Schooling Sabrina

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The following story is FICTION and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Remember, this is a FANTASY so just have fun reading. — xoxo Daphne


When it came to teaching science to high school students, Sabrina was one of the best educators in the profession. Sweet, sensitive, and very kind, she was also well liked by everyone who knew her.

Having worked at Sunny Park High School for the past five years, Sabrina’s caring nature and gentle personality were so genuine it was impossible NOT to be fond of her.

Born in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky, Sabrina’s upbringing was humble, but she was also well cultured, having traveled abroad several times to study in great European cities like London and Paris. The result was a lovely, sweet, cultured, country girl with the cutest southern accent.

Now 34, Sabrina was well established at Sunny Park High as a fantastic science teacher who loved her colleagues and cared for her students.

Because she got along with her fellow educators so well, Sabrina looked forward to their annual faculty retreat that took place before the beginning of the school year. Although somewhat shy in large crowds, Sabrina was comfortable with the people in her department, so hanging out with them was very natural for her.

The faculty retreats always took place in a resort location like a beach or the mountains. Being several hours away, it was also a time when teachers felt like they could let loose a bit, something they could never do in their own community. As a result, there was a lot of work during the day, and a lot of partying at night.

On the last evening of the retreat, it was traditional for the staff to have a costume party with prizes given out to the best outfits. Sabrina wasn’t normally a really competitive person, but she had decided that she was going to go all out and win the contest this year…

…and since the majority of the faculty were men, she knew exactly how she was going to do it.

As Sabrina looked at herself in the full length mirror of her hotel room wearing the “naughty schoolgirl” outfit she had brought with her, the high school science teacher couldn’t help but smile at herself. Sabrina was determined to win the competition, and she knew she would turn heads in a room full of male teachers dressed as a flirty student.

Sabrina was a good girl though, and she knew there was a fine line between being a little naughty and going total slut. She wanted to be flirty without looking like she would be dancing with a pole later, so she chose her outfit carefully. Sabrina’s pink plaid pleated skirt went down to just a few inches above her knees, her shapely legs teasingly on display wearing white lace socks and black Mary Jane shoes with adorably cute two-inch heels.

The long sleeve, white, button down blouse was snug around her c-cup breasts which were lifted beautifully by her white lace push-up bra. The collar was unbuttoned, showing just a little bit of her cleavage when she leaned forward. Her pure white blouse contrasted beautifully with her caramel colored tan.

Then…there was the hair…

Sabrina had put her long, silky, light brown hair into adorable pigtails, holding them in place with two long pink ribbons that she tied into bows, her soft locks caressing her shoulders gently as they hung down.

The one little naughty little secret that Sabrina was keeping to herself were the tiny white lace thong panties she had chosen to wear underneath her skirt. It was something that made her feel really sexy…and yet no one else would know.

Sabrina put her hands on her hips.

“Definitely a winner,” she said to herself, blowing a kiss at her reflection and turning to head out the door to her room.

Sabrina walked confidently down the hall of the hotel, her pigtailed hair bouncing with each step. The party was in the banquet room of the hotel so the young teacher didn’t bother to put on a coat. As she entered the empty lift, she noticed there were mirrors on the interior walls, providing her with a great look at herself from all directions.

As the lift doors closed, Sabrina took the opportunity to pose and preen in front of each mirror, turning from side to side, looking back over her shoulder, tugging on her pigtails…

The high school teacher was looking at herself in profile with her hands cupping her breasts, her mounds being pushed up and together by her bra, when the lift doors suddenly opened.

“Oh!” Sabrina yelped and actually jumped back a few inches, quickly putting her hands by her sides as she made eye contact with a man whose mouth was open in surprise.

Sabrina didn’t know him. He was definitely a hotel guest, but not a teacher. He looked a little older than her, maybe in his early forties. He was very smartly dressed though in a tweed blazer, collared shirt and Scottish kilt.

The two of them stared Büyükesat Escort at each other in silence, completely befuddled at the absurdity of the scene.

Then, at the same time, they both burst out laughing.

“Ah lass,” he said walking into the lift, “you gave me a wee bit of a turn there.”

Sabrina blushed, subconsciously smoothing her skirt with her hands.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she put her hand to her forehead in embarrassment, her pigtails swishing as she shook her head, “its for a costume party.”

