Saving Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is a custom erotica that I wrote for a fellow reader. Thanks for the ideas!

Warning: This story will contain non-consent, hypnosis, kidnapping and other dark themes.


The door slammed. Daniel looked up from the rough draft of his newest fantasy novel at the commotion. His daughter Jenna, always knew how to make an entrance.

He sighed and got up, walking across the condo to Jenna’s room. The door was closed but he knocked lightly. “Jenna, can I come in?”

There was a muffled “Okay.” He pulled on the handle and let himself in.

His twenty-three-year-old daughter was lying on the bed, face first on her pillow, her features obscured by her multicolored, curly hair. She was dressed in tight jeans and a shirt that prominently showed off her large breasts.

“I thought we agreed on not slamming doors in this house anymore…” he said as he walked over to the bed. “And no shoes in the house!” He scolded when he saw she hadn’t even bothered to take her heels off!

Jenna finally looked up from the pillow and Daniel saw that she had been crying. Her makeup was smeared and her cheeks were flushed. “Dad, Jason and I broke up.” She finally blurted out.

“What?” He clenched his fists as heat flowed through him. He considered himself a calm, reasonable man at forty-two years old, but the thought of someone hurting his daughter filled in him such fury that for a moment he forgot he wasn’t a hot-headed young man. “What did he say?” He demanded.

“No, no, it was mutual, dad. He got a job offer in New York…and with me doing my doctorate we knew we couldn’t make a LDR last…” she shut her eyes and grimaced. “It just hurts, dad…so much.” She buried her face in the pillow again with a wail.

Daniel softened and sat down next to Jenna, taking her foot in his hands and undoing the strap on the heel. He repeated with the other and put them gently on the floor.

“It’s okay to be sad.” He said softly to Jenna, who hugged her pillow and didn’t reply. His daughter was a brilliant student and thrived in the academic environment. She completed her masters of Fine Arts in one year instead of the standard two and was quickly given an offer to continue her studies in a PhD program. It was hard to remember sometimes that amidst all of her success, that at heart she was still a young woman, making very difficult decisions at such an early point in her life.

He stroked her hair gently and she lay back on the bed, looking at him. “Will you hold me?” She asked quietly.

“Of course, honey.” He said, lying down on the bed next to her. She curled up against him and he could smell her scent, clean with a faint hint of floral notes. He closed his eyes, resting with his daughter.

“Can you sleep here tonight, daddy?”

“Of course.” He said, kissing his daughter on the top of her head.


A few days passed and she was still asking him to sleep in her room. Daniel didn’t have any complaints, but he worried that Jenna wasn’t coping well. She was more brash than normal, staying out late and coming home smelling of liquor and cigarette smoke (he made sure it wasn’t her smoking).

“Jenna, you have to call if you’re going to be out late.” He said as Jenna came out of the bedroom, dressed in short shorts and a black lace top, and slipped underneath the covers.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” She said, giving him a hug. Her large breasts pressed up against his side and he grunted.

“You’re my only daughter, I don’t what I’d do if something happened to you.” He said, taking her chin in his hand forcing her to look up at him.

“Oh dad, you worry too much. It was just Korean barbecue with Sonja and Macey.” She pouted. He found it strange that she still had makeup on, in fact it looked freshly applied.

Daniel looked at her full lips and looked away, only to accidentally look straight down her shirt at her cleavage.

He turned his head, trying not to make a big deal out of it.

“Still, a text message is not too much to ask.” He pressed until she smiled sheepishly. “Okay, sorry dad.”

“Good girl. Now turn off the light.”

“Okay.” She did so obediently before curling up against him.

It was a warm night and Daniel was glad he decided to sleep bare-chested. The cool breeze blew through the open window, ruffling Jenna’s hair. In the moonlight he couldn’t help but notice her curvaceous body outlined from the thin blanket, her sensual hips. She had a body similar to her mother, wide hips with a generous bust and facial features that could turn the heads of most men that walked past her on the street. But in terms of her mind she was much more like Daniel, creative and bold in her artistic expression.

He had found success writing fantasy novels for various publishers in Rentford, enough to keep Jenna and him living comfortably. But Jenna…she was going to go places, he was sure of it. The thought of this made him glow with happiness, and he fell asleep dreaming Bostancı Escort of his daughter.


