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After five days on the road I needed a shower and a bed. But He knew I was in town so the chance of that happening was very slim. So I settled for a shower and settling into my new place As I was getting settled there was a knock on My door. Before I could say come in he came walking in. He scooped me up and hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe. He set me down and told me that it was great to see me after so long.

Now Rick was not a tall man but he was built. He was Muscular in form. He had the most magnificent eyes I had ever seen. So deep and when you look into them you swear he is looking straight into your soul. He is as Sexy as any man I have known. After Rick releases me from his bear hug. He tells me that its time to get down to business. Rick Knowing I’m exhausted from my long drive Sits me down on my new couch and begins to give me a massage. As he is rubbing my back He starts to fill me in on everything through out his life over the past 30 years.

Rick and I went to the same school From the time we were very young. As we matured I grew more fond of him but I never told him. But when we made contact again I shared things with him I never thought I would tell anyone. Rick went on to tell me about his marriage and how he had lost his beloved wife just a few weeks after they had married. He had been lonely over the last few years and was grateful to my reaching out to him when I did.

I Had wanted Rick for so many years I wasn’t sure I would be good enough for him. But as we talked and I got more at ease with him I began to tell Rick about my life over the last 30 years. I told him about Both my marriages and how bad they were. I mean both men were decent at hd porno the beginning but as the years went by they changed and only ended in divorce. As We continued to talk I noticed Rick was looking at me in a very odd way. I couldn’t help but ask him why and he said that he Thinks I need to be Fucked like I have never been fucked before. I think he might be right.

Standing up I unbutton my Shirt but he stops me and tells me to leave my clothes on and to get on my knees. I do as I’m told and get on the floor. He stands in front of me and tells me to undo his pants. I reach up and undo his jeans and slide them down freeing his cock from the restriction of his jeans. I’m amazed at how well endowed he is. He places his cock mire inches away from my mouth and asks me if I want to suck it.

I nod my head afraid to speak about how bad I want it. His cock is about 8″ long and about 3″ thick. It looks so damn good I just want to suck and lick it all day. He also has big balls and they also look very Yummy. I know I could spend all day sucking him and never get bored.

As I’m sitting on my knees on the floor I hear him tell me to get up and go to my bedroom. He helps me up and I walk towards my room. He tells me to sit on the edge of the bed when I get in there. I go in and sit down as instructed and wonder what he has planned. He comes in and is completely naked so I can take in the whole package that is his sexy body. He takes in a deep breathe and lets it out very slowly. He says to me the Pictures do not do me justice. I’m much better looking in Person. He walks up to me and slowly touches my breast. He pinches my nipple between his thumb and finger and japon porno pulls on it. Making it stand at attention. He does the same thing to the other nipple and then tells me to get on the floor and open my mouth. I open it wide and he stands in front of me and teases me with his cock. I stick my tongue out so I can touch his cock with it. But Rick is just out of reach.

Rick Asks if I like to be spanked and I tell him I do. He proceeds to spank me. It stings but feels good. When he is done spanking me I stand and he asks me how my ass feels. Trying not to laugh I tell him it hurts and that I don’t think I’ll be sitting down on anything hard for a while. For that remark I got my tit slapped hard. He then pushed me to my knees and tells me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and Rick put his Cock in my mouth. I wrap my lips around the head and suck on it like a lollipop. Then I lick the shaft down to his Balls and suck on each one and give them the attention they so very much deserve. I reach around with my hand and finger his ass. I slowly put my finger in his ass and watch him squirm with the pleasure it gives him. I continue to suck on his balls and lick his shaft.

I roll my tongue around the head of his gorgeous cock and wrap my lips around it. I slowly slide my lips down to the base and then back up. I love to deep throat a cock and Rick’s tastes awesome. I continue to suck his cock and finger his ass at the same time. He grabs my head and starts fucking my mouth hard and fast. Making me gag on his cock. I could feel his cock getting close to exploding in my mouth and I was wanting him to let it go in my mouth. But just before he came he lezbiyen porno pulled out of my mouth and shot his load all over my face.

When he is done he instructs me to lick it off my face and clean it off his cock. I do as I am told and begin to suck and clean his cock. He helps me off the floor and takes me over to the bed and had me lay down. I laid down and opened my legs wide and so he could see my pussy well and then I reached between my legs and opened my pussy lips wide so he could get a better view. Rick Likes to look at my pussy and admire it. He climbs up on the bed between my legs and starts to lick his way down my inner thigh to my sweet spot. He does the same thing on the other side teasing me as he works his way down my other inner thigh. He starts to lick my clit and sucking on it. Making Me moan and scream in pleasure. He is slurping and sucking my pussy. Burying his head deep in my pussy. I can feel my Clit getting hard and about to explode. He doesn’t stop I scream I’m cuming and he eats it even faster. As I start to cum he fucks me with his tongue licking and slurping up my cum as it gushes out of my pussy.

Rick then gets up between my legs and shoves his cock deep into my pussy and fucks me. While he is fucking my pussy he is sucking my tits and biting them. I’m screaming out from the pleasure he is giving me. He has an amazing cock. I love the way it feels inside me. The Head is spectacular bulbus and firm. The shaft I can feel every vain. The way his balls slap my ass as he pumps me harder and faster. Deeper he goes omg he feels so damn good in me. I feel my cum building and building and I tell him so. He tells me to Cum bitch that’s all it takes and I cum all over his cock. When he feels me cum he explodes inside me.

After We are both spent I find myself drifting off to sleep dreaming of great sex and relief to finally be home. I vaguely hear him say How happy he is to have me Back home Where I belong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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