Seeing What Develops at the Opticians

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“I think I need glasses.” I looked up to see a pair of sharp blue eyes almost cut through me. The tanned youth was tall and somehow rugged. His shirt was almost transparent, which considering the heat was understandable, but the very tight jeans was not. I was only wearing panties and bra under my tunic and that felt too much.

“Why do you think you need them.”

“Cos’ you should see some of the ruff I’ve been out with recently. No… like, I can’t see the numbers on the buses anymore.” I knew he would be trouble but I was the only one who could test him at that moment.

As we went up to the examination room, he made comments about my bottom. He quieted down during the actual examination, but became cheeky again afterwards.

“I wonder if I’ll see more of your tits and ass when I’ve got glasses?”

“We’ll see?” The cheeky lad looked less than 20 and I could easily be his mother. “I think I would rather see them now.” One of his arms went around my waist, his other hand held my face to his.

The look in his eyes was hypnotic. I knew that he could do anything to me. His probing tongue forced my lips to open. I resisted, trying to turn away. But he was the stronger and more determined. His lips milked my mouth, his tongue danced over mine. My resolve weakened and my panties were getting wet, but with a flourish I managed to break off the kiss.

“Stop it, let me go. I’m Probably old enough to be your mother. I’m a married woman and my husband wouldn’t like it.” I hoped that this would stop him. “I an’t gon’t fuck your hubby, I’m going to fuck you.” Once again his lips worked at mine. I felt the whole of his body pressing hard against me as he pinned me to the wall, his manly smell made me feel hot for him. My nipples were hard against his chest and his prick, hard against my belly. Again his tongue entered my mouth, it probed avidly, playing with mine.

That’s as far as he goes, I thought. I was wrong for his hand had already undone the crutch level buttons to my tunic and were now on the thin material of my knickers. His fingers probed the soft mound and then went smoothly under the leg band to touch my silky pubic hairs. He expertly used a finger, pushing it into the crease at the top of my slit, sliding it in to find the bud of my hot and hard clit. I tried to move away from his questing finger, but it was useless pornhub and I felt his strong hands pulling and tugging at my panties, the only barrier protecting my honour.

“Please… please don’t do that…” I moaned. “It’s a bit late for that! You can feel hard my cock.. and that hard clit of yours tells me you want it. Relax darlin and we can fuck.” I relaxed the muscles of my thighs, allowing him to part them. I didn’t want it to happen .. but I felt a sexual drive mounting in me.

“That’s better, I’m going to give you the best fuck ever and your beg me for more.” He started kissing and nibbling at my neck. Then tongue fucking my ear, sending shivers of delight to ever part of me. “Your fucking beautiful, it’s going to be a real pleasure having you.” I gave up the pretence of a struggle and lent back to let him have free access to my body.

Without me struggling, his hands could do other things, like unbuttoning the rest of my tunic, undoing my bra and tease my large and hard nipples. First with his fingers then with his mouth, taking each nipple in turn. His fingers moved over my cunt lips then slowly it slid into the moist warmth of my vaginal tunnel where he rotated it around in teasing circles just inside the slackened walls. I lent back and gripped his neck. I was making a lot of nose.

“Someone will come.” He said nothing just lifted me onto the table and with one easy movement whisked off my panties and stuffed them into my mouth. “Bite on that, cos’ there’s lots to come and I don’t want your guv coming in cos’ I don’t fancy ‘is arse.”

His hot mouth was on my hardened buds again, his lips sucking and nibbling, his tongue licking. An insane itching in my groan made me rap my legs around his waist and push his head hard against me. His free hand explored my mound, then slid into my hot, very wet love-hole. His thumb located my stiff little clit. The way I was responding was wrong but I was enjoying the electric sensations. His mouth nibbled and bit it’s way down my warm flesh, stopping to love-play with my navel and my belly.

Then opening up my love-valley to his tongue, he teased my clit and just inside my cunt lips. I opened my legs wide, bending my knees and pushing myself at him. I was nothing but a whore, a slut giving my all to a stranger.. and I loved it. If I had not had the knickers in my porno 92 mouth, I would have been shouting the place down, for waves of pure lustful bliss tremored though me. I was coming and it was the most powerful in years.

