Selena: Anal Goddess Pt. 03

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July 17- Today

Selena hung her purse on the coat stand in Scott’s foyer and tried to resist rolling her eyes as she saw her lover’s friend Dave sitting on the couch next to him. She liked the other guest but he tended to overstay his welcome, cutting into the time that their host had to defile her body.

The stunning blue-eyed brunette wanted to come n-o-w and to keep coming until she couldn’t stand anymore.

Just as always when alone with Scott.

Sitting down in the open spot on the couch landed her between them just as the carpenter who’d been fucking her for the last six weeks finished rolling a joint. As low as her tolerance for alcohol was, it was even weaker with marijuana. When he held a lighter to the end, the aroma was powerful and she knew it would be strong.

Selena was on the fence regarding weed. She didn’t like the haze she fell into when getting high but loved the way it seemed to enhance sex in the moment. Telling herself ‘Just one toke’ as it was passed to her, she took a long drag, held it and then coughed for a few seconds. Handing it to Dave, it was back seemingly too soon and she hit it again without thinking before continuing the pattern.

Completely stoned ten minutes later, her lovely eyes bloodshot and desperately thirsty, Selena was in a deep, deep fog.

Scott leaned in to kiss her, reciprocated with a delay of about two seconds but it was passionate when she did respond. Their hungry embrace went on for half a minute and then releasing her, Dave turned Selena to face him. Her eyes closed, she returned his kiss with all of the lustful fervor of the first after the same pause.

A few seconds later, she moaned and pushed her chest against hands that started grazing her breasts through her shirt. Her tongue whipping around in Dave’s mouth, she moaned even louder as another hand appeared between her legs and squeezed her crotch firmly. After a second or two, her thighs were bouncing as she clamped them together to increase the pressure of the touch.

Scott pulled his hand from between her legs and tossed off her flip-flops before quickly unzipping her jeans. By then, Dave had her shirt rolled up and bra unhooked, Selena’s firm tits spilling free. With little assistance from the very high beauty, Scott yanked her pants and panties off together, his friend now molding her ample chest.

Dave pulled his lips from hers and dropped them down to her chest, slurping noisily on one erect nipple and then the other. As he gnawed on her flesh, he pulled her shirt over her head, the now fully nude Selena squealing with delight.

Both guys tore their clothes off in a flash and Scott swept her silky legs onto the couch. In the next moment she was on her hands and knees facing Dave and staring blankly at his stiff cock. A tad longer and thinner than Scott’s 9″ sword, the brunette licked her lips unconsciously. Seeing her tongue poke out, he put a hand on the back of her head and Selena slid down to her forearms. The glans tapped her on the nose before the wasted nympho lifted her face, parted her lips and took him into her mouth.

Lowering her head, his cock started to slide deeper just as she felt Scott’s tongue digging at the heady musk of her asshole. He smeared his own erection with a light glaze of K-Y jelly as he drooled on the warm, crinkled circle for nearly a minute.

Stopping suddenly, a pang of regret given how much he loved eating her ass, he knelt in back of her. With great appreciation, even after hours of staring at it, he fondled her succulent behind for a moment and then took his dick in hand. The head was rolled around the rubbery hole a few times and then centering it, he began to push.


June 5- Recap (1)

After meeting Scott at the local bar, Selena went home with the tall, blonde and very good-looking man. Having told the lovely anal virgin that he was very interested in fucking her up the ass, they had some wine to loosen her up.

Making out and getting naked, the two 69ed, Selena’s rampant lust overcoming even her gag reflex as she deepthroated his huge cock. He then put her through an extensive process that went from him licking and fingering her asshole to using a butt plug on her.

With the pale beauty now ready and on her back, legs spread, the virtual stranger began filling her tight, hot rectum with cock. He came just as all of his length was inside but kept sodomizing her until dumping another load. Selena performed two ass-to-mouth blowjobs to get reamed twice more, orgasming repeatedly.


July 17- Today

As always, Scott glued his eyes in the crack of Selena’s luscious rear, the head of his cock smoothing out the wrinkles of her anus as he pushed inside of her. Under Dave’s guidance, she was wolfing his cock into her throat, gagging and coughing but sucking in brief bursts. Feeling his friend spear her pliant asshole made her groan, causing vibrations in her neck, her blowjob that much more pleasurable. With the big cock slowly Taksim escort stretching her rosebud apart yet again, her degree of pleasure was also increasing; by the second.

