Sean , Shauna

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“Oh, Sean!”

“Oh, Shauna!”

“Oh, Sean!!”

“Oh, Shauna!!!”

We both roll around the bed laughing with abandon. I’m sure the neighbors are rolling their eyes and I tell you so. You reply, “They probably just wish they were having this much fun.” Slowly, your smile softens. You reach your hand out and cup my cheek. I take a deep, deep breath, my grin slipping a little. I’m not sure I’m ready to let go like you say I’ve yet to do with anyone else, to be really comfortable. But if it’s going to happen, I somehow know it’s going to happen with you.

I’m not used to all this sincerity and intimacy. It’s certainly making me a little uncomfortable, but at the same time a lot certain that I picked the right guy. Hints at sexual prowess and stamina aren’t the only things that attract me to you: you have a beautiful soul from what I can detect. You are intelligent, funny, open-minded, agreatcomposer of written erotica – and really cute!! Oh, I’m not falling in love, but I sure do like you. And so, I’ve entrusted my sensual education to you.

“I want you to know that I realize you’re putting a lot of trust in me – Iama stranger after all,” you chuckle. Stroking my cheek with your thumb, you whisper into my eyes, “I just want to help you feel good, Shauna.”

Uncomfortable, I grin at you brightly, falling back on my old cheekiness and chirp, “Okiedokie! Thanks!!” You chuckle again, wise to the state of affairs. “Okay,” you start, taking away the reassurance of your hand and leaving the bed. “Let’s get you loosened up.” I’m interested in how you intend to do that and am at cautious attention, ready for my lessons to begin.

“I’m going to step out for a minute and you’re going to take your clothes off –” I cringe at this. “No, no. Don’t worry; you’re going to be covered by this.” From the closet you produce a folded sheet and set it in front of me. “Only take off as much as you feel comfortable with – but take offsomething,” you add with a laugh.

I can’t help but grin at your quip – you’d almost read my mind. As you smile reassuringly and leave the candlelit room, I amend that thought: I am not so coy and self-conscious as I am behaving. I’m just not used to a lot of intimacy – in the emotional sense. Daddy treated me like a princess, but we didn’t have many of what I would call “Kodak moments”. Mother was a plain old cold bitch, so no help from those quarters…

I undress and come down to my black lace panties and matching bra. I smile wryly: too bad you won’t get to see me in them. I step out of my panties, shed my bra, and as an afterthought, toss them into a far corner of the bed but still within sight.

Self-consciousness kicks in again as I hear you knock – startling me – and call out, “Ready?” I quickly unfold the sheet, hurriedly wrap it around me, and gracelessly scramble into the bed. I steel myself and call out in a rather manly fashion, “Yeah!” You walk in and come to a stop next to the bed looking down at me. “Hm!” you say.

“What?” I ask suspiciously.

“Well, one: though I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to take everything off, it also would have been nice to see you in those.” You nod towards my discarded lingerie.

I smirk.

“And two: you look delicious in just a sheet.”

Laughing, I say, “Why thank you, sir!”

You smile at me for a second longer then move towards the night stand. I’d noticed when you walked in the little bottles you carry delicately. Now you carefully set them on the stand. “Massage oils?” I query, delighted. “Yes,” you answer. I sit quietly and wait for your next move or instruction.

You poise over the night stand and ask, “What’s your favorite scent?” “Lavender,” I immediately reply. “Got it!” You pick up a vile of clear liquid triumphantly, open it, and pour some into your hands. The scent of Lavender has always relaxed me. It floats over to my nose and I inhale happily. Putting the vile down, you begin briskly rubbing your hands together. You smile at me and say, “Now roll over on your stomach and try to relax; let me do the work.”

I do as you say. With my back to you I bunch the sheet up across my butt so that my back and legs are totally within view and access. You hum appreciatively. I grin to myself: I’m starting to get more into the swing of things subsequent to my embarrassing realization that I was acting so coy. I’m no wilting wallflower in bed; I’m usually the one giving instructions, though this time I’m fully ready to take them.

I lie down as instructed and settle with my arms crossed under my chin. I feel the bed sink near my right hip and then next to my left one. My heart skips a little as I realize you’re straddling me now. I close my eyes and bite my lip, having to hold myself back from raising my butt just that few inches in order to feel the goods against my ass. I wonder how you keep so much self-control when I’ve got anticipatory fever coursing through my veins. I half want to flip you over and go at you in a number of different ways. But I Van Escort know you’d rather take your time – and so would I for a change.

