Shall we Play a Game Pt. 05

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In silence and darkness I sit here, my heart racing. I hear a soft sound to my left, a whisper in the air. Shortly after that a small lamp lights up, placed on top of a table with a box and an envelope leaning against it. My hand shaking, I open the door and climb out. I open the envelope, and read:

“I’ve been waiting for you, pacing underneath this house. I feel like a wild animal being driven mad by pheromones of a female nearby that it can’t get to. There isn’t much I want to say to you in this letter, soon I’ll tell you with spoken words instead of written ones what lies ahead. All you need to know is that this box holds two more items you’ll wear tonight. If you fear what lies in front of you, I give you my most solemn promise that I’ll do no physical harm to you.”

Trembling I open the box, and let out a loud gasp when I see that the contents are a mask that will cover my eyes and…handcuffs! A whimper escapes my lips, and I stand there, summoning up my courage to reach into the box and get them. I set them down on the table, uncertain which to do first, bind myself or blind myself. Realizing that putting on the cuffs would be awkward without sight I put them on first. Each click of the metal on metal as I slowly tighten them echoes in this silent garage, each sound ratcheting up the feeling of surrendering myself. Then I don the mask, the chain connecting the cuffs is long so it isn’t too difficult. That done, all I can do is stand there, my hands bound in front of me, the mask leaving me blind in a dark world. My breathing is fast and short, and I’m shaking.

I pull the soft plastic curtain aside as quietly as I can, hoping the sound of Sara’s breathing will cover any sound. I stand there transfixed for several seconds, unable to move at the sight of her woman’s body in the soft lamp light. I’m already naked, and I feel my cock slowly pulse in time with the thundering of my heart. Slowly, trembling, I reach out.

Suddenly I feel a gentle pull on the cuffs, and I let out a soft cry. I feel my hands being pulled away, and I follow them, having no idea what lies in front of me. I walk for a while, and then the pull stops for a moment, then slowly my hands are pulled up in front of me, higher and higher, until my hands are raised slightly above my head. The pull stops and I try to lower my arms, only to find that the chain is caught on something. With shiver of fear I realize my upper arms are raised high enough that they cannot protect my breasts from whatever is planned for me! A pair of hands touches the coat on the left side of my neck, and I hear and feel the zipper being pulled down, down, until it reaches the end of the sleeve and that side of the coat falls. Then on the other side, the zipper being pulled with agonizing slowness until that coat side also falls down, and I stand there with only the bra and panties on. It’s warm here, and the shivering of my body has nothing to do with the temperature.

I’m aware of footsteps walking around me, my body and mind aroused to a fever pitch, with an element of fear clouding it. Surely it must be Sean, but how can I know? This man (I have no proof it’s even a man!) has made no sound, I have not been touched so I can identify my loves hands! All I can do is stand here and tremble. My arms pulled up high, will I suddenly have my bra ripped off my body, and unknown hands grab my tits, squeezing them, pinching my nipples roughly? Is the someone walking around me aware of my trembling, hearing my quick breaths, and gloating at having trapped me by pretending to be Sean? Steps come around in front of me, sounding very close, drinking in the sight of my defenseless body!

“I’ve dreamed about this moment for months. (It’s Sean, my fear vanishes, causing me to almost weep with relief, and arousal roars through my body!) All those years in the past when I would have given anything to hold you, to see the perfection of your body! Now here you stand before me, giving yourself to me, defenseless. You can’t see them but there are lights all around you, illuminating your body in a soft light from all angles. Your skin glows, calling to me, begging me to touch you with my hands, my lips, my tongue, to hold you against me. It’s taking an effort of will not to step forward and crush your body to mine, feel your bodies heat! No, this will be a slow seduction, taking my time to build the fire of need in you, only at the end allowing myself to give into the need of my own body.”

“I’m not going to tell you who I am, probably you won’t even remember the name from your past, but nevertheless I’ll keep it hidden from you. For this evening, when you feel the need to address me or answer a question, my name will be Sir. I adopt this name out of no desire to dominate you or humiliate you, rather it’s because I want the illusion of your respect that you wouldn’t give me all those years ago. Nor will I address you as Sara after I’m done speaking, your name for this evening will be Toy. My beautiful and desirable Toy, which bursa eskort I will play with and enjoy for many hours. I won’t say your husbands name, nor will I use offensive references to him which would anger you, that isn’t what I want you to feel this evening. I’ll instead refer to him if I must as LB, the initials for (I hear laughter and bitterness in his voice) Lucky Bastard.”

