Seeing Through Cameron

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“Let’s take a walk son,” Don Barrett said as he watched his wife and daughter babbling as they went through the latest copy of some bridal magazine. “They won’t even know we’re gone.”

Cameron nodded, and as the two men went outside the young man felt his future father-in-law’s hand on the back of his neck, guiding him back to the rear of the property, which bordered on State owned land.

“I’m sure you’ve been back here before with Muffin,” Don Barrett remarked as they neared the large expanse of woods.

“A couple of times sir,” Cameron answered after only a brief hesitation, and his answer got only a slight increase in pressure on his neck alone with a raspy sounding chuckle from Muffin’s father.

“One thing I appreciate about you is that you seem to be pretty honest.”

“I try to be, sir,” Cameron said.

“Except when you act like Eddie Haskell toward my wife,” Don added as he led his future son-in-low onto a barely worn path, “She’s so happy that Muffin got a guy without tattoos or an attitude that she doesn’t even notice you blowing smoke up her ass. Here – let’s go this way. I know a place where you probably haven’t taken my daughter yet.”

The two walked in silence, and the older man liked the fact that although the constant pressure of his vice-like grip was likely making the young lad’s neck start to hurt, Cameron said nothing and just took it.

“We never went back this far,” Cameron said. “Gets hotter the farther you go back here.”

“Where did you fuck my daughter?” Don Barrett asked in a matter-of-fact tone, as if he was asking a baseball score.

“Uh – usually way over the other side of the woods and one other time at the Governor Motel – in Guilderland.”

“Smart boy,” Don said as they stopped at a little clearing next to a big oak tree and looked out over the gentle rise to the valley below. “Glad you took her out of town. So how was she? Was she a good lay?”

“I guess,” Cameron said as Don Barrett moved him so his back against the tree.

“She your first?” Don Barrett asked, and Cameron nodded.

“I meant your first girl,” Don said, watching for a reaction from the chubby 19 year-old and smiling when he only noticed a little catch in his breath before he answered, “Yes.”

“I know why the other guys dated Muffin,” Don said as he looked down on Cameron, who was sweating through his shirt in the muggy forest. “It’s not because she’s got a great body. They all are hoping that I’ll give them a job since I own half of the town. Is that why you proposed to Muffin?”

“Partly,” Cameron said, lifting his chin as Don loosened his tie for him.

“Again with the honesty – I like that,” Don said as he looked over the kid who was planning to marry his daughter once they both finished college. “At least you didn’t give me some bullshit about her being so cute and all, because while I may be Muffin’s father, I’m not that blind.”

Indeed, Don knew that Muffin Barrett was no beauty, her plain features not helped by the 30 or so extra pounds she was carrying around, much like her future husband did.

“I enjoy Muffin’s company, and I really do like her,” Cameron said.

“I didn’t say you didn’t, but you didn’t say love I noticed,” Don noted, and then added, “I’m glad you were finally able to get it up for her.”

“You know about that?” Cameron asked.

“It’s my business to know things – how do you think I got to where I am now?” Don Barrett said. “Muffin has a little diary that she doesn’t know I know about – and if she suddenly stops writing it in I’ll know who told her – understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“She wrote that you couldn’t get it hard for her.”

“I was scared. You know a lot about us – me,” Cameron said.

“That make you mad?”

“No, sir. Not really. I don’t feel the need to have any secrets from you.”

“Muffin wrote down that you have a fat dick – short though,” Don said with a grin. “Not happy that she knows about the sizes of cocks, but you weren’t the first in her pussy anyway. She wrote that it hurt when you finally got it into her.”

While still staring at Cameron’s eyes, Don Barrett’s hand went down and grabbed the lad’s zipper and pulled it down, reaching through the fly of the trousers and into his boxers.

“Where is it? There it is,” Don said, and after pulling Cameron’s cock out of the fly glanced down at what he was holding.

“Cute little stub,” Don chuckled, but as his hand squeezed down around the lad’s manhood he added, “It is pretty thick though. Getting hard too. So tell me, you admit that you are partly using my Muffin in order to get yourself a good career, but what’s the other reason?”

“You,” Cameron wheezed, leaning back against the bark of the tree as his cock surged in Muffin’s father’s hand.

“Me?” Don said, his grin widening as his grip got harder. “What about me?”

“I always admired you. The commercials you used to do and that telethon you helped host,” Cameron declared. “I felt like I almost knew you all those years from TV. It was Bycasino like I grew up with you and could trust you.”

