Sarah’s Secret Ch. 02

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Sarah was still glowing at the lingering feeling of that anonymous session of the most wonderful sex she had ever experienced, surpassing anything she had ever had in real life and even going beyond the fantasies she dreamed up when she masturbated. She slipped on her silk robe, cool against her skin that still felt the caresses of her mystery lover.

The sound of the front door opening and footsteps in the hall splintered her reverie with a jolt.

“Darling?? I finally made it.”

Ralph’s voice echoed round the marble floor of the hall as he mounted the staircase.

“The traffic was horrendous, the worst I’ve seen! I hope you managed to pass the time darling.”

Sarah stifled a giggle but smiled slowly at her husband, feeling a tingle between her thighs as she recalled the stranger’s lovemaking and the way she had responded to his touch. Ralph will think that I’m smiling because I’m pleased to see him, she thought to herself. I am actually, she added mentally, but not because I want him to make love to me, not now.

“Darling, why don’t you go to bed? I’m still tense from the journey; I’ll have a whisky to help me relax before I join you.”

Sarah needed no encouragement to take off her robe and slip into bed. As she did so, the short silk nightdress rode up to her hips, her legs opened involuntarily and equally automatically her hand cupped her pussy, still wet from the stranger’s cum and her own honey. She tasted both as she sucked her fingers, licking her lips and dreaming as she dozed. Waking intermittently to continue tasting that delicious mixture of the stranger’s cum and her own juices, she moaned softly and long at the memory, turned over under the duvet to see her husband Ralph fast asleep.

She sighed inwardly and decided to get up and shower. The prospect of playing with the warm jets of water, which she could just turn on to give her instant stimulation, was more appealing than trying to arouse Ralph. She enjoyed herself in the bathroom-she sprinkled scented bath oils around; she adjusted the shower head to her favourite setting which had just the right balance of force and tingle on her nipples and clit. She also adjusted the wall jets – some of which were at just the right level so that she could stand with her legs apart in front of them, letting the spray thrill her, while she teased and pulled on her nipples, erect under the shower foam. She let the warm, exciting spray cover her, losing herself in the steam and stimulation of the jets. She brought herself to a point where she felt the orgasm on the point of shaking her. She shuddered as she took herself to the edge and eased off…. then she brought herself close again…and again, experiencing the delightfully teasing sensation of almost reaching a climax time after time. But reluctantly she denied herself the orgasm – she wanted to save herself for the fun she knew she could have later the following day.

She usually went shopping on Thursdays, and over breakfast, as the butler and chauffeur, Simon, served her and Ralph with their coffee, she announced to her husband,

“Ralph dear, I feel I need a really long shopping session today…I feel I need to indulge myself….Simon-can I book you for a ride?……yes?…..good…..we’ll take the Mercedes I think-you like that don’t you?”

She smiled at Simon and caught his eye; she held it a second or too longer than she needed to and half closed her eyelashes as he held her gaze too. As he came around the other side of the table with the coffee pot for her husband, she could see distinctly the bulge in his trousers where his erection was growing after the knowing looks they had exchanged. He was clearly embarrassed as he made his excuse

“Oh dear…the coffee pot’s empty sir…I’ll go and refill it.”

Sarah smiled inwardly to herself, her mind planning her moves, deciding how she was going to get into that handsome man’s trousers…..

The sun was bright and the sky a clear blue as Simon pulled the Mercedes to a halt on the gravel drive in front of the mansion. He got out of the car in his uniform and opened the passenger door for Sarah. She made sure she brushed his arm with hers as she got in and made sure too that a large expanse of thigh showed as her dress rode high when she slipped, with feigned clumsiness, into her seat. Simon stood there, watching, his erection growing quickly. He slipped off his uniform jacket, laid it and his peaked cap carefully on the back seat and with another longing glance at his employer’s thighs, he slid easily into the driver’s seat.

As they pulled out of the drive and onto the open road, Sarah stretched and gave out a long low sigh, opened the top two buttons of her dress and breathed to Simon

“Ohhh…it’s such a lovely day….let’s not go into town just yet….we’ll go for a drive by the sea at Smuggler’s Point-it’ll be so quiet there….and put the roof down Simon please …don’t you just love the feel of the warm summer air on your face, in your hair and over your body?”