I relaxed into his arms as he pulled me on to my feet and removed the panties from my mouth. Our mouths pressed hard together, tongues fighting for space in the other’s mouth. The urge to feel him naked against me. My fingers shook as I pulled the shirt out of his trousers and ran my hands over his muscular back. I undid his trousers and eased them to the floor, he stepped out of them. I reached inside his pants and let out his large hard prick.

I started to run my fingers up and down the thick shaft, soft moans told me he liked it. He moved against me, his prick was like a steel rod against my tummy. I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to have his cock in my cunt. I thought that was what was in his mind when he guided me onto the chair so that I knelt on the seat and held onto the back, wiggling my bum at him. His hands rubbed my buttocks, then played clit, cunt and arse in tern. His tongue took the same route.

“Fuck me please.” I was almost out of my mind with lust but he just went on teasing. His cock repeated the treatment. I tried to push onto him as he ran the tip of his now hard cock over my cunt lips but he would not enter. “fuck me you bastard.” His cock pushed against my arse, I swealed a ‘no’ and pulled away. Thankfully he returned to my cunt.

“Beg for it.” I wanted to be fucked so much that I would. He knew that I was his slave to do with what he likes. “Oh god! Please fuck me.”

“Tell me exactly what you want.” The bastard was determined to get every last bit of servitude out of me. “Please put your cock in me, I want you to fuck my cunt. please Oh! do it to me now” His prick slowly opened me up and slipped into my very wet cunt, I gasped and moaned.

His hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He pushed his pants into my open mouth. “That a keep you quiet. I’ve never known such a lusty shagger make so much nose.” He slowly pumped in and out of me, re-entering me each time. His hands held my hips firmly as the strokes grow harder and faster. Vibrations tremored out from my cunt, filling the whole of my body. Soon another heavenly orgasm shook me hard, it was good qiqitv porno that I had something to bit on for I would have shouted down the house. God! This stud of a youth still had not come. Even in my wild teens I had not been fucked so well!!

“My tern now!” Before I had come down, he had me up and facing him. I thought he was going to fuck me until he came in me but he had other ideas. He pushed me to the floor, my face level with his large cock.

The giant rod glistened with my juices and the aroma of my lust wafted from it. “Satisfy me with your mouth. Suck me off with that big gob and eat my spunk.” I hesitated, I do enjoy sucking but I had never sucked a penis after it had been in me. Slowly I wanked him, watching the head emerge and disappear amused me but he was impatient.

He pushed my head closer, I put out my tongue and played with the tip of his tool with it. “Suck it, you cock-teasing bitch.” I closed my eyes and took the top into my mouth. It fill my mouth up, tasting salty and hot. I wanked him like that, with my tongue still playing with the tip, then I started to suck on it. The sensation of such a big cock in my mouth felt great, I started to move my head up and down so that his hard flesh slid against my tongue and cheeks. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me more onto his cock. Fucking my mouth, thrusting deep into my mouth. As his thrusts grow more urgent, his grip on my hair got stronger and then I felt his body convulse, spunk streaming down my throat and also filling my mouth. His hand loosened its grip on my hair as I obediently swallowed his come. Slowly his cock went limp, eventually it slipped from my mouth.

“That was good. You could earn a lot as a tart.” I cuddled his legs rubbing my cheek against his belly and my breasts against his cock. He pushed me to the floor and sat on me, rubbing his cock over my tits. His cock and my nipples grow hard from the electric contact. I moaned and arched my back, holding my tits to him.

He put his cock into the valley of my tits and as I held them around the big cock, he wanked between them. As he came it splashed over my neck, face and hair. I was completely humiliated and he knew it. I licked him clean and cleaned myself up too. He also knew I would do even more, if he wanted me to. I am his sex slave for I am a lustful whore and he is the best fuck ever.

After we court our breath back we dressed. He asked me where I lived, after a hesitation I told him. I finished the form and with one long, hard and sexy kiss he left with a ‘See you Friday at 10, be at home’. I hoped he would….and I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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