Satisfying Randi’s Curiosity Ch. 04

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With beers after their shower, Randi continued telling about the erotic stories she and Lisbet had read.

“She sure made it seem good with her brother. Hm-hmm! I mean the authoress made what her main character did with her brother.”

“Hmm? Sounded like the authoress might really have done it with her own brother?”

“Um-hmm, it sounded like it, that she was only telling her own experience in the third person.”

“Must have been good, maybe wanting readers to think that she was.”

“Hm-hmm! About what Lisbet said. Oh, she wrote another one as older cousin of a young student who hadn’t yet slept with his girlfriend.”

“But she slept with him?”

“Um-hmm, and taught him everything he needed to know.”

“Hm-hmm! Must have been good.”

“Um-hmm, and the sequel, when he returns home from looking for a student room. Both sets of parents had assumed that they had already slept with each other and assumed that they would spend the night at her house, her parents already at their cabin.”

“She does have a lively imagination or a whole lot of experiences.”

“Um-hmm. … Oh, in another story, she meets a Swede, and they do, and then she is invited to Stockholm. No, first his wife also visits her, and they do too. And then in Stockholm, all three of them and then the wife’s sister. Oh, the sisters had with each other already, and he knew about it.”

“Hmm! … Hmmm? Makes one wonder about siblings.”

“Um-hmm, but I don’t have any.”

“Nor I.”

“But two daughters, and Lisbet’s brother.”

“Hmm? You want me to ask them?”

“Gosh, no!”

They laughed, he wondering what he would have replied, if she had said yes. They sipped their beers and continued talking about the stories. When they had finished their beers, Randi suggested that it was time for lunch. He followed her to the kitchen.

She started preparing lunch. When he offered to set the table, they both smirked and remembered that traces of their loving making had to be wiped up. He did, and set the table. When he returned to the kitchen, seeing her again, naked, was a slight surprise for an instant, apparently for her, too, when she glanced at him, at first with a wry expression, then smiling with a slight nod. Then she grinned and remarked:

“Oh, I forgot: that young student also had younger sister.”

“Really? That too?”

“Um-hmm, it always seems just reasonable in her stories.”

“Hmm?! And …?”

“Oh, his sister’s boyfriend – sort of a boyfriend. He was shy, and they had only kissed. He was visiting relatives here on the West Coast, first with his parents in their place here in Bergen and then for a week with them at their cabin. They had two daughters.”

“Hmm! I can see where this is going.”

“Um-hmm! Hm-hmm, and they … well, sort of seduced him.”

“Both of them?”

“Hmm! A team effort. So when he returned home, she was surprised that he was less shy.”

“And liked that?”

“Of course!”

They grinned, and Randi handed him a bowl of salad and plate of cold meat to put on the table, asking if he wanted another beer. He nodded, and then they were sitting down to eat, both again for a moment more aware that they were naked. After serving themselves and skaals, he asked:

“That was the end of the story?”

“That one. The sister also visited their older cousin in Oslo, and then her brother is there, invited for dinner once a fortnight and spending the night.”

“Hmm! Lucky guy. … Oh, if those sisters seduced her boyfriend, where were their parents?”

“Too convenient! They had two cabins: one with just one bedroom – the parents’ – and a larger living room, etc., and a cabin nearby with two bedrooms and just a small common area. His parents slept in one room and the girls in the other. The first week, he slept on a cot in the common area, but then his parents returned home. Well, you can imagine the rest.”

“I sure can.”

He hoped his reply wasn’t too emphatic as he recognized that story described exactly his family’s cabins and was too close to what the girls had told him about Johan’s first visit to be fiction. To meliorate his remark, he added – hoping Lisbet hadn’t mentioned that they had two cabins like that:

“But it sounds pretty farfetched.”

“Lisbet thought so, too.”

“She read it?”

“Um-hmm, and liked it. Don’t know why I forgot it before. She said something about hoping her – your – daughters weren’t like that.”

“Hmm! I do too,” he agreed, relieved that Lisbet hadn’t said anything, but wondering how the writer could have thought to describe so closely what Britta and Maren had done with Johan, if he or his girlfriend could have told the writer.

They smiled and drank together, and continued eating in silence for a few moments. Then he changed the subject, smiling wryly and asking:

“And what do you do, when you aren’t reading such stories?”