Simon did as she asked and half turned olgun porno to see the breeze lifting her long dark hair which was flowing in the wind. She had deliberately and provocatively let her dress ride high so that he could see a large expanse of her very shapely, tanned thighs. In fact he could see quite a lot of the inside of her thighs as she sat there with her knees apart, feeling the air on her legs, playing around under her dress.

“Oh Simon, this is when I feel sorry for you. Men having to wear trousers in weather like this, even shorts would still mean you couldn’t feel what I feel now…the breeze caressing my thighs…and up between my legs…it is just soooo delicious….wouldn’t you like to feel what the air is feeling?”

“Oh Mrs Newton…I don’t know what you mean, I really couldn’t do that…really….,” Simon stuttered.

“Simon-don’t be so silly and shy… let me show you”

With that she reached out for Simon’s hand, gently lifted it off the steering wheel, and held it with hers on her thigh. She let it rest there for a while, feeling the strength in it and making sure that Simon felt the smooth skin of her bare leg, softly moving his fingers over the silkiness of her thigh. She looked at his groin and to her great delight saw the unmistakeable swelling that showed her how much he was enjoying her attentions.

“Simon, I really think you’re enjoying this aren’t you?” she giggled, “let’s see if we can make it even nicer for you.”

Simon started to say something, but his protests were lost in a strangled gasp as Sarah began to move his hand up the inside of her thigh, slowly, very slowly, moving from one thigh to the other, letting his fingers – still held by her hand-play on her skin – arouse her, heightening her sense of anticipation as she moved his hand higher. Simon was responding nicely she thought, he really could be a tender lover, as his fingers gently caressed and massaged her thigh. Now she had a mischievous thought-this will really make him horny-she moved nearer to him in her seat and whispered in his ear.

“Simon …would you like a little present?”

“What do you mean Mrs Newton?”

“Let me show you sweetie….”

She breathed the words with a huskiness in her voice that made very clear how aroused she was.

“But first let me free you…you’re bursting to get out aren’t you?” she whispered, as she reached down and felt for the zip.

“Mrs Newton, please…I can’t do this…please….”

His protests were uttered in a half strangled voice that betrayed the torment in his mind. The need for professionalism and impeccable behaviour in his job fought a battle with the desire welling up in him as this beautiful woman made overtures toward him. She was his employer after all, he could lose his job, but she was so beautiful and sexually desirable. He froze, and unable to resist he kept his eyes straight ahead as he drove.

In a moment she had undone his belt and with a practised flourish unzipped him, found the opening in his boxer shorts and freed his erect cock.

“Oh Simon….such a beauty…mmmm…let me kiss it for you”

She bent down and teasingly kissed him lightly on the head of his erection, then took the head into her mouth, her lips sliding back and forth over the ridge as she stroked his erect shaft. She kept the head in her mouth, sucking as she moved her lips over his glans, pushing the tip of her tongue into the little pee hole, a move which drew an audible gasp from Simon.

“Oh! You like that darling?! I’ll remember that…”

She leaned back in her seat and gave a sensuous moan as she stretched her legs out, moving his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh.

“Nooooow …”

Sarah breathed gutturally, an almost animal sound as he felt her move his hand to the uppermost part of her thigh….as she moved it higher he expected to feel the silk of her panties, but to his astonishment all he felt was cool skin and a smooth strip of soft, downy hair…she wore no underwear and was opening her thighs to him to reveal damp lips as she toyed with his fingers over her pussy.

He gasped audibly and she leaned over to breathe in his ear again

“Yes Simon…I shaved my pussy hair specially for you…and trimmed the landing strip that I left…do you like it?…I’m open and ready for you….play with me….finger me now….please…”

She lowered herself even further in the seat, her hair dancing in the breeze as she lifted her knees so that her dress rode way up her thigh revealing her bare pussy to Simon’s hungry glances. His reservations over the appropriateness of his actions had vanished the moment she placed his hand on her pussy. He now gave himself up completely to the pure sexual pleasure she was offering him. He began to stroke her, dipping his fingers expertly into her to moisten his touch, rubbing his wet fingers in small circles round her clit as she moaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhh Simon…yesss…I love that…mmm stroke it …rub my clit darling…ohhh yes…..”

