Sex Toy Mommy

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Sex Toy Mommy

Jon came home from the gym just as the weather outside was starting to turn bad. He walked to the kitchen island looking for something to snack on when his eye was caught by a small medicine bottle. He picked it up and read the label ‘Edge for women- contains THC CBD HGW and Oyster extract for intense pleasure.’ Dope, some weed pills Jon thought- it wasn’t unusual for things like this to show up in his house- His Mommy worked at a sex toy company and she was constantly being sent kinky novelties from third party companies to sprook, A penis shaped scented candle here, a special Valentines bottle of champagne there and one time a strain of cannabis bred not to give you the drys. His Mommy had let him indulge and help her test that one, so it was no surprise if she came home to find him high blazed stoned and gone on a Friday night. He popped a couple of the pills out and swallowed them with some water. The bottle said it would take about 15 minutes to take effect. Suddenly the door open as Mommy came home Jon hadn’t noticed how bad the rain had gotten outside as she entered soaking wet. Dressed for the office she was wearing Black heels a tight black pencil skirt and a white blouse that wet from the rain as it was hugging her figure tightly and had gone semi transparent, she kicked of her heels and shook out hair as she approached him they had a very casual and normal conversation about their respective days. While they were talking Jon couldn’t help himself from glancing at her wet shirt, he could see her bright vibrant pink bra underneath.

‘look at me, I’m soaked’ she said ‘I’m going to go jump in the shower and at least get warmed up and then Ill cook dinner- Spaghetti and Meatballs, your favourite’

‘Thank you Mommy’ Jon replied, ‘I was just gonna go lie down and listen to some music, if that’s okay’

‘Of course sweetie, Ill call you when dinners ready- and you can do the washing up.’ She kissed him on the forehead before disappearing to her room. Jon Went to his room as well and Pulled the door shut and not a moment too soon the pills were starting to kick in, he quickly pulled off his gym gear and threw it in the laundry basket. He lay down on his bed and put his headphones in before choosing a killer alt-indie-dance-pop playlist to listen to. As the cannabis extract began to flow through his mind seeing the melodies in his minds eye, feeling it just under his skin gently spread over his entire body and he couldn’t help but notice the feeling start to tingle is cock, his balls and try as he might he couldn’t stop thinking about how Mommy had looked arriving home soaking wet absolutely drenched clothes sticking tightly to her womanly form, hugging her curves. He was getting lost in the music and sensation when the door opened and Mommy stepped in, Jon sat up startled and pulled a blanket over himself, he was wearing underwear but in his state he didn’t know if his cock had thickened up enough to be visible. Then he noticed she was just in her underwear, her lacy pink bra and matching panties exposing the rest of her body to his gaze. Jon tried not to stare as he pulled out his headphones from his ears to hear that she was talking

‘Sorry I was knocking but you had your ears in, the hot water has gone out in my shower again, can I use yours I’m freezing right now’ she had her arms wrapped around her torso and there were goosebumps on her skin

‘Of course! I’m sorry I didn’t hear you- please please go right ahead’ Jon replied

Mommy called out her thanks as she quickly went into Jon’s ensuite, her butt wiggling enticingly as she scampered. Jon shook his head, he had never thought about his Mommy like that before but now he couldn’t keep his eyes off her in her sexy underwear. His cock was definitely hard now, it was throbbing in his tight underwear, surely he couldn’t jerk off while his Mommy was only in the next room… Naked, sudsy hands roaming over her body as she soaped herself up. The water raining down on her body splashing off her chest and running in rivers down her thighs. Jon couldn’t help himself as his hand found its way into his pants under the blankets to his hard cock. It ached under his touch, throbbing and pulsating seemingly more intensely than he’d ever felt before. A glob of precum emerged from the tip of his quivering member. Jon took his thick cock in his hand and squeezed, it was hard and thicker than ever, more precum dripped out and pooled on his chiselled stomach. Jon was about to start stroking when he heard the water next door shut off, he had just enough control left to release his wiener from his grasp and return the blanket to cover his body. He took a deep breath and tried to shake the image of Mommy in she shower from his mind.

She came back into his room with a towel wrapped around her body, silky wet hair down her back. Jon again was mesmerised.

