Sara and Callie Ch. 02 – Pt. 01

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**A work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to any known person or people, location or event is purely coincidental. All characters are works of fiction and are depicted as 18 years of age or older**


She nearly drooled as she watched. She was captivated by the tiny, glistening buttplug she was slowly inserting into her step-daughters/sisters/lovers young virgin butt. She pushed hard and watched with lust filled fascination as the tiny unused hole stretched inward, impossibly far before the tight ring gave way, quickly sliding back outwards just barely to devour the slight bulge of the buttplug. A slight crackling, popping sound from the lube as it bunched up against the constricted little anal rim. As though the asshole was stuffed so full that not even liquid could get in there. As soon at the thickest part of the bulge, barely two fingers wide, had been slowly pushed inwards, her anus snapped right back to shape, young, and taut like an elastic.

Albeit now with a small, circular, purple, silicone base in it. Then it was pushed it in deeper, before being pulled out again, slow and steady, the edge of the toy reappearing from the twitching asshole wet and glistening, growing in size as it reemerged from the gripping, virgin, anal ring. Her clenching hole sliding down the incline of the expensive silicone toy, then Sara pushed it in one last time a little too hard, eliciting,

“Mmmmph! Mummy it feels so BIG!”

Callie was bent over her step-mother/sister/ lover Sara in the new $8000 whirlpool spa tub purchased by her husband, Callie’s father Greg, as form of apology for his constant over-seas travel. He and Sara had video-sexted one night and afterwards she had mentioned her back was a little sore. 18 hours later it had been professionally installed in their bedroom, big enough for 4. And now for the last couple Saturdays with Greg still away it had become a sexual refuge for Sara and Callie the former seated in the tub while the latter was on her hands and knees astride her as though waiting for a spanking as opposed to the intrusion. Sara couldn’t believe she’d gotten his far didn’t want to push her luck and fully extracted the spotless, little toy from Callie’s unbelievably tight ass.

“See!? It wasn’t so bad!” She exclaimed gleefully, trying to sell the young girl on anal.

“Yea it kinda felt weird, but also felt kinda nice!” Callie brightly admitted

“What did the girls at school say?”

The two young women, Callie 18 by just a few weeks and Sara 26 but worlds more mature from her city upbringing as opposed to Callie’s rural one, lounged together in the new tub. Sara seeming to know whether her new young step-daughter needed a mom, a sister, a best friend or more. Callie was so shy and so impossibly, breath-takingly, strikingly beautiful. Most boys and even grown men were too intimidated to talk to her and she made most girls jealous, simply by being around. So with that and her new arrival to the city she had few friends. So they both looked forward to the Saturday morning beauty regimen where they bathed their naked, shiny bodies together in the tub. Which always sparked some sexual talk and then some form of sexual play.

“Well I overheard them in the change room in P.E. the other day and Kaitlyn. M said that Kailtyn. P tried it with her boyfriend and didn’t like it. But Allie did it with her boyfriend and liked it but he has a small thingy, but mostly the girls say that only dirty sluts like It up the ass.”

“Well some girls, like me, really, really like it in the butt! Does that make me a dirty slut!?” Sara asked jokingly, incredulously.


Sara opened her mouth in mock outrage then lunged at the little girl the two of them tickling, twisting, giggling until Sara had pinned her into the corner of the tub and forced herself upon Callie deeply kissing her loving the way the girl gave in quickly to her sexual advances.

“Well this dirty slut has a big surprise for you…”

“Yeah?” Callie replied, interested.

Sara continued, “You know the concert you wanted to go to this Saturday? L’il Grip or whatever?”

“Yeah the tickets sold out in like, 5 minutes…” Callie answered with a dejected pout.

“I got 2 tickets.”

“What! Really!! – But how…?”

“And 2 backstage passes.”

“MUMMA! Oh. My. God. THANK-YOU!!” She squealed, lunging towards Sara peppering her face and lips with kisses while mumbling that she loved her. It made Sara’s pussy swell. She had such lewd plans ahead for them both. There was something about Callie’s naivete that made Sara feel the need to corrupt her, make her a little slutty partner in crime. Sara had few female friends, she had always been more of a ‘guy’s girl’ preferring the simpler pleasures of men to the endless gossipy, cattiness of most women. The few girlfriends she had were back home or elsewhere in the country. She satisfied her boredom, loneliness and lust by grooming her step-daughter for sexual fun and servitude. She also loved it when Callie called her ‘Mom or ‘Mumma’ as she usually did.