“That’s the way it’s supposed to work,” the entrepreneur agreed. “That bullshit costs me a fortune, not that I mind the good guy image that goes along with it.”

“And then … saw you at the country club – long time ago when I was caddying,” Cameron grunted. “Just before I met Muffin. I was in the locker room and I saw you naked.”

“And you liked what you saw?” Don Barrett asked, and after Cameron nodded he squeezed the fat stub harder.

“Grew up hoping to be like you,” Cameron gasped.

“How so?”

“Your body. You aren’t like most of the other men there. Your body is toned and trim.”

“What else?”

“Your chest,” Cameron managed to say as his cock was getting crushed, the feeling so good that he looked like he was about to cum. “So hairy – all of you, and your cock. Couldn’t believe a man could be so large. Never saw one that big in person.”

“And you liked that?”

“Yes sir. Always wished mine would get bigger.”

“That didn’t happen, obviously – and you will tell me if you’re about to cum, won’t you son?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now what made you think that I would have any interest in a boy like you? Me with a chain of grocery stores, a trophy wife and a mansion?”

“Didn’t know – just hoped,” Cameron gasped as the vice-like grip got more intense. “Had a feeling for some reason.”

“Smart kid,” Don Barrett said. “Helps to have that sense about people. Knowing your competition along with your allies is a good talent to have. So you thought that I would be squeezing your cock some day?”

“Thought? No. Hoped – dreamed,” Cameron wheezed, blinking as the sweat poured down into his eyes. “I only wish there was more for you to squeeze.”

“It’s getting more impressive the more I hold it. If you ever lost that baby fat around it you might have a real weapon on you,” Don Barrett mused as he watched the lad’s reaction to his touch. “And what else have you dreamed about me doing to you?”

“Nothing – the stuff I dreamed was you doing things to me.”

“And what might that be, son?”

“Everything. Anything you wanted to.”

“Ooh – you must want to cum,” Don Barrett said, and as the two of them looked down they saw the head of the lad’s cock, a swollen purple crimson almost the size of a plum, which was all that was visible outside of the older man’s savagely clenched fist. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Cameron grunted, and as Don Barrett’s hand released the intense pressure briefly the young man screamed, “Cumming!”

Don Barrett had already stepped aside, just in time to avoid the wild spurts of semen which arched out several feet before landing on the dirt, and Don laughed as the boy’s cock kept spitting out seed like a cannon, not stopping until the fat stub shriveled into his hand.

“Thank you, sir,” Cameron said.

“Take your clothes off, son,” Don Barrett said, and to his surprise the boy began to undress without blinking an eye.

It was obvious that his future son-in-law was a bit embarrassed to be stripping down like that, especially since his pudgy body was nothing to be proud of, but it was his willingness to do what he was told without question that endeared Cameron to the older man.

Don Barrett also liked the way that the boy carefully folded his clothes as he shed them, and while they were not at all expensive items, the pride of ownership was clear. After he was naked, even folding his socks onto the top of the stack, Cameron stood there naked under his future father-in-law’s eye.

“Gotta get you into a gym, son,” Don said as he looked over the plump torso that had rutted into his daughter. “You want my daughter to like you mounting her and sticking that little beer can in her.”

Don reached over and squeezed the round man boobs on Cameron’s smooth chest, even twisting the pudgy nipples, and tried to imagine the 5’9″ frame with about 30 less pounds on it. Losing the flab around the boy’s cock would likely make it a more formidable looking piece of manhood, Don mused as he looked at the plump toadstool which was mostly hidden in the jungle of pubic hair that surrounded it.

“Turn around,” Don said, and as the boy turned Don smiled at the chubby ass and hoped that as the boy lost weight, he would keep some of that bubble ass intact there. “Bend over and spread your ass apart for me.”

Don looked at the deep crevice, pleased at the cleanliness of the little pink knot that the boy exposed for him and the absence of hair around the pure looking orifice.

“You take a man up the ass before?”

“No, not a man,” Cameron said as he stayed bent over until Don Barrett told him to turn back around. “Long while ago I bought a dildo – a big one – and lots of times at night when I go to bed I lube it up and put it inside of me pretending it’s you while I masturbate.”

“And you like doing that?”

“In absence of the real thing, yes sir,” Cameron said. “Do you Bycasino giriş want to take me anally sir?”

“Yes. Are you scared?”

