she presented me with two options. One: we had sex right then and there or two: I waited exactly a week and then could have and extra-special surprise. I didn’t know how to react. When I said that we should have sex I was half-joking because I thought she would be prude about it like she was throughout grade school. I had the choice between sex right now or delayed gratification, which sounded like it could be extra fun. I had made up my mind. “I’ll take the surprise.” I said hoping that my dick could forgive me for not getting it off right then and there. Turns out I made one of the greatest decisions of my life.

The whole week leading up to that Saturday was literally torture. Every time I saw Sadie or even Shannon for that matter all I could think about was the weekend. On Thursday I talked to Sadie and asked her if she could just give me a hint about what we would be doing. All she said was her parents would be out of town and to see if I could trick my mom into thinking I was staying at a friend’s overnight. Holy Shit! This made me even hornier and I could barely get through the day without having a boner. God it was embarrassing but I didn’t really Anadolu Yakası Escort care. Friday night I finally asked my mom if I could stay at my friend Tom’s house. she did her usual mom routine, asking when I would leave, be back, blah blah blah. I assured her I would be home by a reasonable time on Sunday and that Steven, my brother, would drive me there and back. She said alright and my heart did a figurative back flip in my chest I was so excited. The next day I gathered my things to leave for Sadie’s. I got in the car and told my brother not to take me to Tom’s but to Sadie’s instead. He gave me one of those proud older brother looks and took me straight to her house.

I got out of the car and walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Sadie opened the door and told me to come in. I looked back at Steven and he gave me a wink and a thumbs-up and drove off. Sadie and I were finally alone. “Shannon is at her friend’s house for the night so the house all ours,” she said with a grin on her face. My eyes lit up and we walked into her house and immediately began making out. She pulled away and told me my surprise was actually in the basement so we walked down stairs and I saw a blindfold sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. I smiled and asked if it was for me. She said, “Of course. Just take a seat and put the blindfold on.” I sat down, tied the blindfold around my head and prepared for whatever was coming next. I felt Sadie’s lips meet mine and we began kissing. I reached up to cup her breast but she playfully slapped my hand away and said, “Not yet. We’ll get to that in a second.” She kissed me again and began to kiss my neck. I then heard her start to unbuckle my jeans and slipped them off. My dick began to rise almost instantly. She came back up and kissed me again while slowly beginning to stroke my cock through my boxers. For being a virgin she seemed to know what she was doing. She then took of my boxers and I heard a gasp/giddy laugh at my dick which is fairly large but not obnoxious. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and slowly jerked up and down while still kissing me.

After a minute of making out, she brought her head back and I heard what sounded like her lifting her tank top off. She then grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. I began cupping them and slowly massaging them, trying to emulate the countless pornos I had seen in my life. I ran my hands up and down her stomach, just feeling her soft skin against my hands. She took a step back and then I felt something warm and wet on my cock, She started giving me head and it felt so amazing I couldn’t even say anything. I just sat there occasionally uttering a moan to signify the pleasure I was receiving. Then all of a sudden I heard Sadie tell me to take off the blindfold. I untied the knot and pulled off the piece of cloth. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Sadie AND Shannon both kneeling in front of me topless, each taking turns sucking me off. Both girls smiled and Sadie said, “So, what do you think?” I literally just sat there, speechless. Sadie said, “I’ll take that as a keep going.” But instead of them both now switching off, they both started sucking at the same time. Sadie focused on the head while Shannon ran her tongue up and down the shaft, making sure no square centimeter of skin went un-satisfied. It took very little time before I felt like a fucking cannon of sperm would come Bostancı Escort flying out of my cock. I muttered, “I’m going to cum.” Sadie and Shannon exchanged a glance and then took their mouths of my dick and sat there with their mouths open as Sadie kept jerking my dick. Cum started to fly out all over their faces and their mouths. After I finished my entire load, both twins swallowed their cum and smiled. I was in heaven.

“We’re going to go clean up real fast and then we’ll continue on with your special night.” exclaimed Sadie as both girls walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I leaned back on the couch and waited in anticipation as I heard some giggles coming from the bathroom. After about a minute and a half, both Sadie and Shannon came back out still topless while wearing their matching green panties. I kept focusing on their tits which were so perfect in almost every way. They were a little small but that’s the way I like them and they were perky with cute little areolas and hard nipples. “So, what’s next?” I asked, genuinely excited to hear their answer. “That’s actually part of the surprise. Shannon and I have been talking and we both are comfortable with this. We want to be your sex slaves for the night. Almost anything goes just please don’t do anything that will be too painful,” said Sadie. My brain started working like crazy. What did I want them to do? I looked around the room for inspiration and saw a digital camera sitting on the entertainment center. I walked over and picked it up. The memory card was blank. “Looks like you guys were prepared,” I said, knowing they set this up for me to photograph them doing the sexiest, naughtiest things I could imagine. “As part of this special night, I bought you a memory card to ‘document’ the night properly. The only condition is that you have to swear to never show another person these pictures.” I never in a million years would betray Sadie’s trust like that so that wasn’t a problem. After I figured out how to work the camera, the fun began.

