Saving Grace

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Me and my wife had gotten bored after 16 years of having sex with each other. The porn we watched together wasn’t curing my wife’s desire to be fucked by other people. She suggested a swinger’s party, or else. I had no problem letting my wife fuck other people. Getting to fuck someone else’s wife is a plus. I wish she’d be open to group sex, but Jen was a quick comer. There’s no way she could handle a gangbang, is there?

Jen had dyed her hair red recently and cut it short. She still liked the dick, but I wondered if she wanted to fuck girls, too, now. We had gone to the swinger party, Jen in a short dress with no underwear or bra, and me ditching my boxer briefs under my slacks. Jen split off towards a lesbian couple, to no surprise, where as another lesbian couple approached me. Both couples took us both to the back, and I now had the pleasure of fucking three women at once. My wife paired off with a muscular butch, already naked and strapped up, and I got three tender looking nubile to fuck, each no more than 27. I fucked the first, a blonde with big tits and long hair, as the other pair grabbed out the double dong. My wife left with her partner to the bedroom, and I knew I would never fuck my own wife again. Thank God.

I fucked the blonde quickly in doggy, who came fast, and then proceeded to fuck the medium length brunette in the mouth as escort vip she sat on the face of a petite blue haired woman. The blonde joined in, and I was shocked when my wife joined us to start fucking her, rocking the strapon like a boss. I grabbed the brunette, and fucked her as I stood next to Jen as we fucked the bitches side by side. The blue haired girl kissed me as I fucked the brunette deeper, and held her ass generously down for me. I switch to her asshole, and came quickly, then proceeded to fuck the blue haired girl, who jumped up in my arms, and I watched as my wife inserted her strapon horse dildo deep into her ass. The blue haired girl’s shaved pussy dripped all over me, and she moaned loudly and kissed me as my wife fucked her harder and harder. This was intense, as the blue hair girl wrapped her arms around me, I roped her, going balls deep, rubbing my head circular in her twat. She was so into it, she came, forcing me to come again. Now, my wife, grabbed all the women, and I watched as the all strapped up and gangbanged my wife. I could only help but watch and jerk off, as this was a fantasy of mine. I jizzed all over my wife, letting the cum hit her on the tits, and I left the room, not ever seeing my wife again. She became a whore a year later. Shew was damn good at fucking and I cannot blame her.

Meanwhile, I fucked whoever I escort rus wanted, not sleeping in the same bed more than two nights a week. This was incredible, but I miss Jen, I bought her one night, and poured her champagne. She smiled, and said,

“You did exactly what I had wanted.”

Jen had saved up 100 thousand from selling her ass for two years straight. She had lost her teeth, but she was just as sexy as when I first met her. She never had a problem with her open sexuality again, as she had struggled with for many years. There was so much worth trying to make our marriage work, and happy swinging was the way to go. She had to keep up with her libido, which, at 44, wasn’t going anywhere. I fucked her on the table, and I tried quickly to not let the drink evaporate my cock. Jen was still soaked, as she was always a squirter. She came, and I carried her to the bedroom, where we watched porn together and acted out bdsm scenes. We used all of her toys to pleasure her, and she even invited a friend over to share with me. Her younger friend, in fact, the blonde I had first fucked at our swinger party. We fucked her together, Jen letting her eat her pussy as I manned her other holes. They tit fucked me together, and sucked me, until I had cover them both in cum. Jen kissed me, and her friend, Anna, and we all three slept together, in utter bliss. escort elit The next day, we moved to France, where we fit right in. Every day, my wife fucks me, and at least one other person.

When we made a move on a young girl, who was no more than 20, she came innocently back to our flat. We sat her down, and Jen slid her hand on the young redhead’s thigh, making her shudder. Jen kissed her, and the young hot chick, tatted and pierced, drew back, saying,

“No! I like guys!”

I took this as my cue to slip off her panties and bend her over, which she now did willingly. Jen whipped out her vibrator and phone, and began to masturbate as we fucked. Jen centered her camera on us, and with the girl becoming excited and mounting me on the couch backwards. She began to moan loudly, her realizing she was going to be a star. Me and Jen had made porn with every girl we met. As Jen worked the vibrator in her, I realized she was disappointed. I fucked the redhead hard, making her cum, squeezing her large tits as she did, and grabbed the camera from Jen and I let her blow me, making a pov film for everyone. I then grabbed her up, and fucked her, letting her ride me until I came.

I then handed Jen back the camera, and was shocked when I found the redhead now wanted to be strapped. Jen obliged, and lined her up, as I filmed and fucked the girl in the mouth. We all three came together, and I was well pleased to see our marriage had been saved and we were now in an utter bliss. What a wild ride it’s been, Jenni. We retired that night, sleeping side-by-side next to the redhead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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