Sandra’s Passions…Ch. 1

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The Story of a Woman’s Sexual Awakening
Chapter One: Sandra’s First Adultery

It had been a long, hot summer in the English seaside town where we lived and we had both benefited from it health wise; she with her swimming and sun-bathing and having recovered completely from childbirth, her figure looked terrific. Sandra had always been slim and still was but now the breasts were fuller and the hips more rounded. When she walked along the beach or promenade in her tiny bikini, all the men gave her that certain appreciative look and I was very proud of her. She had light auburn hair, almost red and was around 5’6″, blue eyes and still the best legs that I have seen on a woman.

She was a virgin when we met and married and I was not much more experienced than she. The first eight years of marital sex had not been at all adventurous, even between us and I must confess that the boredom of this had tempted me to unfaithfulness on a few occasions. I justified this to myself at that time, by distancing the act entirely from emotion although I did love her deeply.

She had never been with another man and by this time she was in her mid thirties but things had changed during the past three years. It possibly started when I had been lent some pornographic videos, which included wife swapping, group sex and other delights, none of which we had ever tried. When making love to her after watching them, it became obvious that they had a great effect on the both of us. She was keen to try lots of new ideas and we even bought her a vibrator. Nevertheless sex remained just between ourselves and with this better sexual relationship, I ceased to fool around outside.

We had begun to be more open and frank with each other and our lovemaking was liberally filled with dirty talk about fantasies. There was plenty of juice drinking from each other’s genitals, all in a great variety of locations and we started to really get off on reading porno-mags readers’ letters etc. All in all we were having the sort of ball that should have occurred years earlier and now we regularly enjoyed everything sexual that could be experimented with, apart from the inclusion of other people.

Like her, I was in peak condition, spending a lot of time at sea, and inshore fishing; which in winter was hard, arduous and sometimes very dangerous work but also very physically demanding. Everything about my body was permanently hard and even in mid-winter, my skin was the colour that you get after a Mediterranean holiday. I wanted sex, and got it, very, very regularly. Shooting, fishing and sex were my entire life and in each, I constantly sought more and better.

We did a lot of drinking in those days; most of our friends were heavy drinkers and we had a large social circle. A few of these friends became very intimate inasmuch as our sex lives would be very open to joint scrutiny. We never indulged in physical activities but would know the most intimate secrets of the sex lives of the other couples. On a few occasions, we watched blue movies together with them, at which time, when very drunk, the atmosphere would become heavily charged with excitement and afterwards, when making love together, she and I would speculate and even fantasise on how it might be like to make love to them.

It was at one of these evenings when close friends disclosed how they indulged in anal sex, something that we had only previously associated with homosexual males. Following their disclosure she said that she would like to try it. We soon started doing it regularly and she really enjoyed it, especially when mounted from behind, when my cock would be transferred back and forth between the two orifices. One night when doing this, she surprised me by saying; “It feels just like having two men fucking me!” I asked of her, had she thought about that scenario, to which she replied “Oh yes!” but I rather assumed that she was joking.

A crucial turning point came much later that year, on New Year’s eve. When in a drinking club, a friend, (not one of our close circle) asked if we cared to continuum with him on to a New Year’s party at Paul’s house. It was already passed midnight but we agreed. Andy had asked of me several times before we left the club, “Is your wife? Wink-wink, nudge nudge, etc. Etc.?” To be perfectly honest, whether drunk or just naive, I didn’t really understand what he meant but assured him that yes, she said she wanted to go…and we did.

As the car drew up outside of the house, the front door opened and a man was thrown out of the house (and I mean thrown!). Sandra giggled…”This must be a hell of a party”. Paul greeted us inside the door, wearing nothing but a cricket box with a little tinsel wrapped around it. We made our way into the lounge where almost everybody was dancing but wearing only their underwear. A few of the girls were bra-less and in those days, that was daring beyond belief. Many men wore only hd abla underpants.