He awoke to the noisy sounds of construction and people walking and enjoying the sunny weather outside. Such was the cost of living in a large city like Rentford, even with a luxurious condo like theirs, they were never free from noise. He started to get up and remembered that it was Saturday, which meant that Jenna wouldn’t have to go to the university today. Maybe they could have brunch at the Luna Cafe today. He then realized that it wasn’t the noise that had woken him up. He was tremendously hard, his cock sticking straight up against the blanket. He felt good, really good. The reason quickly became obvious when he felt a hand grip him, moving up and down his shaft. He looked over to see Jenna lying next to him in bed, eyes still closed. She was still sleeping! He quickly reached underneath the blankets and pulled her hand off his cock. She muttered something and turned away from him. He lay there in shock for a few minutes and stared at Jenna’s back. Then he got up and headed to the bathroom to get rid of his hardon.

Jenna hadn’t seemed to notice anything wrong that morning. She chatted excitedly with him about a workshop she had attended while they ate at Luna Cafe. Jenna was all in when it came to things she liked, and as Daniel watched her devour her eggs Benedict, he idly thought what her mouth would feel like somewhere else. Immediately his cock shot to attention, surprising even him. What the hell, he wasn’t some giddy school boy, he was a grown man for god’s sake! It took the rest of the meal for him to calm himself down, and when Jenna grabbed his hand as they exited the cafe, he almost blew it again.

“Come on dad, it’s a gorgeous day out, let’s walk in the park!”

Even during the hottest part of the day people were all over Crescent park. Large groups of teenagers were tanning by the lake while families were having picnics with their shrieking children chased each other around.

A young boy almost lost a Pikachu balloon and Daniel had to leap to grab the string when it started floating away.

“Say thank you!” A large red-faced man, the father, told the boy.

“T-t-thanks.” The boy said shyly to Daniel, who smiled encouragingly.

He and Jenna made their way to the edge of the lake, which was thankfully less crowded. A family of ducks swam up to them, used to handouts. Jenna tossed pieces of her leftover toast to them, and they gobbled it up eagerly.

“Silly ducks.” Jenna said with a grin as two young ducklings squawked over a piece of toast.

“They can’t help it, that’s what they were bread for.” Daniel joked.

Jenna was silent for a half second before she groaned. “Daaaaad…” she complained as she rolled her eyes. Daniel laughed. When she heard the sound of him laughing, she soon gave a hearty chuckle too.

That was the difference between Jenna and her mother, Maria. Even when Jenna didn’t find what he said funny, if he was enjoying himself, she would find a way to as well.

Her mother had been so serious, and he never felt like she truly even loved him. They were so young when they got married that they had never considered if they were actually compatible in the long term. He wondered why he suddenly thought of that as he watched Jenna dust her hands off. “Okay, no more.” She said to the disappointed group of ducklings. “Sorry.”

They headed back to the condo, chatting happily.


That night was another hot night, and once again Jenna was scantily dressed. “I can turn the air conditioning up more.” Daniel said as she climbed into bed.

“Nah, it’s okay.” she said, snuggling up to him. “Good night, daddy.”

This time his erection in the morning did not surprise him. He lay there, surging with hormones. “Jenna.” he finally blurted out. He looked over at her and she stopped. Their eyes met and she continued stroking him, running her fingers over the tip. He didn’t know how long she had been at it already but he really wanted to finish. “Stop.” he said, pushing her hand away.

He stripped off his clothes quickly and jumped into the shower, intent on finishing. He heard the door open. “Jenna.” He said, a warning in his voice. The shower door opened and she walked in, already naked. “Jenna, please leave.” He said with a sigh, avoiding looking at her large, round breasts, and curvy hips. In the split second he had saw her he had seen that she was trimmed.

“I could leave…is that what you want me to do, Daddy?” she asked, and he was in her hands again. Oh my god. He didn’t want to know where she learned to handle a man like that, but she was good at it.

“Tell me to stop.” She said softly. She knew he wouldn’t, not when she was standing in front of him, naked and willing. He doubted any man could resist her. Their lips met as she stroked him to full hardness.

“How does that feel?” She said when they broke apart for air.

“Great.” He Kadıköy Escort grunted. But he was hungry for more, to have permission to get underneath those soft curls. He pressed her up against the shower wall, eyeing the way the water flowed down her tits and down her flat stomach.

