Sex Adventures with Julie Pt. 01

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I pulled into the adult toy store parking lot, heart throbbing and blood already flowing to my penis. The excitement was palpable. I was picking my cousin Julie up from college in an hour and taking her back home for a night of intense foreplay and fucking. My parents were gone for the weekend and I hadn’t had a night alone with her in over 2 months.

I walked into the store with my list already in mind. I picked up the cheapest items I could find, a small plastic butt plug, a $5 mini vibrator, and a pair of crotchless black sheer leggings. My last stop was in the bondage section. I gazed upon the rows of chastity cages longingly. For as long as I could remember, I have been submissive in bed, and being locked in chastity has always been a fantasy. What I hated was how expensive cages were. I looked at the rows of plastic CB cages. Most of them started at $100 or more. The metal ones were upwards of $80.

I spotted a woman who worked there and walked over to her.

“Is there anyway to get a discount on these chastity cages,” I asked, not hopefully. “Or perhaps any time that they might be on sale in the future?” If I wouldn’t get them now them maybe in the future.

“Sorry,” she said. “They’re like the one item we don’t discount because of manufacturing cost… although we are running a special offer on them right now. I don’t know if you’d be interested.”

“Please, I’d be interested, I really wanted to buy one,” I pleaded.

She noticed the desperation and enthusiasm in my voice and smiled.

“Well, as you can see,” she said, pointing to a row of photos taped besides each type of cage, “we have had some customers show off our cages. Sometimes it’s hard to know what a cage looks like unless it’s seen on someone’s… you know, so we have had volunteers try them on, and then we just take a quick picture.”

I looked closer. True enough, almost all of the cages had a photograph next to them of a person wearing the cage. The pictures were close ups and only extended from mid thigh to about the belly button and as far as I could tell, were completely anonymous.

“So, if you would be willing to try on a cage and model it for us, we would give you 50% off your overall purchase, up to $100. Of course, it can only be a cage that doesn’t already have a picture. We only need 1 picture per product.”

“I guess I can try it. I mean, I’m going to be wearing it anyway”

“Great!” She said, smiling, “when you’ve picked a cage, simply bring it and your other purchases to me at the register. We will give you a lube sample and show you to the back room where you can try it on in private. Then we’ll just snap a picture and you’re all set.”

“Thanks,” I said, and excitedly turned back to the wall, giddy with anticipation at finally being able to own and put on my own cock cage.

I scanned the wall but found that every single plastic, both hard and soft, had already been modeled by someone. Most of the metal ones too. After searching for several minutes, I realised only 3 of them didn’t have a picture: a scary looking metal cage with spikes, a permanent metal cage with no lock that I assume was meant to stay on forever, and a 1.5 inch steel cage with a screw in urethral tube. I have never even thought about the practicality of using a urethral tube, but seeing as it was the only practical option, I hesitantly grabbed it.

Now I should tell you I have not been circumcised, and given this fact normal cages would be nightmares with my foreskin getting caught in the slit and making peeing impossible. I guess with a urethral plug I can at least make sure my penis and foreskin are properly aligned. The other issue was that despite being submissive in bed, my penis is 3” soft, and 6.75” hard, and getting it to fit into this 1.5 cage was going to be difficult.

I took the cage and my other items to the front desk. The lady gave me a big grin when she saw the cage.

“Are you sure you want to model this for us?” she asked, “urethral plugs are pretty intense, and once you take it out of the package you have to buy it, half priced or full.”

“Um yeah… I think I’ll like it,” I said slowly.

I handed her the money for the half priced items and she guided me to an empty closet-like area behind the register.

“Have fun,” she smiled as she handed me a small tube of lubrication.

I put my bag down and pulled out the plastic container. The cage looked tiny. I peeled off the plastic and unlocked the cage, separating it’s cock ring from the shaft and plug. My penis started to grow and I tried to calm down. I couldn’t believe I was about to show off my locked cock to a stranger and then wear it outside.

“Okay okay, baby steps,” I thought.

I pulled down my jeans and underwear and gripped one of my testicles. I slowly pushed it through the ring. So far so good. I slowly wiggled the second one in with a little more effort. My penis was swelling up fast and I gripped my shaft as hard as I could trying to force the blood back down. A few seconds later my shrivelled soft cock was back to İstanbul Escort 3 inches. I fed it through the ring until it all the way through. Almost there. I took the 1.5 inch shaft the put it on the head of my penis. I guess the easiest way would be to put in the plug, twist it closed, and then just push the shaft towards the ring until it can lock. It took several minutes to align my foreskin and the opening of my urethral with the hole at the end of the cage.