We were very well known in that little local community and of course we recognised many minor friends and acquaintances, but none of our “inner-circle”. Paul’s wife Mary, tactfully suggested to Sandra that she looked a bit out of place being fully dressed and knowing what a good figure she had and wanting to show her off, I encouraged her to strip down to bra. and panties.

I was rather drunk and apart from having a few smoochy dances with one or two girls whom I vaguely knew and I seem to recall indulging in some heavy snogging with one and feeling her breasts, but nothing really wild like heavy petting or groping. I did notice that Sandra was well away, dancing very closely with several men including one called Richard who always made it clear that he fancied her. At one point, they left the room for maybe twenty minutes or so. All in all, it was a good night to remember and it was a distinct turning point for us.

Upon returning home, we were both too tired to make love and fell asleep nevertheless, the next morning we were not working and decided to have “breakfast in bed”. Soon we were making love passionately, during which; I asked what happened with her and Richard. She confessed that he had got her tits out of her bra, fondled them and bit her nipples hard, something she particularly enjoyed. Although she had not allowed his hands inside her panties, they were no barrier to his attentions, for they were very flimsy and she related how he handled her pussy through the thin material.

F…”Did you enjoy what he was doing?”

S…”Well remember I was very drunk and anyway, I assumed you were having fun too”.

F…”That’s not what I asked Darling. I asked did you enjoy it?”

S…”Well yes actually, I enjoyed it enormously”

F…”Did you feel guilty?”

S…”Yes, but that made it more exciting”.

F…”Do you intend to meet him, or take it further?”

S…”Good heavens. No! Do you think I’m crazy”

F…”Why didn’t you let him get his hands inside your briefs? After all, he must have felt everything anyway.”

S…”Yes he could certainly feel everything but I was afraid if I let him get his fingers actually inside of me, it would be very difficult to resist if he tried to fuck me”.

F…”Did you handle his cock, or see it?

S…”Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that.”

F…”Did you feel it rubbing against you?”

S…”Well, yes, I did. It was rock hard and he only had his pants on.”

F…”Would you have liked him to fuck you?”

S…”Don’t be silly.”

F…”If it were not for me, would you have liked him to fuck you?”

S…”Yes, and I suppose I would have let him”.

F…”Did you talk to him about our sex life?”

S…”Yes, a bit I suppose. I told him it was very good. He asked if we had oral sex, I said yes and that we enjoyed it. I told him how you sometimes come off in my mouth. It drove him crazy when I told him this”

F…”How did he rub his cock against you and what did it feel like?”

S… “He was rubbing it up against my pussy”

F…”I asked how did it feel?”

S…”Very hard and big. It was very exciting. It almost felt like he was fucking me.”

F…”Were you lubricating for him?

S…”He said that I was very wet down there”

F…”It’s driving me crazy, thinking about you and him…. I am going to fuck you now and you can imagine that it is Richard who is screwing you. Alright?”


That particular sex session was one of our best. We were both crazy with lust, not only from our daring conversation but equally from the stimulus of remembering the previous evening with all its sexy antics. I could not get the picture out of my mind, of her against the kitchen wall, with Richard’s hands all over her, kissing her nipples and feeling her soaking wet cunt through those tiny panties. The thought of his rigid prick rubbing up against her soaking wet cunt, even without penetration was very exciting for me. She would normally take ages to bring to orgasm but on this morning; she came off like a rocket within a few minutes and had another gigantic climax only a few minutes later. This was very unusual. I had her every way we had ever tried before and our conversation was very, very lascivious. I made her verbally beg for me to bugger her. “Please fuck me in my arse” was her response, at which I slid from her wet cunt, straight into her back passage and shot my load right up her bum.

Many weeks passed without event, except that we would often talk about that party when we made love and both agreed that it added a real spark to the sex act. I did my best to avoid Richard, fearful of what I could or should say. I only hoped that he had not told too many other people; probably not, since his wife wasn’t there at the party and he wouldn’t want hentai porno her to learn anything.