I come suddenly out of my thoughts when a lovely warmth spreads across my shoulders; you’ve put your hands gently, lightly on my back. The warmth is an awesomely relaxing feeling. It follows your hands down, down, down my back until you reach the very top of my butt and flows back up to my shoulders again. I’m smiling, the tension I felt earlier draining from me as if it were never there. A new kind of tension has taken hold of me as you knead my shoulders. I’m still considering raising my ass, just that little bit…

The thought floats away as your hands swim from the middle of my back, down to my sides, and back up to a point between my shoulder blades in the shape of a heart. You go on kneading my shoulders for several minutes, getting every tiny kink out, before moving to the rest of my back. Here I recall a trick that a massage therapist performed on me: he pressed two points on my lower back causing my vagina to lubricate. Not because he and the massage were so sexy, but because he’d hit some special, secret spots that I assumed he’d learned some special, secret place. The lubrication wasn’t accompanied by much arousal – he wasn’t a hypnotist in control of my mind, after all. You don’t hit those special, secret spots as you massage my lower back, but I’m not concerned in the least: I’m plenty wet now just anticipating your next touch; you don’t need any special, secret tricks.

Now I feel the bed shifting again; you’re moving down my body towards my legs. For a second, I’m regretful that I didn’t take the chance I had when your jewels were hovering inches above my ass. Again, the thought is swept away when you put your hands on me. Your open palms firmly glide down the backs of my thighs. I can feel the warmth radiating from your hands. I imagine as you run them slickly back up my thighs you reaching the tops, just under the bottoms of my ass cheeks. I imagine further that you reach up and palm each large cheek, squeezing firmly, then move your hands in circles, smoothing them over my ass and kneading it. In reality you’ve already moved down my legs further, and are working on my calves. In my mind you’re parting my cheeks, exposing my anus to the cool air. You blow on it lightly, causing me to flex my ass a little and giggle. But really, you’re now working on my feet, sliding your warm, open palm back and forth over my soles, pushing your fingers between each of my toes. But I’m thinking about you kissing around my anus, teasing me. I moan a little in real time, and you ask, “Good?” I smile to myself and answer, “Very good.”

My little daydream goes on while you’re still working my feet. I’m imagining you finally landing a tender kiss on my anus. I sigh. Next you give it a little lick – just a little one. Next you –

“Okay. Roll over on your back, Shauna,” you murmur in real life. I’m trying to hide my grin as I gather the sheet to my breasts and roll over as instructed. You look at me, giving me a puzzled smile. I roll my lips in and bite them, raising my eyebrows. “Youareenjoying this, right? I mean, we can do something else if you’re not into –”

“No! I’m –”Jeese, Shauna. Stop grinning like an idiot!”Yes, I’m enjoying this very much. I’m just daydreaming.”

“Anything good?”

“Oh, yeah!” I chuckle and give you a cryptic smile.

You raise an eyebrow and ask, “Wanna share?”

“You’re the polyamorous one, not me – I don’t share.” I wiggle my eyebrows, grinning at my stupid pun.

You smile at me, chuckling, too. “Oookay…”

I blow out a breath, trying to keep control. This is gonna be hard…Speaking of hard…I spy with my little eye…

I hear you chuckle and look up to see you watching me gaze at the erection pushing out the front of your pants. “I’m enjoying this, too,” you wink at me and I’m suddenly caught on your beautiful hazel eyes…You pause and say my name softly: “Shauna?”

“Hmm?” I say distractedly.

“May I touch your breasts?”


“Thank you, Shauna.”

“No prob.”

It might be a prob. I remember as you reach for them that I’m not too fond of my breasts despite repeatedly getting compliments on them. They are not, as I’d warned you before, anything you’d willingly see in a porno. Though you had soothed me somewhat by saying that my 38C was a perfect size and that you preferred natural breasts, I’m still apprehensive about you seeing them. I take another deep breath and lower my eyes, not to your erection, but to avoid the look on your face when you move the sheet down…

“Shauna, you’re silly.”

I look up to see a benignly amused look on your face.

“There’s nothing wrong with your breasts, Shauna. They’re beautiful the way they are. Just like you.”

I hum skeptically.