Over a month straight of almost daily and always multiple breaches of her behind had the tiny hole broken in but Selena was still exceptionally tight. Scott grunted with lust and exertion as he squeezed the crown of his dick past the suffocating wall of her sphincter. Slipping into the moist heat of her rectal canal, he grinned lewdly, watching as his bulk disappeared inside her asshole.

Already only absently giving head, a cock easing into her butt was a huge distraction. With her focus shifted almost exclusively to the deviant ecstasy in her rear end, Dave was simply abusing her mouth. Pushing his entire length into her throat, she would now gurgle, her airflow cut off under a wave of nausea before she’d pull her face back. Thick spittle leaked from her lips, running down her neck and Selena barely noticed the stream, reduced to being nothing more than an oral receptacle.

Meanwhile, Scott was getting even more enjoyment from stuffing her behind than usual with the perversity of the scenario. He’d been pushing the envelope of deviance with her just about every time they’d been together. It was a quest to find her limit, a thing she just wouldn’t do and he hadn’t as of yet. He’d learned that the few inhibitions she did display vanished when she was high and he’d thought she wouldn’t protest a second man.

Making eye contact with Dave, the two buddies high-five each other as he settled in with his hands locked on her hips. Pulling back until just the knob was still in her smoldering bowels, he pushed forward again, quicker than he’d entered her. Each stroke into Selena’s asshole faster than the one prior, he was soon smoothly fucking her spectacular behind at a rapid pace.

Just as his body began to smack loudly against hers, making her jerk visibly, Dave grabbed her ears to hold her in place. With the knob of his dick and an inch or two of shaft past her lips, he started spraying jism on to her tongue. The gooey fluid splashed against her uvula and cheeks and out of reflex, Selena started to gulp it down.

A few moments later, he sat back and with her mouth vacated, the sumptuous 22 year-old adulteress was finally free to shriek. Her delight at getting her ass pounded, magnified under the aphrodisiac effects of Mary Jane in her system, had Selena in a euphoric state. Along with her lustful screams, she also started to buck her petite frame against Scott, increasing the velocity of the sodomy.

With the head of his cock slamming into her colon, Scott (relatively high himself) leaned forward. Reaching underneath her, he managed to cup her slippery pussy. As sopping wet as he’d ever seen from his time with her, two fingers were thrust up and into the snug crevice with little effort. Selena’s howls immediately went higher in pitch, his grunts huskier as he virtually stroked his dick through the thin barrier of muscle separating the orifices. A few stabs into her yawning snatch and he abruptly added a third digit, utterly filling her.

Her waist length, jet-black hair whipped through the air as she threw her head back in reaction to the crippling orgasm that wracked her body from out of nowhere. Violent contractions ripped across the circle of muscle in her ass, tied by nerve endings to her finger stuffed cunt. As was often the case, Scott began ejaculating right away, shooting thick ropes of semen deep in the sweltering canal. He stayed tight against Selena, spraying his seed until starting to go flaccid, her sphincter then forcing his cock out with an oily plop.


June 6- Recap (2)

The day after initiating Selena to anal sex, per her request, they met at a state park that morning. Making out on a hiking trail led to the raven-haired vixen sucking his cock from her knees. A short time later, with her braced against a tree, he ate out her sweet pussy, a finger in her asshole. With mutual oral climaxes having set the table, the fucking started in earnest.

Donning a condom, he finally screwed her snug, yearning snatch, Selena holding a tree again. Finding a secluded clearing, she impaled her cunt on his dick an hour later and after roughly the same pause, he fucked her up the ass in the same cowgirl position. Stunned by the depths he reached, Selena requested that they run that back again a while later, which they did.

Needing to get home before her husband, the turquoise-eyed brunette was saying her good-byes in his SUV. A kiss led to making out, morphing into dry humping and a move to the backseat where he fucked her pussy once more.


July 17- Today

Scott sat back after being evicted from Selena’s asshole and leered as the slightly gaped opening puckered its way back to normal. As if broken from a trance, he then looked over at Dave across the couch.