“Here goes nothing,” I thought, as I lubed up the urethral plug and rubbed it inside my foreskin. I felt a slight burning sensation but no pain as I pushed gently. Oh god! I felt it going into my pee hole. Deeper and deeper until the end of the tube was at the head of the cage. I screwed it closed. My penis had continued shriveling from the feel and anxiety of what I was doing and I quickly pushed the shaft towards the cock ring and locked it up. Click!

What an incredible feeling! I could feel the blood rushing back into my penis, or at least trying. The feeling of having a cage over my penis was euphoric. The lack of control, the naughtiness of it. The feeling of invasion as my penis was trapped both inside and outside by metal. I tapped on the door and told her I was ready.

She entered the room with a camera.

“Good job,” she said, “that looks really nice,” pointing at my locked up cock, fit snugly into the 1.5 inch cage. “And it looks like you shaved too. This’ll make a good photo”

She aimed the camera right at my penis and snapped a picture. “Have fun,” she said, waving her hand goodbye, “and welcome back any time,”

“Wait,” I said, “this is my first time wearing one with a plug. How long can this model be kept on?”

“Oh, well as long as you keep it clean, weeks,” she replied, “there have been people who have worn it for months but I wouldn’t recommend it,”

With that, she took one last look at my cock, smiled in a seductive manner that made me think she wanted to tie me down and dominate me, and left.

I made my way back to my car, as excited as someone could be. I dumped the bag in the back seat, which already had a pack of strawberries and whipped cream sitting on them. Oh, I had a special night planned for julie.

5 pm. She must be done with class for the day.

“You done with class?” I texted her.

“Yes, what’s up?”

“You excited for tonight?”

“OMG yes so excited”

“What time should I come get you?” I asked.

“How about in an hour? I’m going to go eat”

“I was wondering if you could do something for me?” I asked.

“Maybe… what is it?”

“Could you paint your toenails for me?” I suggested, “it would really turn me on and I think it’s so sexy,”

“I don’t know, it’s a lot of work”

“Please, I have some really exciting stuff for you if you do”

“Okay… I will for you. Bye bye”

My heart leaped. I had always found julie’s feet sexy, and she liked it when I sucked on her toes, and being a submissive guy, I couldn’t complain. My penis began trying to grow erect again as I headed towards campus.


I sat parked at a bus stop on campus. Julie was only about 30 seconds away according to my last text. It was a really cold evening and had even started to snow, hurting visibility. This actually played right into my plans.

A second later, I heard the side door open and Julie jumped into the seat.

“Hey,” she said in her cute voice.

Julie is absolutely adorable. She’s about 5’2” and 100 pounds with a skinny frame and dark black hair. She was dressed in sweatpants, tennis shoes, and a long, black jacket.

“You look like a cute log,” I said.

“Aww thanks.”

My penis was already throbbing. I was so horny just being in her presence. I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed it.

“What are you doing mister?” She smiled.


“Oh sure… I know what you’re trying to do”

“Are you wearing sexy panties?”

“Maybe I am,” she said in a shy voice. “You’ll see later.”

I pulled out and headed onto the highway for the 30 minute drive to my empty house.

Julie turned on the radio and began singing along. But I couldn’t wait.

“Want to do something hot?”

“Like what?” She replied.

I took my left hand and rested it between her legs, right at her crotch. I slowly started to rub.

“Ughhh…” She moaned. “You’re being naughty, mister. Stop… you’ll get my panties wet…”

But she didn’t resist.

“Well then, maybe you should take them off so they don’t get wet,” I said slyly.

“No way,” she said. Her hand found its way along my arm to my biceps.

“Oooo muscle,” she purred. After giving it a few squeezes, her hand trailed to my chest and then started moving down. As she was about to touch my groin, I stopped her.

“Uh uh, you have to wait till we go home before you get to play with that.”

She feigned disappointment, but stopped anyways.

There was a flurry of snow outside and visibility was Anadolu Yakası Escort horrible. I could barely see the drivers in the neighbouring cars. It was time.