“Call me Malcolm, lass,” he tried to make the young teacher feel more at ease as the lift doors closed.

“Sabrina,” she extended her arm to introduce herself.

Malcolm gallantly took the teacher’s hand and kissed the back of it gently.

Feeling a little less self-conscious, Sabrina relaxed and gave him a sweet smile.

“I’m on a high school faculty retreat,” she added, still feeling the need to explain herself, “there is a competition for best costume.”

Malcom raised an eyebrow.

“So you’re a teacher dressing as a naughty student?”

“Mmm hmm,” Sabrina gently bit her lower lip and nodded as if she was being admonished by an administrator.

Malcolm smiled slightly, loving the sexual tension that was obviously happening between them.

Moments later, the lift arrived on the ground floor and the doors opened, revealing the large lobby area.

“Well, lass,” the Scotsman turned to leave, “I dunnah think ye could possibly lose wearing that.”

Sabrina blushed, smiling sweetly as she walked gracefully out of the lift and headed for the banquet.

The hotel event room was large and nicely furnished with lovely carpet, glowing chandeliers, and a long table displaying a variety of food trays and drinks. The workshops for the teachers had finished for the day and now everyone was just socializing and having fun.

When Sabrina entered the room in her schoolgirl costume, the thirty or so faculty members from Sunny Park High School immediately stopped socializing and turned their attention to her.

“Hi everyone,” Sabrina smiled sheepishly and gave a cute wave.

Several of the teacher’s colleagues stared at her gorgeous figure with their mouths open in surprise, having been rendered speechless. Every female teacher in the banquet hall was doing what all women do when a really hot girl enters the room, they assessed both her and themselves to determine which was the sexiest female. It goes back to a primal desire for a woman to attract the best male in the tribe…the one that can provide, protect, and breed them.

The men in the room, however, had already made that determination.

It was Sabrina in her short pleated skirt, tight white blouse, and pigtailed hair who everyone saw as the most fertile and most suitable for impregnating.

Not that anyone in the room actually wanted to get Sabrina pregnant, and the young teacher was on birth control anyway. It did, however, explain why every one of Sabrina’s male colleagues got a primal hard-on the moment they saw her.

Having gotten everyone’s attention, Sabrina walked over to the long table and poured herself a glass of champagne punch. She knew it would only be a few seconds before one of the guys came over to talk to her.

As if on cue, one of the younger male teachers was next to her within moments.

“Hi Sabrina,” he said trying to sound casual.

“Hi Stan,” Sabrina whipped around to face him, taking a sip of punch, “what’s new?”

Stan had been working at Sunny Park High School for several years now, and had a very smooth, confident personality when it came to women. He had hooked up with several Sunny Park teachers before, but his working relationship with Sabrina had never gone beyond playful flirting.

The hot schoolgirl knew he’d be the first one to hit on her this evening.

Sabrina loved keeping Stan at bay, playing the game of sexual warfare by teasing him a little but never letting him get any further. She knew he wanted to bed her more than anyone else on the staff, and that’s exactly why she wouldn’t let him.

It was a game that Sabrina found she enjoyed.

“You look unbelievable,” Stan ran his eyes up and down the schoolgirl’s figure, paying close attention to how her shapely legs looked in that cute little skirt as well as the strain her full breasts put on the tight blouse.

“Thanks!” Sabrina smiled widely, knocking down her glass of punch in one gulp, “Nice suit by the way.”

Stan smiled and straightened the bowtie on his Chicago mobster pinstriped suit.

“Thanks, Schweetheart,” he gave his best Humphrey Bogart impersonation.

Sabrina poured herself another glass of champagne punch, her pigtails whipping around as she tossed her head back and took the drink in one gulp.

“Hey, no fair keeping the hot schoolgirl to yourself,” came a different voice, “you have to share her.”

Stan and Sabrina saw another teacher in their department approaching wearing a formal Elvankent Escort Victorian era military dress uniform complete with decorative medals and ceremonial sword.

“Wow, Michael!” Sabrina commented enthusiastically, “don’t you look handsome.”

“Thank you my lady,” he bowed gallantly, “and, my oh my, you look unbelievably hot in that.”

“Why thank you, sir,” Sabrina curtsied and smiled at Michael as she took a third glass of punch and began knocking that down as well.

“I thought I had a good chance of winning the costume competition,” Michael commented, “but there is no way I can top that outfit of yours, Sabrina.”