“Mrs porno Newton…” Simon stammered as his conscience began to rear its head again, “I really think we should stop…”

“Ohhh noooo!!…don’t…don’t… Simon, don’t even think of stopping, this is so good, you’re making me so excited….I’m dripping with pleasure and my pussy is just loving it — don’t you dare stop!!”

“No-I don’t want to stop playing with your clit either, but it’s getting dangerous trying to drive for one thing, and for another, I really want to get my tongue on your clit and my cock inside that pretty little cunt of yours…..begging your pardon of course ma’am.”

He smiled and his eyes twinkled as she met his gaze.

“Oh Simon-pull over into that clearing in the trees just behind the beach-there’ll be no-one there-it’s a secret spot of mine where I go to be alone and……er….think.”

She giggled at the memory of the times she had escaped there alone and sunbathed nude after swimming, feeling the sea caress her and swallow her body, so that she would come out and lie in the sun’s warmth and finger herself languidly to reach a slow, deep climax, hidden from view in the trees. She wanted to have him there in her secret spot, she wanted him urgently, hungrily, to have the extra thrill this time of a real tongue on her clit and a real cock inside her instead of the times she had lain there alone, aching as she came….

Simon dutifully pulled over and parked, hidden from view by the trees. They got out of the car. She stood close to him, reached up and held his face. She kissed him then for the first time, passionately and hungrily as her tongue explored his. He returned her kiss and held her buttocks and hips tightly into his groin so that she could feel his erection pressing against her stomach. He wanted her now, very badly, and with a basic animal need. She felt it too and whispered very simply

“Fuck me now Simon…I want your cock …come into me NOW!!”

He lifted her dress and felt between her legs for her wet inviting pussy. He pushed her against the side of the car, easing her legs wide apart and lifting her dress up around her hips. She barely had time to feel the pleasure of the breeze on her hungry pussy before he was in her, deep and hard. She was ready, wet and waiting and took him in with a hungry desire that took his breath away, pushing her hips to take his cock deeper with each powerful thrust of his body. They clung together in a frenzied embrace, her nails digging into his back as she pulled him into her time after time, his thrusting lifting her feet off the ground with each drive of his hips. He was so big, so hard and she felt her orgasm jolt her whole body as he increased his pace to a frantic fucking, groaning as he came into her.

“Oh Simon!!!!” she screamed out loud, “Oh fuck me… fuck me lover…”

She wrapped her legs around him, held off the ground now by his hands under her buttocks, but mainly through the power of his hips driving his huge stiff cock into her. His orgasm came then too and she felt him losing control as he called her name out loud in a long drawn out cry,


The final cry of her name pulsated to the rhythm of the pumping of his cock as he filled her with deep convulsive spasms of his whole body.

Sarah lay back against the car, dress up around her waist, her hair dishevelled, her legs spread wantonly as the cum oozed from between her legs. Sarah slumped there exhausted for several minutes, unable to speak, unable to breathe properly even, when seeing the sea over his shoulder she staggered towards it, pulling Simon by the hand as they went. She started to undress herself. First the buttons of her dress, the light summer fabric transparent in the sunlight, her shoulders bared as the dress slipped down her body. She flicked it deftly off her hips so that it fell to the sand as she stepped out of it in one movement. She felt her body warm in the sunshine as she swiftly undid the clasp on her pale grey sheer silk bra. She held it above her head, her arms aloft, triumphant in her nakedness in the sun as she felt the waves gently lap her toes.

She walked slowly out into the waves, feeling the water, cool after the heat of their lovemaking, envelop her body, up around her legs, its touch like that of the most sensitive lover as it caressed her thighs, then higher, making her gasp momentarily as the waves broke on her legs and splashed her pussy, then deeper still as the water rose to meet her breasts, her nipples erect, hard and proud, drops of sea water on her full breasts glinting in the sun, her fingers rubbing the cool water around her nipples, sending their signals down between her thighs as she stood, legs wide apart in the water, her eyes closed as her head tilted up toward the sun, lost in a primeval moment of timelessness, just her, the sea, the sun and her body.

She stood dreamily revelling in the sensations her body was giving her when she suddenly felt something brush between her thighs. She gasped Porno 64 aloud and looked down to see Simon swimming expertly through her legs and out into the ocean. In the crystal clear water the sunlight allowed her to see quite clearly that he was naked too, and as he flipped expertly over onto his back, she could see protruding from the dark bush between his legs, his erection rising again. Sarah was an expert swimmer too and wasted no time in going after him.