She never did have any other encounter with Richard, but many years later, with his blessing, I had a very sexy session with his wife Maureen. That’s another story!

It was at another drinking club on another occasion, maybe two or three months into the New Year. We were on a tour of clubs during which, friends came and went and well after midnight there we were with another acquaintance called Garry. I was drinking at the bar and discussing fishing with a guest and she and Garry were dancing on the tiny floor. I was very drunk and didn’t notice how the time was passing, during which, the music had got a lot slower and more romantic. They were dancing very closely and intimately, with his hands cupped around her buttocks. I did notice them having a kiss or two, but thought nothing much of it.

His wife, who had left after an argument, taking their car, had abandoned Garry at the club. I suggested that as he lived near us, we would give him a lift home. This we did and to my surprise, Sandra asked him if he fancied a coffee at our house, to which he readily agreed.

I was making coffee in the kitchen whilst they were in the lounge. The record player was changed from rock music to soulful, slow dance music and when I entered the lounge; they were dancing close together as they had been in the club. He didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to leave and in those days, in that town; it was not considered unusual for one’s spouse to be out drinking till all hours. I cut in and danced with my wife, who seemed to delight in goading Garry by dancing in a particularly sexy inviting way, kissing me passionately and not as you would expect in front of strangers or casual friends. Garry cut in again and I sat down; it was not long before she was kissing him just as passionately and his hands soon started to wander. There were only two small sidelights on in the lounge and the warm red glow from an artificial fire made the room a very romantic venue.

My mind was in turmoil! I really didn’t know what to do. I was not at all annoyed but I was very excited, my mind going overtime on the previous party incident and the way Richard’s attentions had sparked up her passions. Having had a lot to drink, I could not really decide how to proceed. I remember feeling very confused but I was strongly compelled to encourage it, remembering the terrific effect, which the party incident had made, upon our love life.

When I danced with her again, my hands went to her blouse to unbutton it a little but to my surprise, three of four of the buttons were already undone. Had he done that? I wondered; or had she? My hands undid the rest of her blouse and started roaming over her very erect nipples. I didn’t try to hide from him what I was doing and she made no objections. He cut in again and I changed the music to something even slower and sexier. Soon, his hands were all over her breasts. I came up behind her, dancing with them. My hands were all over her buttocks and Garry was now kissing her breasts, above her bra-line and through the material.

My hands went up her blouse from behind and I released her bra strap, thus exposing her naked breasts to Garry’s attention. In no time, his face was buried in them, kissing and licking her now very erect nipples and squeezing her luscious melons. I had an enormous erection and was rubbing up against her from behind. Sandra simply loved it! I knew that something just had to happen that night.

We all fell on the sofa, she between us. We both kissed and fondled her and her hands were rubbing my erect cock through my trousers. I saw Garry’s hand wander up her skirt, gradually higher and yet higher. The sharp intake of her breath against my ear told me that Garry had found her pussy and for the second time in a few months, another man was feeling my wife up. However this time, I was assisting him and there was no question of his being denied entry to her knickers. He was constantly talking about how desirable she was and how gorgeous were her tits and her pussy.

Dying with curiosity, my hand went up her thigh and met his hand on her pubes. He had two fingers inside her panties and these were soon joined by mine. I found her little love button and teased it whilst Garry quickly worked two fingers right up inside of her. I told Garry to remove her panties and with that comment, she kissed me even more passionately. Her response told me that she appreciated my encouragement of Garry. I knew that she was ready for a lot more sexual activity and I decided to let things take their course and allow her to decide when to call a halt to things.

Garry drew her panties down and she lifted her bum to make this easy for him. I unbuttoned my fly and her hands were inside. It didn’t take long to find my throbbing pole and she extracted it whilst kızıl porno Garry’s hand was working overtime in her pussy. Once again, my hand joined his and I noticed that her cunt was soaking wet with excitement; wetter than I had ever known in before. Her other hand had moved to his crotch and was rubbing him there.

