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***Note to readers – to get the back-story on this submission, you’ll need to read my previous story, “Christmas Party”. And also, this one is quite long. I won’t apologise for that, I got a wee bit carried away writing this.***

So… I decided to take your advice. I really wasn’t sure about it, but after my last story, I got loads of emails telling me I should text my boss’ fiancée… And life’s too short to have regrets, isn’t it?

I met her at the Christmas party. She was there with her fiancé. Gorgeous Greg. He’s the depute MD of our company, and he is tall, dark, and completely stunning. I’ll be honest with you – I had my eye on him that night. Until I met Ceri. She’s just… just… wow. Words can’t do her justice, but I’ll do my best.

She’s the type of girl who doesn’t have to try to look sexy, she’s effortlessly beautiful.

Gorgeous, striking blue eyes, glossy blonde hair, a perfect, lithe figure, and the filthiest laugh I’ve ever heard. Even just the way she carries herself, oozes raw sex appeal. She’s in complete contrast to me, because although I know I’m pretty and I know how to make the best of my curves and long dark hair, I have to work at my appeal. Ceri’s just naturally perfect.

I know I sound like a teenager who’s just discovered her hormones, but that’s how this feels to me – it’s all new and exciting, I’ve never, ever, had feelings for a girl before.

I couldn’t believe what had happened at the Christmas party. I went home shortly after she’d left me, horny and unsated, and brought myself off three times with a delicious combination of my own fingers and my faithful rabbit vibrator. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, how she’d seduced me in the toilets, how amazing her tongue had felt on my clit, how her soft, elegant hands had felt on my body, and how she’d looked straight at me the whole time, pure filth sparkling in those gorgeous blue eyes. I was pretty fucking smitten.

Three big orgasms later, the text had flown from my mobile all too easily, telling the useless guy I was dating that he was binned. As far as I was concerned, he had done me a favour, abandoning me to go out with his mates that night. The relationship had been going nowhere, and I was ready to be single for a bit and enjoy life.

As for the Ceri thing, the ball was in my court. She’d given me her number, told me to text her, and she didn’t have my number. All these factors meant that it was up to me if I wanted to get in touch with her. And I really did… but I was also petrified. I mean, this was my boss’ other half I was lusting after.

Not the smartest move to make, especially when I had just started at the company fairly recently.

But the fact was, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. And you know what it’s like when you have unfinished business with someone. She had promised me an orgasm. I had no doubt that if I contacted her, she would deliver on that promise. But in the cold, sober light of day, was texting her the best move?

I decided to play it cool for a while, while I thought the awkward situation through, long and hard. I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was, plus, as I kept telling myself, I’m into men. Definitely.


Fast forward to two weeks later, almost a week into 2010, and everyone in the office was acting as though Christmas never happened. The tacky tinsel and fairy lights had been stacked away into a box ready for next year, the girls who worked in the fashion department were highlighting which looks were going to be hot for Spring despite the six or seven inches of snow we were all battling through to get to work, and as for us on the sales floor? Well, it was full steam ahead to recruit new advertisers for the new year.

I hadn’t seen Greg since “That Night” and I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t see him. How was I going to be able to look him in the eye after what I’d done with his fiancée?

I looked at my watch. Twenty past three. Still two hours before I could even think about packing up my stuff to go home. I sighed deeply and tapped my nails on the desk restlessly, trying to summon up enthusiasm for the document I was piecing together on my laptop. Sensing I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, I decided it wouldn’t really hurt anyone if I did a tiny bit of online shopping, and opened up the Topshop website.

“Jasmine, hey.”

The voice behind me made me jump, guiltily looking up from the laptop screen and quickly minimising the page of sale party dresses I had been perusing. Behind me stood Greg, his dark eyes twinkling with amusement as he quietly observed my embarrassment. Fuck.

“Just wondering how you’re getting on, I’ve not seen you since before Christmas,” he said.

“Fine, brilliant,” I said breezily, trying desperately not to appear flustered. “You?”

“Yeah, Christmas was good,” he smiled. “We went to Ceri’s parents’ house at the coast, it was lovely. Bloody snow almost stopped us getting back though!”

I laughed politely and wondered what to say next. He saved me the hassle.

“Well, I’m beşevler escort just heading round all the departments checking in, really. Must get on…” he said, turning and heading towards the office door.

“OK, see you later Greg,” I said, smiling and crossing my fingers under the desk.

