Sam and Lisa Ch. 01

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Sam gets caught

After working the night shift for a week, Sam was grateful for a day off. He looked at his watch, “9:30 am, nobody’s home.” he mumbled, “I’ll have some privacy, maybe watch a couple pornos.”

Sam sat watching a video about a dad doing his daughter, while stroking his cock. He was so engrossed in the movie that he didn’t hear his daughter come home from school early.

“Dad what are you doing?” Lisa screamed. Sam scrambled to cover his boner, as Lisa turned to look at the T.V. Just as the dad on the video was eating his daughter’s pussy.

“What is this movie?” she asked calmly. “I’ve never seen it.”

“Want me to restart it?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” Lisa answered. So, making no more attempt at covering himself, he grabbed the remote and set the movie back to the beginning.

The opening scene showed the daughter on her knees in front of her dad, with the words; “DADDY’S SWEET DAUGHTER ” Lisa sat down on the sofa next to Sam and asked

“Is this what you fantasize about Daddy?”

“Yes baby. All the time.” he replied.

“Do you pretend it’s me?” she asked,

“Every time.” he said. The girl on the video was now sucking her dads dick.

“Would you like me to do that?”

“Only if you promise to tell no-one about it.” Sam whispered.

Lisa stood up, she was 5’1″ tall with flaming red hair and a nice figure she had just turned 18 years old yesterday. She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit, which she slowly removed.

She lifted the top up over her head, giving Sam a great view of her 34 b breasts and tight tummy. Next she pulled her skirt down her legs, bending at the knees. When she stood up, Sam could see her pretty pink panties, which she pulled down slowly and off quickly.

When Lisa stood up she was totally naked. Sam thought she reminded him of her Mom at that age, her flaming red pussy hair was all natural, and he could see little drops of moisture in her bush.

Sams dick was rock hard when Lisa dropped to her knees in front of him. She wrapped her hand around his rod, and rubbed it across her lips.

“Is this the way you imagined it would be?” she asked him before running her tongue şehitkamil escort up his hardness, licking around the crown.

“Oh yeah.” Sam moaned as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began sucking it.

As she sucked him, she went deeper and deeper, until she had swallowed his whole 10 inches down her throat.

“Wow!” Sam moaned “The only other woman I’ve ever met that could deep throat me is your mom.”

Lisa pulled him from her mouth with a slurping sound and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment Daddy.” Then she swallowed him again. Sam took her shoulders and made her stand up, then laying back on the sofa, guided her into a 69 position.

As Lisa continued to work on his pole, Sam admired his little girls pussy. He could tell she hadn’t used it a lot, it was really furry and her pussy was bright pink. Sam stuck out his tongue and swiped it up between her pussy lips, before plunging it up her hole, causing Lisa to moan around his cock.

The moaning put him over the top, and he shot his seed deep in her throat. Lisa swallowed every drop, then lifted her head and said “Mmmmm that tasted good.” then Sam stiffened his tongue and pushed it up her ass.

“Oh yes daddy.” she panted “That feels great, keep doing that.” as he fucked her ass with his tongue. Then she took his semi soft dick back into her mouth, sucking like a starving baby on mama’s tit. Lisa lifted her head and said “Dad I’m gonna suck you hard again so you can fuck me, okay?” Sam replied by shoving his tongue as deep in her ass as he could.

It didn’t take long for her to cum on his face, as he slurped up her juices, his cock grew hard in her mouth. Lisa lifted herself off of her dad, and then she straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock, until it was totally buried inside her warm wet tightness.

“Daddy you feel so good inside me!” Lisa groaned as she began to move up and down.

“Damn your tight!” he told her as she fucked him.

After a few seconds she slammed down all the way, as her pussy gnawed on the root of his cock. “You think my pussy is tight, you’re gonna love this!” she panted as she lifted off of his pole, then she tilted her hips, and placed his cock head against her şehitkamil escort bayan anus.

“Daddy!” she cried “Your dick is huge!” as she slowly lowered her ass down his rod til she hit the bottom.

“Damn baby that feels so good!” Sam said as her ass gripped his cock, trying to adjust to it filling her up. Lisa slowly raised up til just the head was still inside then just as slowly slid back down.