“Dude, which hole you thinking about Taksim escort bayan getting in first? Both of ’em are smoking but I’m telling you now, this ass,” he said, caressing her spectacular behind, “is off the hook.”

Dave grinned in that manner that only stoned people can and shrugged.

“Thinking pussy first and save her ass for dessert. It’s gonna be a minute before I’m ready to do anything.”

Selena had recovered from her climax and hadn’t moved from her doggy-style pose. The two men talking about her like she was an inanimate object barely registering, she simply wanted to get fucked some more.

“How ’bout you, Lena, where do you want it next?”

“I don’t care,” she whispered, “Anywhere.”

About fifteen minutes later and a shot of whiskey each that none of them needed, Dave got on the carpet before the now seated Selena. He awkwardly rolled a condom on to his once again erect dick and then pulling her by her satiny thighs, placed her ass cheeks at the edge of the cushion. Spreading her legs with his torso exposed her shimmering pussy and he lined up with the parted gash. With one steady, relentless thrust he shoved all the way inside the slippery crevasse.

Her azure eyes clenched shut while her jaw went slack at the semi violent entrance. Starting to fuck her receptive cunt with the same aggression that he’d penetrated her, Selena responded quickly, given her mental state. Lifting her legs, she crossed his lower back with her calves and began humping upwards to meet his thrusts.

Leaning down, he squeezed one of her flopping tits while nibbling and sucking at the other nipple, switching every half minute. Beside herself with hunger already as she got fucked, any attention paid to her ultra-sensitive breasts was sheer delight. She provided evidence by pressing his head closer, trying to choke him on her milky globes as he had done with his cock.

After screwing her for several minutes, she climaxed and her mouth opened as she wailed with pleasure, providing an inviting home for Scott. Semi hard from spectating, his fresh from her ass cock was taken between her lips automatically. Selena rarely had an issue anymore with ATM when sober, high and getting her cunt drilled, there wasn’t even a passing thought. With his broader width, physics pursed her lips around his staff and she was again getting drilled at both ends.

Not very long after, a sequence of events took place that seemed to be a single act to her dulled sense of awareness.

First, the ravenously aroused slut (at least in recent history) started to orgasm again. Within seconds, Dave buried his cock in her saturated pussy, flooding his condom with warm spunk. Scott, knowing he’d have access to her privates very soon, pulled from her mouth and sat back. As soon as his friend slid out of Selena’s saturated cooch and cleared the way, he took over the spot. Her winking asshole, now lubed with K-Y and vaginal juices, his dick with spit and jelly residue were matched together a second time.

Keeping with the established pattern of nailing her harder each successive time during every tryst, he shoved his cock into Selena’s asshole with minimum restraint. She gasped with blinding delight as he plowed into her scintillating behind, her pussy still tingling from its battering and her latest climax. Having entered her with relative ease, her powerful sphincter muscles still flexed spastically in an effort to shut tight.

Knowing his endurance was in the next gear after already blowing a load in her vice-like tunnel, Scott started fucking her behind as if picking up where he’d left off. Using long, driving thrusts in and out of her asshole from the start had Selena panting and gasping. After a few minutes, he pushed her legs back, holding her calves together and began drilling into her humid rectum even faster, much to her delight. The ever erotic vision of her playing with her pussy came into play in the next second, as did her screeching with orgasm just a minute later.

Letting her hand go limp resting on her twat after her climax waned, Scott took over. Reaching between them to caress her dripping slit, he slid two fingers up into the tender orifice. Achingly sensitive, Selena grabbed at his wrist only to have her hand swatted away by his free one.

Fucked in her tight, hot ass while her juicy snatch was fingered, the brunette climaxed twice more in rapid succession. The latter forced him to ejaculate with her, pulling out to spray ropes of jit on her torso. Wads is cum went from her tits to belly button before he squeezed the last of it out on her pubic mound.

Selena didn’t so much as flinch from the blatant degradation.


June 11- Recap (3)

After a day that featured hours of him licking, fingering and fucking her asshole (three times) Scott took Selena to see the rock band AC/DC downtown. With the plan of a late dinner afterwards, she wore a slinky blue dress that hung to just above her knees.

They Escort taksim got high in the parking lot and he had to assist her to their seats in the first row of the second level. During the opening act, he pulled her into his lap and eased the hemline upwards until just her shoes and silver thong kept her from being naked from the waist down.