You just chuckle and start to gently knead and stroke my breasts. It feels fantastic.

“Hmm…I may not like them all the time, but Van Escort Bayan that’s one of my favorite places to be touched,” I mumble.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” you reply. “Don’t tell me where else; I want to find out for myself.”

I chuckle, “Sounds good to me.”

For a few minutes more you massage my breasts; I enjoy every second. As I told you, my breasts may not aesthetically please me all of the time, but I wouldn’t trade in the sensations they can give me for the best looking pair of tits in the world. There exists a hot, wet swelling between my legs created by your ministrations. I’m breathing heavy, my eyes squeezed shut with the effort tonotgrab you by your erection and swallow you whole. It’s just there, hovering over my breasts, just asking for it. It would be a lovely sight: your hands cupping my shining breasts to create a hot, slick hollow to accommodate your length, seeing your thighs flexing with your hips back and forth, seeing your pearlescent precum at the tip mixing with the shining oil –

“I’m going to do your stomach now, okay? Almost done.”

“Oh. Okay!” I quickly recover.

You smile and ask, “Daydreaming again?”


“Still not going to share?”


You smile a little and turn your attention to my stomach. I’m self-conscious again: I have a little tummy on me. Nothing serious yet, but it’s still there. The thing that makes me feel slightly better is that it’s less noticeable when I’m lying on my back. I ignore the urge to push your hands away, enjoying too much the feeling of them on me.

You glide your hands across my belly, alternating left and right, soft and firm. You swirl your finger on the inside of my belly button. When you trace my hip bones to my inner thighs I just want you to turn your hand that little bit. I catch my breath every time you go near the lips of my sex. I think what it would feel like for you to cup me in your strong hand, running your oiled finger lightly over my clit, stroking my lips, pulling at them gently…I’m getting frustrated now, squirming and sighing uncontrollably, biting my lower lip. All the massaging you’ve done has been for naught according to the sexual tension I’ve got building in me.

In the shape of a violin’s body you run your hands one final time up my torso, squeeze my breasts, and then sit back on your haunches with your hands still idly tracing my skin. You smile down at me with your eyebrows raised questioningly.

I answer softly, “Thank you, Sean. That was lovely.”

“It was truly my pleasure, Shauna. Now. Onward and upward.”

You stand up on the bed, stepping to my side, and offer your hands. I take them and help myself up from the bed. You stand just looking down at me for a second. I’m horribly embarrassed now; looking down is a very bad angle for me. I frown slightly and look away. At the same time I’m feeling embarrassed, I want you to take me in your arms – covering the view of my body – and kiss me. I almost think my wish will come true when you reach up and gently take me by the chin, turning my face up into yours.

“Shauna. Stop being embarrassed,” you command me gently.

“I can’t quite help it – no one’s ever paid this much close attention to me before. It’s kind of…weird.”

“Weird,” you repeat, laughing. “Well, I don’t want you to feelweird. I want you to feelgood.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to say I don’t feel good. This feels excellent. I just reserve the right to feel totally and utterly ashamed of my body.”

You chuckle but frown a little. “You’re beautiful, Shauna,” you murmur with finality. “I’m determined to show you that.”

I frown a bit, cautiously considering what it might be like to believe I’m beautiful. I almost dismiss the thought, but I reconsider when I look into your eyes; you aren’t lying.

“Okay…What next?” I ask brightly.

Instead of answering you smile and lead me by the hand into the bathroom. More candles, everywhere: on the sink, on the toilet, on the floor. The bathroom is a flickering cave of light and shadow. You lead me to the shower. You let go of my hand after a brief squeeze and bend over the tub to turn it on. I can’t resist the urge to slap you on your absolutely beautiful ass. I slap it underhand with aSMACK! You laugh heartily, looking over your shoulder at me.

“Was that a compliment?”

“Definitely. And thanks for the view!”

“No prob.”

Chuckling, you turn back to the water, testing its temperature. I watch you adjust it a few more times, step back, and then ask me, “Is that a good temperature for you?”

I step forward, lean stiffly over the tub and put my hand under the running water. I fully expect you to slap me on the ass – you don’t slap it, but you do tap it. I grin at you, stand up, and answer, “That’s fine.”

“Good. Turn on the shower.”

I pull the knob to start the shower then turn to you: “Are you going to take a shower with your clothes on, Sean??” I ask teasingly; I just assume I’m not the only Escort Van one about to bathe.