She snorted, accepting his change of topic, and they finished lunch talking about other things. After cleaning up in the kitchen, they looked at each, smiling slightly with quizzical Uşak Escort expressions. After a moment, she suggested softly:

“Nap, or newspaper?”

“Hmm? … Whatever you want?”

“Hmm! Do you think we could just take a nap?”

“Do you think we could just read the paper?”

“Hm-hmm! I don’t know. We could try.”

“We could. … Hm-hmm! I wonder if she anticipated our having so much time together, … having to figure out how to spend it.”

“I doubt it.”

They exchanged slight smirks. After a moment, he asked:

“Want to go out for dinner this evening?”

“And put on clothes?”

He saw her eyes glance down and up at him, and his also did at her. He snorted and replied:

“Well, that seems usual.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Of course, but I have everything to cook dinner for us.”

“And I like your cooking. So, newspaper or nap? Since you suggested the alternatives.”

“I like a nap on the weekends, but since you mentioned before the newspaper …?”

“You’re the hostess; we’ll do what you want.”

They both smiled with soft snorts and went to the bedroom. As she opened up the bed, he remarked:

“After the beers,” and turned to the bathroom.

She followed him, and they use the toilet and washbasin again and her washcloth. Back in the bedroom, she gestured for him to lie down first. He lay down, moving over and lying on his back. She joined him and started to pull up the covers. Then she got up again and closed the door and opened the window a bit, then turning down the thermostat on the radiator. “Good idea,” he remarked as she joined him again and pulled the covers.

They lay on their backs, just their shoulders touching. They both snorted slightly. After a moment, she remarked:

“Can’t remember the last time I took a nap like this … with someone.”


“Not here. Oh, when I once spent a vacation with a guy. That was nice, but more because of …, well, the thrill of actually doing it, back when, when we would have been too timid to book a room together in a hotel here.”

“Hm-hmm, I can imagine, know the feeling, so never dared. Where was that?”

“In Ireland; they don’t ask for ID.”

“Signed in as mister and missis?”

“Um-hmm, and still worried.”

“Hope it was still good.”

“But not as good as it could have been, … if we had known what I do now.”

“But then we probably wouldn’t be here.”

“Hmm? Maybe, … but not with him – me with him. A whole week together, … day and night …. Well, we discovered that was all we had in common, … and that not so good.”

“Better that way than not discovering.”


They were silent for a while, so long that he began to feel drowsy. He murmured:

“I snore, when I sleep on my back, at least, she says I do.”

“Hmm? … Oh, he did, too. At the time, that disturbed me, thought it was sort of ignoring my presence, his just lying there as though I didn’t exist.”

“Hope that wasn’t the problem.”

“No, … just part of it.”

“I seldom fall asleep lying on my back.”

“But when you do, you snore?”

“Probably when I’ve had too much to drink.”

“Hm-hmm! But we haven’t. … Which side?”

“Doesn’t matter; your choice.”

“Are you being difficult?”

“No, just trying to be a nice guest.”

“Hmm! Hm-hmm! Then towards me, with your arm around me. I used to like that.”

“And I do, too. Just didn’t want to seem too forward.”

“After what we’ve done?”

He only snorted, and they rolled on their sides, then moving closer, as she moved his hand up on her breast. He squeezed it, and she squeezed his hand, and they were silent.

He wondered if they could really fall asleep, if she could fall asleep, lying with a man’s hand on her breast, wondering when the last time she had had been. She squeezed his hand again slightly and murmured: “nice.”

He hoped she could relax and tried to himself, listening to her even breathing, remembering that he had usually fallen asleep in that position after having sex with Lisbet, Maren, Britta. Why Maren before Britta? Anyone else? Of course, but he couldn’t remember her name or the actual occasion, just that he knew he had. Randi’s hand slipped down from his. Nice, he thought, that she could doze off. If she could, he could, and if she wanted to do something when they woke up, that would be nice, especially nice, that they had managed to go to sleep together without doing anything first.

He dozed off … and dreamt, eventually. He was with two young girls, faceless young girls, and he was still a teenager with no experience. The girls also seemed not to have much experience, but they were taking the initiative, and he was letting them, embarrassed, apprehensive of what would develop, especially when he became aware of his cock and knew that the girls could see it. And they were all naked! They could see his stiff cock! Terribly embarrassing! But they weren’t, also not about his seeing them naked. They just smiled – somehow still faceless – and then one wanted to touch Uşak Escort Bayan his cock! She did! He let her! And even rubbed it in her warm hand! And she rubbed it! For some reason, pressing, something pressing against his lap, and she moaned softly.

