Seducing My Boss

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Today is the day I will seduce you… my boss. As I stand here in the bathroom plucking up the courage to make this happen, I remind myself that other than the long conference call you are currently engaged in your schedule is otherwise clear of appointments. Meaning we shouldn’t be interrupted in your penthouse office. An obvious advantage of having the entire upper floor as your office suite.

I’ve been working at your company as your assistant for 3 months now. Three long months of crackling sexual chemistry. I’ve tried so hard to remain professional, but I cant help but notice the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. The barely concealed lust in your eyes. I vividly remember the morning I accidentally dropped that stack of papers in your office. Do you think I didn’t hear that groan fall from your lips as I knelt before you, ass in the air as I bent to pick them up? Oh I heard it, it shot straight to my clit. Too bad your phone rang at that exact moment.

I’m not usually so forward, but three months of wanting you is driving me crazy with need. I know you aren’t seeing anyone, and there is also the benefit of you being the founder of the company. You can do whatever, or whoever, you want. Oh, the fantasies I’ve had about your 6’3″ muscular frame. You make a suit look sooo good, and the two days’ worth of stubble you came in with this morning is doing things to me. I can’t help but imagine that stubble lightly grazing my inner thighs.

I check myself over one more time in the mirror. I’m dressed to impress today, my white blouse and black pencil skirt displaying my curves perfectly, my legs elongated even further by the black pump heels i wear. I look professional, but with an underlining hint of naughtiness i have a feeling you will enjoy.

I quietly enter your office, locking the door behind me. You are sitting in your custom made executive chair, looking out at the impressive view from the floor to ceiling window. The phone is cradled against your ear, and you spin in your chair to face me as you hear me approach. I make sure to subtly sway my hips as I walk towards you, a flirtatious smile on my lips. You raise one of your perfect dark eyebrows at me, silently appraising me.

You are seated a fair distance away from your desk and I take the opportunity to perch myself cross legged on the edge of the solid handmade desk. You continue your conversation on the phone, but I notice the question in your eyes. I slowly run my fingertips from the top of my heel, up my calf to my thighs, where I slowly drag my skirt up. You sit mesmerized and shocked as I reveal my intent to you. Your hungry gaze burns into my flesh, salivating at the nude thigh high stockings I wear, and you gulp visibly when I spread my legs wide. Your eyes drag up to my glistening centre. Yes, I’ve been very naughty and forgot to wear my panties to work.

I slowly undo the buttons on my blouse. It opens to reveal a üvey kız kardeş porno lacy lavender bra, you can clearly see my nipples are hard through the delicate fabric. I hold my pointer finger up to my lips, daring you to stay quiet. I’m emboldened by the fact you have made no move to stop me. On the contrary, you look riveted to the spot, desperate to see what I will do next while the person on the other end continues to talk. You answer them at the appropriate times, I’m impressed by your multicasting skills. I love the power I have over you right now. On any other day you are the picture of control and authority. Right now though, you are mine.

You lean forward to touch me but I put my heeled foot up to stop you, pressing the toe against your firm chest. I bite my lip and slowly reach down to my aching pussy, it hasn’t slipped your attention that I’m so wet my juice is dripping onto your desk. I draw my fingers through my bare lips, a breathy sigh escaping my mouth. Your eyes slam to mine and the look you give me drives me wild before you return to watching me touch myself. I slide my fingers up to my clit, circling the little bundle of nerves. I’m already so close to release. To know that you are watching me, desperate to touch me but having to stay on the phone call, is such a turn on. I dip a finger inside my cunt, pushing deep inside. It isn’t enough, so I add another finger. But I’m still not satisfied, it’s your cock that I crave. I can see it straining against your dress pants, the bulge massive. I go back to my clit, circling faster and faster. I’m so close, so fucking close, panting on top of your desk but being careful to keep silent. I clamp my eyes closed and then suddenly I’m coming, my pussy spasming as pleasure bursts through me. I reach my hand up to my mouth and suck those two fingers inside, swirling my tongue around them, tasting my juices.

I open my eyes to see your eyes glued to me, your body shaking with lust. A lazy smile graces my lips, I slide off the desk and crawl to you like a lioness going in for the kill. I run my hands up your legs as you answer in small talk on the phone. I stroke my fingers over your bulge, you are hard as steel and straining to be released from the confines of your slacks. I undo the zipper and drag your pants and boxer briefs down your legs, you slightly lift your hips to make it easier for me. My eyes bulge as I see your cock in all its glory for the first time. It’s the most perfect dick I’ve ever seen. Thick and long, at least 9 inches, and throbbing with need. I notice a bead of precum glistening at the tip. I lean forward and lick it from the tip of your cock. You taste delicious, slightly salty and all male. A soft moan escapes my lips at the taste and I see your fists clench in response. I take a long slow lick from the base of your cock, all the way up to the bulbous head.