“I could have left it at just giving into my need to possess your body, to fuck you, but that wasn’t enough to sooth the pride you trampled. No, I wanted to mark you, invisible to anyone examining your body but always in your mind. As I told you in my letter this morning I discovered that you and LB have a great sexual relationship. I mean to take that away from you. How you ask? By giving you more pleasure this evening than you’ve ever believed possible in your wildest dreams, more pleasure than you’ve ever thought possible in your darkest nightmares!”

“When you’re in LBs arms and he’s inside you, I want you to feel only a vague feeling of arousal. (I open my mouth to deny that this could happen) No Toy, don’t tell me that’s impossible, you are mine this night, I will not accept any defiance! You will just be lie there, unable to burn with the need he’s been able to kindle in you before. He’ll be fucking you, and he will feel the lack of arousal in you, and panicking you’ll think back to this night, what I did to you and what you felt, and the fire will grow in you, and LB will feel that heat and think it’s because of him. You’ll orgasm and the shame of it not being him to give it to you will choke you!”

“Then will come the nights that you lie in bed with him and the dreams or nightmares of this night will come for you, and you will wake up to find you hands buried in your center, wet from the moisture of your lubrication, your labia swollen and tender. You’ll look over at LB, praying that he’s still asleep and unaware of what you’re doing. The first couple of times this happens you may be able to resist, forcing yourself to calmness and go back to sleep, but eventually you’ll give in. You’ll slip out of your marital bed, go to another room so he won’t hear you, and bring yourself to the orgasm your body screams for!”

“Orgasm after orgasm, Toy. Each and everyone of them more pleasure than your body can endure, slowly draining away your strength, your will to resist crumbling. You won’t beg me to stop because you despise me for taking you, you’ll beg me never to stop! At least, that is, until it gets too much for you, and you start begging me to stop for fear that the next time you cum will destroy you!”

“Already I can look down and see your nipples hard inside their confinement, your breasts trembling, smell the musky scent of your arousal. All that remains now (I feel his breath near my left ear) is to begin.”

I sense Sean/Sir stepping back and to my side, and feel a soft touch on my left wrist, and what must be a feather slowly trace it’s way down my arm and then back up. What in different circumstances would be a tickling sensation is anything but that, a soft caress that sets fire to the nerves under my skin. Up and down it goes, moving around my arm for different territory, sometimes straight down, sometimes with a swirling motion. I make a motion to deny him my skin and he grasps my wrist, holding it steady so I can’t pull away. He quietly laughs at me, amused at the effect he’s having on me, delighting in showing me how vulnerable I am. I lean my head to the right, as if by doing so I’m lessening the sensation by moving my head away from the arm. My hand is opening and clenching, and he uses his other hand to catch my fingers spread out and holds them there, and the feather teases my palm, running up and down over my fingers. How long he stays on this side I don’t know, but eventually he lets go of my left arm and moves over to my right arm, new skin and nerves to excite.

I move to her right, grabbing her wrist so she can’t move her arm away, and begin to drag the end of the peacock feather along her arm. Bringing the feather down, I pause at the crease of her elbow, teasing the skin with slow twirls. Again she ducks her head to the other side, the sensation on her arm’s skin too much to endure. Looking across her body, I can see the nub of her nipple straining even more against the soft bra fabric, the areola swelling against the thin material. I imagine how it will feel when I grasp her breast, her nipple hard and hot pressing into my palm. I can’t see it from where I stand, but I can imagine her juices seeping into the silk panty, darkening it, scenting it with her musk. Listening for it, I hear the first hint of whimpers from her closed lips, and realize with a tremor of guilt how much I’m enjoying this, how thrilling it is to drive her need so high!

