Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 08

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All girls in this chapter are 18 years-old and seniors in high school.


It was the day of the Fall Sports Awards Assembly. Each team at the school was giving their best player an award for all the hard work they put in during the fall season. Every Fall athlete was there and so were the cheerleaders.

Sarah sat at the table with her volleyball teammates. She was wearing a little black dress that was strapless and tight on her body. It was much more revealing than anything she normally wore, but it was a special occasion and she wanted to look amazing just in case she won an award. She didn’t think she would win, but she knew there was a chance.

The head volleyball coach approached the podium. “I would like to present this season’s volleyball MVP to an exceptional girl. She transferred here from another school, but she wasted no time becoming a leader and captain of our team. She’s an all A student and she led our team to the playoffs. Everybody give a big applause to Sarah!”

Everyone stood up and cheered as Sarah walked to the podium to receive her award. Sarah almost shed a tear as she realized all her hard work had paid off. She accepted her award and gave a modest speech, giving all the credit to her coaches and teammates. The audience was so happy for her and everyone was cheering. Everyone but one person. One of the cheerleaders.

Britney stood there, jealous of her arch-rival’s success. As the other cheerleaders applauded, Britney could do nothing but stand there and envy the love and attention that Sarah was getting.

One of the other cheerleaders, Courtney, was really impressed. “Isn’t she awesome?” she asked Britney.

“No!” snapped Britney.

Courtney was a cute little blonde with bright blue eyes. She wore bright red lipstick that matched her bubbly personality. “What’s wrong with Sarah?” she asked.

“Just shut up Courtney!” responded Britney. She was always rude to the fellow 18-year old cheerleader.

Mariah, an 18-year old Asian cheerleader, chimed in. “Yeah, shut up Courtney. If Brit doesn’t think she’s great, then she’s not great.” She always followed Britney’s lead.

Courtney was seething in anger. She was growing tired of having to agree with everything Britney said. Courtney was also jealous that Britney was the captain of the cheerleading squad.

Britney was getting tired of Courtney as well. She liked Mariah more, since she was a better follower. Britney was also growing weary of Courtney’s jealousy, and wanted to make sure she stayed in her place.

While everyone was celebrating and adoring Sarah’s accomplishments, Britney was letting your jealous nature get the best of her. She went to her social media page and immediately badmouthed the successful brunette.

“She wasn’t pretty enough to be a cheerleader, so she played volleyball.”

“I guess the coach pities her enough to give her the MVP.”

“The volleyball team sucks anyways lol.”

When the banquet was over, Britney immediately stormed off, still jealous of the attention Sarah was receiving. This didn’t go unnoticed. Some of Sarah’s teammates noticed Britney’s behavior and did some investigating. As Sarah was leaving the banquet, two of her teammates caught up to her. It was her friends Samantha and Elizabeth. They found the nasty things that Britney posted, and they wanted to show Sarah.

Of course, there was an immediate reaction of anger from Sarah. But she wasn’t surprised. After everything the two rivals had been through, how could Sarah expect anything less? “Don’t worry,” said Sarah. “I’m going to take care of her.”

“Are you sure?” asked Elizabeth.

“Yeah, going to talk to her,” responded Sarah.

“Make her pay for talking shit about our team,” said Samantha.

“I will Sam,” Sarah assured.

Sarah got in her car and immediately headed to the blonde bitch’s house.

When Sarah arrived, she got out of the car and went straight to the door. She knocked several times before Britney answered. The blonde had already changed out of her outfit from the banquet.

“What do you want?” asked Britney, with an attitude.

“What the hell is your problem?” asked Sarah.

“I just got home, what could you possibly be talking about?” asked Britney.

“I saw what you wrote about me online,” answered Sarah. “And the volleyball girls saw it too.”

Britney began laughing. “What’s the problem? I was right, wasn’t I?”

“Why would you ruin my big moment?” asked Sarah.

“I’m tired of everyone talking about how much they love you,” Britney yelled, as she folded her arms.

“So, you’re jealous of the attention I’m getting?” asked Sarah.

“No!” yelled Britney. “I just don’t think you deserve it!”

“Well you can talk crap about me, but I won’t let you talk about my friends,” said Sarah.

“And what if I don’t stop?” asked Britney.

“You know I’m not afraid of kicking your ass again,” answered Sarah.

Britney challenged Sarah. “Come to my room and try it!”

Sarah Avrupalı porno was caught off guard. “What? Right now?”