“I brought you some things from the store…” I suddenly said.

“Oh… omg,” her eyes lit up with excitement.

“There are a couple of things but you don’t get them unless you do what I say”

“That’s not fair,” she whined. But after a second she looked at me. “Do what?”

“Well…” I began, “You promised to be sexually adventurous tonight…”


“Well… as you can see, no one can see inside our car because of the snow.”

“I’m not getting naked!” she snapped. “It’s too risky.”

I had asked her to get naked in the car the last time we were together and she had flat out refused, understandably so.

“No no, you don’t have to get naked. I just bought you some sexy leggings and I wanted you to put them on. And you can put your sweatpants back on over them when you’re done.”

“I don’t know…” she sighed. Although she had always fantasised about exhibitionism, she was never brave enough to even attempt it.

“No one can see inside this car. All you have to do is go in the back seat, take off your sweatpants and panties, and put the leggings on, and then put the sweatpants back on. Come on, it’ll make you feel super sexy and horny, wearing those sexy leggings underneath your clothes,” I reasoned with her, pulling out the sheer black leggings.

She looked at the cut-out crotch and I could tell she was thinking it over. They were like yoga pants, going up to the waist with a huge patch cut out of the crotch area. They also didn’t extend over the feet but ended at the ankle. Perfect for when I decided to suck on her toes.

“Oh, and another thing, don’t put your panties back on. They have a hole in the bottom and when you’re horny I don’t want you to get your panties wet.”

She shuddered. I could tell she was getting turned on. I felt my cock try to get hard and winced.

“I’ll sweeten the deal,” I cooed, “you know what you’ve always wanted… I have that for you, if you do this for me.”

“You got me a vibrator???” She exclaimed. She had always wanted one but had been too scared to go to a sex shop near campus to buy one.

“Yes I did, and I’ll let you see it if you put on the leggings…”

“Okay…” she agreed.

She climbed over the middle divider and made her way into the back seat of my car. I glimpsed peeks at her in the rearview mirror as she undid her tennis shoes. She then slid down her sweatpants and I caught a look at her smooth, sexy legs. She was wearing a sheer, thin pair of purple victoria secret panties, which she slowly slid off after looking around.

“Nice panties,” I said.

She blushed. Grabbing each end of the leggings, she slid them on and adjusted them flat against her legs before quickly pulling up her sweatpants. A second later she was back in the front, smiling and trying not to look embarrassed.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she exclaimed.

“Do you feel dirty?” I asked.

“Yes, I feel sexy,” she replied, “and naughty.”

She grabbed her biceps again.

“I’m horny,” she said again.

“Alright you’ve earned it. But don’t use it till we get home.”

I reached into the bag and pulled out the butt plug and vibrator.

“Omg this looks amazing!”

“Don’t use it until we get home,” I said. “Not unless you want to get your sweatpants wet.”

“Oh yeah..” she said as she inspected the vibrator. “Who is this for?”

She was holding up the butt plug. I had bought several butt plugs in the past and used them on myself. I had even confessed my deepest, darkest fantasy of wanting to be pegged by her while she dressed me up as a girl. She hadn’t been into that but forcing a butt plug into my ass had been something she liked.

“Could be for me… or could be for you, when we try anal,” I said slyly.

“No way mister. I’m not ready for anal. It hurts. This is going in your butthole.”

“Okay, if you insist,” I smiled. I couldn’t complain. The thought of being locked in chastity and plugged made me hornier than ever.

We arrived home and I pulled into the garage and closed the garage door behind us. I turned to Julie.

“I have one more surprise for you,” I said. I took a small metal key out of my pocket and gave it to her.

“What’s this?”

“So you know how I wouldn’t let you touch my penis in the car?”


“Well, this key is the reason why…”

She looked confused for a second until it finally dawned on her. “Omg… did you buy a…”

“Yes, and I’m locked in it right now, and you get to decide when to unlock me. I want you to go inside first and hide the key wherever you want, and then come back and we will go in together. So only you know where it is and you decide when I get unlocked and when I cum tonight.”

Her face lit up with excitement and she quickly got out and ran inside. After about a minute she was back.

“Come Kartal Escort on, let’s go,” she said, hurriedly ushering me inside.