‘Are you feeling okay honey, you look a little spaced out- oh and before I forget there’s some Pills on the kitchen bench from a Cannabis company, but they’re still Girne Escort in the beta testing phase and they haven’t been formulated on men yet so Hands Off’

She must have noticed a change on John’s face, because immediately she knew what was up. Her hand went to her mouth and she almost laughed but caught herself.

‘Oh no Jon, don’t worry you’ll be fine, that probably just means that you wont get any of the extra special side effects from the drug, which the other ladies at the office who have tried it have absolutely raved about. I was thinking of trying it out myself this weekend’ Mommy blushed ‘let me know how strong the high is. You just relax and Ill come grab you when dinner is ready, she slinked over to Jon and bent to kiss him on the head, he got a good look at her cleavage under the towel and his cock bounced, Mommy immediately noticed, blushing again.

‘Or maybe you will get the desired effect from the pills,’

‘yeah, yeah its just the pills’ Jon stumbled a red flush of embarrassment overcoming his own cheeks

‘Enjoy yourself dear. Ill make sure to knock nice and loudly when dinner is ready, you don’t need to worry about me barging in on you again’ she winked and sashayed out of the room. Jon’s eyes never leaving her bare skin. When she was gone he immediately threw the blanket back off his body exposing his thick cock, more precum oozing from its twitching tip. His hands found his thick shaft and he began rubbing up and down its length faster and faster while the image of Mommy was still fresh in his mind, he knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself, it was the pills he told himself, that was making him think this way, see her in her wet office clothes, her skimpy sexy lingerie bouncing around his room, hot and wet under a towel as she leaned over and kissed him her hand brushing his cock as they were in the shower together the tip of his cock teasing her butt as Jon washed his Mommy’s hair, soaped up her tits and…

Jon moaned as he stroked faster and faster, his orgasm approaching, ejaculation imminent- pounding away on his cock until-

And then the feeling washed over him, as if the orgasm had been snatched away from him just at the moment of greatest release. Jon’s cock leaked even more precum, the clear sticky liquid flowing out of him but offering no satisfying release. His cock was still hard and pointing to the ceiling. Okay, probably some involuntary reaction from his body preventing him from busting a nut at the thought of Mommy, probably for the best Jon thought. But with his cock still hard and still feeling horny he grabbed his lap top to look at some pornographic films on the world wide web internet interface. He cued up some choice videos of Older women, business women, women in pink lingerie and women in the shower. No particular reason he lied to himself, just what he happened to feel like at the moment. He stroked his cock while watching his selection, harder and faster pumping away at the videos playing before him getting closer and closer to cumming as the scenarios got hotter and more erotic, his breath got short as he jerked it and then…

The same thing happened, thick pumps of precum oozed from his cock as he lost his orgasm, he kept stroking but it felt like he was starting at square one. There was a tight feeling in his balls now and his cock remained thick and erect. His eyes came back to the videos on the screen and he was aware how much his cock was aching for more attention. Jon started jerking off again hoping this time would give him the proper release he desired. His overstimulated member was sensitive in his hand and he had to work the shaft slightly more gently. He lost track of how long he had been going at it but the pornographic material just wasn’t doing the trick. He suddenly had a brainwave that on the website that Mommy worked at she had a review page of products for which, one that was popular enough that she’d had a boudoir photo shoot done to help advertise the site. Jon pulled up the page and scrolled until he found the photos of his Mommy at the hottest angles, in the most revealing lingerie- he moaned as he continued to work his throbbing ‘rection. Perving on Mommy like this seemed so wrong but felt so right in the moment. But once again even with the mental stimulation Jon was punished with the loss of his orgasm, a large rush of pre and his cock remaining fully engorged. His balls felt swollen and tight and had their own dull ache behind them, it was almost staring to get a little painful. He was wondering what to try next when he was interrupted by a loud knock on his bedroom door.

‘Honey, dinners ready-‘

‘Sure Mommy, be down in a second’ Jon stood and felt lightheaded. He looked down at his cock, still hard but at least he had jerked off so much that he needed to give his shaft a break lest he start to chafe. He was pretty sure if he tucked it under his underwear and wore some baggy pants mommy wouldn’t notice, and maybe doing something as non sexy as eating Magosa Escort dinner would calm him down. The high he was feeling had mellowed out and he figured the pills must be coming to the end of their effective timeline. He hid his throbber away and went to the kitchen. Mommy had whipped up a delicious bolognaise sauce, which she oozed out on top of hot, steamy silky spaghetti, and put several plump succulent meatballs on each plate. Sprinkled with cheese and herbs and served up. Mommy removed the apron she was wearing over a tight little house dress and sat down. They started eating and to Jon’s stoned tastebuds the dinner was orgasmic. As he watched Mommy slurp and suck up the spaghetti into her mouth. From the taste and the sight he could feel the pre cum continue to leak from his cock and sensitive balls.

