Self Sucking College Boy

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When our new next door neighbors said their nephew was going to stay with them this summer, I didn’t realize it was May and that he was in graduate school. I also didn’t realize they were going to be out of town most of the summer and that Drew was such a stallion stud. I saw him the day he moved in. He had a great, tight toned body, long dark hair and a gorgeous smile.

I was hoping I would get to know him better but never expected what would transpire over the next few months.

Our yards are quite secluded but from a corner window in the spare bedroom upstairs, we could just barely see the neighbor’s back yard, patio and pool. With a tall fence, there was just a small area of their pool and two chairs that we could see.

On the second day that Drew moved in, I was out in the backyard while my husband was at work and heard him walking next door around their pool area. I then heard a splash and knew that he just went into the pool. I wanted to go next door and meet him and maybe have a swim too, but instead decided to go upstairs and peek over the fence to see what I could see. Maybe catch him drying off or getting some rays.

I looked out our window and really didn’t see much. I was just about ready to leave my sentinel when I did finally see Drew walk to one of the lounge chairs. He WAS drying himself after his swim. But what I saw next almost floored me and also made me gasp. There was Drew, just after his swim with wet hair and hard body standing by the chair wearing the tiniest, smallest G-string bikini bottom I have ever seen! The bulge in front was monstrous and I could see his balls poking through the side of this tiny, women’s style thong. Wow, I thought. He must be wearing his aunt’s thong.

Oh my god, his cock was huge. I knew I had to see more so I just waited to see what would happen next.

He pulled his little thong bikini to the side and out popped his huge prick, smooth and shaved and being pushed up and to the side from his tight and tiny G string. He was gorgeous. He had to be 10 maybe 11 inches and super thick. He stroked his cock and brought it to full attention. Right in front of my eyes. If he only knew that a horny cockwhore was watching his every move!

“Oh baby, let me wrap my lips around that hard, fat meat for you” I thought. “You need a good cocksucker like me to please that cock meat.”

You all know from my other story about me and my fuckboy husband and that I love cocks and love toys. So I quickly went to get my two favorite dildos so I could fuck my now dripping pussy while I watched Drew stroke himself by the pool next door.

First I called my fuckboy husband at work and told him what I had just seen. “Baby, he’s got a huge fucking cock, it’s gorgeous and he’s wearing his auntie’s thong practically naked and stroking himself. When you get home you’re gonna fuck me real good.”

I hung up, grabbed the binoculars and quickly went back upstairs and peeked out the window again. What I saw completely stunned and surprised me. Drew had his huge dick pulled out of his thong with his smooth balls pushed up and his huge shaft sticking up past his belly and almost to his chin. “Oh fuck” I thought, “I wonder if he can suck his own cock.”

Well the next second, he lowered his head to the tip of his own dick and licked the head. Oh my god, what a sight!

He then lowered his mouth even more and got two, maybe three inches of that lovely cock into his mouth. I realized that I was furiously rubbing my clit while watching this hot college boy suck himself off. “Oh fuck” Incredible!

I came almost immediately and grabbed my double headed dildo and shoved it in my hot pussy.

Drew was slurping and sucking his huge prick with his gorgeous balls being pushed up by his pretty thong and his hand wrapped around the lower part of his shaft. Amazingly, he started bobbing his head up and down on that monster fuck stick, trying to milk it with his lips.

“Oh yeah, you hot cocksucker” I thought. “Lick the sides too.” Almost by cue, he licked up and down the sides of his prick. Then slapped it against his face. Precum was smearing his face as he took that manpole with his cock sucking lips. “Such a good cock slut!”

It was incredible to watch and I was hoping he would squirt his load onto himself, into his own mouth and all over his face. But he stopped and quickly got up.

“Oh shit” I thought. “Not yet! Please don’t stop yet horny boy. I want to watch you finish yourself off.”

I was disappointed that Drew stopped sucking his own cock but I kept fucking myself with my dildo picturing myself riding his big cock to orgasm while my husband watched.

Drew came back into view with something in his hand.

“It couldn’t be. Could it? A dildo? A rubber cock?” It was! It was! Drew brought with him a rubber cock with balls.

“He’s gonna fuck himself with it!”

I watched in amazement and kept fucking my horny pussy while Drew lubed up that fake cock and pushed it into his asshole! When acıbadem escort he finally got that dick into his own ass, he bent over and wrapped his lips around his cock and started bobbing on his fat prick again!

