Sara , Abbi Ch. 02

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I pulled into her driveway and sat in the car for a minute. My heart was racing, my hands were balmy, and my pussy was soaked. I read the text one more time, mostly to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. “You. Me. Now.”

I shut the car off and got out. I walked to her front door, shoving my keys in the front pocket of my jeans. I quickly touched each button on my shirt to make sure they were done, except the very top.

I got to the door, and hesitated a second, wondering if I should knock or just walk in. I reached for the handle, and my heart almost left my chest in anticipation of what was on the other side.

I walked through the door and stopped in the entry way for a minute. I looked right and saw no one in the dining room or kitchen, to the left was an empty family room. I walked through the family room and went up the stairs and through the first door on the left. I entered her bedroom and heard the shower running in the attached bathroom.

I slipped my shoes off, then pulled my socks off and tucked them in my white and black tennis shoes. I stood there another minute, debating my next move. I could go to the shower and fuck her there, or wait on the bed and fuck her there. I knew almost right away I couldn’t wait any longer to touch her body. I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it on the chaise in the corner. My pants quickly followed, then my boxers, beater, and bra.

I walked into the steam filled bathroom and admired the view through the steam on the glass shower door. She was facing the wall, running her hands through her hair. Her long, slender body drenched in water with some soap. Those legs went on for days before meeting a perfectly rounded ass, her flat stomach, and an amazing set of boobs with beautifully rounded nipples. Her long dark hair fell to the middle of her shoulder blades, and was always swept up in a loose ponytail, except right now. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and I was about to lose my mind thinking about touching her. The idea of our bodies grinding together got me so wet.

I knew she knew I was there, but gorukle escort bayan no words had to be spoken. I slipped into the shower with her, and wrapped my arms around her waist and ran them up her stomach. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she arched her back. I ran my hands up her sides, over her boobs and behind her head. I moved her hair to one side and began kissing her neck on the other side. I slid my hands back to her boob, and took one nipple into each hand. I rolled them around between my fingers, and she continued to moan, just quietly. She suddenly turned around and put her lips on mine. Our lips parted and tongues slid past each other, becoming intertwined. I put my hands in her hair again and pushed my body against hers. We continued to kiss hard and fast, as I pulled her hair.

Then I pushed against her a little harder and put her body between me and the wall. I kissed down her neck and bent a little to suck on one nipple while my hand found the other one. Her hands were in my hair and on my back as she arched her back more. She was begging me to fuck her. The hand that was on her nipple went further down, while my mouth went back up to her neck and then her mouth. I slipped two fingers between her lips and felt how wet she was from wanting me so badly. I rubbed those fingers over her clit and she let out a loud moan. I could tell she was extremely sensitive, and I was taking it all in. I continued rubbing her clit, first back and forth, then circles around it. I kept getting faster and she kept getting louder. The louder she got, the more her nails dug in, and I loved every second of excitement. I put my free hand on her lower back to help keep her steady, while my body pinned against her kept her on her feet. The hot water running over us added to the sensations, and made it more intense.

The closer I could feel her getting to cumming, the harder I pressed as I rubbed her clit. The faster I rubbed, back and forth. Just as I felt like she was about to cum, I slid those two fingers inside, hard and fast. I felt her tighten around me as she let nilüfer escort bayan out a scream and arched her back again. I held my hand in one place as her body shuddered and I knew she just had her first orgasm.

Then I started sliding my fingers in and out, slowly at first. Then I began thrusting harder and faster. I kept kissing her and biting her in her favorite spots, her lip, her ear, and her nipples. As I continued thrusting in and out, I kept my fingers arched inside her so that I was running across her g spot which each in and out motion. Her arms were around my neck and I could feel her legs going weak. I continued my strokes, letting my thumb hit her clip with every thrust inside of her. All at once her muscles tightened around my fingers and her legs gave out. I held her up as her body rocked with an explosive orgasm. After she relaxed, I removed myself from her and just kissed her as her breathing returned to normal.

We had been together many times now, and each time was amazing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and neither of us wanted it any other way. We weren’t afraid to explore or try new things, whatever, whenever were words we lived by with each other.

We finished in the shower and grabbed towels to dry off with, as we headed to the bedroom. I was standing next to the bed, facing away from it, drying off. She crawled onto the bed, kneeling behind me and slipped her hand under my towel. She ran her hand up my thigh – slowly, intentionally. She ran her fingers on the outside of my lips, careful to not touch my clit. Then she continued up my stomach until she had my nipples between her fingers. I put my arm behind me, on her neck and a moan escaped my lips. Her other hand was on my hips, holding me closer to her. My towel fell as I gave up trying to keep myself covered. I could feel the small patch of hair on my ass as she was grinding against me. She had one hand still working my nipples and massaging my beasts, while the other was rubbing my side, then stomach, then over my lips. I couldn’t take anymore, but bursa otele gelen escort bayan she wasn’t letting me have any control over what happened or when it happened. My pussy was so wet I could feel it on the inside of my thighs.

I still had one hand on her neck as she was kissing me, but the waiting was killing me, so I slid my other hand down my stomach and between my legs. I let two fingers slid in between my lips and started rubbing my clit. My moans got heavier and I wanted to cum so hard. Just as I got close, she pulled my hand away.

She got off the bed and stood in front of me, barely missing a beat. She continued touching my everywhere. Then she tasted kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears. She pushed me backwards so I was laying on the bed. She straddled me, pushing her pussy down onto mine. She started grinding against me, letting our clits push against each other. Then she moved down kissing lower on my neck, in my cleavage, on my nipples, then my stomach. She bit the inside of my thigh, and I thought my head would explode with anticipation of her tongue inside me.

She quickly flicked her tongue between my lips and started sucking up all my juices. Her tongue flicked hard and fast against my clit. She continued eating my as I buried my hands in her hair and raised my hips to her mouth, creating more pressure. She fucked me with her tongue and my body trembled as I lost it and she liked up all my cum. As she was lacking me clean, she slid two fingers into me and began feeling me on the inside. I was instantly wet all over again. Her mouth met mine as she continued swirling her fingers inside me. She’d pull out, thrust, then twirl. She did this over and over as I moaned and my body trembled. I couldn’t remember ever being as wet as I was right now. She pulled out again, but this time slipped a third finger in before the next thrust. A loud moan came out as she thrust in me as hard and fast as she could. I was so full, the pressure so intense, but all I wanted was more. She thrust in and out hard and fast, my hips continuing to meet her hand. Harder and faster, suddenly I squeezed her fingers and came as hard as I could. I felt my juices run out of me. She bit my lip and pushed her body against mine as we rode out the waves together.

She collapsed on top of me and we both smiled as we drifted off into a satisfied nap in each other’s arms. The only place I cared to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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