Taking the K-Y he knew she had in her purse, he unzipped his pants and lubed up his cock before tugging the string of her thong to the side. Moments later Selena was rocking in his lap as he fucked her up the ass with onlookers in every direction. Later, at the upscale restaurant, the brunette had her tantalizing buttocks spread and her asshole skewered in a men’s room stall.


July 17- Today

Wanting to make sure she didn’t come to her senses anytime soon, Scott “packed a bowl” of weed and Selena was the only one who smoked. No sooner did she finish then Dave started playing with her tits, first simply flicking her eraser hard nubs, then pulling and twisting before giving in and sucking them.

Moaning loudly, she gradually spread her thighs wide as a matter of reflex and Scott’s hands dropped quickly into her lap. In a matter of seconds, he had three fingers driving in and out of her cunt, the thumb digging in her asshole. With his free hand, he rubbed her engorged clit through a climax, resisted her trying to get away, achingly sensitive, and was about to get her off again.

Instead it was Dave who “rescued” her.

Having already liberally applied a coating of lubricant on his once again stiff cock, he pushed Selena down and on to her side. Scooting in back of her, he poked the head of his cock all along the crack of her ass trying to find the target. Finally lifting one of her shapely legs up to spread her ass cheeks, he lined his dick up with her shitter. Rapidly squeezing his way into her asshole, he completed the trifecta of every orifice she had, the brunette squealing throatily as he started fucking her behind.

Looking up at Scott through half-lidded eyes, a thought occurred to her that she hadn’t considered.

‘Mmmmm, Dave must be fucking my ass.’

Easily aroused, quick to orgasm, Selena was insatiable once she started having sex. While the threesome might have been overboard for her, sober, it’s possible, maybe even likely that she would have consented. As it was, she’d been getting ravaged for some time before starting to piece it together.

In any regard, Dave was slamming against her firm, creamy buttocks with abandon, driving the tip of his cock well into her colon. In a much better position now to respond, Selena was emphatically tossing her behind in reverse with all of the force that he applied. For his part, he simply couldn’t hammer her ass fast enough, was almost overwhelmed with the surreal levels of heat and constriction in her rectum.

With multiple ejaculations under his belt, his staying power was greatly magnified. As a result, he skewered the highly receptive beauty through two more climaxes for her before adding jizz to her now slimy canal.

Selena’s asshole was vacant for mere seconds before Scott sidled up behind her and plowed into the visibly gaped opening.


June 18- Recap (4)

Scott did regularly eat and fuck Selena’s sweet pussy but it was almost grudgingly, so obsessed with her ass. Her willingness and eagerness regarding anal was utterly fascinating to him and he always took full advantage of the fact.

In his kitchen after two rounds of banging her luscious rear end and several beers, the tipsy brunette was tossing lettuce for a salad at the counter. Scott started playfully tapping her butt with a small cucumber, then sliding it up and down the crack.

That minimal contact was all it took to get Selena to part her thighs and from there, a snowball effect began. Coating the stubby vegetable in olive oil, he pushed on her lower back to get her to bend. With her cheeks spread, he inserted and twisted the cuke into her asshole, her moaning in delight at the girth and bumps. Easing it back and forth deep enough that his fingertips just held the tip, he made her climax from the obscene penetration.


July 17- Today

Despite his perverse treatment of her and the fact that their dalliance was almost purely physical from his perspective, Scott was truly enamored with Selena’s body. He couldn’t keep his hands or take his eyes off of her, was obsessed with bringing her pleasure in any and every way.

Not to mention the incomprehensible ecstasy he derived from being inside any of her three orifices.

As he banged her ass this latest time, he touched her everywhere; to Selena it seemed to be everywhere at once. He’d squeeze her fabulous tits, pinching her nipples lightly and then drag his palm over her soaked, slippery labia.

Eyes locked on the swell of her behind and his dick disappearing then returning from between her cheeks, he reached down to fondle them. The close proximity to her obscenely filled anus led to him climbing the ladder of deviant progression. Sliding a finger down to the surface of his dick, he slowed his thrusting. Squeezing the digit against his cock, he pushed both into her asshole, stretching her still wider.

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