I asked them both, “So is there anything that you girls don’t feel comfortable with?” Sadie replied, “Nope. Like I said we talked and we are open to anything.” She put an awful lot of emphasis on the anything part. I told them just to start posing any way they wanted. They both started doing sexy model poses while I almost continuously kept snapping pictures of them. They were thrusting their boobs forward, sticking their hands into their panties suggestively, and were doing every sexy pose imaginable. After about two dozen of these pictures, Sadie and Shannon looked at each other and kind of nodded. Then, they both leaned in and started to kiss each other passionately. I stopped taking pictures and just stared as they both were penetrating each other’s mouths with their tongues and they began to caress the other’s tits. I froze up and just watched as they kept kissing. Then Sadie turned to me and said, “Aren’t you going to take any pictures, silly?” I forgot I was still holding the camera. I brought the camera back up and snapped photo after photo of the two of them embracing each other. Shannon then slipped her hand down the front of Sadie’s panties and started to rub her outer lips. Sadie let out a moan and returned the favor by slipping her hand down the front of Shannon’s panties. They both rubbed each other for a good 3 minutes before I suggested they take each other’s panties off. Erenköy Escort They both broke the kiss and Sadie bent over to lower Shannon’s panties to the ground and Shannon repeated the action on Sadie. They both stood up and turned towards me to pose for a picture completely naked together. They both were shaved and had almost identical pussies from what I could tell but I wasn’t exactly skilled in that area.

They both resumed their amazingly hot kissing while still rubbing each other’s vagina. Shannon then pushed Sadie back into the couch that I had previously been sitting in and they laid on top of each other, naked body pressed on naked body, and continued what they had been doing. Shannon then slowly started to drop down until her face was right next to Sadie’s vagina. Shannon stuck her tongue out and started to sweep it up and down Sadie’s pussy, making sure to hit the clit each time she passed it. At this point, I said fuck the camera I’m going in. I took off my shirt so I was now totally naked also and joined in on the fun. I sat down next to Sadie and began kissing her while at the same time Shannon kept eating out Sadie and began rubbing her hand up and down my once again hard cock. I let my hands roam around Sadie’s body. After a bit, I decided I wanted to switch things up. I knew there was a spare bedroom in the basement so I suggested we move into there.
As we got into the room I told Shannon to lie on the bed face up with her legs spread apart. Then, I told Sadie to start eating out Shannon. As Sadie got into position and restarted what was happening in the other room. I climbed up onto the bed behind Sadie and l lined the head of my dick up with the opening to Sadie’s pussy. I slowly began inching my cock into her vagina. She was so tight that I could barely get it in, even though she was soaking wet. After working my cock in, inch by inch, I was finally able to get it all the way in. I kept thrusting slowly in order to acclimate her vagina to my dick. I kept increasing the speed until I was able to start thrusting in and out at full speed. All three of us kept moaning louder and more frequently. Sadie kept her face buried in Shannon’s pussy as I felt like I could feel the start of an orgasm. I kept pumping my cock in and out as I could feel the cum rush up and out my penis into Sadie’s pussy. Each and every drop spewed out an in. As I finished, Shannon’s breaths got shallower and shallower and her moans turned to screams. I moved closer in to watch as Sadie stuck two fingers into Shannon’s pussy and kept working her clit with her tongue. Seconds later Shannon let out several loud screams as she climaxed. I then told Sadie to turn around and have Shannon clean her out and give her an orgasm also. Shannon did as she was told and lapped up the semen that was starting to leak out. She brought the cum up to Sadie’s mouth and they took turns spitting it into each other’s mouths until Shannon finally swallowed it and then moved back down to eat out Sadie. She licked over her pussy lips just as they had been doing all night, slowly working her way around the clitoris as she quickly brought Sadie to climax also. After Sadie finished, we all fell asleep on the bed from exhaustion.
I woke up in the morning first with both girls on either side of me laying their head on my chest. I looked at each of them, smiled, and knew that this wouldn’t be the last time we would do this.

Thank for reading. I don’t know if I’ll do a part 2 but I’ll wait for a bit and gauge my willingness. Comments and ratings are appreciated. don’t forget to check out my other stories if you haven’t already. Thanks

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