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They were sitting at a café facing the ocean, the breeze blowing in their faces. She rubbed his thigh suggestively and looked deep into his eyes. Since she first met him at her friend’s house three months before, she could not get him off her mind. Tall, dark, bespectacled, he exuded sexual energy. Though the two women had been best friends since their days in Mombasa, Edith could not prevent her powerful desire for her friend’s boyfriend bubbling to the surface. When he told her he was travelling to Mombasa the next week, she could not help a tremor of excitement. Did he know what power he had to arouse her?

The day of the journey rolled around quite fast, though to her it felt like ages. She kept sending him messages to ask where they had got to. When it seemed to have taken four hours from Nairobi to Mtito Andei the halfway point, she could not hide her impatience any longer. She asked him what bus he was travelling on so that she could meet him.

“Are you serious, Edith? Lydia would not be best pleased.”

“Are you going to tell her you saw me? As far as anyone knows you are down here to research for your book, aren’t you?”

“I have no reason to discuss our meeting with her. I have not come otele gelen escort to see friends but to collect information we need to make my book more complete,” he told her.

It took some time for them to connect when the bus arrived as she was waiting at the downtown terminal while the bus let the passengers off at the upper one. Finally they did meet, but because of the time wasted she only had time to leave him at the hotel they chose before having to run off to work. They arranged that she would come for him at the hotel at 6, or if convenient somewhere in town. That is how they were to be found at the seaside cafe in the evening. She did not need to run home, since her partner was away on a business trip.

The evening promised to be fun-filled.


Justin, enjoying the ocean scene before him, turned to look at Edith. She was a light-skinned, slender woman with an ample bosom. His Lydia was not as light, yet could not be classified with dark people like himself. Though as lacking in body fat, her tits were smallish.

Suddenly Edith’s phone rang. She looked at him before answering.

“Evening pendik escort darling! How was your journey? Did you guys arrive very late?”

Justin perceived that it was her partner.

They talked amiably for a while, then wished each other a good night.

“The great thing is that neither you nor I need put our phones in aircraft mode, to hide from each other lest your partner or my girlfriend calls!” Justin gave a sly smile.

The fish dish was delicious, coming to the table still sizzling. As they ate, she rubbed his thigh, causing his blood to rush to his loins. He realised that if they did not rein themselves in, they would commit something.

There was no particular reason to rein their desires in. He gave in to his lust, while she let herself go in his arms. The night was filled sexual fun; she told him of her boyfriend who had become so used to her that he treated her like a piece of the furniture. He confided in her about Lydia being very bossy even about trivial matters like where to put what in the house; she could see her friend being so. A teacher, a Brigade trainer, Lydia was used to being in control and had a hard time rus escort letting go when not with children. Into this vacuum they both met and satisfied each other immensely.


Two weeks later, Edith was driving him to the Railway Station to catch the morning Intercounty train back to Nairobi. She could hardly keep her eyes on the road, wanting to drink in all his male sweetness. He looked at her with gentle warmth.

“Thank you for everything you have been to me. I do not think I would have accomplished as much of my research without your help. Your company has been delicious, too!” He rubbed her thighs over her light trousers as he looked over at her face again.

She radiated an inner satisfaction as she said, “I almost do not want you to leave, baby! Every day I will long for your presence.”

They swung into the station’s parking area and then rushed to have his ticket printed.

Hugging one another tightly, he drilled her eyes with his own, as if he wanted to burn her image into his brain. She received this scrutiny with an intensity of her own, as if she would like to hold him hostage. The embrace lasted much longer than would have been normal.

At last he had to get into the train before it left him behind. As he left Mombasa he was glad he had come, that he had spent time with that lovely woman who thought and behaved so much like his beloved Lydia although they were so different physically.

He knew he would soon be returning to this island called by those of old ‘Mvita’ the island of war.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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