You’re wearing a t-shirt featuring the words “BURNER FOR LIFE” with the Burning Man logo on it and loose pants made of hemp. You look supremely comfortable and absolutely edible.

“No. I’m not,” you say quietly, just looking me in the eyes.

I look back at you questioningly; you’re making no move to undress. “Um…” I say stupidly. Then the lights come on: “Oh!”

I reach for the hem of your shirt and bump my hand – in a completely accidental manner, I assure you – against your package.

You “Hm!” but make no other move beyond smiling encouragingly and raising your eyebrows a little.

I pause, starting to become a little more bold. I smile seductively into your eyes and run my hands slowly, very slowly under your shirt, up your belly, across your nipples –

You inhale sharply, parting your lips the slightest bit.

“Hm!” I say.

“Be careful with those…” you warn me softly.

“I’m sorry,” I say slyly. “Did I hurt you?” I know full well that you love having your nipples touched. Before you can answer I gently tug on the piercing in your right nipple. You moan lightly, easing out a breath between your lips that lands gently on my cheek. You’ve got your eyes closed now. I think it’s time I took a little more control…

I put my fingertips on the underside of your biceps and push up. Understanding what I want, you lift your arms above your head. I run my hands back down your front making sure to encounter your nipples again – and detect a tremble in your frame. I reach your waist band – not yet – and grab the hem of your shirt. You assist me in removing it by bending forward a little as I have to get on my tip-toes to pull it over your head. Without delay I hungrily go for your tender nipples. They look vulnerable and delicious.

First I blow across them whilst tracing my fingernails lightly around the aureoles. I’m rewarded by their puckering and your sighs. You rest your hands on my shoulders and pull me closer into your body, closer to your two little hot spots. I press my breasts against your belly and circle my arms around you in the process pressing your erection excitingly into my stomach. I point my tongue and flick it across your left nipple. You grasp my shoulders a little more firmly and push your hips into me, showing you like what I’m doing and want more. I’m smiling around your nipple now; it’s in my mouth, still being flicked by my tongue as I suck on it at the same time. You tilt your head back and moan fully now.

With a wet littlepop! I turn your nipple loose. You chuckle at the ceiling and then drop your head down to look at me.

“Shower time!” I say brightly and reach for your waist band. I grasp it and pull it out from your body. Your erection springs up, showing it’s rosy head.

“Mmmm…” I hum appreciatively. There’s a large drop of precum at the tip. I can’t help but bend forward and whisk it away with my tongue, savoring the unique taste. You suck in a breath and push your hips forward tightly. I want very, very badly to take you into my mouth but I also want to soap up every inch of your body. Decisions, decisions…I compromise by giving your head a quick lick – you moan lightly – then I decide to pull you into the shower first.

Slowly, appreciating the view on the way down, I sink to the floor pulling your pants with me. I look up and admire what you’ve got to work with. “Niiiice,” I murmur. You’re just the right length and width for me and completely shaven. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around this beauty and to later have it thrusting deep inside me…You step from the puddle of your pants, brushing your inner thigh across my cheek. Your proud, swollen sex bobs there in front of my eyes, just asking for it…

You bend and take me by the shoulders, lifting me up past your scrumptious sex and into your sparkling eyes. You step into the shower and offer me your hand. I take it and step under the spray with you, closing the shower door behind me. Now we’re in an even more intimate space than the bathroom presented: it’s dim (finally! I get to hide a little!) but still there’s flickering light cast off from the candles just on the other side of the shower door. There’s enough standing room for five or six in the shower, but the space seems pleasantly cozy with your body standing over me.

You and I reach for the soap at the same time, knocking it to the shower floor. We both laugh quietly.

“I got it,” I tell you huskily. I lower to one knee, the warm water splashing and running off my back. I reach for the bar of soap lying between your feet, retrieve it and, instead of standing back up, keep kneeling, lathering the soap in my hands. I then touch my hands and the soap to your legs, slowly massaging around in random patterns. After a minute or so I work my way up your legs to your sex, gently run the soap over your sac and continue upward, squeezing the length of you firmly as I go. You moan and jerk in my hand. When I reach your glans, I stand up and cup my palm over it, moving my hand in circles all the while massaging your sac with my other hand. I’m thoroughly enjoying having you by the balls, Sean…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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