Sex of a Salesman

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As Robert pulled the car into the driveway, he only had two things on his mind. An ice cold beer, and the New York Yankees. He had had busy days before, it came with the turf of being in sales, but today had been particularly brutal even for Christmas. Of all the times for the ordering system to go belly up. He had been on the phone all day, either yelling at suppliers, or being yelled at by customers. Home was his sanctuary, at least until the morning.

Robert checked himself in the mirror of the car. He was not what you would call classically handsome, yet at the same time he had never been short of a date growing up. He had been blessed by his mother with blond hair, high cheekbones, as well as piercing deep blue eyes. Although he worked out at the gym three times a week, he was not as much chiselled as solid. His fondness for beer had made sure that his gut remained “cuddly”, an expression he secretly loathed.

As he slid his key into the lock and opened the front door, he wondered why the house was so dimly lit. Maybe some of the fuses had gone again, which was common in these older houses in the neighborhood. “Honey, everything ok?” he called out, yet was greeted with silence in return. He did however hear the sound of soft footsteps approaching from the other room. Robert loosened his tie and unbuttoned his jacket and headed towards the kitchen. Before he could take a step, the source of the footsteps came into view.

Kristine stopped and leaned against the wall, her back arched just enough for her supple breasts to gently stretch the white t-shirt she was wearing, causing it to ride up. One long Niğde Escort tanned leg bent at the knee in that classic pin-up girl pose you see in so many calendars. And you could easily mistake Kristine for one of them. With full almost pouting lips and long auburn hair, she had broken the heart of many a man, and won the heart of Robert’s back in college. Now Robert stood mesmerized, transfixed as the love of his life walked towards him, her breasts jiggling ever so slightly with each step.

As she stood before him he opened his mouth to speak, but was quickly silenced by Kristine’s mouth closing around his. Gently at first, but then gradually more forcefully as her arousal intensified. Their tongues massaged each other, intertwining and darting in each other’s mouths. Robert could feel Kristine’s nipples harden up against the flimsy fabric of his business shirt. She pulled him closer to her, and they both started to grind rhythmically against each other in unison. Two bodies finely tuned, and working as one. Robert slipped his hand under her t-shirt, and found the capped glory of her soft breasts. He gently ran his fingers slowly around and over her rock hard nipples. His other hand stole beneath the skimpy purple panties she was wearing and began kneading her tight firm ass. He felt her breathing getting shorter and labored as the excitement built within her.

Abruptly, Kristine pulled away and pushed Robert forcefully onto the couch. She hovered over him for a second before ripping his shirt open, buttons flying in all directions. She then turned and got on top of Robert in a classic 69 position. Niğde Escort Bayan Robert could smell the musky aroma of her pussy as he pulled her panties down. The muffled wetness glistened in the moonlight coming through the window. Ever so lightly Robert ran his tongue along the soft lips of her vagina, tasting her juices as they flowed more freely. Kristine panted harder, as Robert slowly increased the speed. His tongue darted in and out of her vagina, while his fingers gently rubbed her now engorged clit.

Kristine moaned as her pleasure intensified. She undid Robert’s trousers, and gently pulled down the fly. Robert’s rock hard cock was straining for release, however Kristine ran her fingers along the shaft, gently teasing Robert and causing him to swell even more. The boxer shorts he was wearing could not contain him for much longer. Sensing his anguish, she pulled back the elastic of Robert’s underwear and his cock sprung out like a jack in the box. Slowly, she gently stroked him up and down, admiring both the size and girth of his penis. She tasted the saltiness of his skin, as she gently took him in her mouth. Her lips closed firmly around him as she eased up and down. Her tongue danced over the sensitive tip, and his cock quivered at the sensation. Gradually she increased her pace, one hand stroking him up and down in time with her mouth, the other gently playing with his balls or stroking his perineum. Robert responded by going harder and faster with his tongue while his fingers probed inside Kristine’s pussy, fingering her g-spot furiously but gently. The two of them had raised Escort Niğde a sweat and were breathing quite hard.

After what seemed an eternity Kristine repositioned herself over Robert’s cock, and gently guided him inside her, tensing her muscles to perfectly fit his massive girth. Sliding into her was like sliding into an exquisite oil. She gently rocked back and forth, feeling every inch of his cock. It took all of Robert’s concentration not to come then and there. The combination of her teasing him and the sensation of sliding in and out of her had driven him to the point of release. He managed to remain in control though. Kristine removed her t-shirt and began to move more vigorously. Robert alternated between stroking her breasts with his hands and sucking on them like a babe. He could taste the sweat that cascaded down her body like a stream.

As the pace quickened again, the only sounds that could be heard was the heavy breathing and the rhythmic slapping as Robert began thrusting in time with Kristine’s rocking. His balls slamming into her with increasing velocity. Kristine moaned louder, as she could feel the waves of pleasure building up inside her with each stroke. Her hips quickened, and her breathing shortened more and more. She got louder and louder until her entire body spasmed as she came, her legs quivering as she collapsed on top of Robert. Robert too could feel his climax approaching. As he passed the point of no return, he could feel a surge of fluid slowly making its way towards the tip of his penis. He thrusted harder and deeper for a few strokes before exploding inside Kristine’s ever gulping pussy. His cock pulsed over and over as he filled Kristine with his seed. He let out a guttural moan as he did, before slumping back onto the couch exhausted. He stayed inside her as they both lay there on the couch, before gently falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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