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It was a day like any other day. I got home from work where it was exceedingly busy. That is what happens when you work in retail. The holidays are a rush, then they are gone. I was tired and my feet hurt so I made myself a cup of tea and sat down at my computer. I powered it up, logged on to the internet and had a popup.

Santa Claus would like to add you to his friends list. Do you accept?

I was in a good mood and said sure, why not and pushed the accept button. Another window opened.

Hello, it’s me, Santa. Have you been a good girl?

I giggled. This could be fun. I typed back. “Yes, Santa.”

Good girl. Now you are going to do exactly what Santa tells you do, aren’t you?

Twelve tiny reindeer were dancing in my head as I typed, “Of course, Santa” then hit the enter button.

Excellent, Santa wants you to take off all of your clothes until you are naked at the computer.

“Yes, Santa, give me a minute.” I considered faking it but the tea was helping me to relax. So I stood up and slid out of my work clothes, pants, sweater, bra and panties, then sat back down in front of the computer screen, naked as a jaybird. “I’m naked now, Santa.”

Such a good girl. Now tell Santa what kind of treats you have on hand for him when he stops by on Christmas Eve.

I giggled again. I really did not plan to leave him cookies and milk but I guess that was the standard answer. “I have cookies and milk, Santa, if that is what you would enjoy.”

Cookies and milk are fine but Santa sometimes enjoys other holiday sweets. Do you have any thing other than cookies?

“I do have some candy canes I purchased to hang on the tree, Santa.”

Excellent! Go get one now, dear. Santa wants you to enjoy it with him.

I quickly found the package in the kitchen. It was those ones that come like twelve in a box, each one individually wrapped. I took the whole box back to the computer with me and typed, “I have the candy canes, Santa.”

Good girl! Describe one for me. Tell Santa all about it.

“Well, it is red and white striped…about four escort şişli inches long with a curve at the top for the cane. It’s a candy cane, Santa.”

An admirable one, I am sure. Now, spread those naked thighs of yours wide for Santa. Tell him all about your sweet pussy.

I couldn’t help but giggle even though he could not hear me. “Its’ shaven, Santa, and warm and a little eager right now.”

Excellent! Now, I want you to open up the candy cane, take it out of its wrapper, and then I want you to start rubbing your sweet clit with the cane, up and down and over and over. You start then I will say when to stop.

I must admit I had never considered a candy cane as a sex toy but it seemed to fit. I mean I was talking to Santa Claus. So I carefully opened the wrapping so as not to break it and I typed, “Yes, Santa, I am starting now.” Then I began to rub the candy over my clit. It felt rather wicked but nice. The candy was smooth and cool as it pressed against my flesh. I could feel myself becoming slightly aroused. I am sure it had more to do with obeying Santa than the candy cane but either way, I felt the familiar stirrings beginning in my loins and my heart started to beat a little faster. I began to breathe a little heavier and rub a little harder.

Good girl. Now Santa wants you to rub yourself from your clit to your pussy with the cane. Go back and forth over and over. If you want, you can even put the cane inside your cunt but only for about a second then I want you to continue rubbing. Understood?

“Yes, Santa,” I purred to my keyboard as I began to move the candy cane per his instructions from my clit to my cunt and back again. It was so deliciously naughty. The smooth texture of the candy against the heated wetness of my body was extreme. And now the aroma of mint began to fill the air as well. I was beginning to pant a little from the excitement. I guess playing with odd toys can be beneficial. I am sure it was the newness, the strangeness that I was finding so arousing. The heat was intensifying and a fire was forming under my skin. This taksim escort bayan was becoming a very pleasurable encounter.

Now Santa wants you to put that candy cane up your pussy. He wants you to start fucking yourself with it. And he wants you to rub your clit with the other hand. You keep doing that until you cum. Then you can tell Santa you came. In the meantime, Santa will just keep talking to you to tell you all the naughty things he enjoys doing with good little girls like you.

I whimpered softly as I typed “yes, Santa” then began to stroke my clit with my left hand while my right hand eased the candy cane in and out of my hot wet hole. It was torture of the entirely pleasant kind and I relaxed even more into enjoying myself.

I do enjoy when good little girls suck Santa’s cane for him. I bet you love to suck; you are such a naughty thing. I bet you wish Santa was there so you could suck his cane.

His words on the screen just seemed to touch me. I had never been one for cyber but something about being tired, the candy cane and Santa…well it was so incredibly wild and different. I could feel myself reaching every higher towards my peak. I knew in my heart this was just another pick up line, that he wasn’t Santa. But the thought of Santa with his white beard and mustache suddenly became very stimulating.

Mrs. Claus is not into sucking my cane as much as she used to be. I sure could use a nice girl like you here at the North Pole. I am positive that your mouth is very pretty with pretty pink lips and a soft pretty tongue.

I moaned, the candy cane sliding in and out of my pussy, my other hand massaging my clit so hard. I did love to suck cock and it was something I never seemed to get tired of doing. I could imagine sucking his, framed with those white curls. Thinking of sucking his cane, thinking of him cumming in my mouth, thinking of his beard and his “Ho, Ho, Ho!” as he came was making me crazy.

I bet you have a pretty pussy too. I bet if Santa put a candy cane in it and sucked it out with his mouth, you’d cum really escort beşiktaş hard for Santa.

Oh my word! The thought of his mouth down there, sucking the candy cane out from where it currently was, made me blush to the roots of my hair but the image was so intoxicating, so invigorating. I knew I would burst any minute. His beard brushing against the tender skin of my inner thighs, ticking my shaven cunt.

Then Santa could fill you right up with his cane. Make you Santa’s Very Special Helper.

Ah, that was it! I was gone, home run, grand slam, out of the park. I began to shake and shiver on the computer chair as my nectar slid down from the peak to the valley, coating the cane on its way. My fingers still moved over my clit until the waves drifted down to ripples. And even the ripples were sweet, rolling over each of my nerve endings like tiny bolts of lightning. It was a pretty intense orgasm and after a moment of regaining my composure, I said, “I came, Santa.”

Good girl. Now you take that candy cane all covered with your girl cum and eat it for Santa. Tell Santa how good it tastes.

I immediately pulled the cane from my cunt and slid it into my mouth. It was coated with my juices so it was sticky and sweet. It tasted of me and of mint, not a bad combination. I sucked on the cane for a bit but I always was a biter so soon I chomped down on it and had it chewed and swallowed. “It tastes like a touch of mint and a touch of sweet and it doesn’t taste bad at all, Santa. It is too bad you can’t have a taste,” I teased.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa would have enjoyed a taste. You have been such a good girl this year that Santa has a special present just for you. Tomorrow, I want you to pick up one of those fat candy canes, the long ones, the ones that are like an inch thick. And tomorrow night, Santa will tell you what good little girls get for Christmas. Will you do that for Santa, my naughty little helper?

I smiled at my monitor as I typed and hit enter without hesitation, “Yes, Santa, I will do that tomorrow and be here tomorrow night for you.”

That’s my girl. Remember, I see you when you’re sleeping and I know when you’re awake. Now, I will see you tomorrow night. Good night!

“Good night, Santa,” I replied before I turned off my computer and went to bed, with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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