‘So how are the pills honey?’ Mommy asked ‘Are they strong, any unusual side effects? I’m planning on having some tonight now that I’m all done with dinner’

It was her last point that pushed Jon over the edge, he didn’t want his Mommy to have the same uncomfortable experience as he had had, whatever reaction of painfully not being able to cum he was having might be genetic and he didn’t want Mommy to go in unprepared.

‘Well, they worked and got me nice and high- and full disclosure they made me really horny as well,’ Jon blushed as he spoke ‘but… and I don’t mean to be weird, but I tried jerking off and I couldn’t… finish.’

‘That’s-‘ Mommy gulped ‘…strange. What happened exactly?’

Jon filled her in, omitting the detail that She had been present in his Masturbatiorial fantasies. But telling her everything else.

‘So your co- your penis is still hard now?’ Mommy asked.

Jon nodded in reply,

‘And your Ball- Your Testi- Your Balls are getting sore?’

Again Jon nodded.

‘Well it sounds like when you… Cum’ Mommy spoke carefully ‘The semen isn’t getting released and is building up in your balls.’ Jon felt his cock throb in his pants listening to his Mommy saying such nasty things. His balls began to ache even more deeply, Jon couldn’t help himself and let out a pained moan as his sensitive cock and swollen balls rubbed up against the inside of his pants.

‘Oh Honey is it that painful’ His Mommy asked concern growing on her face ‘I was going to suggest you try to sleep it off but if you have any wet dreams or something I don’t want the situation to get any worse, we need to get the cum out of you somehow… do you think you could try jerking off one more time?’

‘I don’t know mommy, My co- Penis, is quite sore from the working over I gave it earlier. I’m not sure I can’

‘Were you using the Lube I got for you?’ Mommy asked ‘Lets try one more time Ill see if I can figure out what the trouble is and we’ll see if we can work this out’

John’s heart was racing was Mommy saying what he thought she was, what his aching cock hoped she was

‘Do you want me to jerk off in front of you?’ Jon asked disbelievingly

‘Heavens no Honey, that would be so wrong. Of course you’re not going to touch yourself in front of me’ John’s cock twitched with excitement as she spoke ‘and obviously I’m not going to touch you, that truly would be crossing a line’ his balls aching with disappointment ‘but I think I have something that might help’ Mommy said as she stood and swanned out of the room, returning a few moments later with a Large leather bound box. She sat it on the table and opened it up revealing to Jon a veritable arsenal of sex toys in every shape size and variety. ‘these are Toys the company has gotten to review’ Mommy said as she began to dig through the box. She eventually found what she was looking for and brought out a black angular rectangular sex toy. ‘This is one for men that for obvious reasons I wasn’t able to fully test out as it was intended. Why don’t you give that a try? First, why don’t we move to the couch in the living room, it might be more comfortable there and take off your pants so I can see if its serious enough that we need professional help’

Jon did as Mommy said and moved through to the other room she followed him a few moments later with the box of sex toys and a glass of wine she had whisked from the dinner table. Jon slowly stripped off his pants, his thick cock straining inside his underwear, his cheeks were again red with embarrassment but Mommy gave him a reassuring smile

‘Remember honey this is to make you feel better, and we’re not doing anything wrong if there’s no skin to skin contact that gets made, its purely medical’ she said as she sat on the couch and beckoned him closer to her. ‘its okay honey, you can take your underwear off- Its nothing Mommy hasn’t seen before’ Mommy also had the habit of referring to herself in the third person when she was feeling particularly nurturing. Slowly Jon pulled his underwear down his muscular thighs exposing his long hard shaft until it sprung loose, drops of precum leaking from the tip. Mommy gasped at the Lefkoşa Escort sight, She was surprised by the size of it, how hard it was- thick veiny shaft bobbing in front of her eyes, and she was surprised by how comfortable she felt about seeing it, Especially when she saw Jon’s swollen and tight balls, standing out engorged and red against the rest of his soft skin looking quite sore and positively ready to burst. Mommy patted the seat next to her. Jon sat down and tried to relax but was too on edge, Mommy grabbed the sex toy she had found for him and passed it into his hand their fingers touched and it felt electric. The device was slightly larger than his hand and almost fully solid, save for a silicone opening at the end. It didn’t look like any fleshlight he had ever seen before, and it didn’t look deep enough he thought as he examined it.