“Yeah, right now!” demanded the blonde. “My parents are gone for the weekend.”

“Wait, I can’t right now,” said Sarah.

“Why not?” asked Britney, with attitude. “Are you going to chicken out?”

Sarah was embarrassed. “No, it’s just I’m wearing a tight dress, and I need to change.”

Britney laughed in Sarah’s face. “So, you challenged me, and you can’t even back it up?”

“You know I can!” Sarah demanded. “But I can’t fight in this!”

The blonde cheerleader laughed even harder. “Ok then, just run away little girl,” she teased. “Run away, like a little bitch.”

Those words infuriated Sarah. “Fine! Let’s do it!”

The two rivals went into Britney’s room, where they battled so many times before. Sarah remained in her small black dress, but she took off her heels. Britney had already changed into a white tank top and red short shorts.

Sarah threw a fit, once again. “Just let borrow some shorts!” she demanded. “I can’t fight in this dress!”

“No!” screamed Britney. She walked over to Sarah and slapped her in the face.

Sarah yelped in pain, shocked at the audacity of the blonde bitch. She returned the favor by slapping Britney back. The blonde was infuriated, and the catfight was on.

Sarah threw Britney to the floor and jumped on top of her. As both girls grabbed each other’s hair and began rolling around, Sarah’s dress started riding up and revealed her hot little ass. The brunette was quick to grab her dress and cover her ass back up.

Sarah got on top of Britney and began slapping her in the face several times. Britney screamed like a little bitch, trying to cover up. But Sarah was unforgiving and landed several slaps on the blonde’s head and face.

The brunette backed off Britney so she could grab her shorts. Sarah pulled Britney’s little shorts down, revealing her neon pink panties. Britney squirmed and kicked her legs as her rival pulled the shorts completely off.

Britney got to her hands and knees to crawl away from the brunette. Sarah tried to land smacks on the blonde’s cute little ass as she crawled, but Britney successfully got away. Britney and Sarah once again grabbed each other by the hair and threw themselves onto the bed. As they rolled around, Sarah was once again very determined to not let her dress reveal her ass. Britney noticed Sarah’s focus was on her dress and decided to take advantage of the situation.

As the two rivals got to their knees, locked into a hair pulling contest, Britney decided to make a bold move. She let go of Sarah’s long dark hair and turned her focus to the dress. She began pulling Sarah’s tight black dress up around her waist. Sarah was shocked at the blonde’s surprise move and Britney was shocked at what was revealed.

Underneath Sarah’s small black dress, she was wearing a tiny black G-string. Britney had never seen Sarah in such sexy and revealing panties before. Sarah’s face grew red with embarrassment as she attempted to push her dress back down. But Britney wasn’t going to let that happen. She grabbed Sarah’s dressed and worked it back up to her waist, causing her ass to wiggle out.

“Nooo,” moaned Sarah. “I’m wearing a thong!” She was embarrassed to be seen in a G-string. But she had to wear a thong so her pantie line wouldn’t show through her tight dress.

As Sarah tried to cover her ass up, Britney once again didn’t allow it. She pushed Sarah’s dress up even further, causing more embarrassment for the thong cladded brunette.

“You’re wearing a thong!” Britney said.

“Ugh stop!” moaned Sarah. “I had to wear it under this dress!”

As Sarah struggled against Britney to get her dress back down, the blonde landed a hard smack on her exposed ass.

“OW!” yelped Sarah. The pain from Britney’s hand landing plush on her bare ass cheek shocked her.

Britney realized that Sarah was losing her grip. She pushed Sarah’s dress up even further before landing another hard smack on her ass. Sarah finally realized the pain was too much. She gave up on covering her exposed ass with her dress. As Britney spanked her ass several more times, causing her to scream in pain from each loud smack, Sarah tried to cover her ass with her hands.

Britney then utilized a new technique. Without really thinking it through, she began to rub Sarah’s pussy through her little black thong. Sarah was stunned at the blonde’s assertive maneuver. But Sarah was even more shocked from the intense pleasure that went through her body, as the blonde had her by the crotch.

Paralyzed from the pleasure, Sarah stopped guarding her ass which allowed Britney to land another her spank. But whenever Sarah tried to cover her ass with her hands, Britney began rubbing her pussy again. She was in a state of confusion, going back and forth between screaming in pain and moaning in pleasure.

The blonde bitch then decided to take full sexual control Video porno over her brunette rival. Britney felt the moisture coming through Sarah’s thong. She rubbed the brunette’s pussy even harder as she forced Sarah to make out with her.

