Secretary Extraordinaire Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

It was raining out when I woke up this morning. Not the light kind of drizzle that usually permeates the mornings this time of year, but a hard rain that was soaking everything in sight. As I stood in my boxers, looking out the window, I laughed to myself that not every day can be as great as the one I had yesterday. First of all, I got to fuck the most beautiful woman in the entire company yesterday, my secretary Jennifer. Then, if that couldn’t be topped, I landed a huge client, and now I was looking at a huge commission at the end of the month.Maybe I’ll buy a boat, I mused, letting my mind drift to seeing myself at the wheel of a large motor yacht, with girls in bikinis strewn about the foredeck. In fact, the more I thought about it, the better idea it seemed. Hell, I’m only 39, I should do it now before I regret it.

The rain had finally stopped almost as soon as I had stepped out of my car in the parking deck. Not that it would have mattered, I never see the outside from my car to my office. I stepped out of the elevator at 9:15, and started the short walk down to my office. I had a corner suite on the 32nd floor, a decent accommodation for a senior vice president, complete with a sofa and my own personal bathroom and shower. As I got closer to my suite, I saw Jennifer sitting at her desk, apparently reading her morning e-mails. She looked up to see who was approaching, and when she recognized the face, her eyes softened, and a little smile crept across her lips.

“Good morning Mr. Davies. Mr. Archer called me this morning, and set up golf with him and Mr. Beckwith at 2:00. Do you have your clubs here, or should I send someone to your house to get them?” She cocked her head just slightly to the side, and continued to smile that beautiful smile. She was incredibly beautiful, with shoulder-length bright red hair, and an ivory complexion that was as flawless as skin could be. Since our little rendezvous yesterday had apparently not affected our work relationship, I didn’t feel too badly about letting my eyes shift below her face and down to her chest. She’d worn a navy blue pinstriped suit today, but instead of her normal collared silk blouse, she only had a white lace camisole on under her jacket. Her breasts were moving rhythmically with every breath, taking my mind into a hypnotic state. I forced myself to catch her gaze again.

“Uh, no. I have them in my closet. But if you would kindly ask Mr. Weston in accounting to return my putter, I’ll need that for certain today.”

“You got it boss.” She scribbled a note about the putter onto a sticky pad, and stuck the note on her phone. “There weren’t any other messages for today, but I didn’t know if you wanted me to make you any lunch reservations?”

This was pretty normal. I usually went out with clients for lunch, everyday but Monday. Today, though, I had something else in mind.

“No, I think today I’m staying in for lunch. Maybe you can recommend something for me to have?” I gave her a little wink.Oh, jeez, that was subtle, Mike. Why don’t you just tell the whole office you’re fucking your secretary.

If she responded to the wink, I couldn’t tell, but she did shift a little bit in her seat, and then said, in a low whisper: “Ohhh, I think I could whet your appetite for something.”

My dick jumped a little bit at that thought, but I just picked up my mail and went into my office to start reading. I had barely opened my first letter when movement caught my eye. Jennifer was stretching in her chair. For a woman of 27, apparently 8:30 in the morning is a little bit early to be already at work. As she raised her arms, however, I saw that it wasn’t a result of her lack of sleep, but rather a calculated effort on her part for me to notice. That much was obvious, since she’d unbuttoned her jacket, and now her tight undershirt was being stretched by the mounds of her breasts pushing toward the ceiling. She didn’t have gigantic breasts, a 34 and either a large B or a small C, but they were very round, and extremely perky. Her nipples were hard from the air conditioner, and they showed through the flimsy material of her undershirt. My eyes were fixated on those magnificent tits, until I saw that she was ending the practiced stretch. As my gaze migrated south, past her sexy flat stomach, I wondered to myself whether or not she was wearing any underwear. I never saw her with a panty line, and yesterday had shown me that she doesn’t always wear anything under her skirts.Memo to self, find out if Jennifer is wearing panties.

As the morning wore on, I took some phone calls, wrote far too many e-mails, and generally had a productive day. But I couldn’t stop thinking about doeda Jen, and how badly I wanted to fuck her brains out.