The teacher turned schoolgirl flashed a flirty look over her shoulder at Michael as she took a fourth glass of punch and went to sit at one of the small tables.

Purposely not tucking the back of her skirt as she took a seat, Sabrina’s thong panties rode up when she sat her bare ass down on the soft chair. It made the young teacher feel even more naughty to have a little secret that she was keeping to herself.

Michael and Stan both took their drinks and sat down on either side of Sabrina who had crossed her legs cutely and began downing her fourth champagne drink.

The hot young teacher never got really drunk, but she did enjoy getting a nice buzz at parties, usually from wine or champagne. It helped her loosen up a little and be more socially fun.

“So what did you think about that presentation this morning?” Michael asked sarcastically, topping off Sabrina’s glass with his own drink.

“Ugh, like boooooring,” Sabrina rolled her eyes, imitating a valley girl accent as if she were a teenager complaining about an algebra class.

“Yeah,” Stan chimed in, “all I could think about was that cute little blue sundress you were wearing today.”

“You never give up, do you?” Sabrina teased, having another sip of champagne.

“Can you blame me?” Stan asked, pouring his drink into Sabrina’s now almost empty glass, “you know I’ve always wanted to have sex with you.”

Sabrina gave Stan a shy smile before turning her head to face Michael.

“What about you? Do you want to fuck me as well?”

Michael was initially taken back by the blunt way she had asked the question, but he quickly recovered.

“Um, yeah I want to fuck you,” he said as if it were obvious, “who wouldn’t?”

“Don’t you think it would be a little unprofessional for colleagues to have a relationship?” Sabrina asked with a coy smile, twirling one of her pigtails with her fingers.

“Yeah,” Michael replied, “so what’s your point?”

“Besides,” Stan shrugged, “we don’t have to have a relationship, we just want to fuck you.”

Sabrina raised her eyebrows at Stan’s frankness.

“You’re doing it now, aren’t you?” she asked, “you’re both fucking me in your minds right now.”

“Um…yeah…” Michael replied, “ever since you walked in the room wearing that naughty schoolgirl outfit.”

Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“You guys are such pervs.”

“Yep,” Stan confirmed unapologetically.

“Guilty,” Michael admitted.

Taking another sip of champagne, the young teacher gave a slight smile at her admirers, her pigtailed hair brushing her shoulders as she tiled her head cutely.

“Hey guys,” Sabrina moistened her lips and spoke softly, “I don’t know if this is the champagne talking…but…I’m…having really inappropriate thoughts right now.”

Stan raised an eyebrow at Michael, both of them completely aware of the opportunity that was being presented to them.

“Just how inappropriate are those thoughts, Sabrina?”

The high school teacher turned schoolgirl looked sheepishly at Stan, her beautiful blue eyes telling him that she was about to do something EXTREMELY unprofessional.

“Very…” Sabrina confessed as she planted a long passionate kiss on Stan’s mouth.

Michael’s eyes went wide as he watched Sabrina making out with Stan, the two of them unleashing a mutual sexual desire that had been suppressed for years.

“Damn, Sabrina,” Michael commented more to himself as the two teachers parted their lips and explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, “that is fucking hot.”

Sabrina broke the kiss and turned to Michael, her eyes filled with purpose.

“Come here sweetie,” the very horny teacher turned schoolgirl attacked Michael’s lips with equal passion, kissing him aggressively and moaning with desire.

As Sabrina took turns giving long sensual kisses to both of her colleagues, she felt four roaming hands begin to caress her back and shoulders through her blouse.

“Ooooooh, this is so wrong,” Sabrina whispered between passionate kisses, “we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“We’re a long way from school, Sabrina,” Michael reminded her as both guys began kissing her face and neck from either side, “even teachers need to let loose once in a while.”

Stan whispered into her ear.

“Besides,” he added, “tonight, you’re not a teacher.”

Sabrina’s Beşevler Escort lips quivered nervously, the barrage of kisses getting her even more turned on with every passing moment.

“Then…what am I?” she trembled.

“Tonight, we are the teachers, and you are our unbelievably hot and very naughty student.”

“Oh…” Sabrina moaned, her resolve weakening as four hands explored and caressed her lovely figure, “what are you going to do to me?”

Stan’s words made Sabrina gasp in anticipation.

