School Girl Tristan

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“Come on Greg, please let me suck your big fat cock,” Tristan begged her boyfriend, Gregg, as she reached over towards his belt buckle. “You know we always fuck at this time of day in here, and my pussy is aching for some release with your monster fat cock slamming into my tight wet pussy, baby.” The young 18 year old black haired school girl had said matter-of-factly to her new boyfriend of 3 months.

“You know how I love to have your manhood in my mouth, honey.” She had whispered into his ear while he tried his best to concentrate on the checkered faced floor. “I just love to have your cock scrapping up against my teeth, and sucking on those massive balls of yours.” She kept up, stretching out her tongue and licking the tip of his ear.

Quickly, the young boy got up out of the seat, and began to walk towards the door. Tristan sighed in disbelief. Her boyfriend was refusing to let her suck his massive ramming tool. “Listen Tristan, I’m still a young boy,” he said nervously. “I’m not so sure I can take all of this with you and everything right now. I’m not sure if we should be seeing each other either. And with that, he left.

“Shit,” Tristan mouthed to herself as she watched the only piece of man meat she could get at the moment walk away from her. “It looks like I’ll never get a piece of ass today,” she grumbled to herself as she adjusted herself and followed Greg out the door a minute later.

“Woo there Tristan,” Mr. Rynolds, her favorite teacher, said as he approached her from the hallway. “What do you think you were doing in that dark room by yourself?” He asked, looking over her body while asking her the question. Her gorgeous young 120 pound frame showed off her assets quite nicely. Her shapely ass and her luscious tits were a sight to behold for any man, and the little school girl outfit that she normally wore made any man grow wild with desire and lust.

“Sorry Mr. Rynolds,” Tristan said with a nervous smile crossing her face. “I was just studying some economics, and I must Yalova Escort have fallen asleep.” She lied and winked at him while noticing an obvious bulge growing in his pants like a miniature tent.

“I’m very tired, Mr. Rynolds, and I’m not feeling so well,” Tristan went on, laying it on thick. “I could sure use a place to lie down.”

“Well I can help you if you’d like Miss Clemens. You can come with my and lie down in the back seat of my car, and I’ll take you to your house.” He said as he took her backpack from her and lead her out of the building and over to his car.

“I’m not sure if I should be alone right now Mr. Rynolds,” she lied, hoping that he would take the bait.

“Oh, well in that case you might have to come over to my place for awhile,” Mr. Rynolds said with a sly smile across his face. The two had just buckled up, and were heading out of the school parking lot onto the freeway. “Wow Mr. Rynolds, I love your car!” Tristan said as she began to fool around with his new stereo system. “So, Mr. Rynolds, do you think I could lay my head down while you drive?” She asked.

“That’s fine with me, you poor thing. Rest up for later, cowgirl.” Mr. Rynolds said as reached out and stroked her face with his hand, and turned to fix his gaze on the road.

A moment later, he was shocked to find Tristan’s head in his lap, lying down of course. Her hands reached out and began to stroke his ragging hard cock underneath his trousers. “Damn girl, that feels really good.” Mr. Rynolds said looking down every few seconds while trying to drive. “Thank you, Mr. Rynolds, I hope you like having your monster sized cock sucked while you drive,” she said as she licked her lips and began to unzip his pants before his very surprised eyes.

Her hand reached right inside of his trousers, and found his swelling member tucked away, straining to be free from its material cloth. With that done, she gently tugged on his firming manhood, and in a moment his dick was pointing straight up and meeting Yalova Escort Bayan the crisp cool fresh air.

“If you think that it will help, Miss Clemens, then please go right on ahead and suck my large cock into that pretty little face of yours,” He said as one of his hands ran through her hair, and began to pull her face towards his newly exposed shaft. Her tongue came snaking out of her mouth, and slowly ran across the tip of his cock, making Mr. Rynolds twinge in anticipation. Tristan blew cool air all over his saliva stained wet dick, then lowered her mouth towards her real prize. His balls. His balls were aching as the little school girl slut Tristan lowered her mouth down and around one them.

For minutes on end, Tristan sucked and sucked at his balls. Moaning and tickling, Tristan stroked Mr. Rynolds fat cock with a free hand, and said; “Gee Mr. Rynolds, your balls sure are full. I can feel all of the creamy juices that are in there, and I can’t wait until you unload all of that spunk into my juicy mouth, sir.”

“Suck my cock like the dirty little school slut that you are bitch,” was all that he said as she sunk her mouth down around his rigid pole. He swerved the car a little as she tongued the underside of his massive cock to begin. It felt so good the way that her saliva ran down the length of his dick in little streams, but she would always turn it over in her hand and lick it up.

“Man, I can’t wait to get you back to my place,” he said as she began to bob her head up and down on his impressive piece of wet meat. Up and down she bobbed on his hard cock, letting it hit the back of her throat as she tried her best to take it all the way down her tiny throat. But Mr. Rynolds was easily over 12″ long and quite thick. It would be harder than usual for her to gag her way down to the bottom of that monster cock.

“God, you really love that cock now don’t you baby,” he exclaimed as he pushed her head further and further down around his swollen shaft. Gagging and choking, Escort Yalova Tristan moaned her muffled response of pleasure as she stuffed more and more of her teacher’s giant cock down her teenage throat. Gagging up plenty of saliva, she grunted a little as his hand forced her mouth further and further down upon his member. She opened wide, taking as much of his manhood into her. Her tongue danced around his thick shaft, milking it with her warm wet mouth. He in turn began to buck softly into his newfound fucktoy’s eager mouth. The young whore gagged and choked as he slammed his cock balls deep into her open mouth. “God you are the best cocksucker in the country, my sweet dear cum guzzling slut.” Mr. Rynolds said as he kept pumping his massive manhood down the young girl’s tiny throat.

“I’m going to so enjoy fucking you like the dirty cum sucking cock nymph that you really are!” Mr. Rynolds proclaimed as his Johnson began to twitch in the young girl’s mouth.

Just then he let go with a mighty roar as his hot jiss came gushing out of his rock hard shaft and straight into the teenage whore’s young beautiful mouth. She gagged and coughed as his hot spunk came washing down her throat in waves, load after load down the back of her throat as he held her head down around the base of his twitching cock.

“Take it all Bitch!” He cried out as he pumped her young face some more. “I want you to take every last drop down to your belly, my beautiful cum guzzling whore!” Mr. Rynolds said as he rocked his hips upwards into the base of her mouth, and erupted one last time right in the back of her pretty mouth. His sperm swam its way down to her stomach, filling her with his seed. His cock twitched and sputtered for life as it began to go limp in the school slut’s warm mouth.

Coughing as she came up, Tristan winked at her favorite teacher as he steered the car onto his street. His house was just ahead, as Tristan sat up and arranged herself properly. As the two made their way thru Mr. Rynold’s door a few moments later, the two knew that a long night lay ahead of them.

“We can always order some pizzas or something,” Tristan said as she moved over to him, and gave him a long passionate kiss before she began to remove his clothes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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