Sara reached Kıbrıs Escort over the edge of the tub where she had placed a small basket of her waterproof toys “Here…” she said, a handing the girl a much larger buttplug, “My turn!”

They quickly swapped places, Sara now on her hands and knees on the small bench built into sides of the tub. Callie sitting on it beneath her.

“MUMMA!” she wailed, making Sara wet. “It’s HUGE!! How is it even gonna fit in your?…And I don’t even know how to like, put it in!..” She appealed. She was staring at the huge purple silicone toy Sara had just dropped in her hands. Twin bulbs lined it’s semi-rigid 8″ length. A smaller one near the tip then a larger one near the circular base, which was just large enough for Callie’s tiny fingers to grip.

“Just do like I did it to you baby…I really like it! Slow pumps and then push hard ’til it pops in!”

In actuality Sara did really like it but was quite worried as she hadn’t had anal in quite sometime, usually keeping it nice and tight for Greg and once every in a while for the senior partners at her job. This time she’d been so busy fucking around with Callie that hadn’t had any dick at all since he left on his current business trip.

Their relationship though strange worked quite well, their time together was limited and precious, so there was plenty of time, expense and care lavished upon both Callie and Sara when Greg was home. They didn’t squabble about the little things, they both made good money (though Greg considerably more.) She kept his large home in order while he was gone, bills were paid, the home was well maintained and of course Callie was well cared for. And Callie did her best to understand the mechanics of their open relationship. That Sara and her Father could have sex with others while he was away, once in a while to keep both of their enormous near insatiable sex drives in check. When he was home it was just the two of them, aside from the one orgy and a couple drunken threesomes.

The toy was larger than anticipated and Callie’s timidness played a role, the slippery toy squirting around Sara’s practiced but nervous butthole. Finally she reached back herself and lined things up. The she looked Callie in the eye and said,

“Fuck Mumma’s Ass!”

Callie breathing hard, turned on, somehow more wet than the tub she was sitting in, slowly powered the big plug into Sara’s ass. Sara’s anus cautiously accepted lubed silicone tip,

“Push, baby. Hard!”

Callie, was worried, but pushed a little more. The first of bulges popped in Sara’s asshole, however the thicker bulb near the base of the plug didn’t seem to want to go in.

“Mmmm Fuck me with it baby, pop it in and out… Faster honey.”

Callie sped up her pumping holding onto one of Sara’s round asscheeks for support as she started firing the first of the orbs in and out of Sara’s ass, the wet squelching sounds and rhythmic lapping of the water along the edge of the lavish tub made Callie hornier, she started to drool with the hypnotic stimuli, but mostly it was making her horny just seeing Sara’s ass expertly grip and release at the toy as she moaned and twitched. Callie content that she could cause so much anal pleasure for her especially now that she knew how it felt herself.

“Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, gimme it all baby — shove it in!”

“Mummaaaaa…” Callie’s worried squeal. Not understanding that a trained ass that liked dick would be able to take the larger, thicker bulge with enough force but it stopped at the ring. Her ass already full of the first half.

“Push it. Fuck me in the ass sweetheart it’s okay — I..I like to be hurt.” She was pretty sure Callie wouldn’t understand that but pushed hard anyway. It hurt more than Sara was ready for, then she seemed to remember how to take an ass fucking properly and relaxed just enough for her bum to gobble up that second larger, thicker, silicone bulb of the dildo.

“Mumma you did it!” Exclaimed Callie, surprised. Proud.

“Keep fucking me! Fuck Mommy’s tight l’ll bumhole honey!”

Callie went ahead and started fucking almost all the way out and all the way back in, hard, fast. Sara’s anus riding those humps like a rollercoaster, up and down, one small, one big, inhaling them, before Callie yanked them back out and shoved them right back in again. Sara monitoring the young girl’s skill, her dirty plans to turn her into her little sex slave fuck doll were coming along and ass fucking someone with a dildo was one of the many skills she decided Callie would need and she was good at it too! Easing the large object in and out smoothly. Sara’s spine twitching and tingling from the thrusts Callie was giving her as well as the reassuring little kisses she was getting her on her back. Almost as though Callie was apologizing for ass plowing her so hard even though Sara kept screaming for more.