Pretty soon it was noon, and I heard Jen pick the phone up, to call someone. Apparently it was the main switchboard operator. “Hi Melissa, it’s Jen. Hey, listen, I need to run a few errands at lunch, so I need to be gone for the whole hour, and Mr. Davies is gone for the rest of the day, so could you just take any messages for him, and I’ll pick them up from you when I get back?” She paused for a split second. “Awesome, I owe you one. Oh, how’s the baby? Great, ok I’ll see you sometime around 1.” She hung up the phone, and grabbed her purse. She started to walk toward the elevator, but after she pressed the button, she turned right around and came into my office, shutting and locking the door behind her. As she walked toward me, she stripped off her jacket, and placed it on the hangar behind the door. I stood up and started to loosen my tie, but she had already gotten to me, and she put her hands over mine.

“No, not yet. This one is just going to be a quick little fuck. I really do need to run errands. Besides, I ordered you lunch, and it should be here in about 10 minutes, regardless of what we’re doing.” Her hand dropped to my crotch, and unzipped my fly. As she reached in, and pushed my boxers down, she grabbed my cock like a woman on a mission. I wasn’t fully hard yet; I didn’t quite expect her to move so fast. As it flopped out, she knelt down on one knee, and kissed the tip of my dick. Her other hand reached in and cupped my balls, providing me with pleasure and stimulation. My pole became a rod with that touch, standing at full attention for her to see. She just giggle a little more, something I am just now getting used to, and then placed her lips around the head, and moved her mouth down onto the shaft.Oh, shit that feels so good. Chills ran up my spine, and my knees threatened to buckle under the intensity of her sucking. I propped myself back against my bookcase, and leaned back to enjoy a blowjob from a woman who obviously knew her stuff. I put my hand on the back of her head as she was sliding her mouth up and down by cock, slurping and sucking all the way. When I was nearing climax, I pulled her away a little bit.

She looked up into my eyes with a half hurt expression, but then her stare went to my quivering dick, and her mind made the connection. “Oh, I guess that really does it for you, eh sexy?”

“It sure as hell does.”

“Ok, well, I have an idea for what to do now.” She stood, pulling the bottom of her skirt up as she rose, to once again reveal a bald pussy. She took the four steps to the couch, but didn’t sit on it. Instead, she put he knees at the base of the couch, facing toward the back, and lay her body onto the cushion. “I want you to fuck me from behind today.”

Well, how could I say no to such an inviting proposition? That warm pussy, situated right below that well toned and perfectly rounded ass was too much to not run towards. As I knelt behind her, my cock twitched again with anticipation. She reached behind her and grabbed my tie, pulling me down with greater urgency. I grabbed my dick, and teased her asshole with the head. Moving in small circles, I rubbed the tip from her ass to the edge of her pussy lips. Her slit was incredibly wet; it slid all the way down with ease. “Oh, come on. Get that huge prick inside me, NOW!” She screamed in as loud a whisper as the office would allow.

With that, I shoved the full eight inches right into her waiting box, and she had to shove her face into the couch to keep the whole building from hearing her. After the initial push, I drew back very slowly, building up her stimulation, and then slammed her hard again and again, until her whole body shook. It only took one more strong pump after that before the combination of the blowjob and her internal spasm caught up to me, and I came inside her. I let out a low, satisfied grunt, and gave her ass a squeeze.

“Jen, again, that was incredible. You’re never allowed to quit.”

She lingered for a minute with my dick still inside of her, both of us reveling in the warmth of each other’s touch. “Mike, nobody has ever made me come nearly as fast as you have. I’m not sure what it is, but you bring out the orgasm within me before I even get a chance to concentrate on it.” She smiled, and lifted herself off my now declining member. She turned around to face me, and put her hand around my neck. No sooner had she done that, then she leaned in and carefully brought her lips to mine. As our lips met, another spark flew through me, as I realized that she had done the same for me.

