Sexy Masseuse Fantasy

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I walk in and an assistant takes me to the massage table. She tells me to get undressed and get on the table face down under the towel, then leaves. I take off all my clothes and get on the table. After a minute, the masseuse walks in. From here, I can only see her legs, which are very nicely tanned and smooth. I cannot see any clothes, but she is wearing very high black high-heeled shoes, with the toes showing.

I hear the unmistakable click of a bottle of aromatic oil being closed. Moments later I feel her warm, moist hands on my back. I am immediately aroused as she smoothly and seductively writhes around on my back. She continues the massage to perfection on my back, the oil working its way onto every part of my skin. Some escapes and slides down my side, which intensifies the arousal even more. As she works around every part of my back, she moves her hands around the side of my body and slows down, building the erotic tension. She repeats this several times.

She stops momentarily and I hear her walking around the back of me and around to the side. As she comes closer, I catch a fleeting glimpse of her incredible feet. I hear the bottle click once more, and then my breath is taken as I feel both her hands envelope the top of my arm. She glides from the top to the bottom slowly, then repeats several times.

Moving in front of me, I awaken slightly from my daze as I realise the contact has stopped. As I stare intensely at her gorgeous feet, which are now on display right before my eyes, I feel her chest rest down on the back of my head. As she reaches down my back, she slows right down, and I hear her quiet but intense breath as she stretches. I let out an audible breath of my own, as I am once again aroused. She responds and does the same thing again, this time pressing her chest even more against me, and I heard what could almost be described as a groan.

My arousal levels are going through the roof now as I feel a sexual tension between us. My imagination starts running wild and as this happens, I feel some activity happening downstairs. Lying on my front this very quickly becomes so uncomfortable that I must do something about it. As she moves on to the next part of my anatomy, I lift up my lower region and strategically position myself to avoid future discomfort. This in itself is not even the most comfortable position as you effectively end up lying on top of your manhood, which, in this state, is less than ideal.

Some further noises from behind and I feel her hands on my left leg. Both hands are firmly pressing against my skin on the back of my leg, and she seductively glides them up, above the knee, and continues for what seems an eternity. In my head, I am frantically making calculations about where her hands must be by now in comparison to the towel. Just as she is about to reach a point where excitement will outweigh relaxation, she stops, and slowly moves back down again.

She repeats the same move on the right leg then returns to the left. This time, she seems to make a more concerted effort with the glide. There seems to be more purpose to this movement. As she reaches forward, her grip gets lighter, but she continues. She continues further than last time, going right under the towel. Now the sexual tension turns to excitement. I think her hands may even reach my ass. But she stops, and as her hands turn to go back again, she moves them down the side of my leg, leaving her thumbs working the back.

After that, I am positively turned on, and can’t wait for the next one. And it comes straight away. And this time I can hear her let out her breath as she reaches up my leg. Could she be enjoying this as much as I am? It could be my imagination again, but she certainly sounds like she is. As she turns to come back down this time, the tips of her fingers briefly brush the bottom of my ass, and as she moves her hands around the side of my legs, they are so high, I swear if hadn’t re-arranged myself there would have been some contact!

She turns to the right leg. I am now so turned on that there is a wild feeling in my lower stomach, and every time she reaches up and brushes my Ordu Escort ass, it suddenly grows and fills my whole body. After several minutes of total excitement, she stops, and I regain consciousness. She moves around to the side of me, and whispers gently in my ear, “Do you want to turn over now?” Not really a question you need asking twice.

As I lift myself up, I feel something wet down below, and realise my excitement wasn’t all in my head. I have been secreting a certain liquid down there, as you do when you are that excited. Moving the towel around me, I twist myself round on to my front, and as I lower myself back down, I strategically position myself again. Although, to be honest it’s quite a waste of time when you’re lying on your back with just a towel between yourself and the open air, as there is not much left to the imagination.

I get my first glimpse of the woman who has been caressing my body for the last twenty minutes. She is wearing a white masseuse coat, down to about her thighs. Her legs are clearly visible and are beautifully tanned. The coat is short-sleeved; her arms are as tanned as her legs. The coat has buttons to the top, but many are undone – a good amount of cleavage is visible. The coat is very tight around the bust line; she appears to be bursting out of it.

Her beauty takes me back for a second, her makeup done to perfection, with heavy eye makeup and earrings glistening in the light. She has long, straight black hair, which is tied back in a ponytail, but hangs some way down her back. She seemingly notices my appreciation from within the towel and tries not to make it obvious that she has. I watch her as she continues. She has a very slight smile on her face, but her eyes tell everything you need to know. She IS enjoying this. This new fact excites me even more and for a second I have to look away.