The feather travels down my arm again, comes back up, and repeats over and over again. Then it stops at my shoulder. I’m expecting it to glide back up when it slowly bursa escort bayan caresses it’s way inward, stopping at the nape of my neck to do a soft dance, then continues to caress the side of my neck. Returning to my shoulder it retraces its path inward, but when it starts back down this time it whispers on the back of my neck and caresses me on my left shoulder. Back and forth it goes, merciless and relentless until finally it stops behind my back. I find myself loving the effect that this simple feather has on me and…being afraid of it.

I move the feather down and up her back, so much flesh to caress! Stopping at the dimples above her ass, I continue the feathers motion, and if she detects that the feather is shaking, I’m not doing it on purpose. Her moans, her shaking and panting breath are having an effect on me. My cock is so hard it almost hurts, and my body is shaking almost as fiercely as hers! I decide to start caressing her ass when I force myself to pause, and placing my mouth near her right ear whisper “mouse and elephant Toy, mouse and elephant.” Satisfied that I’ve reminded her of the safe words I bring the feather down and tease the twin globes of her ass, sometimes placing the feather lengthwise across her crevice, teasing both sides equally. I delight in the sight of the muscles under the skin tensing and relaxing, fighting and surrendering to the feathers touch. (Laughing to myself) I have plans for the smooth skin of these full cheeks, so I want to sensitize them for later. Then it’s down and up the back of her legs, smooth skin for the fragile tendrils of the feather.

Oh God, having to stand here and feel the feather travel around my body is torture! If I was free I could reach out, grab Sean and take my mind off this torment by focusing on his body!. I’m denied that release, all I can do is feel! Finally I feel him move around in front of me, and I hear him say something. Unable to think well enough to compose words, I manage a sound to indicate I didn’t hear him.

“Spread your legs apart for me Toy, about a foot apart.”

Obeying his demand without thinking about it, I feel the feather touch the inside of my leg, just above the ankle. Suddenly, with a feeling of panic, I realize what’s next! The feather starts up slowly, pauses at the knee, then starts up the tender skin of my inside thigh! A strangled cry pours from my lips, the sensation is so intense! I have to fight the fierce urge to close my legs, barring the feather from further exploration. Up and down it goes, first one leg then the other, giving me some respite when it moves on my lower legs, only to have it drive me wild again when it glides over skin higher up.

Kneeling here in front of her I can clearly see the silken material that covers her sex. To call it wet would be an understatement, the panty is soaked. The musky smell of her lubrication must have some ancient pheromones in it because it’s driving me mad! Her thighs are clenching and unclenching, welcoming and fighting against the soft kisses of the feather. So aroused am I by driving her more and more wild that I have to force myself to concentrate, this a seduction not only of her body but also of her mind.

“Does the feather feel different here on the inside of your thighs Toy? It should be, you’re getting it all wet. Your juices are slowly leaking down the skin of your thighs, leaving little wet trails to show the path they’re taking. Wait, I think, yes, there’s a new path being drawn on the skin of your right thigh! I can see the leading bead of moisture slowly rolling down. Can you feel it Toy? Little bit by little bit, it’s leaving its mark on your skin as it falls down, replenished by the wetness escaping from the swollen lips at your center. I wish I was where that feather is now. Touching the smoothness of your skin, drawing my fingers through the dampness so I can put them in my mouth and taste you. That wouldn’t be enough for me though, so I’d begin licking the inside of your thighs, hungry for your musky taste. I wonder, would the softness and texture of the skin hidden between your thighs that my fingers feel also be felt by my tongue? Would I be able to stop myself, slowly licking up the sweet juices of your arousal, without going higher to the wellspring from which this nectar is leaking from and plundering it with my tongue, drawing every last drop from your vagina that I can reach?”

Oh God, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take! With the mask covering my eyes my sense of touch has been overwhelming my mind, and now Sir is using my sense of hearing to drive my need to even greater heights! I can almost feel the hungry little mouth between my legs opening and closing, anxious to be filled and fucked! Please Sir, take your cock and put it into Toy’s pussy and pound it into her!!

I come back from reliving that night to look at the women around me, they’re mouths open in (shock? amazement? lust?). And this is only from my sketchy görükle escort retelling of what happened, the actuality of what it was like would be as overpowering for them as it is for me now. I manage to speak, my voice husky, “That was the point at which it became too much for my mind to handle. I was no longer a woman named Sara, I was Toy, and this man torturing me with that wonderful and cursed feather was no longer my husband Sean, it was Sir!