He woke up, immediately aware that his cock was between someone’s thighs. The experience was too familiar to surprise him, although he didn’t know or care whose thighs they were, still more involved in his dream, wanting it to continue, and thinking it might, when the girl moaned again. But then a hand found his hand, and he was aware that his arm really was around someone – a female, of course – and her hand put his back on her breast.

His dream had only been a dream. Which girls? He was lying with his arm around a woman with his cock between her thighs. Suddenly, he remembered that he was with Randi, that they had taken a nap – and really fallen asleep! But now his stiff cock was between her thighs. He squeezed her breast, and she squeezed his hand with another soft moan. Didn’t Lisbet know?! No, she had instigated his being there with Randi – randy Randi.

“What do you want to do?” she murmured, squeezing his hand again.”

“Anything you do,” he murmured.

“Hmm? Anything it wants to do?”

“Anything you want to do with it.”

“Hm-hmm! Only two alternatives.”

“Um-hmm. Or one and then the other.”

“Mmmm! I would like that.


“How did it get there?”

“Dream, something like that story, my being with those two sisters.”

“Hmm! Nice! And they seduced you?”

“Almost, not yet. Suddenly we were all naked – embarrassing, but they weren’t, but I sure was, with it sticking out.”

“Hm-hmm! I know where.”

“When I woke up, and then I did, too.”

“Hmm! Nice, that we really went to sleep, so that you could dream that.”

“Um-hmm. I could have expect that, … not the dream.”

“You have more experience than me.”

“But I love what you do.”

“Me too, now.”

He squeezed her breast again. She chuckled and rolled back against him. He moved back and let her lie on her back. She reached down and found his cock, still a good handful, and chuckled again, asking:

“Will it get all small again? So that I can start with it like that?”

“Hmm? Maybe, but maybe not, if you keep holding it.”

She fondled his cock and murmured:

“I’d rather hold it; I can wait.”

“I can too, and it likes to be held.”

“Hm-hmm, that’s good,” she replied, fondling it some more.

They both chuckled, and he fondled one of her breasts.

“Mmmm, nice, just being able to be like this, no hurry,” she murmured.

“Um-hmm, very.”

They exchanged warm chuckles, when his cock responded to her fondling, and her nipple popped out, letting him squeeze it between two fingers.

“Who were the girls … in your dream?”

“Hmm? No faces, even though I saw them smile. Must have been the ones in the story.”

“Of course. … Hm-hmm! Sometimes I dream that I’m one of the girls in the stories.”

“And then?”

“Hm-hmm! Then I wake up and keep fantasizing.”

“And do what feels good?”

“Of course. Oh, the last few weeks, I think the dreams have been about Lisbet and then with you, but – like your girls – faceless.”

“Maybe next time you can admit that I’m the man.”

“Hmm! ‘The man of my dreams?’ No, of course not like that, just not faceless.”

“While I’m doing something that feels good.”

“Um-hmmm! Your eyes smiling up at me, while …. Hm-hmm! Don’t want to arouse you with my fantasizes.”

“Tell me another time. Maybe I will learn something new to do.”

“You won’t; you wouldn’t. … That was a compliment.”

“Same to you.”

“Thanks, but I haven’t done it yet when it’s all small.”

“It won’t be, as long as you keep doing that.”

“I know, but it’s so nice to be able to. I just love – shouldn’t have used that word – to be like this, able to talk about it; never did before.”

“It is. Lisbet and I like that we also now do.”

“Nice, and nice that you thought to mention her.”


Their hands stilled, and they were silent for a while. His cock softened in her hand, and her nipple slipped from between his fingers. His cock retreated in the loose grasp of her fingers, as they almost dozed off again. Then he moved slightly as his muscles relaxed completely, stirring her. Her fingers recognized that his cock no longer filled her hand, closing a little, only three fingers around it. She hummed with a soft, questioning “uhn?” waking him up. His fingers recognized that they were on her breast and held it.

She chuckled softly and murmured:

“Won’t get any smaller,” and tightened her fingers around his small cock for a moment.

“Uhmmm, no,” he murmured in agreement, squeezing her breast.

They both chuckled. She took her hand away, murmuring:

“Before it changes its mind.”

He nodded and squeezed her breast again, then chuckled and whispered:

“Just don’t tell it what you want to do.”

