Sara and Lee

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April Aniston

Sara was watching Game Day close down, everyone said their goodbyes and gave hugs. Lee came back from out of the bathroom and stood by her husband. It struck Sara how much they looked like each other, if she didn’t know they were married she would have thought they were brother and sister. Lee reached out for his hand and squeezed it. Then she looked at Sara and said, “Lets make these guys days! Give me a hug.” She embraced Lee and wiggled a bit for everyone’s general amusement. It was six guys and two token girls that showed up, six life-long gamers that probably didn’t have any real life experience with girl on girl action, only what they had downloaded and dreamed. Sara was playing it to the hilt. Lee patted her on the back and hug her to herself. It was nice and then they broke.

Lee said she was going home and slyly said that Sara was free to join her, as she swiped a stranded curl from her face. Sara said she had to take Joe home; she was his ride. Lee smiled and said, okay. She left shortly after wards with her husband and Kit, they were going to drop her off at home, then go to a RPG group they attended weekly. Lee looked tired and said she was going to go home to rest, maybe surf the Internet a bit. She looked a little pale, Sara noted.

On the way to Joe’s house, she thought about Lee’s offer while listening to Joe talk about random things. She knew Lee was a bisexual and her hubby condoned it but she just hadn’t found the right person yet, he had said as he patted her thigh. Sara couldn’t understand why, Lee was attractive in a way, a nice smile, long dark blond curly hair and great tits and ass, or so she had heard from many of the guys at the Gaming group, when she wasn’t there. Sara was smaller than Lee by a size or two, had a nice chest of her own and long brown straight hair and large brown eyes. Still..there was something about the way she said it, it was almost a dare… Sara smiled.

She let Joe off at home, stopping her car and getting out to give him a hug. He was a good friend that she had known since he worked at a local department store. He was always really nice to her and offered her the best discounts when he could. He was let off when the company was sold and had a hard time finding a job for awhile. He lived with his mother still and Sara thought it was kinda creepy, but he was still a good friend.

She waved as she pulled out of the driveway and directed herself the way she had come. Somewhere on the main thoroughfare, she decided to stop by Lee’s house and see if she was up. If not, she would just walk away, go home and release her frustrations with her vibrator. çankaya escort The closer she got to their house, the more she thought about it–the wetter she became.

She had had experiences with girls before, it wasn’t what she thought she was going to experience when she got to Lee’s, if she was still up, but it was something. One of her co-workers had kissed and hugged her in the spring behind the Operations building during lunch break. In college, she had been fingered by a Psych professor that had constantly sat her in the front row, this was probably because she had a penchant for short skirts and wearing no underwear. She aced the class as she remembered but that was all she was able to bring herself to do with the older woman. Sara had looked at other girls but had never had the nerve to ask them to do anything. Lee’s remark had taken her completely off guard and showed her exactly how much she wanted to try something. She was grinning as she pulled into their driveway.

Sara put the car in park as she cut the engine. She could see a light on in the den, Lee must have not been able to sleep after all. She walked up the walkway and knocked on the door gently. A minute later, Lee opened it. Her hair was a bit more disorderly than before but she was wearing the same outfit as before. Ambient music flowed through the house to the doorway where they were both standing. Lee smiled broadly. Wordlessly, she opened the door so Sara could come in. She shut the door and leaned against it, still smiling. Her eyes asked the question that her mouth wouldn’t trust itself with. Sara answered it by reaching over to her, sliding her hand down her side and across cupping her ass. Her other hand rubbed her breast and slid up her neck, pushing her neck up and meeting her lips with it. Sara could smell Lee’s breath, honey-like as she met her lips. They kissed, slowly at first, running their hands over each other as their tongues explored each others mouth. Lee reached for her sweater and tunneled under it with her slightly cold hands, Sara giggled at the shock. She found her bra and undid it. Sara’s sizable breasts popped forth under the sweater and Lee massaged them to points. She smiled and pushed the shirt up to look at them. Lee gasped as she pulled down the purple lace bra to uncover them. “They are so excited…” she said. Sara pushed the left one forward suggestively and Lee nodded, bending to take it in her mouth. It was Sara’s turn to gasp as she was sucked and prodded with Lee’s tongue. She opened her circles to included the whole breast and then moved to keçiören escort the other one as soon as she revealed it. Sara was finding it harder and harder to keep standing, she dug her feet in further apart for more support. Lee took this as an invitation to work lower and busied the fingers of her right hand with burrowing under Sara’s skirt, her hands were no longer cold. Sara whimpered slightly and Lee stopped. What, baby? she asked.

