Sex, For Real

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I lay on my bed, and re-read an old book. My son has finally settled down for a nap. It’s after five, which means he’ll be up late tonight, when he wakes from his nap. I have the night off from work. Since you come home soon, I hope that the child will stay asleep just a little longer. It has been a few weeks since sex didn’t seem like a chore to me. Tonight, I am restless and hungry for the feel of our union. I have put on the short, plaid skirt and a white shirt. I am wearing a black bra, and heels. I know this will signal my intentions. You will know exactly what I want when you walk through the door. This chance to have untired sex is a rare thing. Nowadays, I know you think I don’t desire you anymore. Our son, my job, and no time to myself has left me ragged. The passion of my youth is long gone. Your fragile ego suffers whenever I want to take a night off from all my responsibilities.

So, tonight, I am not tired, and I am horny. I will offer a night to your fantasies just to remind you that I committed myself to you for a reason. Your exceedingly reliable response to my advances are assured. I have no doubt you will suffer a hard penis as you come through the door. This will serve to strengthen my own self-worth.

The familiar squeak of the brakes on the Neon breaks my reverie. I drop the book to the floor and pose for you. I listen for the sound of the door. You come in, and drop your coat on the couch, and take off your shoes. You pass the bedroom and head to the bathroom. You don’t even look in on me. I roll my eyes as you respond to nature. Then I listen as you fidget with things in the kitchen. Lately, I make dinner so that we can sit down and have a meal together before I leave for work. You know that I must not work tonight, since dinner isn’t made. Ordu Escort Then you wonder if I’m asleep. You finally head to the bedroom. I bat my eyelashes at you as you finally make your way to the door.

“Well, this is a surprise. Does that mean I get you for dinner tonight?”

I try to be seductive as I say, “Yes.”

You are out of your work clothes, and down to your boxers in the blink of an eye. You automatically begin stroking the black, thigh-highs up under my skirt. Your mouth opens and you look at me with something that reminds me of primordial animals. It is a state that both irritates me and turns me on. You become submissive and lazy. You lay on your back and wait for me to take the lead. Again, I am turned-on and irritated at the same time. You lay there passively, as I touch you. Then finally a hand begins to touch me. Your hands have bypassed my entire body and go straight to my butt. You grip me and sigh. I decide to ignore this. I concentrate on the softness I feel at your stomach.

I lick and I use my hands. You nudge me and your hips grind up to force me toward your penis. Since I have decided to make this night yours, I comply. I do what I know will drive you crazy. I lick the head of your penis, and suck at it, gently. I pull my mouth away and lick the length of your cock completely. Then I start the work. I put as much of it into my mouth as possible. I slide my mouth up and down, up and down, and again and again. I can feel the pleasure this is giving you. It collects in my own sex. After a few minutes, I pull away from your penis and lay back. You will finally be at the point when you are willing to pleasure me and make sure I am ready for you to fuck me.

You take the cue, and your mouth finds my labia. Ordu Escort Bayan You part them slightly. I guide you around the ultra sensitive area. Too much pressure right on my clitoris, and it becomes a pain that kills my desire. Too far away from my clitoris, and I will land at a plateau that will not lead me to pleasure. It’s work, but you comply to my guidance and my words. Soon, the flat of your tongue is licking me expertly, and you break the rhythm with a full suck on the whole mound at perfect intervals. Even this isn’t enough, though. I want more.

I pull you up and push you back. You are sitting on your knees, and your penis juts up in an awkward stance. I position myself over you. I come down on your penis, and take you inside me. There is always a brief pain. I am wet, and I am wide open. My vagina resists and clenches at first. I have to prove to it that it won’t hurt. And after that second of pain, it relaxes. It realizes there really is no pain. I feel the pleasure of the rhythm. The penis slides in and out. I lay you back on the pillows. I put the penis back inside me. I slide up and down. Your hands roam over my breasts, over my butt, and grasp my hips.

I feel my rather overabundant breasts bob up and down. It is not comfortable, and it makes me self-conscious. I know you love them, but I blush. I tighten my arms against them to stop the bouncing, so I can lose myself in the pleasure again. My arms begin to weaken. And I want more, still.

I pull you over me. You enter me, and I push you back. You lean back on your heels, and I put one leg up to your shoulder. I pick up the rhythm and thrust my hips. I put my fingers to my swollen clit. I am almost there, and just a little manipulation should send me over the edge, Escort Ordu into orgasm. You whisper, “Talk to me.” You want me to get down and dirty and tell you I love the feel of your big, long cock. You want me to use words that annoy me. You want me to tell you I want you to fuck me, yes, yes, harder, harder, that’s it… But these words kill the mood for me. I lose the pleasure I’ve built up. I have to start over again. And as I get nearer to the great O, you slow down.

You stop your thrusting. My body responds. I have to start over again.

This angers me. I try to get you to thrust. You tell me, “I don’t want to cum yet.” You’ve slowed down to make sure you can thrust through my orgasm. So, I stop relying on your penis and focus on my fingers. I feel it building. Wave upon wave of ecstasy are getting faster and faster, and soon the waves overlap, and cause my body to spasm in orgasm. You keep thrusting. My body settles into your rhythm. You thrust and you thrust. My vagina goes numb. My pussy cries for you to cum. Instead, you just shift on your feet.

I turn onto my stomach. You enter me from behind. This feels so good to you, and the pleasure you feel pools in my pussy. I let it wash through me. You thrust deeper. Your penis hits a spot that isn’t meant to be hit, inside me. I make you slow down for a moment, until the pain passes. Then I let you go back to the deeper, harder thrusts. And the pleasure surges through my body. I know you are about to cum. I writhe and moan to add to the pleasure. Finally, I feel the shorter, more urgent thrusts. You pull out of me. You let your orgasm go. It hits my ass and drips into the crevice. I grab the towel and dry it off before it turns cold and sticky in my asshole.

We lay limp for a moment. Then we touch and caress each other until we have settled. A glass of water, and a little ego-stroking later, we hear the first, loud, post-nap screech from our son to tell us he’s awake and pissed off about something. Routine returns, and our union fades into the setting sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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