That did it for me. I came and came watching this young stud sucking his own huge fuck meat while he fucked himself in his own ass. I knew that I would have to have this boy fucking my ass, mouth and pussy. I lost all sense of time while I came and came with my dildo in my pussy and my hand rubbing my clit. And then Drew came.

Oh fuck did he come! Cum dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin. Then he pulled his dick out of his mouth and shot three huge squirts onto his face, into his eyes and onto his hair. He was sticking his tongue out trying to catch his own load while more cum squirted out. He was drinking it, eating it and spanking his cum filled dick against his lips and tongue. All I kept thinking was how I wanted to sit on his cum covered face and fuck his mouth with my ass and pussy. I wondered how I would get him over into my house and see that beautiful young stud and his huge cock up close.

The next morning was Wednesday and fuckboy was at work. I suspected Drew had a thing for G-strings and thongs so I laid 10 pairs of my teeniest thongs out on the dining room table. I also put my string bikini and three lacy bras next to them. Underneath I hid my 10″ rubber cock with balls, my double dildo and my husband’s three cock rings. Next to that I put a laundry basket next to it as to look like I was doing laundry. I took a shower, shaved my already smooth pussy and legs, then applied peach oil to my asshole and pussy to make it smell pretty and feel sexy soft. I put on a red G-sting thong, my tight cut off shorts that let my ass cheeks peek out and a see through sheer crop top that showed my cleavage almost to my hard nipples. I finished off with black 4′ pumps and walked next door.

I rang the front bell. Knowing the neighborhood could probably see me dressed like an oversexed milf and slutty whore, I only stood there for a moment and went around to the back. Luckily their gate to the pool was opened so I let myself in. I walked to their patio doors and knocked. Almost immediately Drew was standing at the patio window almost naked except for a black, lacy thong and a huge bulge. I must have surprised him because he ran down the hallway and out of view. I decided that he must have seen me dressed like this and I started to knock on the patio door. A few minutes later he reappeared wearing some baggy jeans and a black t-shirt. He opened the door and asked “Can I help you?”

“Oh Hi, you must be Drew! Your aunt has told me all about you and that you would be staying with them this summer. I’m your next door neighbor. My husband isn’t home and I was wondering if you could help me with our dishwasher. It’s making a funny noise.”

“Um, well sure, I guess.” Drew replied all choked up and nervous.

We walked together through our back yards and I made sure he was following behind me and I made every attempt to stumble and lean every chance I got so he could watch my ass and see my G string pulling above the waist line of my shorts.

We got into the house and I showed him the dishwasher. I bent over from the waist and opened the door. I turned my head to the side and saw Drew was staring at my ass. Even with me looking right at his face, he eyes were glued to my round butt. I bent over even more and could feel my shorts riding higher and my pussy was getting wet. For three or four minutes I watched this handsome college stud staring at my ass.

“I see you like looking at my cute shorts, don’t you Drew?”

“Um, what? What, I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. What did you say?” Drew asked

“I see you like staring at my round ass. Do you like my ass Drew? Do you like the thong that I’m wearing?”

“Hmm, you sure are sexy.” Drew replied.

“I was hoping you’d say that Drew. Ever since I saw you move in, I was hoping I could show you my thongs and my ass.” Do you like girls in tight shorts and thongs Drew? Do you like older women in tiny thongs?”

“Yes. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen.” Drew replied.

Do you like men in tiny G strings too Drew? Do you like men and women in sexy underwear?”

“Um, no, just girls. I love girls in thongs.”

“Why don’t you grab my ass right now, Drew? Feel my ass with your sexy hands.”

Drew placed both his hands on my ass cheeks and rubbed them gently.

“Do it harder Drew.” I told him.

He started groping my butt through my cutoffs and I unbuttoned my shorts and lowered them to the floor. I bent way over and stuck my ass up as high as I could.

“Is this turning you on Drew? Is your cock hard for my thong and my ass?”

I straightened up and turned to him.

“I want to show you my other thongs Drew. Do you want to see them?”

“I’d love to.” He replied.

I led him by the hand to the dining room and pointed atalar escort to the table with all my panties and bras on it. Drew just stared at them. That gave me a chance to grab his crotch through his baggy pants and feel if his dick was getting hard. And was it ever hard!

“Do you like that baby? Do you like looking at my bras and thongs while I play with your cock?”