Sara looked embarrassed as she told her it was hard to stand and experience the pleasure she was receiving. Lee bit her lip and apologized for being thoughtless and asked her if the couch would be okay. Sara nodded but suggested the bedroom because it was where she really wanted to be. Lee blushed, took her hand and lead her upstairs to the bedroom, they passed the room where the music was coming from and continued. Sara liked the rhythm of the music and didn’t want it to be turned off anyway. The bed was huge and covered is sheets, blankets and pillows in dark colors, it looked inviting. Lee sat her down on the edge of the bed, got a pillow and placed it on the hardwood floor, then kneeled. Sara leaned forward, offering her breasts after she had taken off the sweater and opened her legs to accommodate Lee’s body. They kissed again and Lee rubbed her back. When they broke, she asked Sara, “Was this better?” Sara nodded and kissed her again excitedly, opening herself further. Lee cupped both breasts together and sucked them both, making Sara cry and bite her lip. Lee’s tongue sucked and teased Sara’s nipples in a manner and patience that no man had ever had with her. Lee’s right hand again worked under her skirt and up her thigh to her wet panties. She heard a giggle from Lee when she reached them and slid her fingers under them to her warm wet pussy. Sara pushed it forward, reaching the edge of the bed with her ass, her legs were wide open now and she wanted anything Lee would give her.

Lee released her breasts and pushed her down into the comfy bed, it was like laying on clouds and she was partially raised so she could see Lee kissing her stomach and working her way down to where she was needed most. Sara closed her eyes and toyed with her nipples half-heartedly, they were already so hard and excited. Lee tugged at her skirt and panties, in turn and got them off gently. Sara giggled, nervous that she was fully exposed and was about to do something she had only dreamed of before. Lee’s fingers entered her first, exploring and caressing her warm wet places. It was tight with need, Sara hadn’t had a boyfriend in a little etimesgut escort over a year and it showed. She cried loudly when Lee’s wet warm little tongue found her clit and wrapped itself around it. Sara spread her legs even farther apart, willing Lee to go deeper, deeper, deeper into her. Offering herself up to her tongue and whatever she wanted to do to her. Sara began to pinch her own nipples harder and cry as Lee sped up the tempo of her thrusts. Each one fully in and out of Sara’s hot wet pussy, each time making more wetness so when she reached the deepest she could thrust her fingers her cream oozed from her greedy hole. Sara rocked to the rhythm Lee created from the music that floated through from the den across the hall. She began to moan as her point of pleasure gathered itself under and inside of her. Lee’s tongue sucked at her clit gently, nurturing it with soft strokes while the pressure kept her erect and wanting more. She was so fucking wet and ready now, it was going to happen any moment now…and it stopped.

Sara opened her eyes and looked at Lee, who was standing before her. Her body thrumbed with the impending orgasm, still the wetness flowed out of her in a steady small stream. Lee undressed slowly and reached a hand down for Sara to pick her up. She did so easily, Sara was like a wet towel and shocked at the interruption. Sorry, Lee mumbled and positioned herself on the pillow sitting, with her legs wide open and Sara’s feet between them. Sara put her feet under Lee’s knees and allowed herself to be guided onto her tongue. It was hard to stand up but she managed as Lee’s warm wetness prodded her clit again and her fingers found their way once again to her deepest wet areas. Lee slipped her tongue into her finger’s place as she worked her fingers into her own excited pussy, finger-fucking herself. They fell into the old rhythm and Lee alternated between Sara’s feverish wet hole and her swollen clit as she kept up working on herself. Sara lost control and bucked her hips so Lee could push her tongue deeper deeper deeper and cried as she came onto her prodding warmth in a flood of wetness. Lee took it all in and licked it up gratefully as Sara shook with the effort of standing and coming at the same time. Sara closed her eyes and felt the rhythm that Lee was keeping in herself, soon she was whimpering in the force of coming herself.

Sara opened her eyes and looked down at Lee’s come and sweat-drenched face, she smiled back at her while she licked her fingers. “Thank you” she said breathlessly to Lee. “Thank you,” she said back. Then they both jumped as Lee’s husband boomed, “I thought I would find you two here!!” Sara fell on the bed in shock and seated herself with Lee underneath her leaning against the mattress. He was smiling and had an erection sticking out from his pants. There was no knowing how long he had been there but it seemed like awhile…

Oh no, here we go again, thought Sara and how right she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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