“A little, but I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

“The problem is that I don’t have any lube I’m afraid,” Mr. Barrett explained. “Now if I…”

The business man’s voice trailed off as Cameron bent down and reached into his pants pocket, and when his hand emerged holding a tube of lubricant the older man chuckled loud enough to startle the squirrels.

“I’ll be damned!” Don Barrett exclaimed. as he took the lube from his daughter’s fiancee. “You are one resourceful SOB aren’t you?”

“I try sir.”

“What do you carry that lube around for? You use it to fuck my little girl in the ass?”

“No sir. Muffin is very puritanical in some ways.”

“Like her mother in that regard I suppose,” Don Barrett replied. “Although she does let you rim her and she doesn’t stop you when you do things like licking her armpits, right?”

“Muffin seems to write a lot,” Cameron responded as his face reddened.

“You embarrassed about your kinky ways son?”

“No sir, but it’s not a good idea to have personal information laying about,” Cameron said. “It makes you vulnerable in many ways.”

“Quite right, although she didn’t make any diary noted about you doing anything to her anus except licking it,” Don said.

“Muffin doesn’t even want to try to have me do that to her, and I respect her position.”

“Can’t say as I blame her turning you down son, because if that stub of yours could manage to reach her anus you’d probably rip her in two,” Don Barrett said with a gesture towards Cameron’s fireplug. “Then why carry the lube?”

“Just in case I even ended up with you like this I guess. Hoped against all logic that this would happen.”

“Then let’s get started,” Don Barrett said, and stood there calmly while Cameron undressed him, the lad taking great care with his tailored shirt after removing it, and after Cameron pulled the undershirt out from under the trousers he took a deep breath.

“I’m dying back here – like a sauna – but you don’t even break a sweat,” Cameron said after wiping his brow with the back of his hand.

“Maybe you’ll make me sweat, son,” Don Barrett suggested while watching Cameron’s hands rake through the pelt of jet black fur that covered his chest. “You really like the hair, don’t you?”

“Love it,” Cameron gasped before leaning down and searching for the plump nipples hidden in the fur, and after going back and forth between the pegs the boy felt the back of his scalp in his future father-in-laws fist.

“I noticed in Muffin’s diary that you wanted her to stop shaving, at least her armpits for the winter,” Don said with a chuckle. “That something you enjoy?

“Yes sir.”

“I have a hunch she would look like this, if I remember her Mom from back in her hippie days,” Don Barrett mused as he lifted his arm. “That doesn’t scare you?”

“Here you go,” Don Barrett said after the boy shook his head, pulling Cameron’s face over to his armpit, and the elder sighed while Cameron didn’t flinch as he playfully buried his face in the furry thicket, briefly licking and kissing without shame the thick tuft of hair that filled the crater.

Don Barrett had to pull the lad’s face out of the hollow, and when he saw the red-face of Cameron he smiled while directing him to his other side.

“You’re doing fine, son,” Don said after pulling a gasping Cameron out from under his arm and putting pressure on his plump shoulder to ease him down to the forest floor, and the sight of Cameron’s pudgy fingers shaking as he undid the belt made a shiver travel down his back.

Cameron’s eyes never left the outline of his mentor’s cock which was evident even though the boxers were baggy, and although he was enthralled by the sight he managed to not let the trousers touch the ground as Don Barrett stepped out of them.

“I’ll take those, son,” Don said as he took the slacks away from the lad so he didn’t have to get up, and after Mr. Barrett folded them meticulously he was delighted at the wild-eyed wonder of the boy as his hands rested on Don’s hips.

“Pull them down slowly son,” Don instructed as the plump fingers grabbed the top of the elastic, and Cameron nodded and did just that, coaxing the boxers down so slowly that they hardly seemed to be moving.

Cameron’s eyes kept growing wider and his heart was beating like a jackhammer in his chest as the black curls were exposed and then the trunk of the cock came into view, an organ that the lad had only fantasized about seeing this way until that moment.

The base of the cock seemed inhuman, the beige trunk almost as thick as a beer can before it tapered down to somewhat human proportions, along even flaccid the elder’s cock was larger than most men’s erections.

“You up to the challenge son?”

“Hope so,” Cameron gulped.

“Let’s see how good you are at making me happy then,” Don Barrett said after the lad Bycasino deneme bonusu had brought the elastic of the boxers down to where the tip of his organ was exposed, “I’m yours. Give me pleasure.”