“Oh yeah, this is so fucking hot!” he said.

Why don’t you pick my thongs up baby? Take one or two in your hand while I rub you?”

He grabbed my tiny, lacy pink thong and held it to his face. Then he grabbed my scarlet thong and held it in his hand with the other. He finally took the white one off the table to reveal my rubber cock with balls just underneath.

“Oh my, this is so fucking sexy and hot!” Drew exclaimed

“That’s my favorite dildo Drew. I love toys. Do you like toys too Drew?”

“I’ve seen my mom’s and my auntie’s dildo before, but nothing as sexy as you and your toys.” Drew said.

“I have a confession to make Drew. I realized I was close to having him hooked. I saw you yesterday by your auntie’s pool.”

“What do you mean?” He asked

“I saw you Drew. I saw you wearing your pretty G String thong. I saw you all horny and hard. I watched you stroking your cock baby.” I know you like wearing teeny, tiny panties while you jerk off. I know you like toys baby.”

“What else did you see?” Drew asked me while watching me play with his dick through his pants.

“I saw everything Drew. I saw you wrap your lips around your own cock and suck yourself off. I watched you dildo fuck yourself. I saw you shoot your huge load all over your own face, your hair and into your cock sucking mouth.”

“Wow, you saw all of that? Did you like it? Did it turn you on to watch me suck my own cock?” Drew started to get confidence in his voice.

“I loved it Drew. I absolutely loved watching you please your huge monster cock. I had to grab my dildo and fuck myself while I watched you. Your huge man meat is just what a slut like me needs to satisfy her. I came too, Drew just like you did. The difference is I got to see you but you didn’t get to see me. That’s why you’re here right now. I wanted to show you how horny you make me. How wet you make my pussy. I want to fuck myself in front of you and then suck your gorgeous prick.”

I dropped my new friend’s pants to the floor and out sprang his dick. It was even bigger than when I first saw it.

“How big Drew? How big is that huge fucking cock?”

“Twelve maybe thirteen inches.” Drew said proudly.

“Will you suck it? Will you show me right now how you suck yourself baby? I need to watch you slurp on that fuckpole for me baby? Will you do it for me?”

I grabbed the white lacy thong out of his hand and made him step into it. I pulled it up past his ass crack and tight up against his plum sized balls. His 13″ man meat was sticking out and up at my face. I gave it a quick kiss, then opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his massive tool. It popped out while I made a loud slurping sound.

“Here baby. Sit right over here on this chair. I’ll rub some peach oil on your cock while you show me how to suck your own dick.”

I removed my top and pulled my thong to the side so Drew could see my smooth pussy. I then took his T Shirt off. We were both naked except for our tiny thongs.

“Drew baby, you’re so fucking hot. Your cock is so fucking huge. I can’t wait to please that monster. I can’t wait to eat your man juice.”

My new college lover sat down in the dining room chair and opened his legs real wide. His monster prick standing up past his belly button and almost touching his left nipple. I squatted down between his legs and started rubbing his plums. I poured oil all over his shaft and dripped it thoroughly onto his balls.

“Okay baby. It’s time to show me up close how to suck that huge fuck meat. I’ll help you. I’ll suck and lick your balls while you suck your dick for me. Now get your lips wrapped around that cock! Do it! Do it for your new slutty whore!”

Drew obscenely stuck his tongue out at me and then bowed his head over his fat cock head. He licked the tip and down the sides about four inches. Oh my God! What a sight! I grabbed my dildo and suction cupped it to the floor. I put oil on the fake cock and lowered my squatting ass onto it to bury it in my pussy.

“I love cock baby. I love to fuck!”

I pulled up on his cum filled balls and opened my mouth wide.

“Let’s see how wide I can open my mouth baby. Watch me suck your cum filled balls while you take your cock in your fuckboy lips. You are a horny cock sucker, aren’t you fuckboy? Go ahead, show me what a good little cock sucker you are. Right in front of me. Go ahead. Suck it. Suck it!”

Drew slurped four inches of his cock into his own mouth and started sucking. He was making slurping sounds on his own dick while I squeezed and sucked his baby smooth balls. I was grinding my ass aydınlı escort on the floor with my favorite dildo in my pussy. I stroked his shaft and smeared oil up as high as I could. I got more oil on his shaft and made sure to get lots of it dripping on his lips.