“Ooh!” She giggled uncharacteristically as he growled and pressed their lips together again. He grabbed her butt and pulled her hips up against his. He was tired of fighting the chemistry between them. He squeezed her breasts and she sighed in pleasure.

“Oh, Dad. I’ve always wanted you to do that.” She said with a sigh. She caressed his chest, feeling his strong muscles. They continued kissing as the water from the shower-head sprayed onto his back and onto her. Her curly hair was wet and straight now. She looked gorgeous. He reached between her legs and caressed the soft folds there, feeling the heat emanating from her. She lifted her leg and placed it on the edge of the shower. What a sight. She was shaved except for a small patch of hair above her pussy. He slipped one finger inside and was surprised at how hot and wet she was. Jenna let out a moan and had to break away from the kiss. “I’ve wanted you for so long, I can’t believe this is happening.” she murmured, almost to herself.

Oh god, he was touching her, and she was enjoying it. It was too good to be true. There was barely enough room for his second finger but she took that too. He curled his fingers and delighted in hearing her gasp and squirm. She gripped the back of his head, her fingers in his short hair.

He ached to be inside her. “You haven’t had me yet.” he teased. She whispered, “You can fuck me, I’m still on the pill.” His cock twitched at her voice. He had to have her. He moved up against her and pressed his tip against her entrance. Slowly, he eased his way inside her, inch by inch. She bit her lip, breathing out slowly. “Mm…you’re bigger than my ex.” He couldn’t take it anymore and thrust into her, burying the rest of his cock inside her. “Ooh!” she gasped, her eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Are you ok?” he asked, concerned.

“Yeah, don’t stop.” she squeezed the back of his head encouragingly. He started a rhythm, thrusting in and out of her as she moved her hips to keep up.

She was so tight, tighter than her mother. A part of him felt practically gleeful that he was fucking her, a caliber of woman so high that most men would give their left nut to have a chance with. “Oh daddy…” she whimpered as he thrust into her. She was his to have, he made her, and now he was having her. Her buttocks slapped against the shower wall, her pussy clenched him so hard it felt like she was trapping him inside. He was not going to be able to take it much longer. He picked her up to get rid of the height difference between the two of them. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pounded her relentlessly, they were like animals in heat. Soon he felt his orgasm building and he quickened his pace, watching her squirm in pleasure. She put her own hand between her legs, and he could feel from her clench that she was nearing her own orgasm. Finally, with one final thrust he came in her, squirting his seed into her, filling her pussy with his cum. They both gasped for air. Jenna pressed her forehead against his and they both grinned before she kissed him deeply again, sliding her tongue into his mouth. As father and daughter they shared an intimacy few shared, and now with their erotic coupling, an even rarer attachment. Her pussy still gripped him and he pulled out reluctantly.

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up.” he said.

“Okay.” She said agreeably.


The next few weeks were a dream. They fucked like newlyweds, and only Daniel had the experience to start putting down ground rules. No sex anywhere they could be seen, and lunch break quickies were only allowed on Thursdays. She loved teasing him, and those Thursdays ended up being the days he would look forward to the most. She would go to class in a cute summer dress (no panties) and come back to the condo during lunch. His cock couldn’t wait, and the front door would barely be closed before he had picked her up, pushing her dress up and be balls deep inside her, thrusting with wild abandon as she moaned his name, her heels against his back.

She made him all kinds of crazy, and she knew it. There wasn’t a room in the place they hadn’t fucked in, and she was exceptionally fond of sucking him off underneath his work table. He would come hard in her mouth while looking at his own writing, and sometimes the erotic poetry she wrote just for him.

When she came home from school today, he was prepared with a gift. “Hey dad.” She said, as she tossed her keys onto the bowl on the table next to the front door. “It’s boiling out again.” She said, wiping the sweat from her brow. “Whatcha got there?”

“A surprise.” He said as he placed it on the kitchen table. “But first…” He led her to the bedroom…


“Ok, Göztepe Escort now I will get you your gift.” Daniel said. He and Jenna were lying in bed together, and she was idly running her hands over the blanket, a lazy expression on her face. “Ta da!” He said, passing her the large box. She opened it and her eyebrows shot up in delight.

“Oh dad, this is beautiful.” She held up the black dress excited. “Try it on!” He said.

She got off the bed, still nude and put on the dress. She looked stunning.

