Servicing Sara Ch. 02

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Servicing Sara, Part 2: The Beach

“Son of a bitch, it’s hot…” I said to myself aloud as I wiped the sweat off the back of my neck. 103 degrees, and no AC in this damn apartment, I thought, I either gotta get a window unit or move somewhere with central air. I walked around the apartment, trying to find something to give me some relief, and finally cracked open a beer. Taking a sip and pressing the cold bottle against my forehead, I knew this would offer only temporary relief.

I was seriously considering heading down to the corner 7-11 and purchasing a Slurpee so I could pour it on my head, when the phone rang. I grumbled to myself, wondering who had the strength to make a phone call in this heat, I walked to the telephone and answered it.

“Y’ello?” I said in my familiar answering habit, and the voice on the other end made me forget the oppressive heat.

“Hi Brock? It’s Sara.”

Instantly I felt better as I remembered the beautiful woman on the other end of the line. It had been two weeks and a day since my best friend Steve and I had an amazing threesome with this amazing woman, and she had been the subject of almost every dream since. Steve had already started moving on with his life, but Sara still captivated my every thought and mood. This was the first time I had heard from her since that night, and I suddenly found myself short of breath. Somehow I was able to pull myself together to respond, “Hey Sara. How have you been?”

“Hot.” The single word response was meant to be literal, I was sure, but it conjured up all kinds of thoughts and fantasies on my end. She continued, “I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the beach with me. I’m absolutely melting here at my place, and I need to get out of here. Whaddya say?”

I was thrilled, but I wanted to keep my enthusiasm to a minimum. “Uh, sure. I guess. I don’t have any plans today, so… yeah, sure.” That was non-chalant enough, I supposed. “I’ll pick you up in, what, a half an hour?”

I could almost hear her grin on the other end. She agreed and gave directions to her place. I hung up the phone, did a small happy dance, and started looking around for something to wear. After five minutes of throwing everything I own around my bedroom, I selected a short pair of shorts to go underneath a baggy t-shirt and baggy cotton pants. Strapping on my sandals, I headed out to go pick up Sara.

It didn’t take very long to get to her place. I pulled up and saw her waiting out front, and I was already starting to get excited just from seeing her. Wearing a thin top and a wrap around her waist, she sauntered over to the car and slid in, the picture of class. She smiled and leaned across the console, kissing me on the cheek and said, “Hey you…” I blushed a little at the kiss and listened to the directions, and drove the car down to the sea. Along the drive, I kept glancing at the thigh that peeked out from under the wrap, and seeing the perfectly tanned leg exposed made me shift a little in my seat as I drove, as I remembered the rest of her body exposed a couple weeks back. I shook the memory out of my mind as we drove to the beach, concentrating on the road.

I parked the car on the side of the road where Sara had indicated. Getting out, I followed her lead as she wended her way along the rocks close to the shore, seemingly in a random path from the road to the large rocks guarding the beach. At last, we came out at a secluded clearing, with a nice little patch of beach all to ourselves, cut off from the rest of the public. Sara and I spread out our blankets and we chatted a little. I pulled off my shirt and pants first, and Sara made a snide comment on how short my shorts were. I gave her a little look and turned my back, saying, “Hey, I don’t want a farmer’s tan.” I grabbed something from my bag and started to turn around, “Not exactly cool to be… Jesus Christ!!!”

As I turned to face Sara, I saw that she had stripped out of her t-shirt and wrap, and was wearing the briefest of string bikinis. The black material hardly covered her beautiful breasts, and the bottoms were only slightly larger than her modesty at the front, and disappeared between the cheeks of her ass at the back. I had heard the expression ‘a couple of bandages and some dental floss’, but never had I seen something that so closely approximated it. I stood there for a moment, just looking at the nearly naked goddess in front of me, until Sara gave me a sideways smile, seeming Niğde Escort to indicate I was making her a little uncomfortable. I shook myself back into coherence, and started to apply sunscreen to myself, feeling the sun beat down with an almost physical weight. After thoroughly covering myself, I looked over at Sara and offered the tube to her.

She smiled and said, “Do you wanna do my back?” I nodded graciously, and had her lie face down on her towel. Massaging the lotion into her skin, seeing her flesh glisten in the sunlight, my breathing became heavy as my thoughts had no choice but to return to the night two weeks ago, when I saw this beauty sucking my shaft as my friend ate her out from behind, with Sara in obvious enjoyment for every second. I felt her soft skin under my fingers, and relived every moment of that fantastic threesome in my mind, as my hands glided down from her neck, over her shoulder blades, down the small of her back and up the rise of her buttocks. I stopped for a moment, wondering if I should continue. Sara seemed to sense my hesitation, saying, “Go on. You don’t want me to burn, do you?”

I chuckled a little at that, and rubbed the lotion into her firm ass cheeks, not spending an inordinate amount of time on them, but squeezing and kneading her ass before working my way down her legs. I massaged the lotion around her feet, up her ankles to her calves and then to her hamstrings, letting my fingers glide up her inner thighs. As my hands moved higher, she seemed to moan a little, but didn’t open her thighs very much as all, which led me to believe that she didn’t have any funny business in mind for the day. I moved up her back, along her sides, letting my fingers just barely touch the sides of her breasts, before proclaiming “All done!” and handing her the tube.