She Escort Uşak rolled towards him with chuckle, raising her head over his and whispering in his ear:

“I want to suck him, … and your balls. Mmmm! And do that too.”

“Um-hmm, you forgot them before.” he whispered back, and they both snickered.

“On the table, you this time,” she replied, no longer whispering.

“And then you.”


He flung back the covers. The cool air surprised them. She murmured:

“It’s warmer in there.”

They chuckled and left the bedroom, closing the door and hurrying to the table. As he leaned against it, they looked at each other – down and up – smirking. She dropped to her knees, smiling up at him as her hand slid up to fondle his sack. She looked back down at his cock and murmured:

“If I want it when it’s still small, I better forget about them.”


They snorted, and she raised his still soft cock to her lips. He watched them slip around it and felt her suck it into her mouth until her nose was brushing in his hair. He chuckled warmly in appreciation, and she responded, caressing it with her tongue, and then humming, as it grew larger in her mouth. “Uhnn!” she responded as it began to stiffen, drawing her head back and licking the back of its head. It surged, and he moaned. When it surged again, he wondered if she had forgotten about wanting to lick and suck his balls. It seemed like it. He murmured:

“And my balls?”

She nodded and drew her head back. Without looking up at him, she nodded again and said:

“And that too; sit on the table.”

He reached back and pushed himself up on the table. She glanced up with a nod and then back down at his bobbing cock. She had to massage his sack and balls before she could suck one into her mouth. She closed her mouth around and caressed it with her tongue, humming. He hummed in response, appreciating that her deeper hum vibrated better on it than the higher-pitched hum of one of his daughters — forgetting which one at the moment.

She glanced up at him with smiling eyes. He smiled with another hum and said:

“Feels good; nicest way prolong my pleasure.”

She nodded, sucking and caressing and humming for a few moments more. Then she let it slip from between her lips. As her fingers scratched behind his other ball, she murmured:

“Mine too.”

Then his other ball was in her mouth, receiving the same mildly arousing sensations. When it slipped out, her hands urged him to raise his legs, while she murmured without glancing up:

“And now that too.”

As he drew them up and dropped back on the table, he replied softly:

“Can’t surprise either of us now.”

She nodded and pushed the cheeks of his ass apart, and then he felt the tip of her tongue. It lapped over his asshole. When it contracted, she chuckled, and he responded:

“Oooh! Still a little surprising.”

“Uhn-hnn,” she agreed, but her tongue didn’t hesitate to explore and find its center and probe, and she chuckling in her throat, when it contracted again, and a few more times with the tip of her tongue probing almost in its grasp.

He moaned and chuckled with her. Finally, her tongue licked up to his balls. His cock was sagging towards him. She snorted softly and murmured:

“Silly, sort of.”

“But I liked it, thank you.”

“I did too, but still a little silly, strange, that we do.”

She glanced up passed his cock at him and murmured:

“And now the real treat.”

“Mmmmm! Um-hmmm! … before yours, mine.”

When she grasped his cock and pulled towards her, he propped himself up on his elbows and watched her lips slip around the head of his cock, which immediately responded to her sucking and licking. They both moaned. It was soon obvious that she wanted her treat without further prolongation of his pleasure; when his cock twitched and surged, it seemed only to increase her efforts. He moaned and murmured:

“You do it so good; you must enjoy it almost as much as I do.”

“Uhn-hnnn!” she agreed emphatically with a nod, bobbing her head as she licked and sucked,

“Fucking good,” he murmured, feeling the head of his cock rubbing against her pallet and feeling that his sack and drawn up in her hand, that her fingernails were scratching behind it. His hips began to twitch. She nodded again with another moan. She wanted him to come, he thought, wanted him to spurt his semen in her mouth, wanted to feel it spurt in her throat and to taste it. Was fucking any better than this?!

He moaned and then grunted as he felt his first ejaculation shoot through his thrusting cock. She moaned, and they both moaned each time he spurted again, and then exchanged softer moans as her tongue savored and caressed his cock with the creamy liquid.

After a moment or two, she sucked gently and raised her head, letting his cock slip from between her closed lips. She smiled up at him, then obviously swallowing, and murmured:

“I missed something good when I was younger.”

“I did, too – this, … and now what I want to do.”

“Hm-hmm! Missed that, too.”

They both nodded with a chuckle. He sat up and helped her stand up with his hands under her arms. They slid down and drew her to him, as his ass slipped off the table, her firm breasts pressed against his chest.

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