Secret Strangers

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As I sat across from her on dreary wet evening, I wondered what it would be like to take her home for the night. Just to have such a beautiful woman in my arms with no strings attached would be a fantasy come true. For me, she was about as close to perfect for me. Her body was full figured, just the way I always wanted my girl’s bodies to be. She was a magnificent sight to see, with the perfect shade of dark red hair and greenish/blue eyes to match, softly tanned white skin, with a set of full lips. She had a decent set of tits, that looked about like 38C’s. But that was only from what I could see from where I was sitting. Once she stood up to leave I knew right then and there that I had to make my way into her thoughts, dreams, and fantasies. I walked up to her with a simple hello.

She responded with a smirk of a grin on her face. I had to know more about this woman that stood before me. Her scent was intoxicating; Like a smell that I never had pass through me before. I asked why she was in such a hurry, the coffee shop didn’t close for another two hours or so. She had places to go and people to meet is what she told me. I could now see that hard to get was the game that she wanted to play.

I liked games also, because with this one game I knew that I would always win. We talked about this and that for about an hour. Mostly about the stop signs and road construction near the school she taught at. When out of nowhere I felt the need to be unnaturally bold and just ask her if she wanted to meet up later with me for drinks or something.

“Would you like to join me later tonight for dinner and some drinks?” I asked this beautiful woman before me.

She seemed to be taken aback by the question as if she thought I really gave a damn about the lack of stop signs near the school crossing area on 51 North Margin Street. I didn’t give a fuck, all I wanted to do was taste the sweetness from her beautiful mouth, to caress her body and make her moan from within. Her response to my question came as a simple “Why, are you trying to fuck me or something?”. I was dumbfounded, but soon regain all my thoughts by stating that all I wanted from her, was to get to know her better in a more suitable place. She agreed so we headed out the door for the restaurant of my choice. The little joint I chose was a place in Boston’s Italian district close to my home; just incase we needed a place for other activities, if you get my drift….

I left my cell phone number with her and told her to follow me to the little Italian bistro on 97 Salem street .She said she knew where it was and would have no problem getting there. On my drive to the bistro, I was thinking to myself would anything come out of this meeting. I parked my car, and ran to the entrance door of the place to get out from the rain. As I sat there waiting for almost forty-five minutes at the empty table awaiting this woman of whom I still hadn’t traded names with I wondered if she had stood me up. With the ever passing minutes of her not being at the restaurant, I became extremely nervous from the “eternal” wait.

Almost an hour and three chardonnay’s later, walked in my date. She was dressed differently than what she had been when I left her in the parking lot back at the bookstore. She wore a simple black skirt and tight white blouse, that enhanced both her round ass and full tits. She looked more edible than I could have ever imagined. I couldn’t help but smile, she had to be the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

Because it was getting a little late, we decided to skip on dinner and just have a few drinks. The conversation was going strong until the waiter for our table informed us that the bistro would be closing in about ten minutes or so. I was so turned on from just her voice, that I knew I needed to take her home with me; but how? A few more compliments and smiles later she was feeling a little tipsy I guess because she started asking me all sorts of naughty questions I dare not speak of in this story. It wasn’t long before I felt her feet was touching my inner thighs, I was so worked up that, I couldn’t wait any longer. I bursa otele gelen eskort needed to get this woman to my bedroom and show her the meaning of pleasure.

As we walked together outside to the parking lot, she grabbed my hand and smile. I wondered what she was smiling about. When it hit me, her car wasn’t here. I was confused at first, but then soon realized that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She had taken a cab so I would have no choice but to take her home. But I had other idea’s than driving her back home, I wanted to fuck her brains out.

I opened the door of my car for my new “friend”, and ran to the drivers side to get in myself so we could be on our way to a fuck filled evening. The red light that always caught me when I left this restaurant was still the same, it always takes so damn long. Hoping not to bore her while waiting for the red, I decided to turn the radio on, when she grabbed my hand and placed it near her thigh. I massaged her gently, when her hand touched the back of my neck and in full aggression she pulled my head to hers and kissed me deeply and passionately. Her lips were so soft and full, they were the most moist lips I had ever kissed. She tasted wonderful. I wanted more than I think I should have. Once the light turned green, I hit the gas and we raced through the streets of the north end of Boston to my house.

It was a long ten minute drive to my condo in Berkshire, the longest ten minutes of ones life. But it was well worth the wait though, because by the time we hit my garage, her top was off and my hands were fumbling with her bra to release the breast that were so full it took both of my hands to cup them. Her soft rose colored nipples were erect with pain and pleasure. I sucked one and then the other. A slight moan slipped from her mouth, and I knew that this would be a great night.