‘How do I…?’ Jon began,

‘It Vibrates honey, just put the tip of your cock in the opening and turn it on- you’re meant to put some lube in it as well but,’ she said looking at the clear slick fluid that was steadily seeping from the eye of Jon’s cock, dripping down its length making it shimmer and glow ‘you don’t look like you need any extra, oh look’ she exclaimed as she espied his thick Fuck-hammer leaking liquid love into his T-shirt ‘you had better take that shirt off, you don’t want to make a mess on it’ she finished as Jon slipped eagerly out of his shirt and into the device in his hand, guiding it to the tip of his cock. Mommy watched him with as he slid the device on his bulbous head as his hands ran over it looking for a button to activate it, she sat up and carefully placed her hands on the device

‘Here baby, Let Mommy turn it on for you’ she cooed in his ear, causing him to moan his affirmation as her fingers expertly found the On switch, and set it to vibrate configuration 7 and started to slowly rotate it round the tip of Jon’s hard cock. Precum was obviously still overflowing from his wang and it made the opening of the vibrator slide smoothly over his exposed and excited glans. She expertly worked it around the tip and Jon was amazed at how incredible it felt. His cock wasn’t even able to go that deep in it but still he was riding the pleasure waves to what would surely be a fast ejaculation, especially when the device was being worked by his own sexy and sensual Mommy, and like she said, it wasn’t wrong because they weren’t really touching. And even if Jon was completely Mommy was fully dressed, so its not like Jon could even fixate on the lace trim of her bra, framing her cleavage from the hem of her housedress, tight and synched in at the waist holding Mommy’s curves tightly caressing her hips and hiding her thighs. Jon’s moans became louder and more desperate. Desperately seeking to make her Jon feel more comfortable she took one of her hands off the device and found his, intertwining their fingers reassuringly, while expertly manipulating the toy on his cock with the remaining hand and switching it to vibration configuration 8, then 2, then back to 8 running through all the prime numbers on the way. Mommy is a sex toy expert after all. And she could tell that Jon was right on the edge, and she thought she might know just the thing that would tip him over. She whispered

‘Good Boy, be a good boy and let it all out,’

His whole body convulsed and he shuddered, he gripper her hand tighter as he thrust his hips wildly and she felt sure she had done it, until his supple moans turned into exasperated groans and Clear Precum spilled from the toy, the loss of fluid doing nothing to contract the size of his swollen balls, in fact they only seemed to twitch and expand even further. Jon slumped back, exhausted and nearly in tears, Mommy turned off the sex toy and removed it from his hard cock

‘It felt so close that time Mommy, I could almost feel the cum work its way up my shaft but then stop and be squeezed back into my balls’ he started as Mommy examined the precum she had extracted, if she looked closely she could see some trace amounts of pearly white sex seed in the clear viscous mix. ‘That’s new, I must have been really close that time because until now its only been clear precum that’s come out’

‘Well you’re certainly leaking a lot of it’ she replied ‘I’m going to have to take my dress of as well to avoid you making a mess of it, don’t worry baby if you’re okay to keep trying I can think of one other thing that might work, now that I have a much better idea of the situation.’ Mommy reassured him as she stood and peeled her tiny dress away from her skin, lifting it over her head to remove it.

Jon’s eyes took her all in, She had the perfect body and she was wearing a new set of lingerie, this set black lace and framing her form so fabulously. The panties were such sheer lace that Jon could see her neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair. His cock continued to throb and drip in front of her as she bent over the box, searching once more inside. Looking up the soft curvature of her calves, her quads and up to Mommy’s nicely rounded butt, lace panties hugging her supple cheeks, subtly jiggling a sexy dance in the dimmed light of the living room. She finally found all that she was looking for and brought out 2 full hands of toys, there were Wands and finger vibes and a set of small anal plugs ranging in size

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