Sext Three

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D: Hi baby. I was just looking at that pic you sent me of your beautiful breasts. It got me really horny and I just want to suck on those little berries. Your husband is asleep, is he not?

S: My kinky Sir… he is!

My nipples actually look like little raspberries, come to think of it!.. mmm… feel a bit similar too, though they’ve got a much harder texture…

D: I got a harder texture for you! And I’m not going to let it go away on its own.

I do want to suck and lightly bite your nipples. I’m looking at them right now in your pics… deep breath… oh, to be there now, the soft flesh of your breast in my hand… raising it up to my mouth… running the broad side of my tongue over your nipple… my lips pursing and softly touching your erect flesh… then lightly sucking… harder… my cheeks hollow and suck harder. Oh god baby, I want you.

S: Fuck, Sir… nipple play makes me so wet… and your nipple word play makes my pussy contract with longing and flood with heated moisture… I so want you too, caressing and teasing and nibbling while I writhe beneath you, my chest rising and falling with quickening breaths… so, do carry on!

(pinching 1080 porno them in my fingers now, imagining it’s your teeth nipping at them…mmmm)

D: You please me very much because you know exactly what I want you to do, without having to give you any instruction.

My large hands squeeze your beautiful soft breasts and I imagine my hard cock running between them. They would be lovely to fuck, but for now I so want to play with them… rub my face over them, lick them, squeeze them, bite them, shove as much as I can into my mouth… kiss them for the sexy pillows they are… a resting place for my weary head, a nurturing respite, a bountiful playground. You give yourself to me so freely, and I adore you.

S: Dear God… I’m biting my lip… you always please me, and it so thrills me to please you… mmmmm… I can almost feel your big hands, rougher than mine, grasping and kneading and making me wetter and wetter, moaning your name as you worship my breasts. Is one hand allowed to travel further down? I’m squishing my thighs together tight…

D: I think I’d cum before you’d even touched me properly purely 2 k porno from the anticipation. My hand is your hand. Your treasure is my focus. Your skin is alive and sensitive to my touch… my fingers lightly, slowly trail a pathway downward from between your breasts, across the flat plain of your tummy… lingering just a bit for a playful circle of your belly button… then my hand cups your mound and my fingers begin their assault on your vulnerable, swollen, lips.

S: Oh fuck…I was sitting here tingling and pinchng and waiting for your reply before I started (how good am I?!)… and when it popped up and I read the ‘your skin is alive’ bit, I could feel each nerve prickling all over my body… mmm… I’m gonna undress instead of dipping inside my bra, and put on my morning gown (it is bedtime after all)… then I’l be naked to follow your every word… I am so wet already… are you stroking, my Sir?

D: I am hard, baby… but yesterday you were there for me. Tonight, is your night. I’m here for you. Lay back, pull your gown above your hips and expose your sweet little honey pot for me. I want to nestle in… my face tucked 3 k porno comfortably between your thighs, your hands on my head. I want to eat my baby’s pussy… I’m hungry for what is mine.

S: Oh Sir… so nice… you are sooo nice… I was doing exactly what you said before and then read that, and looked down to picture you staring up at me, tongue flicking and teasing and driving me wild… mmmm… I’m spreading wider, feet up, all yours… eat me please, Sir… God, I’m so hot and moist inside…

D: Your passion for me to eat your cunt is the only motivation I need. I want to run my tongue between your engorged, pink lips…

S: Oh God… my finger is playing the part of your wet tongue, stroking up and down my folds, circling my swollen clit, dipping inside to be gripped with my heated walls… I need to cum so badly… can I cum for you please, my Sir?

D: Oh my beautiful pet, yes cum for me… cum for me now. Let me hear your sweet moans as you release all that tension.

S: Oh God yesssssss… I’m going to cum for you Sir. F… f… f… fuuuuuuuuuuuuck

D: That’s it, baby. Shove that pussy into my face… grab the back of my head and pull me in deep.

S: Oh Sir. I am still breathless here, and finding it difficult to write with trembling fingers. I came hard and fast, my legs shuddering with the passion you awake in me, my juices soaking your probing tongue. Thank you, my Sir.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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