After lubricating her hands once more, she moves to my side and clutches my arm again. She moves down steadily, and ends up with one hand holding mine with fingers interlocked, her other hand pressing from the other side. My arm is being held in mid-air and I feel like we are connected. I watch her as she does this, and for a brief second, she looks back into my eyes. The connection for this second is indescribable.

As she does this again, I pluck up the courage to look back at her, and at her incredible cleavage. She is wearing what appears to be a white lace bra, but in combination with the tight coat, her breasts are squeezed tightly together. From this angle, and the low-level lighting, the shape can easily be made out; the slight curve rising upwards and outwards. I am in awe of this beauty and forget myself for a second. She looks back at me again and I quickly look away. I think she saw me looking.

After finishing my arms, she moves around behind me. I can hear her breath close to me. She places her hands behind my head on my neck and starts what can only be described as the best neck massage ever. I am writhing in pleasure as she rides her thumbs over my muscles. She extends her fingers down across my collarbone, and almost around my neck as she moves her thumbs back and forth. I feel like she has a hold of me and I like it.

Then she takes one hand away, whilst continuing with the other to massage my neck and shoulder. In amongst the writhing of pleasure, I think I hear her breathing changing, it becomes more erratic and heavier, then a slight groan. My imagination starts running wild. What is she doing behind my head? I listen intently but can’t hear anything, apart from the intoxicating breathing that is now getting me so turned on I’m sure that she knows it, as the towel doesn’t really hide anything!

Her other hand then stops and moves away. But the groaning continues. I hear some rustling and fumbling behind me. I can now hear my heartbeat in my ears and it is racing. I dare not move, I am pinned to the spot, but I listen intently. I’m sure I hear a button pop. Then another. Then my heart practically stops as I hear the noise of fabric sliding and accelerating, then the unmistakeable sound of clothes hitting the floor. She’s Ordu Escort Bayan just taken off the coat!

Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Here I am, naked on a massage table, with probably the most attractive masseuse in the world, and she is stood behind me wearing, what? What is she wearing? I can only imagine, but from what I saw earlier it probably isn’t much. My heart is now in my throat, and I have to keep swallowing to contain myself. The question is now, is she just going to slink away without any word? Was this a bet, is she going to realise what a dreadful mistake she has made and run away hoping I never suspected anything?

The answer is, no. I hear the sound of a footstep, then, slowly, another. She is walking around from behind me, and she’s coming round to see me. My heart beats like it’s never beaten before. It’s beating so bloody hard I’m sure she can hear it. And then, she appears. I can’t help myself, I turn my head to look.

Oh my god.

She isn’t looking at me; she is looking at the floor as she very slowly and seductively walks around me. She is wearing a matching white lace lingerie two-piece. The cleavage still looks as good as it did before, only this time, I can see it clearly. The panties are like little shorts; starting at her hips and ending just level with the top of her legs. From the back, they wrap around her perfect round ass like they are painted on, and rise up so the bottom half of her ass is on display.

I have to catch myself from the jaw-dropping view and give myself a mental slap in the face. What the hell is going on? I’m more than enjoying this, but what is going on? What is going to happen next? What is she going to do? What should I do? With no answers to go on, I simply lie there in awe and watch as she moves down to my side and turns around. As she does so, she looks straight into my eyes. Ooohhh! My stomach churns and my heart jumps into my mouth.

She has a completely different look in her eyes, half-closed, very determined, like she knows what she wants. She doesn’t say a word. In response, I don’t say a word either. But I watch every single move she makes, and she likes it. Just when I don’t think I can get any more aroused, I see her lift her arm and move her hand towards me. Still with her eyes glued to mine, she grabs the towel, and slowly slides it off in front of her. As it slides off, the soft fabric brushes over my now fully erect penis. This gives me an extra boost of stimulation and I close my eyes and breath in suddenly in response.

She throws the towel on the floor, and turns towards my body. She takes the bottle of oil and pours it very slowly, from a great height, over me, starting from the thigh furthest from her, over my penis to the other thigh, and back again. She looks like she’s putting chocolate sauce all over her favourite pudding. She puts both hands on the thigh closest to her and starts massaging, up and down, very lightly caressing me. She works up to my stomach, and back down to my leg. Each time, she extends her fingers slightly more. They begin to brush against my pubic region. This touch excites me so much that penis leaps into the air and moves from the left to the right. The next time she moves down my thigh, her fingers brush against my penis.

