Seven Fair Maidens Part Three

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Part three: Lust is blind

I decided not to go back to the town. It was too risky, so I moved on until I hit a second town. It was a lot classier then the last one. I walked in and looked around. No one gave me any funny looks as I walked around town. I was surprised because usually everyone was giving me the stink eye by now.
When I got deeper into town I bumped into somebody. It was a woman and I had knocked her over. “My apologies” I said helping her up. “It is no problem at all I cannot see where I am going” she said in a very cheery voice. She was a very radiant girl with bright blond hair and pale skin. But her eyes were dull; and sightless. “You aren’t kidding” I said looking into her eyes. “No I’m not, and it appears you are new to this town” she said in her happy tone.
“My name is Mary for the record” she said. “I’m Kurtz” I said with a smile. Mary actually showed me around town with surprising accuracy. “That is all I can show, would you care to come to my home I could have my nurse make you dinner” she said. I nodded but then I remembered she was blind and said, “I would like that very much.” She took me to her very nice home. It was way nicer then any house I had ever seen. It had two stories and very nice looking furniture.
“Very nice,” I said admiring everything I saw, including Mary. She was very pretty with her long blond hair. She was wearing a yellow floral dress. It showed off all her curves nicely.
“So Kurtz any suggestions on dinner?” she asked sweetly. “Oh anything is fine,” I said looking her over again. Her nurse was an old woman with grey curly hair. She served us some chicken and eyed me suspiciously. She didn’t trust me, not many did these days of course.
“Lady Mary, I have to leave early today,” said the nurse softly. “Will you be alright with… him?” she said meaning me. “Oh but of course” she said nicely, “I can trust Kurtz here.” “Don’t worry ma’am I’ll leave after I eat” I told her honestly. The nurse nodded and left. After the meal I had set to walk away but Mary caught up with me. “Damn, Kurtz might I ask you something before you leave?” she asked. “Yes?” I said stopping.
“I was supposed to take a bath tonight, and I was just wondering… if it’s not too much trouble if you were to stay in the bathroom and make sure I don’t drown” she said. I didn’t even think about it I just said, “Of course.” She took me upstairs to her bathroom and it was lined in marble.
When I looked at her and her face had gone slightly red. “I’m going to need a little help getting undressed,” she said softly. “Okay” I said. I helped her take her dress off up and over her head. Her body was even more beautiful without the dress. He skin looked perfectly soft. I had to fight the urge to touch her because I know if I did I’d only want more. Fate wouldn’t spare me though. “Would you please help me into the tub?” she asked politely. I knew it was really weird for her to be naked with a man in the room.
I would be uncomfortable too. Especially realizing how hungry for sexual activities I was. Violet and Alice had aroused a very powerful beast (in my pants).
I took her hand and gently helped her in. She almost fell back so I had to prop her up. Her skin was fine to the touch and made my ball sack tighten. I turned the water on for her and she sat down. Escort Keçiören When the tub was finally full I noticed there was a chair in the room. I sat down and watched her as she lathered soap in her hand.
As she washed herself I silently slid my hand down my pants and started stroking my cock softly. It was incredible. When I was a teenager there was a girl my age that lived in the house next to mine. I found her terribly attractive but every kid in the village feared me. But to my excitement our windows were right across from each other. She didn’t close the windows often so when she dressed I would masturbate furiously to her.
Now at the age of twenty-three I was in the bathroom of a woman bathing herself while I masturbated. The best part was she wasn’t entirely upset I was in the room and was none the wiser of what I was doing.
I shut my eyes and felt myself about to cum before Mary interrupted. “Kurtz?” she said. I stopped just as my cum leaked from me. “Aye?” I responded. “I’m ready to get out” she said. I helped her out and gave her a towel. “Thank you Kurtz, you are very helpful” she said. “It is my pleasure milady” I said truthfully. She giggled sweetly. “Now would you mind just getting my pajamas? Then you may go as you please.”
She told me where they were. I got a white night gown made of silk or maybe satin, something thin and smooth is all I could really tell. I helped her slip into it; her breasts pressed tightly against the night gown. The night gown was sleeveless showing off her slender arms.
“You are quite the beauty” I said without meaning too. She giggled again, “There is no need to flatter me.” “I only speak the truth” I said. She blushed but did not look displeased. “My, Kurtz are you attempting to seduce me?” she said. “That all depends” I said (I think I stopped thinking after this moment), “is it working?” I walked closer to her as she smiled coyly.
“You are very charming” she said sweetly. “And I’m not entirely sure but I’m sure you’re just as handsome.” I put my hands on her arms gently. “So I would have to say… yes.”
I very lightly pressed my lips against hers. I got goose bumps by feeling her soft lips against my own. But then, she pushed away. “Is something wrong Mary?” I asked. “Yes,” she said sounding very sad. “I’m actually already in a relationship.” My heart sank. So much for sleeping with Mary.
“Ah… I understand, well I feel like an ass now” I said scratching the back of my head. “I’m really sorry” she said looking solemn. “It’s alright; can you get into bed without my assistance?” I asked. She nodded. “Then I’m going to go… it was nice meeting you.”

