Sally’s New Job

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Sally Keene had picked a blouse that was just a touch too small on purpose. She knew the buttons strained over her big breasts. And she knew that if she arched her back, she could show a little peek of the red lace bra she had on underneath. She also picked the red lace on purpose. She sat, demurely on the hard waiting room chair, her hands clasped serenely in her lap. She was early. She was eager. She had answered a job posting online. “Ambitious, go getter wanted for high stakes Company. Must have valid passport.” No more information that than, but the address she had been forwarded for her interview was 754 Montgomery. Suite 369. That was the most prestigious building in the city. She dressed to impress. She dressed to show off all her assets. Sally knew she had a desirable body. She could feel the gaze of men on the street desiring her all the time.

“Miss Keene,” the receptionist inquired, “Mr. Cox will see you now. Follow me.” Sally rose quickly and followed down a hallway. A door was opened, and she entered. The door was closed behind her.

“Good Morning Mr. Cox,” she said, walking towards the man in front of a wide array of floor to ceiling windows. “Wow, what a view.”

“Miss Keene?” he said taking her proffered hand. “please sit down.” Sally took the chair indicated. A much more comfortable chair than the one in the waiting room she had just been sitting in. She sat, and looked up at the man still standing by his windows. It was hard to distinguish his features, but he seemed to be younger than she had anticipated. In her mind, a “High Stakes Company” was run by a man in his 70s. He might only be 40. And he was trim. And wearing a very well cut suit. Along with her nervousness, she had a flutter of arousal. “Well, this makes things a bit more awkward”, she thought to herself.

“What made you apply Büyükesat Escort for this job?” Did he have an accent? Sally wondered, she thought she caught a whiff of an English accent.

“Well,…I..,” she began, not entirely certain herself why she had been attracted to the two line ad she’s seen online. “I think it was the promise of adventure. Just the ad was so different from the usual “must be hard working” blah blah blah… I mean, I am had working, but I don’t need it to be the only thing I’m valued for.”

“We are looking for someone with much more value than that,” He said, and walked towards her, finally coming close enough that she could see his features. He was very handsome. Stubble. Short hair, not too manicured, but tidy. Full lips. Very attractive. Sally didn’t quite know what to say. He stood in front of her and looked directly at her breasts. It was a bold look. Confident. Appraising. Sally arched her back. She was not intimidated.

“I think you should know that we are looking for someone who is willing to help entertain our clients. It is a well paid job, and rewarding. But we really do need to find just the right person to fit this very important position. Miss Keene, please tell me about yourself.”

“I’ve got a BA in Anthropology, and a Liberal Arts degree. I do some painting and pottery in my spare time and I like to swim. I enjoy hiking, camping and getting out into nature. Exploring. And I like travel, and food and wine and well,… personally? I’m single at the moment. And there aren’t a lot of Anthropology jobs around and I’d rather do something more interesting than retail. Which is what I’ve been doing. I work in a kitchen wares store.”

“And do you work well with others?”

“Yes, I suppose I do. I generally like people. Elvankent Escort I’m interested in people. But I do also like to just get things done by myself.” He moves closer, and Sally doesn’t mind at all. She is turned on. He is an attractive and confident man.

“Miss Keene,” he said, “I feel like you might actually be a good fit with us here. But you might want a bit more information. When I said we were looking for someone to help entertain clients. I meant to entice clients. And I meant to entertain as in to be available to service our clients, both as charming company, and as a sexual partner. Is this a position you are still interested in.” Sally was a little taken aback. She was interviewing to be a business slut. And she was not disgusted by the proposition. She was not horrified or offended.

Sally was interested. She could tell she was interested because she could feel herself getting aroused. She was already aroused just by the presence of the Mysterious Mr Cox, and now she could feel herself getting wet. “I’m interested.”

“Can I see your body?” Sally looked at him, she looked Mr. Cox right in the eyes and stood up and started unbuttoning her blouse. She dropped in to the floor and reached down to unbutton her skirt. She held his gaze as she stepped out of her clothes towards him and stood right in front of this tall handsome stranger in her red lace bra and thong set. This was, after all, still the interview. She reached up and undid her bra. Her DD breasts bounced free. Nipples hard. She pushed her thong over her hips and dropped it to the floor showing her trimmed pussy, a drip of her own juices making her labia slick.

“Do you like what you see, Mr Cox?” she asked, slowly reaching for the fly of his dress pants. “My breasts get a lot Beşevler Escort of attention, I know, they’re big, 38DD, natural, only ever been sucked on by men, and the occasional woman, still full and bouncy. I’ve got big labia, good to play with. I get wet easily, as you can see. I’ve got a wet pussy. Touch it. Mr. Cox, touch my pussy.”

“Ahhh, I like being fingered. I really like being fingered. Yes. I cum with clitoral stimulation. Ohhhh, Yes. I cum.” Sally stopped talking and leaned down to take the big penis she’s found in Mr. Cox’s pants in her mouth. She sucked while he continued to finger her. He rubbed and pinched her little mound. She convulsed and sucked him farther down her throat. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and pumped as she sucked. She had cocksucking skills.

“I’ve gotten excellent feedback on my blow job skills,” she said standing back up and directing the slick penis still in her hand between her thighs and into her wet vagina. “I do kegels,” she stated as she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze and release and squeeze and release the thick member now inside her body. “I’m on the pill, so you can cum inside me.” He grabbed her hips and started thrusting. “You can cum in any hole you want.” He pulled out and pushed her down on his desk. Spread her legs and pushed the head of his dick up against her anus. He pushed, and she moaned as he spread her hole open. He pushed right up to his ballsack, he pushed until his member was lodged deep inside her body. She breathed and moaned, she couldn’t speak, she could only make low guttural noises. She could feel every ridge of the big hard cock inside her. He pulled back out, and then thrust into her, and he thrust, and thrust, and again and again, and he pounded her asshole until she felt the spasm and flood of hot semen fill her rectum.

He pulled back out and watched as a drip of white sperm slid out of her red used hole before it closed up again. She stood up and turned around to face him. He had already tucked his penis into his pants and was fully clothed. She was naked and felt comfortable. She smiled. “This is the best interview I’ve ever had, Mr. Cox.”

“You’re hired, Miss Keene.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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