They frolicked in the sunlit water, twisting and turning to see the light glinting on her breasts, diving below her as she reached out for his cock as he passed by, his own hands giving her nipples a fleeting caress as he floated beneath her. They floated together, holding hands, kissing in the sparkling sea until they emerged onto the sand, exhausted from their play, and lay on the cool white sand and let the hot sun dry them, their bodies touching tenderly.

This time their lovemaking was more measured, less frenzied, but with a powerful eroticism which gripped them both as it built to its climax. His kisses began on the inside of her thighs, soft, tingling touches of his lips and tongue that began to generate a deep burning desire in Sarah’s body. He gently but firmly eased her legs wider and knelt between her thighs, opening her labia with his fingers to reveal the pink button of her clit inviting his tongue. He licked expertly, in circles around the hood, around the clit, tantalisingly never touching her clit itself. Her hips squirmed and wriggled as her body reacted to the teasing tongue.

“Simon…Simon…lick me…lick my clit for fuck’s sake!!”

As a good employee he obeyed his boss, incredibly aroused as his refined upper class employer suddenly switched to the language of a slutty whore. Not holding back now his tongue massaged her clit, flicking the tip back and forth in a slow insistent rhythm. He could feel her bucking her hips in time with him, her movements increasing in intensity and he could feel her orgasm was close. As her hips bucked sharply off the sand and as she cried out, he swiftly thrust his cock into her as her orgasm broke in a shuddering climax. His thrusts were rhythmical, deep and powerful, with a pause at each stroke as he withdrew almost completely from her each time, then plunged deeply into her again.

Her cries were wild, guttural animal noises as she rode the waves of her orgasm. They came from somewhere deep inside her, and were an expression of a basic, primitive need. This time Sarah seemed alone in her orgasm, this man was a device, an animal, there solely to satisfy her desire. She seemed strangely disconnected from him, his cock a mere machine which was pleasing her, building her orgasm so well that she shuddered and cried out loudly, bucking him as she clasped his cock with her cunt muscles and came powerfully, in waves that made her cry out each time as she gripped him with her legs. She floated on the waves of her orgasm, oblivious to everything except the sensations coursing from her cunt through her whole being. Then she heard him cry too as he came, his cock thrusts slow, measured, insistent, but deep into her vagina, touching her cervix, spurting his cum with a wild animal cry as he finally came.

As they lay there, spent, Sarah’s thoughts though were elsewhere, even as he was coming inside her-she was enjoying his cock, yes, she was enjoying the fucking, but her mind was thinking of the mysterious stranger who had given her that night of mind-awakening sexual liberation the night before. Who could it have been? How did he know she would be there, in bed, ready to be taken? She wondered where he was now and how she could ever find him again…..but she came too from her reverie to hear Simon whispering to her…

“Mrs Newton, I hope you don’t mind…I’ve never done that with an employer before….I hope this won’t mean I lose my job…”

‘Simon, darling’….”

Sarah came out of her daydream and realised she was holding a very sexy, virile young man.

“Simon…your job as a chauffeur and butler is quite safe….as for the rest….”

She smiled reassuringly into his eyes as she made a mental note to keep Simon sweet and ready at all times for her pleasure.

They got up from the grass and rearranged their clothes, now that their pent-up desires were satisfied, both were now suddenly aware of their positions.

“Well Simon, I think you need to drive me home again now. And there’ll be no more word of this I think.”

“Yes, Sar…Mrs Newton”

Simon corrected himself as he tucked his drained penis into his boxers.

“Of course….Mrs Newton…..whatever you say ma’am.”

They drove back in the sun, Sarah dozing contentedly in the warmth, her dress still riding high on her thighs giving Simon a sharp painful reminder of what she had allowed him to have, wondering when — if – he would have it again. They pulled into the drive and Sarah waited for Simon to come around and open the door for her before she pivoted sideways in the seat, deliberately opening her legs wide so that Simon couldn’t fail to see her golden thighs and the glimpse of landing strip before she swirled around and walked towards the house, her hips swaying with the rhythm of her walk and her hair falling down her back, playing in the breeze.

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