As I opened the door, her eyes met mines and we were half naked my living room. She smiled and asked me to do whatever my heart desired. I still had no name from her to work with, so while trying to pull her skirt up I asked her for her name, and out came the most beautiful name I ever heard. “Adrianna” she said to me. At this point my pulse is racing and I can’t get her completely naked fast enough.

She wore a black garter belt, with looking at that alone against her milky white thighs I almost came. Even though it was dark as night in my house, I could tell that she was wearing no panties. I knew that she had exactly what I had in mind from the way she was dressed. Her legs were wide open and the heat from between them was starting to rise, plus the aromas from between them were intoxicatingly beautiful.

As I lay next to her I can feel the breathing intensify the closer my fingertips roam alongside of her body. She loves the way I stroke her. And the moaning is becoming deeper. I kissed her hard, letting my tongue dance with hers. As we kissed her nipples were hard and I was now squeezing them between my fingers. I squeezed both of them in hopes her pussy was getting wet from my touch.

I wanted to taste her juices in mouth; I wanted to savor the flavor of raw passion from her body. As I moved slowly down in between her legs, to take a look at the present she had waiting for me, I noticed that her cunt was the most beautiful one I had ever seen in my life. To be honest it was almost “Playboy” perfect. She had it clean shaven, therefore I could caress and lick and suck all over it without any barriers blocking my mouth. I ran my fingers along her clit that was erect with tension.

Soon another gasp for air came from deep inside of her. “Do it!….Fuck me!” Is what I heard from this woman who was now in the palm of my hands. My head is spinning and all I can focus on is her. My fingers are starting to really work on her clit and her rocking back and fourth is meeting my movements. Taking her left leg over my shoulder, I lick the inner side of her thigh.

She has the smoothest legs that I have ever had the pleasure of touching. I take one long lick on the underside of her legs before making bursa eve gelen escort bayan my way to the pussy before me. Her pussy is so wet by now and the taste buds in my mouth are dancing in circles. I can’t seem to get enough of her sweetness in my mouth. I thrash at her clit as hard as my tongue can work. Adrianna grabs the back of my head and begins to ride the shit out of my face.

With both of my hands free, I take both of her legs and thrust them to her chest, my tongue makes one long lick from between her ass, back up to her pussy. I like to eat pussy, but hers has me wanting it like it is my last meal. At first the juices are salty and then sweet. I stick my tongue inside of her as deep as it will go. She is ramming her cunt into my face and my nose and mouth are buried deep into her. I can’t breath, but I don’t give a damn.

Our eyes meet and with that I get up and lie on the floor. I want her to ride my face. I don’t want to breath anything less than pussy scents from the air that I receive. She kneels in front of me and the as I lower her hips I pull her ass cheeks apart and insert my forefinger right into her sweet asshole. Her ass is so tight, I think my finger is the first to ever play with it. Her ass is about the biggest one I have ever had, and I am in heaven. As I rim her asshole, my mouth is sucking on her clit. Adrianna is moaning loudly. At this point she is riding the hell out of me and I start to feel this tingle from my own pussy. It is her fingers, she is rubbing my clit, making me eat away at her honey box faster. She is starting to shutter and yelp, bouncing her ass in movements up and down. Soon she is crooning and moaning and still rocking against my face. With notice at all, Adrianna gets up from off of me and walks to where my feet are positioned. Her sweet juice is still running down the side of my mouth and I am out of breath when I realize that she is reaching into her purse.

“What the fuck are you going to do with that?” I ask. “I’m not doing a damn thing you are.” she said. “You want me to wear a strap-on?” I asked with a lustful grin. “I want to fuck you and have you fuck me back at the same time.” she stated.

With that said she ordered me into the bathroom and get it on as fast as possible. It took me a moment or two because it was the first one I had ever had on. Once I got it on securely, I took a look in the mirror out of pure curiosity. I looked so stupid, the toy cook was so thick and it looked about 8 or 9 inches long. I took a deep breath and took the walk of shame back into the living room. I came out to find her waiting with all the lights on in my home. I was kind of shy, with this being my first strap-on before.