She then moves her right hand down and over the very top of my leg, down onto my inner thigh. Her left hand, meanwhile, she places on my stomach and rests it there. She puts a slight pressure on me, as if she is holding me down. Her right hand moves down the inside of my leg to my knee, and then moves back up. As she gets to the very top, she rests her arm down on top of my leg and slides her whole arm up across my pelvic region. As she does this, her fingers slide over my balls and the base of my penis.

The tension is unbelievable. There is now a small pool of semen beneath the head of my penis where it has leaked in anticipation. My breathing is now very high and shallow, and I am taking very short breaths, I can’t help it. She now moves her hand back, very slowly in the opposite direction, only this time; her fingers rise up and move Escort Ordu right over my penis, her hand following shortly afterwards. She continues by running her hand all the way down to the bottom. She is so slow and seductive; I swear to god I am going to erupt!

She moves her fingers around and down underneath my balls and continues to glide smoothly and softly. In response, I open my legs and lift my pelvis up slightly. She seems to like it and lets out am audible sigh of excitement, “mmmm yeah”. She moves her hand back up my penis, leading with the palm. As it reaches the head of my penis, her hand turns and her fingers wrap around the middle of it. She moves her thumb over the top of the head and around to the back. She now has a firm grip on my penis.

I now notice her lifting up her left hand, which she moves over to herself. She extends her fingers and inserts them underneath her panties on her stomach. She slowly slides her hand down, under her panties, until her whole hand is inside. She looks back at me, straight into my eyes, and I look at her. I’m guessing she’s already quite excited; as soon as her hands starts to move inside there, she starts writhing in pleasure. She starts moaning and groaning; her eyes close, then open again and stare straight back at me. She is trying to keep it quiet, you can tell, but the pleasure is too much.

She stops for a moment, and composes herself, her hand still in position. Her other hand still around my penis firmly. She looks back at me and very quietly and sensually says, “Would you like me to finish the massage now?” I nod my head. Not a moment later, I feel her hand move down, taking the skin around my penis with it. She does this quite slowly at first. As she reaches the bottom, and the head of my penis becomes exposed, she stops and moves her hand slowly back up. As she does this, I cannot help but writhe up in pleasure and anticipation, screaming in breath “Oh god!”

She has obviously started back up with her other hand, as she moans and groans once again. This turns me on even more, and I start moaning. As I moan, she looks back at me and her mouth opens in a gasp, and she screams “Oh yeah!!” She speeds up with her right hand and my breathing and writhing movements intensify. Her moaning is getting more and more erratic and high-pitched, and as she does so she speeds up, wanking me off with her right hand, and wanking herself off with her left.

As I stare at this unbelievable sight before me, I can feel the semen building up inside me and rising with every pump of her hand. We are both moaning and groaning to each other like wild animals, and then, as she reaches climax, she lets out a considerably higher and more intense scream of pleasure, which continues with every breath for a moment or two. At this point, we are both looking into each other’s eyes, and I know she is cumming. This is enough to send my arousal levels through the roof, and with that, I let out a brief scream and hold my breath in anticipation. She looks straight at me with determined eyes, and pumps down on my penis one last time and holds it.

My whole body rises up in pleasure, my head goes back and my eyes close. I feel the pumping of my pelvic muscle and moments later, the unbelievable feeling of ecstasy as semen is shot out of my penis onto my stomach. I hear her moaning in the background as she watches on in enjoyment. “Oh god yes, ooohh fuck, that is so fucking hot, oooohhh!”.

My muscle pumps again, and an even bigger shot of semen is pumped out of my body, this time shooting over my head onto the floor behind me. She begins to laugh but it turns into an orgasmic moan of excitement. “Ooohhhh, FUCK YEAH! OH GOD!” My pelvic muscle keeps pumping and pumping, each time another shot of semen is launched out of me. I writhe around in ecstasy and get the sense back to open my eyes and look back at her. She is so excited and turned on she looks like she’s going to jump on me.

As the orgasm subsides and I start to realise how ridiculously high my heart rate is, I take the chance to appreciate her stunning body once again; her exquisitely beautiful face, her long straight black hair, her fantastic cleavage, her sexy slim and toned stomach, and her insanely seductive hips and thighs. As I lie there, I can’t quite believe what has just happened and how lucky I have been.

I will definitely be returning to this spa again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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