I force myself to leave her inner thighs (would that they were wrapped around me and my cock buried in the wet velvet of her vagina!) for new territory. For a while I tease the skin of her belly, but there is more skin that is calling to me loudly, and I respond to it’s call. Swish swish goes the feather as it travels from one collarbone to the other, slowly traveling south, towards the tops of her breasts peeking out of the top of her bra. The first bit of feather caresses the top of her right breast, dips down into her cleavage and rises to touch the creamy skin of her left breast, and it seems to me that she pushes her chest further out, wanting the feather to travel across more of that soft skin. Soon it drops to the tops of her bra, moving back and forth, building the need in her, wanting the rest of the skin on her breasts to be exposed to the feather. It’s time!

I feel the feather leave my skin and I lean forward, begging the feather not to go away. I feel arms reaching behind me and following the straps of the bra to the clasp. Both anticipation and foreboding race through me, wanting the feather to feast on my breasts while fearing the increased pleasure in my body. Slowly the bra falls away from me and my tits fall free, slightly sagging now that they’re released. I feel the straps rising up over my arms, and the cups fall behind Toys head. Oh God oh God oh God!

I move her bra behind her, leaving her breasts naked. As beautiful as they are, now they take my breath away. With her short breaths and trembling body the nipples atop their pink domes dance before me, hard points begging to be played with. I have to work my tongue inside my mouth to moisten my parched mouth. I hoarsely whisper “Toy, Toy, your breasts are even more beautiful that I had imagined! Those times when you took your teasing to greater lengths are burned in my mind. The thin shirts you would sometimes wear without a bra, your nipples poking out and the aerola visible beneath the material. The way you’d sometimes show your cleavage to me, then act like you’d done it by accident and quickly covered up. I burned to see them uncovered, and now they are, vulnerable and unprotected!” Picking up the feather I taunt,”Now where was I? Oh yes!” I placed the feather on the upper inside slope of her left breast, and began it’s leisurely trip around and underneath that quivering flesh.

I lose control, a constant torrent of guttural moans and whimpers escapes from my lips. It’s too much for me, and I dimly feel Toys body gathering itself to explode with a huge orgasm. Once around, twice around, and as the feather starts its third slow trip it hits me, the spasms start to pound inside me, my mouth shapes a strangled scream as I come. For uncounted seconds (is it minutes!) I stand here, every muscle in my body tight, my breath a gasping grunt. Oh God it’s too much, too much! Finally (all too soon?) it subsides, and I would have fallen down as far as the handcuffs allow if Sir didn’t move to hold my body up. I press my face into Sirs neck and sob.

We stand there quietly for a while, waiting for her body and mind to recover from her orgasm. Gently stroking her hair, I wonder if it isn’t time to stop this. I have so much more planned, but the strength of her orgasm worries me, can she take much more? Lowering my mouth down to her ear, again I whisper, “Mouse and elephant Toy, mouse and elephant” I feel her body still as she seems to think about my words.

I can’t understand what Sir said, what do the words mouse and elephant mean? I finally manage to stand and support my own weight, start to control my breathing. Which quickly catches in my throat as I feel the feather again touch my left breast and begin circling around underneath again. I sense him lean into me, and he drops his head to my neck and begins softly blowing air on my neck, all while the feather continues it’s journey. I stifle a moan from escaping my mouth, so soon after that incredible orgasm and already my body is responding. I realize that where before the feather circled around only my left breast, now it is moving in a figure eight, down and around the underside, over the top, crossing over my cleavage to do the same to my other breast. My hands clench around the chain of my cuffs, desperate to hold something. I clench my teeth together hard, frantic to keep myself from begging, whether asking for Sir to have mercy or for more, more more more!

Working the feather again and again around her breasts I feel her body begin to quiver anew, her breathing getting faster, hissing through closed teeth. I keep it up until she begins to moan again, ready for the next part. I stop the circular motion, and point the length of the feather at the aerola of her left breast. Slowly I drag it across that dome, and with a sharp cry she pulls her chest away from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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