Sara gave me another sideways look, and took the tube from me, and rubbed the lotion onto her front. I lay back down on my towel, watching her hands touch herself, kind of aroused as she smoothed the lotion over her already tanned skin, along her ample breasts, her flat stomach, high on her legs and then downwards. She finished up and lay back down on her towel, face up. We both lay there in silence, feeling the sun bronze our bodies, while the cool breeze from the ocean made me completely comfortable and at ease.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Sara, seeing her relax on her towel, her wonderful body almost completely on display. I wondered if there was a chance I had blown, or a signal I hadn’t picked up, or if I had completely misread the situation. The look she had given me when I stared at her, and that she hadn’t offered me any access when I rubbed her inner thighs. Maybe she really did want some company sunbathing, and I was just being horny. I silently resigned myself to that reality, and lay back, happy lying there in the company of this beautiful woman. I opened my eyes when she flipped over, catching a long look at her backside and shapely legs, and smiled to myself, glad she had asked me to come out with her. If nothing else, she made for wonderful eye candy. I closed my eyes again and felt the breeze drift over me.

It seemed that only about fifteen minutes had passed when I heard stirring beside me. I opened my eyes to see Sara propped up on her elbows, looking over at me. “Brock,” she said, “I think its time to re-apply.”

I looked a little quizzically at her, stared for a long moment, then shrugged, and grabbed the tube of suntan lotion. I started smoothing the sunscreen into her back, and felt her melt under my hands. Noticing she didn’t do this before, I got a little bold, and moved my hands quickly down her back to the swell of her ass. I took note of the fact that the original coat of sunscreen was still glistening on Sara’s body, as my hands kneaded the firm flesh of her buttocks, spending more time than necessary rubbing the lotion in. She lifted her hips to intensify the contact, and I smiled to myself as I moved my hands lower to her thighs and calves. I rubbed the sunscreen in with a firm massage, down to her feet and back up again, and let my nails rake along the inside of her thighs as I moved upwards. This time her thighs parted invitingly, letting me get a good glimpse of the gusset of her bikini bottoms. My fingers stopped just short of the fabric, and I pulled my hands away, and with a slight tease in my tone, said, “Okay, your back’s all finished.”

Sara looked over her shoulder Niğde Escort Bayan at me for a long moment, and I could hear her give a short exhale of frustration. “Well, can you do my front too?” she asked, and I could see that playful twinkle in her green eyes. I shrugged and gave her an affirmative response, and she started to turn over, dragging her heavy breasts along her towel, pulling one of the small triangles of her bikini top off her breast. As she came to rest on her back, I saw the exposed nipple, and felt myself start to get hard. She looked down at her breast, and then up into my eyes coyly, saying, “That’s going to need some sunscreen.”

I laughed a little and poured some sunscreen into my hand, then smoothed it over the uncovered breast, paying special attention to the exposed nipple. Rolling the nipple between my fingers, I watched Sara’s face as she arched her back, pressing her ample breast to my hand. Aroused by her willingness I slid my had underneath the fabric covering her other breast and played with the unexposed nipple just as I was doing with the other. Sara looked at me playfully and said, “That doesn’t need any sunscreen.”

I raised my eyebrows as I said matter-of-factly, “I don’t care.”

The game and the tease finally finished, I leaned down and kissed Sara, our mouths meeting and opening, our bodies melting together as we sunk into the kiss. I lay my body on top of Sara’s, tilting my head to deepen the kiss, my hands again seeking out her heavy breasts, pulling the second bikini cup off her and exposing her chest completely. She moaned contentedly as we kissed with a fervent passion, making out like a couple of teenagers, our slick bodies sliding over one another. I felt Sara’s ample breasts crush against my chest as I lay on top of her, her excited nipples poking me. One of my legs came up between hers and nestled between her thighs, grinding against her sex, and I heard a soft groan escape her lips. I moved my leg up and down as I kissed her, rubbing against her most sensitive place, growing more aroused by her little noises as I pleasured her. I kissed my way down her body to her neck, finding the tender spot that makes her shiver. I pulled her hair just a little so I could get to her neck a little better, and was rewarded by a gasp and moan of ecstacy. I held onto her hair as I kissed her neck, and listened to her breathing turn into panting as I had found a real soft spot on her. I centered on that point, nibbling and sucking on it, holding her hair while kissing the gentle curve of her neck.