I found an Inn to sleep in for the night. The only problem was I couldn’t sleep; all I could do was think about Violet, Alice, and especially at the moment Mary. I had to have her; I couldn’t just stand by and let some pretty boy have this beauty. So I learned that there was going to be a little masquerade in a couple of days and out of rumor I heard that Mary and her boyfriend were definitely going to be there. So with the gold I took from the guy back in the previous village I bought a little costume.
It consisted of a long black overcoat a short top hat and a silver painted mask that covered the entire upper half of my face. When the masquerade Keçiören Escort came I snuck in and began to mingle. No one was any wiser that I wasn’t even invited. I found Mary dancing with a guy that had blond hair just like her. Even with the black mask I could tell he really was a pretty boy.
I watched them enviously and silently stood off to the side. They really did love each other and it was painfully obvious. I finally did decide to give up and began to head my way out of the room in which everyone was dancing. But then there was a commotion from the end of the hall I just walked away from. “How dare you!” I heard a man shout. I walked to see Mary on the floor, tears running down her face. Her boyfriend’s face was totally red.
“No one leaves Bartholomew Grit!” he went to strike her again but this time I caught his fist. “Now, now that’s not very gentlemen like is it?” I said with a wide grin on my face. “Stay out of this, Hobbit!” he growled. My grin didn’t leave but I still hated everyone who made a short joke with me. I tightened my grip on his fist and I heard his joints crack. Pain crossed his face and I gave my final warning, “Leave now and I’ll let you keep your hand.”
He nodded and walked away as soon as I let go. I turned to Mary; there were still tears in her eyes. I helped her up and whispered, “Are you okay?” She nodded. I smirked, “I know this is a terrible time to ask but… care to dance?” She looked in my general direction with her sightless eyes. She smiled and nodded. We danced for quite some time in silence.
“So,” I said after a while, “I hope that fight wasn’t about me.” “Oh it wasn’t” she said. “Thank goodness, it’d be weird to break up over a guy you’ve known for one day” I said. “I know,” she said, “He was just really materialistic and possessive.” “Ah, makes sense” I said.
We danced some more until the party finally ended. I walked her out and she kissed my cheek. “Thank you, for defending me” she said. “Again my dear, it was my pleasure” said with a smile. “Well, anyway would you mind walking me home?” she asked. I agreed and took her home. When we made it to her doorstep I gave her a second kiss on the lips. She smiled, “would you care to come in and have some wine?” she asked. I smiled and agreed. She took me to her lounge room and it had a large window with Victorian red curtains.
I had a single glass; Mary on the other hand had four. I figured maybe my lust was controllable after all. I didn’t even feel like sleeping with her at all the whole time… that was until she asked, “So, I’m not sure if it’s just the wine talking or what but I think… I’m ready to take you up on your offer.” I quirked my brow and the realized she couldn’t see it so I said, “What offer I never made you an offer.”
“No, not vocally anyway” she said with a bright smile. She stood up and walked towards me. I went to stand but she put her hand on my shoulder and had me sit down. She leaned down and kissed me on the ridge of my nose. She back off just slightly looking embarrassed, and then moved in and kissed me right on the lips this time. She pressed her smooth lips against mine. She placed her hands on the back of my head and deepened the kiss. While she was making most of the moves I could tell she was really drunk; but at the moment… I didn’t Keçiören Escort Bayan really give a fuck.
She moved away and ran her fingers down my chest; the rest of her body following. She found my pants and began to remove them. My hardened cock stood tall and proud and she wrapped both her hands around it. She had very small delicate looking hands.
She pumped it with both hands sliding her smooth hands against the sensitive skin of my cock. I was in heaven. My mind was totally blackened out from all major thoughts. All that went through me was pure pleasure. A bead of precum was now oozing from the hole of my penis. As if in response she licked around the head of my penis. Once she actually discovered the precum on my dick she lapped it up. After a minute I felt like bursting and made her stop.
“What’s wrong Kurtz? Aren’t I pleasing you?” she said sounding a little disappointed (in her self was my assumption). “You are doing amazing my sweet” I whispered kissing her forehead. “But why rush it? We’ve got the whole night.” She giggled happily. I stood and kissed her passionately (leaving my pants where they were). I grabbed one of her breasts and fondled them through the thin fabric of the dress she was wearing.
I pinched her nipple gently and she giggled again in mid kiss. “God you’re sexy” I said softly. “I’m sure you are too” she said smiling. I rubbed the mound of flesh on her crouch with my free hand. She moaned softly and her face flushed. I sucked on her throat as she continued to moan.
I took off my shirt and then helped her take off her dress. I want you to take me Kurtz,” she said softly. I leaned her up against the large window in the room and teased her vagina with the head of my cock and kissed her penetrating her lips with my tongue. I explored every aspect of her mouth with my tongue. Then I slowly slid my manhood in. I felt how tight her vagina walls were and thought to myself, Kinky I’m taking my second virgin.
“There’s no need to be gentle,” she said giggling. So I did as I was told and rammed it into her. She let out a scream but then begged for more. So I kept slamming my cock in as hard as I could. By as loud as she was screaming every time I started to think maybe I should start slowing down.
But then she started screaming words. “Yes! God yes! Fuck me harder you animal!” she said in utter ecstasy. She was being turned on by rough sex… sweet. I pulled out of the kiss and twisted her nipple violently. She screamed but she was still smiling. I kept slamming my cock in and out of her vagina. Then she pushed away, maybe she wasn’t enjoying it after all.
She turned around and bent over her hands on the glass. “Give it to me!” she shouted. I paused, “In the ass?” I asked. “Yes,” she said pleadingly. It was different but I was willing. At first I took it slow but then she asked me to go faster. So I picked up the pace for my pain loving blind girl. “Harder” she whispered. I slammed my cock into her ass and she screamed in joy. I kept going at that same strength and wrapped my arms around her.
I started to finger her vagina with six of my fingers. I stretched the lips apart and massaged the walls of the inside. As I fingered her and rammed my cock in her ass we were both moaning and screaming in passion. Then I felt her cum as her sweet liquids drizzled on my fingers. I felt my entire crotch tense up. I was ready to burst so I pulled out of her and let my cum squirt all over her back. There was only one word either of us could say afterwards, “Amazing…”

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