“Oh – and Jasmine? Before I go… Ceri says she’s really disappointed you never got in touch with her,” Greg said suddenly, turning in the doorway. “She said you two got on well at the party and she’d thought you’d be up for doing things with her… she’s wondering why you’ve never called her?”

I felt my face flush crimson. “Doing… things?” I croaked.

“Well, she doesn’t know many people down here, to be honest,” Greg said ruefully. “She moved with me when I got this job, and she hates how I go out and network at weekends. But you know how it is, making deals on the golf course and all… I just think she’s lonely. She really needs someone she can go out and… hit Topshop with,” he smirked, raising an eyebrow in the direction of my laptop.

“Oh. I… I’ll call her,” I promised, knowing my face was still beetroot.

“And don’t worry,” Greg said with a wink, “we’ve all done a bit of shopping during work time. Just don’t make a habit of it.”

I heard the steady tap of his footsteps as he exited my office cubicle and went to speak to someone else in the sales team. I exhaled slowly. He hadn’t given any indication that he knew what had happened between Ceri and I. She obviously had kept our secret. My mind was racing. Maybe she regretted what had happened? Maybe she wanted me to get in touch to warn me to keep quiet about it? Maybe her confidence and self assured manner had been a front? Or maybe… Just maybe, she had told Greg to get me to call her because she wanted a replay of what had happened before?

My nipples hardened under my clothes, pressing against my white lace bra at the thought, and I rapidly felt my pussy grow damp. I crossed my legs firmly, trying to ignore my thong rubbing against my clit. Not at work, Jas.

“Jasmine! I need the sales brief for that client you saw yesterday, and I need it now!”

With difficulty, I dragged my thoughts away from Ceri’s long, perfectly proportioned, tanned legs and the memory of that tiny strip of blonde hair that lay tantalisingly between them. What the hell was happening to me? For now, my focus had to be on work. I’d figure out what to do with my other problems tonight.


That night, I sat in my pyjamas on the couch, looking at my mobile, trying hard to think of what to say in a text to Ceri. I needed to keep it casual enough so that I didn’t put her under pressure, but also think of something that required a reply back. I sat, staring at the screen, occasionally pressing on the keypad to make the phone light up, searching for inspiration. Fuck it, why was this so hard?

In the end, I settled for: “Hey lady, it’s Jasmine here. Just a random txt really, G said he thought you’d be up for shopping or something, free on Sat? x” and hit send before I could have second thoughts. Done.

I threw the mobile on the couch beside me, the text was sent. No un-sending it now. I just had to hope she text me back. I would distract myself with TV.

My flatmate, Katie, came in and flopped down on the couch beside me, hooking her legs over my lap and sighing dramatically. “I’m so tired,” she moaned, rolling her dark eyes and scraping back her bleached blonde hair into a messy ponytail. “My boss hates me, she made me do an hour’s unpaid overtime today and I’m supposed to be meeting Ben tonight too. I’m sure he’s going to dump me, I’m such a slave to work these days!”

I gave her a look. Ben was the latest in a string of boyfriends, her typical footballer type, with rock solid muscles and boyband good looks. However, he also spent more time in the bathroom than I did, and I knew for a fact Katie was not dating him for his brain – after being forced to sit through Mamma Mia with us, he’d commented, “isn’t it good to see all the Abba songs in their original contexts!” I didn’t rate him highly.

“Maybe it’d do you good to be single for a bit,” I said. “I can’t keep up with the men in your life!”

Katie batted long, mascara-coated eyelashes at me. “I’ve been going with Ben for three months now! We’re practically at marriage stage!”

I rolled my eyes. “Uh-huh,” I commented. “Well, I’m enjoying being single.”

Katie swung her legs to the floor and grabbed my wrist, horrified. “Did he dump you?”

“No, I dumped him,” I said matter-of-factly. “Because he was a cock. With a small cock. And I don’t date cocks.”

“But he was hot,” Katie pouted.

“He wasn’t that hot,” I protested. “His eyebrows met in the middle and he plucked them, and shaped them. That’s just not right!”

My flatmate giggled. “Ben does that. It’s like dating a girl!”

My mobile buzzed between us on the couch, startling me. Katie moved to hand it to me but I was faster, almost cebeci escort pouncing on it and snatching it away from her.

“You’re very cagey, Mrs,” she giggled. “Are you SURE you’re single? That looked like the secretive grab of a woman who has a man on the go!”

“It’s just someone I met at the Christmas party,” I said, not wanting to open the text in front of her. “We’re mates, that’s all.”