“Does that feel good fuckboy? Having that oil lubing up your cock sucking lips and on your cock? Does it make it easier to suck? Suck it harder! Does the peach oil taste good? Just imagine how good it will taste mixed with your cum.”

“I’m cumming Drew baby. You’re making me cum so fucking hard! Your huge cock makes me cum so fucking hard baby. Keep sucking that dick for me. Make it squirt. Make yourself shoot a big load for me you hot cocksucker. Oh fuck, you are a good cocksucker, aren’t you Drew?”

“Umm Hmm.” Drew mumbled back unable to speak with his lips wrapped around his own dick. He pulled his wet lips off his dick and announced he was going to shoot.

“I’m gonna cum for you slut. Watch me shoot a huge load for you. Where do you want it bitch?”

“Cum in your mouth and in your face. I want to see you suck your own cum and shoot it in your face.”

Drew bent his head over again and opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Just then he erupted! His fucking squirt juice pumped onto his tongue, into his mouth and onto his forehead and into his eyes. Pumping his balls, I watched as load after load shot out and covered his lips, mouth and face.

“Oh fuck! You are so hot baby, Suck that cock! Eat that cum your horny bitch boy. I love your cock sucking lips.”

I let go of his balls and stood up leaving the dildo still on the floor. I grabbed his head and started kissing his cum filled face. I licked his tongue and sucked the cum out of his mouth. I made Drew lay on his back on the floor and turned around with my ass to him. I squatted over his face and opened my ass cheeks with my hands and squatted down on his cum filled face. “I’m gonna fuck your face Drew. You’re gonna suck my asshole while I rub your cum into my pussy. You’re gonna lick and suck my ass until I cum in your face! Then you can have both our cum. C’mon lover, stick your tongue in my ass!”

I grabbed Drew’s still hard cock while I sat and fucked his face. His face was hot and wet from his own sperm covering his whole face. My cum gushed onto his face and into his mouth. I loved mixing both our cum together. It was wild.

“You like my ass baby?” You like sucking cock too, don’t you? You like my pussy? Are you gonna fuck me with that cock now? You like cock and pussy, don’t you fuckboy?”

His dick got even harder. He must have liked the way I talked to him.

“See that rubber cock baby? I just fucked myself for you and now it’s your turn! “

I got off Drew’s cum soaked face and grabbed the dildo off the floor. I suction cupped it to the wooden chair and made my big dicked lover stand up.

“I’m gonna help you get fucked baby. Take your thong panties off. I want you naked when I fuck you.”

Drew listened nicely and immediately removed his tiny thong. I lubed up the rubber cock with the peach oil and told Drew to get his ass onto that hot cock. He turned to face me, opened his legs and squatted down. I helped ease that lubed up fake cock into his asshole. It went right in! What a greedy cock whore he was! He got all eight inches into his ass and was bouncing up and down while his hard dick slapped against his stomach.

“You like that fuckboy? You like making me hot don’t you? I’m gonna mount your big hard fuck stick now and fuck your cock while you get fucked too!”

I turned around and opened my ass cheeks. I shoved his big fuckpole into my slutty pussy and started slowly fucking him. He reached around and cupped my tits and twisted my nipples while he rammed my fuck hole with his man meat.

“Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. Your cock is incredible. I love fucking your monster dick! Does it feel good to have a cock in your ass while you fuck me Drew?”

“Oh yeah. You are a hot slutty whore. I love your pussy wrapped around my hard cock. Your pussy feels even better than Aunt Susie’s!”

What? Did I just hear him right? He’s fucking his own Aunt? Holy shit!

“Does your husband know what a slut you are bitch?”

I love being called a slut and a bitch and I started to cum like never before. Drew started unloading his young spunk into my pussy at the same time!

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m your slut baby. Cum in my pussy! Fill me up with your yummy cream!”

We came at the same time. My pussy flooding his huge cock and his big dick shooting load after load into my slutty fuck hole.

“Does your husband know how much of a cock whore his wife is?”

“He sure does baby. He’s a fucking cock whore too! We both love cock and pussy. Maybe your Auntie can come over. I could suck her pussy for you while you fuck me in the ass with your big beautiful meat stick.”

Just then, hubby walked in on us naked in the dining room. I was still impaled on Drew’s massive cock and looked hubby right in the eyes.

“Oh baby, you’re home early. He’s so fucking big. His cock is so huge. I just couldn’t resist him. He came over to show me how he can suck his own cock and wanted to fuck me. I hope you’re not mad honey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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