Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 28

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Chapter 28. (a). Maurice W. (March 1990).

A guy I occasionally came into contact with in my work had made a pass at me some months earlier which I’d rebuffed, having no intention of being unfaithful to John whose predilection for that very condition I hadn’t felt too sure about at the time.

Maurice W was a very dishy guy and I must admit it had been hard to resist his advances, which is why I told J about him. Telling my husband that if he was really serious about becoming a cuckold it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange, I explained about Maurice’s pass and ongoing flattering comments whenever our paths crossed, perhaps every six weeks or so. J excitedly urged me to sleep with Maurice if the opportunity arose again and extracted my promise to tell him all about it.

It was a couple of weeks later, sooner than anticipated actually, that our paths crossed again when we were both working on the same assignment for our respective firms and staying in the same hotel for four nights, Monday to Thursday.

Having accepted the offer of a nightcap from Maurice I went down to the hotel bar on the first evening dressed sexier than I would normally have done. My skirt was shorter, in fact the shortest I possessed at the time, and I wore stockings instead of tights well aware that a lot of guys prefer them. Maurice raised his eyebrows as I slid into the seat beside him, the hem of my skirt riding up almost to my stocking tops. Whether he sensed that I was unexpectedly making myself available I don’t know but Maurice soon suggested finishing our drinks in his room, ostensibly to discuss the case we were working on.

If Maurice was surprised at the ease with which he seduced me he didn’t let on. My experiences that evening were phenomenal! Maurice proved to be a very careful and thoughtful lover, doing his utmost to give me maximum pleasure and about thirty minutes after entering his room I experienced probably my best ever orgasm. It happened oral seks porno during cunnilingus which I’ve always enjoyed far more than J who, along with some other guys, is not very proficient at it. Maurice’s tongue though felt exquisite and he knew exactly how to bring me to orgasm, a noisy and convulsive affair which surprised me in it’s intensity.

When we had intercourse Maurice remained as considerate of my needs as before and it proved the most amazing experience of my life.

Afterwards there seemed an unspoken agreement that I’d spend the night in Maurice’s room and in the morning we made love again and it was as brilliant as the first. After freshening up in my room I joined Maurice for breakfast a very happy and contented girl.

I spent the next three nights in Maurice’s bed and the pleasure I derived from his lovemaking continued to amaze me. I’d never experienced anything like it with my husband or the other guys I’d had sex with up to that point, with the possible exception of Pravin, but kept that aspect to myself when confessing my affair to him on the Friday, not wanting to hurt his feelings. J was over the moon, his highly excited demeanour shocking me even though I should perhaps have expected it by this time in our relationship.

Knowing I’d spent the four nights I’d been away in another guy’s bed J was beside himself with excitement, urging me to undress so he could inspect my body for any tell tale signs of lovemaking. I actually found it embarrassing to be scrutinized so closely by my husband who, on discovering a couple of small bruises on my inner thighs and convincing himself they were caused by Maurice, began masturbating. There was no question of us having intercourse, J simply wanted to masturbate while I described the things I’d done with Maurice.

When J urged me to continue my affair with Maurice whenever our paths crossed I was overjoyed. Actually I would have playboy porno continued anyway, the things Maurice did to me were out of this world.

My affair with Maurice lasted for nearly seventeen months during which our paths crossed every six to eight weeks on average. On those occasions I would spend the two, three or four nights of the assignment in his hotel bed rather than my own.

Maurice was a happily married man so there was no question that the affair would progress beyond our occasional liaisons which I think J found reassuring, as I found it impossible to hide the pleasure Maurice’s lovemaking gave me. J was delighted to think of himself as a cuckold and was probably as disappointed as I when the affair ended, due to Maurice receiving a promotion and moving away from my circle of work associates.

Something I was reluctant to mention to my husband, at least initially, is that Maurice’s penis was bigger than his. When seen for the first time I thought it might be but when it was inside me there was no doubt. Actually when I did mention it one day J reacted with surprising excitement. Contrary to what I’d assumed J was actually pleased that my lover was better endowed than he! That’s when I realised the full extent to which hubby was prepared to play the cuckold role.

Like I said, J was disappointed when my affair with Maurice came to an end but when he asked if there was anyone else I met in my travels who could replace him I had difficulty in concealing my joy at the idea. I had been seriously missing my extra marital fun and games.

During my affair with Maurice I had mostly replaced my usual underwear with sexier items and now wore stockings and suspenders nearly all the time, something hubby appreciated. I also wore more revealing skirts and dresses than of old, though dressed more soberly for work and socializing with our friends and acquaintances.

Thus it was that I enjoyed pornhub porno a couple of one night stands which I decided to keep to myself. So the next lover J knew about was Simon B.

(b). Simon B. (October 1991).

I met Simon through my work as he was Maurice’s replacement, moving up the career ladder in his turn. He also replaced Maurice as my lover.

I suspect Simon knew about the affair, having spent a month ‘shadowing’ Maurice in his work prior to promotion. Though he never said as much, the way he came on to me the very first evening we met led me to believe it to be the case.

We were in the hotel bar where I’d allowed Simon to buy me a drink before guiding me to the most secluded table in the room. I’d hardly sat down when I felt Simon’s hand on my knee from whence it travelled rapidly up to my thigh. I didn’t brush his hand away but merely said it was a bit public in the bar, whereupon Simon leaned closer and whispering that he was ‘dying to have your knickers off and explore between your legs’, suggested going to his room.

Is that the sort of thing he’d say to a girl met just five minutes earlier if he didn’t know about my previous liaison with Maurice? If not Simon must think I looked an easy lay to come on to me so blatantly. Admittedly I wore a very short skirt which barely reached my stocking tops.

Anyway we went to Simon’s room where he stripped me naked in feverish haste. We made love and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, considering Simon’s impatience. Younger than Maurice and nearer my own age, the randy Simon fucked me three times that first evening, something which greatly excited hubby when informed on my return, and I gladly stayed the night in his bed. Simon fucked me again in the morning before we breakfasted together. I shared his bed for the next two nights when the assignment ended, by which time Simon took it for granted that we would sleep together whenever our paths crossed, something I was happy to go along with.

When I told J about Simon and my thoughts, or imaginings, that I’d simply been handed on from one guy to the other, the idea greatly excited him.

Anyway the affair with Simon only lasted for seven months when I received my own promotion.

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