“Let me take you out to eat.” He said.

He had made reservations at local steakhouse. Even on a Monday it was popular, and they waited patiently in the lobby for their turn. “Danny!” Oh god. Daniel fought an urge to roll his eyes when he heard the familiar voice. Joseph Lockley. The tall and wiry man walked towards him with his arms wide. Daniel didn’t open his arms so Joseph clasped his arms, a little too hard for his taste. “Fancy seeing you here, I heard your recent book wasn’t doing so well.” Asshole.

“Well it did pick up after a while.” He said, annoyed.

Joseph turned away from Daniel to look at Jenna. “Ah and the daughter, looking more beautiful and radiant every day!” he reached for her hand and Jenna put her hands behind her back coolly. “Ah Joseph. And what sewer did you crawl out of today?”

Daniel stifled a laugh. “Now now Jenna, be nice.” He chided, though secretly he was cheering her on.

“Such spirit. I would love to see it challenged one day.” Joseph sneered.

“Well it won’t be by you. “Jenna said, hooking her arm through Daniel’s.

“If you’ll excuse us, my father and I have a dinner to enjoy.”

“Honestly Dad, I don’t know how you can stay civil to that man.” Jenna said as they sat down at their table. She picked up her napkin and put it on her lap as she spoke. “He’s so slimy and that sneer…ugh!” she shuddered and clasped her hands. Daniel laughed out loud. “Part of the business, nothing I can do about it unfortunately.” he took her hand in his. “Now let me wine and dine you so you forget all about it.”


And finally, it was Thursday. He loved Thursdays. Quickie Thursdays. He was looking forward to today, after their wonderful dinner on Monday Jenna had become busy with school and they hadn’t spent much time together. He himself had been out most nights networking to push his new novel. He had just finished his morning jog and had got back into the house when his phone pinged. It was from Jenna. He grinned when he saw that it was a video clip. The video started with her looking seductively at the camera. She had on a skimpy black dress and those strappy black high heels he loved. God she was such a tease. He felt his cock harden. Then she moved away from the camera and he could see that she was in a bedroom. There was a man there, he was tall and wiry. Joseph Lockley! But what was Jenna doing with him? She hated him as much as Daniel did.

He watched in disbelief as Jenna pushed one strap off her shoulder and then the other, allowing the dress to fall down to her waist. She was braless and her large breasts were exposed. He could only watch on in horror as Joseph palmed her breasts roughly, his face full of intensity. He wanted to hit his stupid face so hard. He gripped the phone so hard he heard it crack. This couldn’t be real, it had to be a hoax or some sort of sick joke. Jenna put her hand up to Joseph’s face and caressed him as they kissed.

Daniel took a deep breath and was about to sit down when he got a text message. It was Jenna again with an address. “Meet in the alleyway.”

It was nearby. He sprinted out of the condo.

He hurried to the alleyway, determined to get to the bottom of the bizarre video. To his disbelief Jenna was there, and Joseph. She was wearing a red dress and was on her knees. Joseph was wearing a black suit and standing in front of her.

“Hey!” He yelled. Jenna ignored him and continued sucking Joseph off. “What the fuck is going on here?”

“Ah, Daniel.” Joseph spoke quietly to Jenna and she stopped, dusting off her dress and standing up. She looked at Daniel blankly. “I’m here to show off my latest possession. Look familiar?” Joseph said smugly.

“Jenna, come away from there, right now.” Daniel said, fuming.

Jenna didn’t move.

“It was very easy to get her under my spell, people who don’t believe on hypnotism tend to be very eager to prove me wrong.” Joseph said casually, as if talking about the weather.

“I think she’ll stay with me, won’t you Jenna?”

“Yes master.”

“You motherfucker.” Daniel started to lunge at Joseph but froze when Jenna stepped in the way. Her eyes looked at him blankly.

“I don’t think Jenna would do well if she was broken out of her spell…I think it might break her.”

Daniel looked on, aghast. “Say goodbye to Daniel, Jenna.” Joseph said as he walked away.

“Good bye, Daddy.” Jenna said coolly, as she turned around and followed Joseph out of the alley. Daniel couldn’t move. He watched the two leave helplessly. This couldn’t be happening, he had to do something. Jenna’s last words echo painfully in his heart. Daddy. His daughter was still in there somewhere and he would do anything to get her back.

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