“Come over here to me.” is what I heard her say to me. As I walked over to her, I saw that she had much more than I had planned for what was to happen between us. I was looking right in the eyes when at that moment she dropped to her knees and took my toy cock in between her lips. I was about to say something when all of a sudden I feel this zap of vibrations come racing through my clit. She had a wireless remote in her hand, and she was actually giving me a sensation by giving me a blow job. I loved it, I grabbed the back of her head and push my toy cock deeper down her throat. With every movement of her head, I felt a wave of pleasure race through my body.

My clit was pulsating, when I felt my own orgasm erupting from within. She took her other hand and brought it to my to balls and move them to the side so she could lick at my cunt for a bit. I was never one to turn down some head from a hot chick, and I wasn’t about to start now. I mean she really knew how to work my clit into a frenzy. She placed her index finger right on my clit and in a circular motion began to make me shutter. As I looked down, she smiling up at me and sucking on my dick at the same time. I was in some sort of nirvana, my head was spinning so I had to stop her before I could cum again.

So I pulled my little cocksucker up off the floor and took her by the hands to lead her outside on bayan eskort bursa my balcony. It was dark outside, but anyone that wanted to see us could. As we got out there I pushed her against the railing of my second story balcony, pushing her legs apart, I knelt down behind her and licked her beautiful ass and played with her pussy for a minute. Adrianna was rubbing her beautiful nipples as I went to town on her ass and pussy. Her twat was dripping wet by now, so I took my fingers and started finger fucking my new friend. She was so tight that my knuckles started to hurt as they were rubbing against one another. I continued to lick between her milky white ass cheeks, until I heard her scream out to fuck her.

So with that said stood up and inserted the head of my toy dick in her pussy and started to fuck her slowly. It took a moment for my cock to actually fit in her hole. I knew she was in a pain, and I tried to console her by kissing the back of her neck and gently playing with her clit. I picked up the pace of my movements with every breath she took. She was starting to moan and actually fuck my cock back.

I finally opened my eyes and there were her eyes staring back at me. It was as if we were the only two people on the universe. Adrianna had turned the vibrator back on, and my clit was being pulsated on by the little electronic egg inside the dick. Her breathing was getting heavier and her moans became cries of pleasure. I knew there were people home even as late as it was. But there was a sort of rush coming through me that I had never felt before.

I think just the thought of me outside with a dick on, and fucking the shit out of this redheaded goddess was just too much for me to handle. I knew I was near my forth orgasm, and I just began to fuck her so hard I could hear her yelp. But even hearing her cries just made me give her the fucking of her life. She loved it, I could tell by the way she slammed her ass all the way to the base of my cock. Her tits were bouncing around furiously up and down. I grabbed one and gave the nipple a little pinch just to bring the climax out. I licked the back of her neck and she moaned loudly. “Slow down for a second I want to put my leg up on the rail.” she asked.

As she put her leg up I noticed my neighbor from apartment A13 peering up above us from the courtyard and pool area. I continued to savagely fuck Adrianna with long hard thrusts. I started to play with her clit, in hopes that she would get louder, so everyone down below would know what was going on. “Hmmmmmmmmm! Fuck me Kase! Fuck my little bare cunt harder!” Adrianna was yelling to me. I fucked her to at least seven climaxes. She put her leg down, and dropped to her knees to suck off all the pussy nectar she had placed on my cock.

I was so spent, because I had fucked her right here in my home with an audience below to gaze up at us. I brought her to her feet and kissed her, because I wanted to taste what she had in her mouth. I took Adrianna by the hand and led her back into the house, we sat on the couch and I stroked her neck and played a little with her hair. She was almost asleep when she jumped up immediately. She said she had to go home because she had a lot to get done at home but wanted to thank me for an unbelievable evening. I wanted her to stay the remainder of the night, but she said she just couldn’t.

With that said I told her I would call her a cab and we waited up together until the cab came. She kissed me long before she walked out of the door. I closed it and stood there with the freeze framed image of us fucking throughout my house. As I sat in my living room alone, I thought about her and what I had just did. Then a turning of my doorknob quickly made me jump back to reality. She stood there smiling. “So how was that for an anniversary present?” she asked.

Yes I know, she was no stranger to me now, but we hadn’t ever been like that together before, so it was something new for us. So in a way we were to strangers meeting for the first time. From that moment on, I now know what it is like to be completely enthralled by someone. I smiled and grabbed her hand and took her to bed for the first night of the next year of the rest of our lives. You see, Adrianna and I have been together for a little over 3 years and we wanted to do something to throw the spark back into our sex life. “It was great honey.” I said. With all that had happened tonight, I wondered what the neighbors were going to think about us in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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