“The two of us…are going to take your pussy.”

“B-both of y-you…?” Sabrina asked nervously.

“Both of us,” Stan confirmed, gently whispering into Sabrina’s ear “we’re both going to fuck you.”

“Ohhhhh…” Sabrina moaned, her body tingling all over as she fought for control she no longer had.

A few of the other teachers in the room had noticed Sabrina making out with both Michael and Stan. Although they tried not to stare too long, the scene was too hot to turn away. They were, however, completely unaware of what was about to happen to her under the table…

“Um!” Sabrina jumped slightly mid-kiss as she felt Michael place his hand on her left knee while Stan claimed the schoolgirl’s right knee, both slowly uncrossing her legs and spreading them apart, lifting and placing one across each of their laps. It left Sabrina in a VERY unladylike position, but perfect for her coworkers as they both began gliding their hands up her inner thighs…

…getting ever closer…

Sabrina had never been in such a compromising position before, much less been felt up by two guys at the same time. Her legs quivered as the soft hands of her colleagues disappeared under her pleated skirt, the realization that they both were going to take her made her pulse race.

“Ohmygod, it’s so hot in here,” Sabrina commented, undoing the top button on her blouse and fanning herself with her hand as the two teachers caressing her inner thighs reached their destination.

“OH!” Sabrina yipped, jumping slightly while covering her mouth as she felt Stan move his hand between her legs to touch her quivering pussy through her tiny thong panties.

The hot schoolgirl tried to protect her young pussy, taking Stan’s wrist and attempting to push it away.

“No, no, Sabrina, keep your hands on the table,” Stan ordered as he began making little circular movements with his fingertips on the young teacher’s previously forbidden treasures, the pressure of his touch sending jolts of wonderful pleasure through the thin fabric to reach Sabrina’s erect and throbbing clit.

Hesitantly but obediently, Sabrina placed her hands on the top of the large round table, the long banquet tablecloths concealing the sexual torture happening between the three educators.

The other staff members in the room had gone back to enjoying the party, realizing that the make out session was finished. Little did they know that under the tablecloth, Sabrina had her legs spread wide and two hands exploring under her skirt.

“Guys,” the teacher turned schoolgirl said in a soft breathy voice, “I’m not sure this is such a good ideaaaaaaaaahhhhh!”

Before she knew what was happening, Sabrina felt both hands slip into her tiny panties.

“OH!” Sabrina jumped in surprise as Stan gently parted the lips of her labia and began stroking her beautiful, over sensitive clit.

“MM!!!” the schoolgirl bit her lip in tension when she felt two of Michael’s fingers enter her warm wet pussy, the walls of her love canal willingly giving way as the intruding digits hooked and began stimulating Sabrina’s G-spot.

“No…please…” Sabrina whimpered, overcome by a pleasure that she wanted to both stop and continue, “don’t d-do this t-to me you guys, you’re going to m-make me come in f-front of everyone.”

Glancing at each other, both Stan and Michael knew they had Sabrina right where they wanted her…

…and they had no intention of stopping.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Sabrina gave soft pleas for mercy, her hips pumping back and forth under the tablecloth, humping on Michael’s fingers inside her pussy in a desperate attempt to get some kind of relief.

“Oh please, you guys,” Sabrina tossed her head back, her adorable pigtailed hair swishing across her shoulders, “this is torture!”

Stan nodded at Michael, and the two guys simultaneously began stroking faster…

…a lot faster.

Immediately, Sabrina’s mouth went wide as if she wanted to cry out. It was only the schoolgirl’s amazing willpower that kept her from screaming as her pussy flooded and began its contractions.

She was coming…and all three of them knew it.

In a desperate attempt to keep from yelling in orgasmic ecstasy, Sabrina covered her mouth, giving muffled screams into one hand while her other gripped the table hard, bracing herself as her legs convulsed through the onslaught of unbelievable pleasure.

Michael could feel Sabrina’s pussy walls contracting tightly around his fingers, suckling on them as if trying to milk a cock.

Stan could literally feel the orgasmic pulses as the schoolgirl’s hard and sensitive clit throbbed in gratitude for the pleasure it was receiving.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Sabrina found her voice, whispering as loud as she dared while continuing to come. “Oh you bastards! I can’t OOHH!!!…can’t believe…AH!…you’re d-doing this t-to me…oh fuck!”

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