We eş değiştirmeli porno both got cleaned up in the washroom, and when she had straightened her skirt, put on her jacket, and re-applied her makeup to her satisfaction, she unlocked the door. “Ok babe, I have to go run some errands, but I’ll be back in half an hour. Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“No, I think I’ll be fine. Can you find out what the course is I’m playing today? If it’s Shady Acres, it’s going to be completely flooded from all the rain this morning.”

“Ok, sure thing. I’ll call from my cell.” And she walked out the door and down the hall to the elevator.

Sitting alone in my office, I hadn’t had time to really reflect on anything when there was a knock on my door. “Michael Davies?” It was the delivery man, holding an Italian sub, and a bottle of root beer.Damn, she really does pay attention to detail.

“Yup, that’s me”

“Ok, it’s all paid for; I just need you to sign here.” I signed the receipt, tipped him a few bucks from my pocket, and sat down to enjoy my lunch.

When Jen came back, she gave me a quick run-down on how the weather had affected my golf day. It was Rolling Hills Country Club, not Shady Acres, so I could rest easy. Rolling Hills was very exclusive, and since their membership dues topped $250,000, they could afford the best drainage systems. Lucky my boss was paying. I left a little bit before 2:00 and headed up to the CEO’s office to meet him for golf.

I shot a 102. Yeah, for a senior executive, I ought to be better, but I’m not yet because I don’t play as often as I should. It was just after 7:00 pm when I got back to the office to pick up my car. Being a new-age, progressive company, they have all sorts of perks and benefits that I still found amazing. Free childcare, a coffee bar, and best of all, a small gym for anyone to use. Since it was early, and I didn’t have any plans, I decided to work out before heading home.

I keep a set of gym shorts and a T-shirt in my bathroom closet in my office, so I went upstairs to get them. As I walked into my office, I noticed the light was on in my bathroom. I didn’t remember leaving it on, but hey, I’m getting older.

I opened the door and heard the water running. Steam poured over the frosted glass of my stand up shower. I looked on the floor. Strewn about were various items of clothing: a black sports bra, a black tank top, white cotton panties, and a pair of girl’s cotton gym shorts.Well, at least it’s not a dude using my shower. I opened the door to the shower to reveal a naked and very wet Jennifer, apparently rinsing out her hair. Startled, I think, by the absence of steam and the noise of the hinge, she screamed as she spun around. She saw my face, beaming from the sight of her, and laughing at her girlish scream.

“DAMMIT, MIKE! That’s the second time you’ve scared the shit out of me in two days! And also the second time you were at a place you normally aren’t. What the fuck are you doing here so late?

“I could ask you the same thing. What the story?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about this. The thing is, I love the gym here, because it’s so convenient, but because I live so far away, I hate smelling bad. I know there’s a shower in the locker room, but you’re never here when I’m done, and well…this one is nicer.” She paused, a look of guilt passed over her face. “But I never make a mess, I always bring my own towels, and you’ve never known.”

I smiled again at her naked body as she reached over and shut off the water. “Jen, I don’t care if you use my shower. You’re right, you’re very discrete and always clean up, so who’s getting hurt by it?” I put my hand on the small of her back and drew her to me, kissing her on the forehead. “Besides, I like it when you’re clean and smell nice, so why would I stop that? I just think you’re not clean enough yet.” I pulled my shirt over my head, and then dropped my pants and boxers in one motion. Kicking off my shoes, and yanking off my socks, I was completely naked in less than ten seconds. I stepped in behind her, and reached past her breasts for the water control, turning it back on hot. Dutifully, she closed the shower door behind her, and turned back toward me.

“Ok, now that I can use this place, can we get a massaging shower head?”

“Ha ha ha, sure. I’ll pick one up this week, and put it in sometime.” I pulled her close to me once again, and kissed her deeply. Her eyes were closed, keeping out the water, but I could feel her tongue in my mouth. Her breath poured from her nostrils, washing over my face. We help our embrace a moment longer, then genç porno we both released each other and backed away. “Now, let’s see if we can’t get you cleaned up.”