I was about to move my mouth lower down her body when she surprised me, rolling me over and quickly sliding herself down, looking into my eyes, her expression one of lust, playfulness, desire. Her hands tugged down my shorts, allowing my fully hardened cock to spring free. I felt Sara’s breasts drag over my shaft, back and forth, over and over, teasing me, feeling the nipples graze my rod, exhaling a long breath while feeling the soft flesh press against me. Finally she stopped her tease, and looked me right in the eye as she lowered her mouth to my shaft, flicking her tongue over the head of my cock. My hands instinctively went to the back of her head as my shaft disappeared between her lips, and my breathing became audible as I felt her warm mouth envelop my cock. She sucked lightly at fist, and then slowly intensified the blow job, and I watched her cheeks become concave as the suction strengthened. Her head bobbed up and down my knob, and my hands tangled in her hair, gripping it, my hips bucking lightly as I helped my cock slide between her lips. Her tongue flattened against the underside of my rod, her talented mouth working wonders on me. My eyes closed, I moaned loudly, my back arched and I was lost in the fantastic head this lovely woman was giving me.

I opened my eyes as I felt the cool air of the sea breeze on my shaft as she took me out of her mouth, and I watched as she took hold of me and licked long and slow, up and down my length. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and lay my head back down upon the towel feeling her tongue upon me, and relaxed totally, giving myself to her. Her technique was flawless as she licked right down to the base of my shaft, down to my balls, sucking one, then the other into her mouth, massaging each nut with her tongue, then licking her way back up to my cock head, rolling her tongue around the bulb. She continued the soft licking Escort Niğde for a few fantastic moments that felt like hours, before plunging her head back down on my cock, engulfing it. I was surprised at the speed and ferocity with which she attacked my shaft, involuntarily forcing my ass to clench and push my hardness deeper into her throat.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Sara once again surprised me. She pulled her lips off my rod, leaving my member throbbing and twitching as it stood at full attention, so hard it hurt. She then sat up, hooked her bikini bottoms to one side, and slowly straddled me. She hovered over my rod, and played with herself for a couple moments, teasing me as she spread her folds, touching herself, dipping a finger inside her wetness and smearing the nectar on the head of my cock as it twitched and held itself upright. She then looked deep into my eyes, her own eyes, heavy lidded and glazed over with lust as she held my shaft, and slowly sank down on it, emitting a long, soft moan as my cock slid inside her. Her pussy felt so wonderfully tight as her mound reached my pubic bone, and she held herself there, squeezing my shaft, her head sagging back slightly as she felt me fill her. I felt her velvet walls conform to the shape of my cock, and then felt her slowly pull herself up as she began to ride me. My hands held her waist and I guided her up and down, my eyes meeting hers and seeing the look of rapture on her face, her own hands coming up to caress her breasts, to pinch her nipples as she slid her snatch up and down my cock. I couldn’t help but close my eyes at the fantastic sensation of her tight pussy gripping my shaft while she fucked it and arch my back as I moaned her name. She responded by quickening the pace, placing her hands on my chest and driving her sex faster and harder down on my rod.

I opened my eyes and took in the lovely sight of Sara fucking me, barely wearing her bikini, her body glistening with sweat and tanning lotion, her hands covering her breasts, squeezing them as they bounced with each thrust, her long, tanned, smooth legs tensing and relaxing each time she thrusted her hips onto my shaft. I bucked my hips, needing to get deeper inside her, meeting her thrusts, and buried myself as deep as I could inside her. I watched her throw her head back and her back arch, and I responded by bringing my hands up to cover hers on her breasts, squeezing them. I heard Sara whimper sweetly, and slam herself down harder onto me, her arousal taking over her completely. She rode me with wild abandon, crying out and taking a hand off her breast to play with her clit, masturbating herself as she impaled herself over and over on my hardness. The very sight was almost too much to take, and I wanted to prolong our lovemaking. I closed my eyes as she slammed herself down on me, kneading the supple flesh of her breast, trying not to let myself go too quickly, but the erotic sounds of her moans and whimpers were far to arousing. I had to open my eyes, and saw her throw her head all the way back, her back arched dramatically, her long golden tresses cascading all the way down to her ass as she gave in to her passion. Sara began to tremble and quiver, and I felt her snatch start to spasm on my shaft, gripping me even tighter through my thrusts. Her fingers still busied themselves on her clit, intensifying her climax as her body twitched violently, her cries so erotic, her moans so arousing.

I couldn’t hold back any longer with this beautiful creature in the throes of ecstacy while impaled on my shaft, and my ass clenched again as I felt my own orgasm start. The familiar tingle in the head of my cock swelled and erupted into the explosion of my climax, and I called out Sara’s name, shouting it as I lost all conscious control of myself. I bucked and writhed underneath her as I pumped my cock in and out of her sodden snatch, shooting thick streams of my seed into her pussy, hearing her cry out again as she felt me coat her velvet walls. I felt her tense again and saw her look down at me with a combination of lust and satisfaction, and then lower herself, pressing her luscious body to mine, kissing me with a deep, powerful passion with my shaft still buried deep with in her. My breathing was ragged as I returned her kiss, feeling her breasts pressed against my chest, feeling her weight press down on me as she lay exhausted on top of me, as spent as I.

We lay there for a while like that, basking in both the sun and our afterglow, feeling our juices drip onto me. I don’t know how many minutes passed before Sara rolled off me. We adjusted our tanning attire and lay together on the beach for the rest of the day, blissfully worshipping the sun.

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