Katie winked. “Friends with benefits, eh?” she smirked. “I know where I’m not wanted… I just hope he’s hot enough for you! I’d better go and meet the love of my life, anyway. Laters, Jazzy.”

She strutted out of the living room, and moments later I heard the flat door slam behind her. With trembling hands, I read my text from Ceri.

“Took u long enough 2 pluck up the courage 2 txt me! Shopping? How boring! Lets hav some REAL fun instead… ;)”

Shaking, but feeling myself getting turned on despite my nerves, I replied, “what do you have in mind? x”

The text came back almost straight away. “I want 2 lie u on my bed, strip for you, tease u, make u want me, make u beg 4 me 2 fuck u!”

“I do want you. And you owe me an orgasm after you left me in the toilets at the party! x” I replied.

“Babe I’ll make u scream u’ll cum so hard ;)”

“And how exactly will you do that? x”

“Wait & c. U’ll never date a man again!”

“I’m not good at waiting. Tell me more… x”

“I made myself cum 2day SO hard thinking of fucking u. Squirted everywhere. I’m gonna act out my fantasy on Sat. I will lick ur pussy til ur dripping wet then fuck u with a vibe til ur screaming. Gregs wondering why I’m smiling, it’s cute.”

“He’s in the same room as you when you’re texting all this?! x”

“Yep. Jealous?”

I had to admit, I was. Jealous of Greg, getting to spend time with that Goddess. I wanted her! Shifting on the couch, I slid one hand into my thong. Katie was well and truly out for the night – she’d probably stay at Ben’s – and I had the flat to myself. With my other hand, I quickly composed a reply to her text.

“Very jealous. I’m also very wet thinking about you! Touching myself now… x”

“Im wet 2. Cant wait 2 taste u again. Finger urself 4 me… ur cunt wet?”

“Dripping! I can’t wait to have your tongue on me. I’m rubbing my clit right now thinking about it. x”

“Greg jst asked what we’re talking bout. I told him it was girl stuff & he wudnt understand! Take a pic 4 me babe, please?”

“OMG I can’t take a pic, Ceri! My arms aren’t long enough! x”

“Try, 4 me… Ill return the favour when G is out the room!! Want 2c if u really r wet 4 me! ;)”

Stretching out on the couch, I quickly removed my pyjama bottoms and tugged my thong to one side. I’d never done this before… Awkwardly, I spread my legs and took an arm’s length photo of myself. Hardly even glancing at the photo, I selected ‘send as picture message’, and waited on the response. It came within seconds.

“WOW! Wish i was there 2 taste that! I reckon ur wet enough that i could get 4 fingers in u easily, maybe more…”

Experimentally, I slid three fingers into my pussy, moaning as I felt and heard how wet I was for her. I worked my fingers in and out of my pussy, shivering with delight as I imagined they were Ceri’s. With my spare hand, I replied,

“Sure you would! I’m imagining me on my hands and knees, with you behind me, your tongue in my pussy and your fingers on my clit! x”

“My tongue will b EVERYWHERE, from ur clit 2 ur arsehole. Mouth’s watering at the thought…”

“I’m pumping my pussy with my fingers imagining it’s you fucking me. I’m so close Ceri x”

“Good. Want u 2 cum thinking of me! Can’t wait to use my big dildo 2 fill u up, and kiss u as u cum!”

“Fuck I’m close x”

“Or I might fuck u with a strap on…”

The image of her, with a dildo strapped around her slender hips, fake cock jutting obscenely from her pussy, pounding me as I lay on her bed, sent me over the edge. I cried out as I came hard, my eyes closed, hands grabbing at the couch below me as I felt my cunt spasm and my hips buck upwards in orgasm.

“I just came SO hard! x”

“Good! Thats nothing compared 2 how hard u’ll be cumming on Sat, I promise u. Gotta dash now sweetie, Greg getting jealous. Spk later! Mwah”

I lay back on the couch, my breathing slowly returning to normal and my racing heart slowing slightly. I exhaled hard and stared at the ceiling. How the hell was I going to be able to hold myself together until the weekend? It didn’t bear thinking about…


I tipped my head back, letting the hot water cascade down my body. 8am on a Saturday morning was not a time I usually saw. But today was the day. Ceri was picking me up at ten, and I wanted to be ready for her. I had already been in the shower for half an hour, I’d washed my long dark hair twice with my favourite shampoo, used an intensive conditioner, shaved my legs and pussy, and was now lathering myself up with kolej escort Katie’s expensive body wash that one of her adoring exes had bought her at Christmas.