The lad’s breathing sounded like a locomotive, broken only by the gasp he let out after unveiling the long flaccid hose, but he carefully took off the older man’s shorts when Don Barrett stepped out of them, never taking his eyes off the prize, and after he set down the briefs he reached forward and lifted the weighty organ.

“Oh yes, you know your way around a cock, don’t you son?” Don Barrett declared as he watched the red-faced butterball’s lips slide more than halfway up the shaft, slicking the end with his saliva as the cock surged in his hand.

“Even bigger than I remembered it,” Cameron said as he came up briefly for air, admiring the bronze monster before going back down on it.

“Yeah… I like that… keep trying to deep throat me,” Don sighed, enjoying the enthusiasm of the chubby kid as he took more than 6″ of his now-erect manhood in his mouth before hitting his throat, and when the boy started to work his nuts along with stroking the part of his cock his lips couldn’t reach the older man realized that the kid was way too good.

“I should have you teach my wife how to give head,” Don Barrett said as he pulled his cock out of Cameron’s grasp and slapped him playfully on the cheek with the rod before telling him to get up.

Cameron struggled to his feet, brushing the dirt off his pudgy knees before following Muffin’s father as he looked around the little clearing.

“How about there sir?” Cameron suggested as he pointed to a large pine tree that had been toppled by a storm. “You could bend me over that – if that’s what you would like to do.”

“What I’d like would be to do it in a waterbed at The Hilton, but we’ll wait for that,” Don said as he approved the site, and he followed the plump kid over to the tree.

“Why don’t you just bend over so we can see how this will work,” Don Barrett said and he maneuvered the lad so he was on the higher part of ground, and after refusing the offer of being lubed by Cameron, greased up his own cock before prepping the eager boy.

“Nice plump butt you’ve got there,” Don Barrett noted, giving the ass a spank and telling him to spread them before reaching into the crack. “There it is.”

“Ooh!” Cameron groaned as Mr. Barrett slipped a slick finger into in puckered ring, and when the elder asked if he was up for another, his middle finger wedged inside the hot pit too.

“Oh yeah, you’re a born bottom, aren’t you son? That toy of yours did a nice job. Just tight enough,” Mr. Barrett declared. “You ready for the real thing?”

“Been waiting – all my life,” Cameron grunted, and then when the fingers left and the cock came to the opening the lad groaned like a cow as Muffin’s Dad pushed his cock into him.

“Oh man!” Cameron cried out as the older man kept easing more and more of him in.

“Want me to stop?”

“NO!” Cameron cried as his hands clawed at the bark. “Want it – want it all.”

As you like it,” Don Barrett sighed, and with that he eased all the way in, extracting a guttural moan from the lad before pulling almost all the way out and then beginning a slow and steady rhythm.

The crunching of the leaves under foot and the sounds of nature than surrounded the two contrasted to the noises the men made. Don Barrett punctuated each thrust with a curt grunt while the sound the lad on the receiving end made was more like he was getting the air knocked out of him as the long probe burrowed deep into him.

The older man’s thrusts became both harder and faster when the boy not only didn’t protest but actually seemed to encourage the rougher treatment by pushing his plump butt back towards his girlfriend’s father.

“You like it rough son?” Don snarled as he leaned over Cameron.

“Yes sir – oh – this is so good,” Cameron whimpered. “Please don’t stop. Your cock feel so good – so big!”

Don noticed that one of the boy’s hands had stopped holding onto the tree and judging by the way his arm was moving, he was jacking himself off while taking the anal assault without complaint.

Don Barrett chuckled at that, reaching down to lift Cameron’s left leg up onto a branch, forcing his chubby legs apart farther and allowing him to go even harder and deeper.

“Cumming!” Don Barrett grunted a second before his cock surged, and the portly lad groaned as the hot seed filled his bowels.

Satisfied, the older man took his time before pulling his spent weapon out of his future son-in-law’s ass and stepped back to assess the damage, satisfied that the boy had taken it like a man.

Who knows, Don mused when after wiping his cock off with a handkerchief from his trousers, maybe the cherubic boy with the sap running out of his ass might make a decent store manager some day.

When Cameron straightened and sheepishly began getting dressed the older man noted the semen that was hanging in the leaves on the ground under where they had been. It wasn’t the elder’s seed, and the boy got extra points for being more of a stud than his appearance let on.

“I suppose we should get back before we get missed,” Don mused after they got dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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