This scene continued for quite a long time with each one feeling unsure about making the next move but of one thing there was no doubt, my lovely young wife was in a sexual frenzy with her first real experience of sexual activity with a new man. Eventually, her head went down to my lap and engulfed my rigid cock in her mouth. When this happened I knew for certain that she wanted to demonstrate to both of us that she was ready for full sex and that she would expect me to actually fuck her in front of this man. I strongly suspected that she wanted to suck him off and probably even be fucked by both of us. Garry had by now rolled her skirt up around her waist and I was feeling much bolder. I needed to go to the toilet for a leak and I removed my cock from her mouth and left the room, saying to him…

“Why don’t you strip her completely Garry?”

I did not hurry too quickly back to the lounge, maybe ten minutes or so but when I did return, my wife was completely naked except for her earrings. Garry was wearing nothing but his shirt and socks. He was kneeling between her thighs, his face buried between them and she was holding his head. I stood and watched as my wife was being licked out, watching as her hips and buttocks rose eagerly to meet his tongue and I moved to join her on the sofa.

It was then that I noticed how large was Garry’s equipment. Until that time I had not seen very many other men’s cocks and had no yardstick by which to compare. Certainly it was very much larger than my own both in length and thickness. It was completely rigid, ready to penetrate her; the purples glans shining in the dim light and the veins clearly visible on the throbbing shaft. I knew that the right decision for both her and I was to let him take her; not only to allow but to actually encourage her to be fucked by another man, for the first time in her life.

I sat beside her and pulled her face to me, kissing her lips passionately, then nibbling her ears gently as his tongue delved hungrily into my wife’s cunt. Her heavy breathing told me that she was close to orgasm. I whispered in her ear, “I am going to let him fuck you Darling”. She did not reply but squeezed my arm and kissed me even more passionately, telling me, without speaking that it was what she wanted.

Her eagerness was an aphrodisiac to me and I was now anxious to see this big prick stuck right up my wife and to watch her commit full adultery with my consent and assistance. “I am going to turn her around for you Garry”, I told him and pulled her across me so that she was now kneeling where he had been, but between my legs. In the soft light I could see her shapely bottom sticking up in the air, waiting for that first nudge of his manhood against her pussy lips, begging entrance to her love sheath. Garry was holding his big cock, in anticipation of committing adultery with my wife whilst I looked on.

I had decided to enjoy the first invasion of her pussy, by watching her face as she felt him enter her but her head came down to my lap and my erect penis was taken deep in her mouth. She sucked noisily and I motioned him to take her from the rear. We had recently watched this scene in a blue movie and I know that she was very excited by it. As he knelt down behind her, I lost sight of his erection but there was not the slightest doubt in my mind when she tasted her first full penetration by another man’s cock. Her whole body trembled and her back arched and she let out a low moan. I knew right then that she was experiencing for the first time, a new cock sliding smoothly up inside her belly; I held her tightly, relishing the pleasure in her eyes as she tasted the delights of promiscuity for the first time. I was anxious to reassure her that I totally approved of her accepting another man’s cock inside her love cave where until now, only I had ventured.

Garry started to fuck her with long, slow strokes and I held her breasts, rubbing her nipples to enhance her pleasure. She was still nervous to the point of trembling and I constantly reassured her that everything was fine and that she should relax and enjoy him. I told her that very soon, I would be replacing him and that I too would then fuck her. I whispered to her that when I did, I wanted to see her cock sucking him, to which she nodded her head. It was all she could do with her mouth full of my cock.

I could feel her hips working, thrusting against his manhood, eager to take him right into her. She was as randy as a female tiger on heat and although very nervous, was nevertheless determined to make the most of this licentious behaviour. She was now able to realise one of the fantasies which had been building up in her imagination since the party and I was amazed at the passion and eagerness that she displayed to this man, who with my full approval, was now fucking the arse of my beloved wife.

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