Lisa’s pussy was quivering as her ass orgasmed around his cock. She slowly lifted herself up again then slammed down quickly, speeding up til she was fucking him hard and fast.

Sam pushed his cock up into her ass as she pushed down on him. He knew he was about to cum, so he said “Baby this is great. But if you don’t slow down, I’m gonna cum inside you.”

“Yes Daddy!” she hissed “Please cum in my ass!” she hissed continuing to fuck him faster than before. Sam couldn’t hold it anymore so he let go and shot his wad deep in her ass. When Lisa felt the first spurt, she slammed down on him and came as well, her ass milking his cock til he was empty.

They laid there for a few minutes holding each other tight, when they heard the car pull into the drive. “Mom is home.” Lisa said then asked “Can we do it again?”

“Anytime you want.” Sam said as they grabbed their clothes and went into their bedrooms.

“Good! meet me in the garage, after mom goes to sleep.” she told him as she walked away swaying her sweet ass for him. as Sam washed his face and privates he couldn’t help but smile. Thinking to himself ‘I hope Linda goes to sleep early tonight.’

Later that night…

Sam’s wife had fallen asleep but he waited another ten minutes, until she started to snore. He silently slipped out of bed, and headed downstairs, eager to get to the garage. Lisa was there standing by the cellar door in a sheer pink baby doll nightie. She opened the door and said “C’mon dad hurry before mom wakes up.’

Sam quickly followed his nubile daughter down into the basement. He was glad he had built the music room with soundproof insulation. She locked the door as he passed her.

“Are You ready for some fun?” Lisa asked leading him over to the big cushy couch.

“Yeah! are you?” he answered breathlessly. escort şehitkamil

Lisa pulled his pajama bottoms down and pushed him down on the couch . Taking his rock hard cock in her tiny hands, she slowly licked it from bottom to top, Sam moaned in appreciation. Then she took him between her lips and slid him into her throat all the way down to his balls.

“Hey, no fair.” said Sam “I want to taste you too.”

“Lay down then.” she told him. Sam laid down and Lisa stood up and straddled his head. Then she lowered her sweet pink pussy to his mouth, as she again swallowed his cock. Sam reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her down onto his tongue.

Lisa moaned, pushing her mouth down farther on his dick. After a few minutes Sam moaned “Be careful or you’ll get a mouthful.”

Lisa shook her head as she moaned “Ummhm ummhm ” around his cock. So Sam let it go, shooting his load down his daughters throat, as Lisa’s pussy began creaming into his mouth.

As Sam’s meat went soft, Lisa continued to suck him as he licked her juices out of her twat, she sucked him til he got hard again, then raised up and spun around lowering herself onto his rod. They both moaned as his cock bottomed out. “Oh Daddy! That feels so good.” Lisa whimpered, as she began to move up and down on her fathers dick.

“I want you to cum in my ass again daddy.” Lisa moaned.

“Really?” asked Sam.

“Yes now!” she said, climbing off of him and bending over the couch arm with her ass in the air.

Sam quickly fell to his knees and shoved his tongue deep into her pussy. Then slowly ran his tongue in circles around her little pink pucker, before pushing his tongue slowly up her asshole.

“Oh god! ” she sighed, as her knees buckled. He grabbed her hips and mercilessly tongue fucked her ass, until she started to cum, then he stood and pressed his cock head against her hole. ” YESsss” Lisa hissed, pushing back and taking him into her all the way to the root.

“Oh baby, that’s so good.” Sam groaned as she began to move against him. Soon they got a rhythm going, and before long Sam felt her asshole quivering as she came, causing him to shoot his load deep into her bowels.

“You are going to stay home from work tomorrow? Aren’t you?” Lisa asked with a smile.

“You want me to?” Sam asked with a smile.

“Oh yeah!” Lisa said reaching down to rub his cock.

‘Damn.’ thought Sam ‘I hope Linda doesn’t find out.’

“Don’t worry.” said Lisa as if reading his mind “Mom will never know.” Then she kissed him and went back upstairs to bed. Linda was still deep asleep as Sam slid back into bed.

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