There was more pain than pleasure, she bit her lip turned her head so Callie wouldn’t see her eyes start to tear up. But she needed the practice. Because of what had happened 2 days Lefkoşa Escort ago…

Sara was at work, it was the quarterly end and the partners were all over in the conference and break rooms getting drunk early and celebrating. She was at her desk near the front doing some actual legitimate work for a change. Though her presence would be required soon because if it was a good quarter they’d want to grope and grab and squeeze at her and if it was bad quarter they’d want to grope and grab and squeeze at her. She didn’t mind the attention, she’d try to play it off or act all coy but it made her wet to have all these powerful lawyers squeeze and molest her and they paid a lot of money for her to do very little otherwise.

Then Dev came in. He was tall, black, powerful, scary but handsome he had the vibe of a gangster maybe trying to go legit, which is why he was an office supply sales rep. He flirted every time, she reciprocated every time. He had some paperwork to sign off. Then he smiled asked if she was all alone. She smiled and blushed giggling like an idiot as she arched her back and pushed her big tits in his direction. She explained they were getting drunk and celebrating over in the conference room. He leaned over towards her to get a better look, then he paused, turned his head,

“Who’s THAT!!?”

“Huh? Oh…” She noticed he was looking at the photo collage she had framed and put on her desk earlier that day. It featured her and Callie in micro matching string bikini’s. One of the many gifts from Sara for Callie’s 18th birthday recently. The photos were mostly them in their backyard hot tub making funny faces and kissy faces during selfies, a few cute, tame kisses on the cheeks were also pictured. Some of the images featured them hugging, their large breasts crushed together. A few other photos were from their sexy, date night when Sara took them to fanciest restaurant in town dressed like two high class escorts. She held her hand on the way in and acted like they were on a date, they almost made the waiter spill the wine when Sara leaned over and causally kissed Callie and squeezed her tit. A few other photos featured them lounging around in nearly nothing and one last tiny photo down in the bottom corner, very, very small, you had to know exactly where to look, and blended in with the background was a small selfie that showed a topless Callie looking up at the camera biting her bottom lip and just below you could see Sara sucking those perfect little tits. It gave her a secret thrill throughout the day to look at it.

Sara thought Callie’s tits were perfect the way they were, fresh, pert, soft 32C’s. But Callie still wanted to get the surgery that would give her and Sara matching DD’s. Sara’s plastic surgeon Dr. Nels was on vacation for now and Callie could barely wait for him to get back. She snapped back to what Dev had just asked her,

“Oh- um that’s my step-daughter.”

“Damn! She sorta look like you too.”

“Yeah, we get that a lot!” She smiled at the sentiment as it was true, they did get mistaken for sisters quite often and it thrilled the both of them. She wanted to fuck him, needed to fuck him. She hadn’t been laid in weeks outside her fun with Callie. She was running the girl through her paces, but she wasn’t advanced enough to put on a big strap-on and really fuck her, not yet anyway and it wasn’t quite the same regardless so she really needed to just be taken, just totally used. She had an idea, the office was fairly large and divided in half and the celebrations were all happening in the east wing. “Um — have you seen the whole office? – Like um, have you had the tour?”

He could practically smell her pussy.

“Nah.” He smiled.

She grabbed her purse and his hand and quickly led him to the back of the west area of the office. There were two old rooms in the back being renovated, the lights were off, the workers long gone and there was plastic sheeting up to keep dust out of the rest of the office. They quickly disappeared into the disused dark office, she spun and hugged him, his hands went to her generous ass-cheeks he moaned as he squeezed them and gave them quick little spanks. They kissed hungrily she pressed her huge tits into his hard chest, he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the desk.

“Baby, we gotta be fast!” She managed to blurt out between kisses.

“Lemme see these titties.” He whispered and deftly they undid the front of each others shirts but left them on, she pulled the shirt off his shoulders to see more of him and in the dim light she ran her lacquered fingers down the front of his perfectly sculpted chest and stomach and moaned as she did so.

Quickly they undid his pants, frenzied and hurried she couldn’t wait, shot her hand down the front of his underwear beneath his jeans, she gasped at the size of it, a large uncoiling mass in his briefs. He managed to drop his pants and take it out, and in the dim light it looked like a gigantic black snake slowly rising up, stiffening as it sensed its prey. Bobbing and Magosa Escort weaving with Dev’s quickened pulse.