We took our shoes off and rushed into the bedroom on the first floor. She immediately sat on the bed facing me. I just couldn’t wait. I was hornier than I had every been. Her hand began slithering towards my groin, trying to feel the hardness of the cage. Pushing her down on her back, I sprang on top of her, grinding my penis between her legs. I could feel the cage push up against her and felt her breathe in. I planted an open mouthed kiss on her lips and slid my tongue past them, tasting her tongue, saliva, and every corner of her mouth.

After minutes of making out and grinding my cage against her, I reached down and pulled her sweatshirt off. Underneath, her small B sized breasts made small mounds against the fabric of her t shirt. I grasped one in my hand and give it a soft squeeze. She loved having her boobs played with. I heard her inhale and then moan.

“Take it off,” she whispered, pointing to my jeans.

“First you,” I said, as I pulled my shirt off, leaving the rest on.

She reached down and pulled her t shirt over her head, and then undid the clasp on the back of her black bras. Her small, perky tits came free and I bent forward to give each a quick suck. They immediately began to harden.

“You naughty boy,” she moaned.

I traced kisses down her stomach until I got to the waistband of her sweatpants. Untying them, I pulled them down, revealing the sheer, crotchless, black leggings she wore underneath.

“You look so sexy,” I said, my voice full of lust. I wanted to go down on her so badly.

“Take my socks off,” she whispered.

As I pulled them off, she revealed her cute, tiny feet with cherry red toenails. They looked immaculate. I bent down and kiss the top of her feet.

“Oh god that is so hot,” I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wanted to get down and just suck on her toes all night.

“Now it’s your turn mister.”

I unzipped my jeans and took them off. In just my underwear, I was sure she could make out the small metal cage underneath.

“You take them off,” I suggested.

Without hesitating, she grabbed both sides of my waistband and pulled down. And gasped.

My penis was compressed into a tiny 1.5 inch metal cage with a urethral insert that was glistening. I was leaking precum.

“That is so sexy,” she whispered. “I like your penis like this. So small and locked up.”

She sat down admiring it for what seemed like forever.

“Does it hurt?” She asked.

“No, but it’s so tight. The lady said I can keep it on for weeks,” I instantly regretted saying that, but at the same time, excitement coursed through my veins.

“What’s that on the end?” She asked.

“It’s a tube that goes inside a couple inches. It’s so I can pee and orgasm with it on and it’ll go in a straight line without making a mess.”

“Omg… that’s crazy… so what do you want to do first?” She asked.

I looked around, pretending to think. I already knew what I wanted to do.

“How about you lie down on the bed and test out that new vibrator,” I offered, “and I’ll lie down here and suck on your toes.”


Julie lay on her back as she took the vibrator and turned it on. Her eyes were wide with delight and anticipation. Her legs came all the way to the edge of the bed, and I got on my knees at the end of it. I gently picked up one of her feet and licked her big toe. I was in heaven. Being locked up and forced to pleasure her feet while she masturbated was a huge submissive fantasy of mine. I stuck her big toe into my mouth and sucked on it, and slowly moved to her second toe. She must have just showered and cleaned her feet because I could taste nothing except her sweet skin.

I heard a loud moan in front of me and looked up. Julie has the vibrator positioned right on her clitoris and her neck was craned back and I could see her head shaking in full ecstasy. She could hardly keep the vibrator positioned without shaking from the intense pleasure. Her pussy was already wet and a dark spot had appeared on the bed sheets. At any rate, she would orgasm before we even had a chance to do anything.

But I was having too much fun pleasuring her feet, and try as I might, I couldn’t tell her to slow it down. I kissed and licked the inside of her feet and took the other foot in my hand, getting ready to suck on its toes. Before I could, her toes curled downward, and she moaned and almost screamed out loud as her entire body quivered. She dropped the vibrator on the bed and went limp, panting.

I crawled up her body, and as I brushed past her vagina, I could feel the heat and wetness coming off of it. I bent down and gave it a loving kiss, and then made my way up to lie next to her.

Her face was covered in beads of sweat and she was panting.

“How was it?” I asked.

Panting… “that… was… the BEST orgasm… I have ever had,” she exclaimed. “It was so intense!”

“Are you done? Or can you go more,” I really hoped she wasn’t done. Seeing that had put even more of a strain on my locked up cock and I wanted more teasing, following by a long cumshot.

“I think I need to take a little break,” she breathed. “That was really exhausting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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