Sex With My Best-Friend Kat

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I met Kat in the shopping centre our husbands Gary and Paul were off for the week on a golfing holiday. We had shopped till we dropped buying clothes shoes and underwear. We were going on a girlie night out so I went back to Kats to get ready. We laid our clothes out that we planned to wear that night as I jumped into the shower first, as I sat applying my make-up Kat showered and joined me in her bedroom. We talked about the evening ahead as I watched her applying her black eyeliner followed by her red lipstick, I slipped on my red suspender belt easing my stockings slowly up each leg fastening them up then slipping into my small red panties. I watched Kat slip her black suspender belt on followed by her slowly rolling each stocking up her legs fastening them then slipping into her black lacy panties, watching her really turned me.

We each slipped into our dresses Kat turned asking me to help her do her dress up. I stood behind her, as I did I slowly moved my head forward lightly kissing her neck wondering what her reaction would be. I was surprised when she tipped her head sideways letting out a little moan whispering oh Sally. Slowly I eased the straps of her dress back off her shoulders letting her dress fall down her lightly sun-tanned body, I licked her neck lightly as I moved my hands round her body caressing her breasts in each of my hands.

I could feel her nipples they were rock hard sticking out like little bullets, I played with them between my fingers kissing her neck. Kat was still letting out little moans sighing gently as I run my hands down either side of her body, I moved a hand round running it down her flat tummy until I felt the top of her black lacy panties. I continued moving my hand down until I felt a little damp patch on her panties between her legs. Slowly I traced the outline of her pussy lips through her lacy panties bursa escort bayanlar feeling the damp patch getting wetter.

Kat turned round placing her arms round my neck, our lip’s came together I could taste the cherry flavoured lipgloss that covered her lipstick. Our nipples lightly touched as I again moved my hand back between her legs stroking her pussy with only her panties between my hand and her pussy, we continued kissing our tongues moving slowly back and forth between our lips. My nipples were getting harder as I felt Kats rubbing gently across mine, we were both breathing deeply as slowly I slipped my hand inside her panties feeling her soft hair that covered her pussy. I run my fingers through it feeling her clit making her shiver as I stroked it. Kat moved her hand down slipping it inside my panties stroking my clit making me shiver at the same time.

We slowly edged towards her bed that only four weeks ago we had shared with her husband Gary, only this time it was only the two of us to enjoy each other’s bodies. Kat laid flat on her tummy as I moved across her lightly kissing her neck gently rubbing my nipples against her back, moving my lips lightly down still keeping my nipples in contact with her back. I continued lightly kissing her back moving downwards slowly, I gently run my hands up and down her legs as she parted them a little wider giving me greater access to the top of her thighs. I moved round slowly easing her black panties down over her arse. She lifted herself slightly off the bed making it easier for me. Kat kicked them free, once they were round her ankles.

I knelt by the side of Kat kissing her neck moving my nipples over her back once more running my hand up her thigh until I felt her wet pussy come into contact with my finger. I gently stroked her clit Kat moved her bayan sarisin escort bursa arse meeting my finger running over it. Kat let out a long sigh as I slipped my finger gently between the lips of her pussy, slowly I started to finger fuck her as I kissed the nape of her neck feeling her body shiver. My finger was going deeper as I slipped another inside her pussy, I was now two finger fucking my best-friend feeling her respond like I never thought she would. Kat turned her head looking up at me moaning yes don’t stop as she moved meeting my fingers probing gently inside her pussy, her pussy juices were flowing freely as she bite her bottom lip trying not to let out a loud cry of excitement.

Kat turned slowly onto her back her legs spread wide apart as I kissed her flat tummy working my lips down over her navel until I felt her soft pussy brush against my chin, Kat arched her back as slowly my tongue found her swollen clit. I flicked my tongue hard over it parting the lips of her pussy with my fingers making it easier for me to lick her, Kat rocked her hips rubbing her sweet scented pussy against my tongue as I probed between her pink lips and into the depths of her pussy. Kat pushed her feet into the bed lifting her arse fully off the bed I could now really probe deeper into her as I lapped up her juices running wild from deep within her. I reached up caressing her firm tits, I felt her whole body shake as she started to climax over my tongue.

I knelt between her legs licking her sweet pussy running my tongue slowly between her lips making her shake even more as she started having a second climax, the light brown hair covering her pussy was wet from both my saliva and her own juices. Kat moaned loudly rocking her hips holding my head between her legs, I moved up the bed laying next to her as we again bayan esmer escort bursa kissed caressing each other’s tits. Kat turned me gently onto my back and kissed each of my nipples her hand moving down, I opened my legs as Kat slipped her finger between the lips to my pussy slipping it inside moving it to and from me. We continued kissing with passion our tongues dancing over each other’s as they went deeper into each other’s mouths.

Kat moved across me laying on top as I caressed the firm checks of her arse her finger still fucking me but a little faster and deeper, she knelt between my legs moving one of her legs under me rubbing her wet pussy against mine. We laid there slowly moving our hips our pussies massaging each other’s gently as our juices flowed between each of us, Kat reached down playing with my nipples as I laid there arms over my head enjoying the feeling of her wet pussy rubbing against mine. Her other hand was now stroking my pussy sending wave after wave of pleasure through my whole body, I knew at any moment I was going to climax as I started shaking moaning don’t stop don’t stop.

Kat slipped her head between my open legs as I laid there shaking from my own climax, running her tongue over my clit making me shake even more. She probe her tongue into my pussy licking my juices leaking from me, I closed my eyes thinking to myself how nice it felt making love to my best-friend not having to worry about pleasing a man. Kat had positioned herself in such a way allowing me to finger her moist pussy once more as she did the same to me, I parted her legs slightly wider flicking my tongue over her clit as she continued finger fucking me. Soon we both shook as we climaxed together moaning gently to each other agreeing how good our climaxes felt and without the help of a man.

We had been making-love to each other for over two hours and was now ready for bed, we were totally relaxed with what we had just done and laid in each others arms. We kissed good-night as she slowly drifted off to sleep, I laid there for a short while thinking to myself how two weeks ago I laid in my bed asleep in Gary’s arms. I had now made-love to them together as well as on there own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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