Sally Becomes a Screamer

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As Sally clicked open her email first thing in the morning, she was quickly pleased to see an email from him and smiled with wicked pleasure knowing he was out there just waiting for her. The email was even better than that since it told her that her last story had caused him to have one major hard on. Yes, she was very, very pleased with those results! She liked to keep him hot and aroused with thoughts of the tryst they would enjoy someday soon.

The thoughts of his hard on were way too enticing for her so she immediately replied to him asking if he needed a little help with it. Letting him know that she would be happy to take care of it for him if he would like. Not waiting for a reply, she proceeded to do just that envisioning in her mind the whole thing just for his pleasure.

Yes, my love, I can see it now. I am sitting there in front of you with my legs spread playing with my self as you slowly stroke your cock with your hand while watching me. The head of your cock is getting larger with each stroke as your excitement grows with you. This just incites me on further. I have worked my pussy into gaziantep escort a very wanton state and now it has become swollen from desire. You can see my glistening lips and are drooling with desire to eat me.

Taking it a step further and wanting you, I slide me fingers inside to test the waters and sigh with pleasure as I find that yes I am so close to cumming for you. My sweet spot needs just the right amount of stroking to push me over the edge as I make you watch me explode all over my hand.

Getting up, I walk over to you and putting my hand up to your awaiting mouth, I let you lick my juices off. Your mouth works slowly with such seductiveness that it makes me want to explode for you again. You love the taste of me and I enjoy watching you completely clean my hand. You have aroused my passion again and once you have finished the job on my hand, I quickly straddle your lap.

I waste no time letting your cock become wrapped in the warmth of my wet pussy. Teasingly, I begin to stroke your cock with my pussy as you moan with pleasure. I can feel your desire building within and tell you that your pleasure will come but not quite yet. There are more delights for both us to be had.

I dismount you and wrap my hands around your cock, dropping my mouth down upon you to taste the delicious mix of my juices and your pre-cum. You let out a moan of satisfaction as I suck away on your head and lick off the beginnings of our lovemaking. As I draw away, I take your hand and lead you to the bed. You follow willingly and as I lie back, I guide your luscious mouth between my legs.

Now it is your turn to lick me clean before you fuck me. You greedily devour me without haste. Teasing my lips with tiny nibbles and sucking on my clit, you proceed to lick me slowly as if I were ice cream on a hot summer day. You are eating me just fast enough to ensure that I will not melt but slow enough to savor the flavor of my pussy. My swollen state of desire spurs you on and you increase your aggressive playfulness. You make me gasp with the surprising way your mouth stimulates my pussy.

You have pushed me as far as I can be until I am begging you to fuck me. To please put your cock inside of me but you just laugh. It is my time to wait as you playfully continue your attack on my pussy with your mouth. You do not want to give into that desire quite yet but by now your cock is huge with anticipation and as I catch a glimpse of its enormity, it urges my hunger on to suck you until you explode. But you keep your cock at arms length from me not allowing me to feel the warmth of your cum as it hits the back of my mouth.

Just when I think you will drive me mad, your mouth leaves the wet warmth of my pussy and you enter me as I wrap my legs around you. Your penetration is perfection as you begin a steady rhythm. Stroking our passion, I hold on to you as if for dear life. The freight train of a man inside me is taking me for a ride of passionate bliss that pushes us both into oblivion.

As I start to moan, you increase your strides into me pushing deeper and deeper into the chasm of my pussy. You can feel the beginnings of my orgasm rippling through my body, pulsing against your cock, as you let out a scream your loins finally release into me. Your orgasm takes me into the abyss of ecstasy as I scream with pleasure. You smile with satisfaction knowing you have now made your wanton slut a screamer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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