Sarah moaned uncontrollably into the blonde’s mouth, as she was forced to continue making out as her pussy was being rubbed. “What…are…you…doing…to me!” whispered Sarah, through her strong moans. She could barely see what the blonde was doing to her, as her eyes kept rolling to the back of her head.

Britney felt the power in her hand of having her rival by the pussy. She heard the moans and saw the intense look in Sarah’s face. Britney was so turned on by Sarah’s little G-string. She wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. She was going to dominate her brunette rival.

Britney continued rubbing against Sarah’s wet pussy. She held the brunette close and softly whispered into her ear, “I’m just giving you a little rub.”

Sarah’s eyes opened wide. At that moment, she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to resist Britney. The blonde was about to dominate her sexually and there was nothing she could do about it. Sarah was paralyzed from the intense sensation of having her pussy rubbed. Then suddenly, she heard Britney’s voice whisper into her ear once again.

“Kiss me.”

Sarah tried her best to stop her moans, but she couldn’t help it. She was faced with a tough decision. Sarah knew if she kissed her arch-rival, she would completely lose control and have no choice but to submit herself to Britney’s sexual control. But even though Sarah knew this, she still really wanted to kiss the blonde. And Sarah couldn’t resist the pleasure Britney was already giving her.

“Kiss me,” whispered Britney, once again. “You know you want to.”

Sarah couldn’t stop herself any longer. She grabbed Britney’s face and kissed her uncontrollably. Although Sarah wildly kissed the blonde, Britney was in full control and dominated Sarah with her tongue. Sarah couldn’t get enough of Britney’s lips. She knew Britney was a good kisser from their past encounters, but this time her kisses were absolutely breathtaking. Sarah crumbled from the sensation that went through her whole body as Britney made out with her. The blonde stood confident and in control as Sarah continued kissing her desperately.

Britney’s dominating demeanor during the kissing turned Sarah on even more. This made it even worse when Britney continued rubbing the brunette’s pussy through the soaking wet G-string. The brunette squirmed and her little butt wiggled as she felt the tingling sensation of Britney’s fingers stimulating her clit.

Britney then grabbed the top of Sarah’s topless dress and pulled it down. Sarah’s beautiful breasts were covered by a sexy black lace bra. She was now wearing her tight little dress like a belt, just wrapped around her waist. But Britney still wasn’t happy. She paralyzed the young brunette by rubbing her pussy with one hand. With her other hand she reached around and unclipped the bra that covered Sarah’s beautiful large breasts.

Not being able to defend herself, Sarah just watched the young blonde rip off her bra, exposing her large tits. She moaned in pleasure and in fear as Britney continued rubbing her wet pussy through her little black thong. She was so vulnerable, in a way she never felt in her life.

Britney was no longer in control of her own actions. Seeing how sexy her brunette rival looked, underneath the dress, was bringing out the animal in her. Those beautiful breasts. That hot ass in her little G-string. The blonde had to take advantage of her rival’s hot body.

She grabbed Sarah by the hair, pulling the brunette over her lap. Britney wouldn’t be able to live with herself unless she gave the naughty brunette a proper spanking while she was in her thong. She smacked her ass HARD, causing Sarah to scream out in pain as her ass jiggled. Her dress wasn’t covering her tits anymore, and Britney watched as they bounced back and forth with every spank.

“OW OW OWWWWW!!” screamed the beautiful brunette, as the blonde pounded her ass with spanks. But nobody could save her. She was a slave to her blonde nemesis, and she was going to receive the spanking of her life.

The loud smacks echoed throughout the room, as Britney’s palm repeatedly made impact with Sarah’s cheeks. The brunette’s entire body jarred back and forth as Britney’s hand connected with her exposed ass. She kicked and screamed, crying for her mommy to have mercy on her tush.


“I’m spanking that ass!” screamed Britney. “This little thong makes me want to spank that ass even harder!” she teased.

The blonde grabbed her little slave and threw her onto the bed. She jumped on Sarah and rubbed her pussy once again. She forced her tongue deep inside the brunette’s mouth, as she kissed her passionately. Sarah moaned intensely as she was dominated like never before. She couldn’t believe how her rival was handling her so easily.

Britney was on top of Sarah, kissing her as she rubbed her pussy. The tingles and sensation caused Sarah to squirm around uncontrollably. But despite Sarah’s squirms, she couldn’t pull herself away from the blonde’s sweet lips. She was the best kisser Sarah had ever encountered. Sarah was hypnotized by her sweet lips.