“Suck it, bitch.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice, she dropped to her knees and took stock of it, definitely the biggest she’d had, and she’d had some big ones but this was something else. Her mouth watered and she put it to good use salivating onto the bulbous brown helmet and sliding her lips down after it. Even in her horny state she knew she wouldn’t get the whole thing in her mouth and her pussy was already quivering at the thought of being split open by this monster. She gulped and gagged her way down it anyway and he seemed more than happy to help out with a big black hand in her big blonde hair forcing her face further down his dick.

“Yeah, yeah balls deep bitch!” He mumbled, lost in the ecstasy of her mouth, his head rolled back. “Lemme fuck you now.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice as he pulled her up by the hair held her in front of him, this time he took stock of her, definitely the biggest, nicest tits he’d ever played with so far and he returned to mauling and molesting those big globes smiling as he did, then he bent over to suck the nipples again, enjoying their instant stiffening. She had grabbed her purse for a reason, she always had a condom in there for when she got lucky, she also kept an extra large one too in case she got really lucky. He reluctantly put it on, only after she had coaxed him by saying it was so big it scared her and then she made him stick a finger inside her. She was tight enough to break it off.

He spun her around and pushed her over the desk, peeled the tiny skirt up, peeled the tiny soaking strip of her thong aside. He shoved half of it in hard and without preamble, she screamed out then immediately bit her bottom lip for silence.

It wouldn’t have been the end of her job if she got caught, but she knew the firm collectively thought of her as ‘their’ girl. And it wouldn’t be a good idea to fuck some outsider in ‘their’ office. But the sheer ferocity of his assault and the size of his member made it nearly impossible to be quiet. Her tiny fingers going knuckle white as she gripped the desk for stability. She bit her bottom lip and tried to relax her lower half. He pulled nearly all the way out and pushed in again slower, deeper. She leaked down her legs. He began a casual yet powerful retinue of thrusts forcing himself a little deeper every time, a little faster every time. Harder. Rougher. She came the first time in a silent shudder, yelping out just a little, a primal response. And a second time when his wide thumb disappeared up her ass.

“Lemme fuck that ass.”

“NOOO!….” she hissed “You’re way too BIG, Um, Daddy…” Hoping to trigger him to cum soon.

“C’mon. White bitches love it.”

“Not this time, um maybe, um, next time OKAY!?” She wasn’t sure about committing to fucking him a second time but he really was way too big, she loved anal but it had been too long and he was the biggest she’d ever had. It looked like it would tear her in half.

“Yeah, alright.” A second chance with an assfucking later seemed to brighten his mood and so Sara pushed up from the desk her back against his hard chest arching her incredible ass back at an incredible angle to keep his big dick in her pussy and started slow, tight gyrations of her hips jacking him off with her entire pelvic region. They both moaned low, deep, primitive. She came again shivering and shuddering as he grinned and grunted and plowed her a little deeper. Finally balls deep, they both tensed she reached up and behind her to wrap her arms around his powerful neck as his massive dick triggered such a flood that she needed the support. He assisted, keeping her upright and full of dick by running his large black hands up her slender white torso. Pulling her back against him by gripping her big fake tits.

“Fuck I love these big titties baby — mmmm!” He exclaimed!

Best money she ever spent.

She continued the tight gyrations, he continued the short deep thrusts.

“Aww fuck Daddy! Ohhh your big, black dick feels huge in my tiny l’il pink pussy! Ohhh…” Prompting him to cum soon but it didn’t mean it wasn’t true. “Cum in me Daddy!” She pouted again

He didn’t want to cum in the condom so he told her she had to let him cum all over her face and tits since she didn’t let him fuck her up the ass — this time.

She agreed with, “Yeah Daddy…lemme see all that cum shoot out of that big black dick-all over my titties!” She squealed yet whispered. A perfectly timed uproarious cheer from the other wing of the office as some award or commendation was given seemed to give Dev the last bit of encouragement he needed and he pulled out quickly while grabbing Sara by the hair and shoving her into a kneeling position, she shook off the rest of her shirt. Dev ripped off the condom and shoved his dick back into her warm wet mouth for 2 pumps before extracting it and firing a huge load all over her huge tits it splashed and pooled all over the shelf she formed by arching her back and lifting her tits up as an offering to him. He tensed and moaned as hot wet rope after hot wet rope splashed all over her face, dripping off her chin to join the rest of it on her breasts. He moaned low and deep and squeezed the last few shots out. One hitting her cheek the other, the floor.

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