You adjust yourself slightly xnxx porno in your seat. I wonder if you have fantasised about this moment as much as I have. I wrap my lips around the head of your dick, and begin to swirl my tongue around and around, then start lapping at the slit. You pull the phone away from your ear for just a moment, and let out a low groan. The sound goes straight to my clit. Once again I feel so turned on it’s almost as if my heartbeat is located in my clitoris. I sink down on your cock, taking as much of your length as I can into my warm mouth. I take that moment to look up at you through my lashes, the unbridled lust on you face is enough to make me moan. I lightly nibble up the side of your dick, soothing each little nip with a smooth lick of my tongue. My hand reaches down to your balls and I gently massage them with my soft fingers. They are heavy, full of cum and waiting to explode. I go back to sucking on your cock, taking more and more of your length each time until I can feel you at the base of my throat.

My mouth is wet and warm and servicing you mercilessly until I feel your large hand stroking my cheek. I look up at you again, your eyes are imploring me, your jaw is clenched tight. I know what you are trying to tell me without words. You are close to coming. I don’t let up though. I continue to suck your massive cock until I feel your thighs clench, the faintest of moans emanating into the surrounding air as your cum begins to fill my mouth. I swallow it down greedily, milking your cock for all its worth. I continue to lick the cum from your cock until your orgasm fully subsides and there’s not a trace of cum left. I sit back on my heels and smile at you as I lick my lips.

“Thank you Tim. I’ll look over those emails tonight and contact you tomorrow with my thoughts. That will be all for now.” You hang up the phone as I rise to my feet in front of you. For someone who just had every last drop of cum drained from them you look positively wrecked, and yet I could swear I can already see your cock beginning to get hard again. I hear the rumble in your chest as you prowl towards me, and then your lips are pressed to mine. Your teeth nip at my bottom lip and I whimper into your mouth. You slide your tongue into my mouth, lightly running it against mine.

Your large hands are running over my breasts, the firm pad of your thumb teasing my nipples. You pull the cup of my bra down, my taut nipples finally breaking free and pebbling further once exposed to the air. You lean down and suck the first one in to your mouth, before flicking your tongue over my peak. I run my fingers into your short dark hair and hold you against my chest as you lean over and pay my other breast the same attention. You reach down and grab me by the ass, lifting me easily and depositing me back on top of your desk. I grab at your tailored shirt and rip it open, buttons skittering everywhere, desperate zenci porno to feel the hard plains of your chest. I run my nails over your defined pecs, feeling the light dusting of hair beneath my fingertips. You lay me flat on my back and I look up at you as you grasp your thick cock in your hand. You stroke yourself once, twice, before lining it up against my soaked pussy. You run your cock up and down along the length of my pussy as I writhe against you.

“You want my cock, naughty girl?” you grind out. I nod my head vigorously, “God yes, please, I need you inside me” I pant. You smirk at me, that sexy confident smirk, and slowly push the head of your cock inside me. Inch by glorious inch I feel you enter me, filling me so completely. You weren’t counting on me being as tight as I am, and I can see you concentrate hard as my pussy grasps you. You push further until you are seated in me to the hilt. I’ve never felt so full in all my life. You stay still for a moment, savouring the feeling of me wrapped snug around you, before you slowly withdraw, causing me to whimper at the loss. You thrust back in to me, a little harder this time and pleasure shoots through my body. But it’s not enough, I need more. “More please.” I beg.

“What do you want?” you grind out.

“Harder. Please fuck me harder,” I manage. You grab my hips and slam hard into me, causing me to cry out at the sudden force. It’s so much more than I’ve ever had before, and sooo much better. You begin at a punishing pace, thrusting all the way in and grinding your hips against my clit, before withdrawing almost all of the way, only to repeat the process over and over and over again. I can feel myself getting close again. I look down and notice your eyes are focused on where we are joined, your cock pounding my pussy. You reach down and start rubbing my clit in small circles and before I know it I am screaming, pleasure I’ve never known before exploding through my body. “Oh god, oh god yes! Yes! Fuck me!” My pussy spasms hard on your cock, sending you over the edge too. You slam into me a few more times before a long deep groan bursts from your throat and your dick starts shooting cum into me. Thick long spurts paint the inside of my pussy, I can feel you filling me to the brim. You shake with the force of your orgasm, riding out the waves of bliss.

We lay there for several minutes, entangled in each other whilst we wait for our breathing to return to normal. You withdraw your dick from me and I feel the loss of your member immediately. But still so very full with your cum, which is slowly starting to leak down my inner thighs. I button my shirt back up and smooth my skirt down over my hips. I look freshly fucked, but then you look no better. Your pants are still around your ankles and your shirt is in tatters, hanging limply from your shoulders. You’ve never looked so good. I lean in close, giving you another slow, hot kiss. I pull back and bite my bottom lip in a way that screams innocence, although you now know that I’m the furthest thing from it. “Thank you Sir” I offer, before turning and sauntering out of your office, leaving you to wonder what the hell just happened with your sex on legs assistant, and when can you do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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