The blonde flipped Sarah over to her stomach and forced her to her hands and knees. She gave Sarah’s ass a few more hard swats, causing her to fully submit. As Sarah cried out in defeat, she felt a sensation slide into her wet pussy. She looked up quickly to find Britney right beside her, fingering her pussy.

It was all happening so fast. So many emotions and sensations were entering Sarah’s life all in one night. She moaned out deeply as she felt her rival’s finger curling against her G-spot. “AHHHHH!!” Sarah moaned out, feeling the intense sensation.

Britney used her other hand to smack Sarah’s jiggling ass, as the brunette’s pussy was being fingered. Instead of cries of pain, Sarah was now only able to give moans of pleasure, as the overwhelming stimulation left her crumbling for more.

“You like that don’t you baby?” asked Britney, teasing her rival.

“I like it baby!” answered the defeated brunette.

“Yeah you like it when I finger you baby?” teased Britney.

“Yeah I love it baby!” moaned Sarah.

Suddenly, Britney began rubbing the brunette’s hanging tits with her free hand, as she continued to finger Sarah. She took a moment to stroke each one of Sarah’s large breasts, before alternating and stroking the other.

“Oh God!” screamed Sarah, consumed by the new sensation. Chills ran up and down her spine as the blonde was sexually dominating her on all cylinders.

Britney maintained her evil nature, enjoying the chance to dominate the pure brunette. She teased her, with mocking moans to match Sarah’s loud moans of pleasure. The humiliation was too much for Sarah. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“No!” Sarah screamed. “Please stop! I’m going to cum!”

The blonde was not going to stop. She wanted to see her rival crumble to the pleasure. Britney was about to bring out the pure brunette’s naughty side. She was going to keep pleasuring her pussy and tits until she had an intense orgasm, and there was nothing Sarah could do about it.

“Oh, you’re going to cum for me bitch,” responded the blonde. “Yeah you’re going to cum for me really fucking hard aren’t you?! You’re a naughty little girl aren’t you?! Cum for me you naughty little bitch!”

Sarah squirmed on her hands and knees before her body froze. Britney continued the multiple stimulation on Sarah as she realized her fate. The orgasm rushed through her and exploded throughout her body, causing her to release the loudest moan of her life as she felt all the tension release. Chills flowed from her head all the way down to her toes as her body flinched rapidly. Britney was happy to watch the brunette crumble from her touch, breathing and moaning heavily as she finished her off.

Sarah collapsed, face down, as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She was slightly conscious, moaning as her eyes were still rolled back, while Britney continued fingering her G-spot. Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. Her nerve endings had become too sensitive, and she flinched uncontrollably until the blonde finally took mercy on her and gave her a chance to catch her breath.

Sarah’s break was short lived. Britney brought her up to her knees and pulled her black dress over her body. Sarah was in nothing but her little G-string,

“I’m not fucking done with you,” said Britney, She dragged the brunette’s body over her lap once again. “I’m going to spank this ass again!”

“Oh no!” whimpered the defeated brunette. “Not again!” She didn’t even bother trying to resist anymore. The blonde had full control of her, and all she could do was accept her spankings. “OW OW OW OWW!” she screamed to the heavens, as Britney smacked each cheek with even more intensity.

“You might be the volleyball MVP but you’re still my bitch,” said the blonde, as she continued showing no mercy on Sarah’s deep red cheeks. She pulled Sarah’s long dark hair back as she landed the hardest SMACK of her life, causing a loud pop.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Sarah, as she her head popped up from the shock of the perfect smack that landed flush on her bottom. She cried from the complete humiliation that her mommy put her through. But Britney still wasn’t finished. Not even close.

Britney pulled her slave up by her hair, causing Sarah to yelp in pain. She forced the brunette to straddle her, like she was giving a lap dance. Sarah put her arms on Britney’s shoulders, as she stared into her beautiful blue eyes. As Britney stared back into Sarah’s brown eyes, all she could see were tears of defeat. She rubbed Sarah’s ass with both of her hands, teasing and tormenting the brown eyed beauty.

“Give mommy a lap dance,” the blonde ordered.

Sarah didn’t want to obey, but she had no other option. “Yes mommy,” she answered, like an obedient slave. She grinded her pussy up and down Britney’s lap as the blonde had two big grasps of her ass cheeks.

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