I grabbed her shower gel, squirting a small pool into my hands. Foaming it into a rich lather, I turned her around and applied my soapy hands to her shoulders. The lubrication of the soap made sure that my hands easily found her tits, and my fingers began slowly massaging them. She let out a low moan, I knew this was working for her. I moved my hands in large, slow circles, gently kneading the tissue of her breasts. Her nipples came alive, and began to harden at my fingertips. Her quarter sized areolas, bright pink soft spots on flawless ivory mountains, tightened, pushing her tiny nipples out even further. I took my index finger of my right hand, and pushed the nipple around all directions. She moaned again. “Ungh, that feels incredible Mike.” I continued massaging her tits, unaware that she had already lathered up her own hands.

She reached behind her back, somehow knowing without looking exactly where my dick was. Starting at the top, she spread the soap all down my shaft, over my balls, and all the way to my thighs. As she washed away the sweat of a hard fought sport, my cock began remembering what it was for, and leaped into action. Very soon I was as hard as a rock, and she just kept soaping it up, massaging it gently. It was like heaven on earth. Not overly sexual to make me come, but impossible to ignore as waves of adrenaline hit my body. She pulled her hands away and held them up to the showerhead, rinsing them off as she removed the lather from her own body.

I took my cue, and slowly moved my hands down her torso until they were resting on her hips. Rotating one hand around to her ass, I moved it down below her ass cheeks to the back of her wet pussy. The other hand found its way around to the front of her dripping slit, and both went in simultaneously. The left hand worked her clit in tiny circles, and the right fingers slid into her pussy. I kept manually stimulating her until I felt that now familiar shudder run through her body, as she let her entire lungs exhale her breath. She gasped, breathing very heavily now, and slid her hands down the wall, giving herself a bracing position. She was ready now.

I slipped my cock inside of her, a strange angle for me, since her back was not really horizontal or vertical. I had never done this in such a small shower before, and I was relishing the experience. The position of her hips made it even tighter for me, as the walls of her vagina hugged me tighter than ever. Carefully thrusting, so as not to slip and fall, I pushed myself as far into her as I could manage. I grunted with the resistance. Establishing a slow and steady rhythm, I screwed her up against the wall for what must have been half an hour. Waves after wave of orgasms hit her body like clockwork, kept in time with the pulsing of my hips. Finally, on the fifth shudder from her body, I felt my body surge from the tip of my toes, all the way up my spine to the top of my head, and finally out the end of my cock, as I spewed hot cum inside of her.

We both rinsed off, and as we dried, I put a towel around my waist. I handed her my bathrobe, and went to the office. Reaching under the lowest shelf, I grabbed a bottle of scotch, and poured us two glasses. We sat for a while on the couch, naked save for some small scraps of terry cloth, sipping our drinks and holding each other. Finally she spoke.

“Well, I’ve got to tell you; I wish I’d done this a whole lot sooner. I’ve had a little crush on you since my first day, but you always seemed too proper to fool around at the office. This has been a total fulfillment of one of my wildest fantasies.” She trailed off after that, and I knew what was coming next.

“Look, let’s just be blunt. We can’t exactly have a public relationship, because of our positions.” I said, placing my now empty glass on the coffee table. “But I wouldn’t trade you as an assistant for anything in the world. You’re too good. On the other hand, you fuck like nobody I’ve ever been with, and I can’t in good conscience give that up either. So let’s just keep this between us, and I promise that someday, we can be together forever.”

“Oh Mike, that would really make me happy.” She blinked and a single tear rolled from here eye. “Mike?”

“What is it sweetie?”

“I know we just started fucking on a whim, but I’ve been interested in you for a while. So I think I can say with complete confidence…I love you.”

I was floored. “Wow, I don’t know what to say. Until recently, you were two different people. A great friend and a loyal employee; someone I could talk to about anything. But you were also an object of just and fantasy, filling my head with dirty thoughts, and my dreams with even dirtier ones. But now that those two people have merged, I think I am sure of it too. I love you too, Jennifer.”

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