I wanted to make myself as perfect as possible for Ceri. Just the thought of her: her huge almond shaped blue eyes, her small, high breasts and her wonderfully toned, athlete’s body, made me want to slide my fingers into my cunt now, but she had sent me a text last night warning me not to touch myself before I saw her, that she wanted me horny and on edge.

“Get out of the fucking shower, bitch!” Katie hammered on the door furiously, jolting me out of my wandering thoughts and making me turn the water off quickly, squeeze the excess water off my hair and wrap myself in a large fluffy towel.

I passed her in the hallway as she stood, hands on hips, looking suspicious. “Some of us have work on a Saturday, you know,” she said. “Why are you up this early? You don’t get out of bed til the afternoon usually.”

“I’m meeting a friend,” I said, glad that my face was already flushed from the hot shower.

Katie’s face brightened. “Ohhhhhhh. The guy from the Christmas party?”

“Something like that,” I mumbled, avoiding her eyes, shifting from one foot to the other. “Anyway, don’t want to be late.”

Katie laughed and shut the bathroom door in my face, dismissing me from the awkward moment. I shut myself in my room and surveyed the outfit I’d already laid out on my bed. Skinny jeans, which I knew clung to my curvy arse and showed off my legs to their best advantage, knee-high black boots, which were complete and utter “taxi shoes” – you know, shoes that are so impossible to walk in that you have to taxi everywhere – and a clingy black vest that emphasised my ample cleavage and my small waist.

I blow-dried my hair and heated up my GHDs, ready to create a few loose curls like I’d had at the Christmas party, and covered myself in body lotion. An hour and a half before she was due to pick me up. Katie would have gone to work by then, so I wouldn’t have to face the gauntlet of getting out of the flat without being seen.

I slowly put on my underwear, a tiny black lace thong which fit snugly against my smooth pussy and barely covered my full lips, and my favourite black lace push-up bra, and sat myself down in front of my mirror to tame and curl my unruly hair. Now that I was going to be seeing her again, my stomach was churning and I was an odd mix of horny and terrified.

I’d been getting myself off over fantasies of Ceri all week, and now I was going to have the opportunity to make some of those thoughts come true, I was excited, but also had butterflies the size of birds in my stomach. I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, staring myself in the eye sternly. What I needed was advice and reassurance, but I couldn’t exactly talk to any of my friends about this.

“Right, Jasmine,” I whispered aloud, carefully studying my reflection, “why the hell are you nervous? You want this, she wants this, you’ve already done it once before, what’s different this time?”

As I spoke, I had a sudden realisation what was different about this time: it was planned, and it was on Ceri’s terms. Last time, our liaison had been alcohol-fuelled, and it had been on neutral territory at the office party. This time, I was actively dressing with her in mind, and the plans for the day had all been made by her. In short, she was in charge.

My mobile vibrated on the bed next to me and I read the waiting text message.

“Hey lover, cu in jst over 1 hr, hope u’ve not been touchin ur cunt, i want that saved 4 me! Dropping G at golf course in a bit… cu soon! ;o)”

I touched the mobile to my lips, breathing deeply. It was really happening.

I curled my hair, carefully applied my make-up, nothing too heavy, just some neutral eye shadow and mascara, and pulled on my carefully selected outfit. I was ready.

I heard Katie slam the flat door as she breezed off to work, and checked my phone. Twenty minutes to wait. I’d text Ceri my address, and she had assured me her sat-nav would find it. So now, to wait.

Fifteen minutes. I nervously checked my teeth in the mirror and applied more lip-gloss.

Ten minutes. I moved from sitting in front of the mirror to beside the window, so I could watch for Ceri’s car pulling up.

Five minutes. To distract myself, I started going through the inbox on my phone, deleting my old texts. I kept the ones from her though, re-reading our conversation from the other night, feeling myself getting turned on all over again as I imagined kissing her, her soft blonde hair under my fingers, her long eyelashes brushing my cheeks…

My phone vibrated in my hand.

“Outside. Cum find me!”

Fuck, it was now or never. I still couldn’t believe how nervous I felt!

Outside, and there she was, in a sleek black BMW that somehow matched her groomed, well-bred appearance. Today her long blonde hair was caught at the nape of her elegant neck in a ponytail, which made her look younger, and she was wearing a casual pair of bootcut jeans and a tight cowl neck white jumper which clung to her small curves and showed off her winter tan.

Slowly, I got into the car, sliding onto the leather seat and turning to face her. “I’m really nervous,” I gabbled. “I mean, I’ve never done this, I mean, met a girl for…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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