Secret Encounters Ch. 03

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Janice lay contentedly in Carl’s arms…practically purring with satisfaction. Her husband was a good lover, but nothing he had done had ever come close to how Carl had just made her feel. With a twinge of guilt she thought that it might just be the newness and excitement of it all…then dismissed the thought, refusing to let it interfere with tonight. Tonight was for her. For her and her new lover.

Smiling, she rolled over to face Carl and tenderly kissed his lips…and when he returned her kiss, she began to explore his body with her hands, and his mouth with hers. The fact that she could still taste herself on his lips excited her more than she ever thought possible. She had never tasted another woman, much less herself, but her sexuality was being blown apart now in ways she had never thought possible. Slowly she ran her hands over his back, chest, and stomach – getting ever bolder and closer to her target. As she paused to fondle the tightness of his well-tanned ass, she could feel a stirring in his cock, which hadn’t quite gone soft while they rested. Carl groaned softly as her hand dipped between them and traced the length of his shaft. She grasped his member with one hand and began to stroke it, ever so slowly. He rolled so that he was on his back and she could have full view and room to play. Just holding his big cock in her hand, Janice felt a new tingle start deep within her. With her other hand, she began to play with his balls, gently stroking and fondling them, making his cock grow to its full hardness. Carl arched his hips, wordlessly asking for more, but she looked at him and whispered “Not yet…I want to tease you like you teased me”.

He moaned and forced himself to relax, as she continued to masterfully stroke his shaft, knowing just how much pressure to use. Suddenly she moved her head down and licked the tip, tasting a drop of pre cum that had formed. Carl’s eyes snapped shut as he knew what was about to come and his large cock seemed to grow even larger. Twirling her tongue around the tip of his dick, she slowed Van Escort her hand motions, not wanting him to come too quickly. She wanted her way with him and wanted it to last. Janice stopped stroking the length of his member and instead, ran her tongue up one side, and down the other, then swirled them all over his hot balls. She moaned, enjoying it as much as he did. Boldly, she drew his nuts into her mouth one at a time and sucked gently. It was something she had never done before, but had read about, and from Carl’s loud groans, she knew she was doing it right. Just knowing she was bringing him so much pleasure made her pussy wet.

Finally, after torturing him for a few more seconds, she left his hot balls and wrapped her lips around the end of his cock, and slid them slowly down the length of it, taking as much of his hard-on into her wet mouth as he could. Carl moaned loudly and urged her to keep going. Faster and faster, she sucked in as much as him as she could, and played with his balls, pausing here and there to lick them, and stroke his cock with her soft hand. Her talented tongue swirled all around his huge dick and she felt herself get wetter and wetter. She just could not wait to feel his size in her wetness and thought about how good it would feel to have him buried deep inside her tight hot hole.

When she felt he couldn’t take much more, she let his cock come out of her mouth with a pop and straddled him…looking deep into his eyes, she lowered her hot hole onto his ramrod cock and slowly slid down it, taking his full length inch by inch. He reached up and pinched her hard nipples, making her throw her head back and moan in pleasure. Balancing herself, she slowly began to ride his cock, moaning how good it felt in her pussy. She began to bounce faster, wanting more…wanting it faster and harder…. wanting to cum all over it.

Janice squealed in surprise as Carl grabbed her and rolled, flipping them over so she was on her back. “I want to see your beautiful face as you cum” he breathed. “I want to fuck your pussy Van Escort Bayan as hard as you want it! I’m going to fuck you so long and so hard, you’re going to cum all over it!”

“I want it hard…..fuck me hard!” she exclaimed, looking up at him and pinching her own nipples. “Fuck that pussy now!!!”

He started pounding in and out of her tight wet hole, faster and faster…the whole bed was bouncing as he pounded her pussy. As Janice reached between her legs to frig her hot wet clit, Carl lowered his head and began biting and licking her erect nipples. “Yes!! Yes!! I’m going to cum!!” she yelled, her hips bucking wildly against his.

“Not yet, you’re not”, Carl stated and slowed his frenzied pumping. Janice moaned in near frustration, but smiled, as she didn’t want this feeling to stop for a long while. Having his huge dick in her dripping wet hole felt better than she ever could have imagined it would. Slowly now, he stroked in and out of her, long and deep, while licking her nipples. Lowering himself onto his elbows, he wrapped his fingers into her hair and kissed her with a passion so intense it took her breath away. Feeling his hard chest against her sensitive nipples, his tongue buried deep in her mouth and his cock even deeper into her pussy, Janice was in sexual heaven.

Suddenly Carl stopped altogether and withdrew, and Janice gasped as he swung once more down to her pussy, positioning himself so she could see his glistening cock, wet with her juice. He wanted to make this last as long as he could for her…and she didn’t mind at all. On impulse, she did something she never would have thought her old self capable of. Reaching over and grasping his cock as he softly licked her well-fucked pussy, she brought it to her mouth. The smell of her own juices made her clit twitch, and not hesitating anymore, she drew the head of his dick to her waiting lips. The first taste of herself on him brought a new surge of wetness to her cunt…she had never dreamed of doing something that seemed to dirty to her in the past, and here Escort Van she was not only doing it, but enjoying it so much.

Licking her way up and down his shaft, she made Carl moan as he buried his tongue into her incredibly wet hole, and just the thought of her licking the taste of herself off of him at the same time almost made him cum on the spot. Janice hungrily sucked the pulsing head of his wet cock into her mouth, and sucked, while sliding her hand up and down his length, moaning at the same time. The vibrations from her, combined with her hand and lips were driving him wild with desire, and he plunged his tongue into her hole again and again, greedily lapping up her juices. They were both on the edge…both ready to cum, and both wanting it worse than anything ever before. Janice let go of his cock with a loud popping sound, and Carl took the opportunity to once again straddle her, and rammed his dick into her with one fluid movement.

Janice gasped and moaned and her one hand made it’s way to his hard ass, while the other shot down to her clit, rubbing it and feeling how hard and wet he had made her. Her hips were shooting up to meet his and she was making animal noises, while he grunted and strained above her.

“NOW, you can come, my love” Carl growled fiercely, knowing neither of them could hold back anymore. “I want to hear you cum…long and loud and hard. Cum baby….”

That was all that Janice needed to send her over the edge, and she rubbed her clit even faster. As Janice came, her body started to shudder, and she screamed in pleasure…which was muted by Carl shoving his tongue in her mouth while his plunged his cock deep within her and started cumming as well. Janice arched her hips to meet his and grabbed his shoulders as wave after wave of orgasm engulfed her body. He held her close and kept his cock buried deep inside of her until her hungry cunt stopped convulsing around it, and kissed her gently as she relaxed beneath him. Slowly, Carl withdrew, collapsed beside her breathing heavily, and draped his arm over Janice. She rolled over to face him, and smiled contentedly, trying to catch her breath…. it was the best, wildest, wettest sex she had ever had in her life, and was secretly hoping it would not be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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